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  1. Are there any other winter wheel options in 18" w/ ET20-ET30 offset, or just these two?
  2. For thos with the ECS H-pipe and stock exhaust....
  3. sirus module removal side effects?
  4. interim update on my 'missing' lower front spoiler....
  5. Schizell my wizell, Batman ! 44k EUR for the MTM s/c ! Does anyone actually have this?
  6. Get your detailing gear for the Labor Day Weekend 20% off
  7. calling onrails.........
  8. Anyone want to trade me your rs4 for my truck + cash.
  9. First Impressions of GMG...
  10. Alright, who's the new guy with a cabriolet and Kansas plates (in CA)?
  11. Funny..... a smack down from the MB E63 AMG board.
  12. Bose amp location?
  13. Need to get my GMG installed
  14. Aftermarket Wheel Selection
  15. Tubi installed. My impressions and pics of welds(per request) Cliff notes: Couldn't be happier!
  16. Brake rotors wear before pads?
  17. Bluetooth MP3 players..will they work with RS4's RNS-E?
  18. Oooops I think I made an error.... please help with an oil capicity question
  20. downpipe question / warranty
  21. What is deal with the "Felt" wheel well linter?
  22. who has the black RS4 in L.A. w/ the license plate "RS4 V8"
  23. 1500 miles & track day pics
  24. My RS4 had a Ibis White buddy show up.
  25. She's in the shop again
  26. auxiliary fan won't shut off
  27. My experience with clear bras on my RS4
  28. saw this at manhattan audi last week: New Papaya Orange RS4 w/Titanium Pkg(?)
  29. Is now a "good" or "bad" time to buy a new RS4?
  30. NGV conversion for RS4?
  31. Need quick decision: Buy new RS4, or keep BMW 335i
  32. Calling KW V3 owners who've been to the track
  33. UPDATE: Clutch pedal issue
  34. any updates/impressions from cab owners with Stasis SL/MS setups?
  35. Noticed rough shifting between 1-2 for the first few miles after startup
  36. White/matched city("parking") lights info
  37. I am about a week late but came back with Ibis White RS4
  38. GMG WC-RS4 Sport Exhaust systems back in stock and now shipping~!!
  39. anyone know stock rs4 spring rates??
  40. how much are used RS4's going for now?
  41. New RS4 owner w/pics and a question about a aftermartket exhaust
  42. RS5, can this be it??
  43. Ingolstadt-->Vienna in an RS4 Cab (long)
  44. Can someone please explain why there is such a huge turnover on high-end vehicles.....
  45. Sprint Blue w/ Titanium pics and Ibis with Titanium pics please!
  46. Anyone have a US-spec front plate piece they'd like to sell to me?
  47. Are mods worth anything on dealer trade-in ?
  48. a few NHMS track pics
  49. Might add the resonator to my Milltek, I don't see them for sale on their own?
  50. Well this is it, should I buy it? 2008 RS4 Brand New $63k
  51. Mmmmm Tubi arrived today!
  52. Seattle Area - Paint Shop Recommendations?
  53. Hotels for the RS4 2 Day Program Wed-Thu, 1-2 Oct 2008 @ the Infineon Speedway in Sonoma, CA.
  54. Finally, I am an official member of the RS4 family
  55. Let's play guess the trade in number....
  56. Paging Parik1234 - Only 2 weeks to sign up for NJ Motorsports Park 10/21 & 22
  57. Are people walking out the door with 08's for under 65? (after tax)
  58. My Camping RS4 vs GTO
  59. Dunlp Wintersport 3D
  60. Anyone use or modify the Shroth harness or others for track duty?
  61. Plugged my exhaust vacuum hoses today
  62. Anyone done the HRE monoblok on their car yet?
  63. How has Dynolicious been for you iPhone owners?
  64. Pebble Beach footage: New Bugatti Veyron TARGA
  65. Sparco carbon DTM seats in a RS4...
  66. Can someone give me a sideshot of their gunmetal wheels? I need a
  67. B7 rs4 chips
  68. What's the impression that this car makes on the general public?
  69. Any dealers on the board? Help me buy an 08 RS4 please...
  70. So where's the best deal on my ideal RS4?
  71. Question about headlights
  72. RS4 Service Training Manual
  73. Help! How Do I Convince My Wife to Get an RS4?
  74. anyone here opt for Audi Courtesy care?
  75. car care question
  76. I just bought some sweet rims from MTM
  77. RS4 B7 shock pressure
  78. RS4 Problem
  79. Why so many changes when importing to U.S.?
  80. NORTHEAST AUDI End-of Summer JAM !!!
  81. sorry wrong forum...
  82. Update on clutch issue (long)
  83. 20" RS4 wheels?
  84. RS4 engine swap into regular A4 question
  85. Stasis/Ohlins SL installation two days ago, I love my car again. I've put over 300 miles on the car
  86. ****TRACK DAY BOOKED**** - Roebling Road - 09/15/08 - $225!!
  87. If you swap the euro wheel, do you lose steering wheel buttons?
  88. Can someone post a picture of the rear of a sedan straight on? similar to this:
  89. Joined the club today!
  90. Houston, I think we have a problem.
  91. Audi RS4 Lease Rate Info - August 2008
  92. With what you all now know, has anyone changed their minds on how long you plan to own your RS4?
  93. STaSIS SL owners. Post up some pic's and spec's of your ride height.
  94. Should new Michellin Pilot Sport tires last only 1 year on an RS4 with stasis?
  95. EPL is very please to welcome Autosport Werks as our Colorado dealer!
  96. Autospeed, NJ - Rolling Road / Dyno day.... 8/23... X-Post Update
  97. Rear caliper covers
  98. Sprint Blue spotted heading east on I-90 in MA around 4pm near Springfield area yesterday.....
  99. front lic filler panel. Same from RS4 to A4?
  100. 12K off sticker, but 666 miles...worth the risk?
  101. Need OEM or aftermarket fabric floor mats. Can't find them audi parts sites or ebay. Need front 2.
  102. R8 vs E92 M3, M3 vs 335i, R8 vs Rs4...
  103. engine coolant
  104. Trade in Value
  105. Valeting your car
  106. more opinions wanted - Lojack and Wheel/tire insurance
  107. Addition to the Bay Area RS4 family!
  108. Avantegarde rs4 black badges...
  109. exhaust baffles
  110. what are the best all seasons tires for my 08 RS4
  111. ***Hartford, CT GTG, Tuesday, September 9th***
  112. How difficult is it to change trims from brushed aluminum to Carbon?
  113. almost got myself into a little jam yesterday with the law...
  114. Paging cab owners.....
  115. saw a black rs4 at the service dept. today with black/red seats - what packages come with two tone
  116. Phantom Black RS4 in the Northeast?
  117. 911 -> RS4. Is this a mistake?
  118. RS4 Deals?
  119. not sure if this is a repost, but new to me...B7RS4 w/ c5 rs6 engine
  120. Signed up for the last RS4 2-day Infineon Track Program
  121. I Need a New Tire Recommend
  122. ECS H pipe, raspy sound or solid?
  123. RS4 H&R springs...are they worth it?
  124. Poll: Would you take delivery of this RS4?
  125. The Dynolicous works? holy Cow! Check it!
  126. Here's a mediocre video of my driving clips over the last 5 years (some B7 RS4 content)...
  127. Tubi Style RS4 exhaust anyone have pricing or ordering info? I need one.
  128. Help! I need pics to make a decision - Silver interior with Alum trim
  129. REVO, just released a new RS4 file!
  130. Hold onto your RS4's very tightly everyone...the end is upon us
  131. UUUGGGHHHHH.... Y ME!!!!!
  132. Milltek's fit like SHXT in real life
  133. 25K Service
  134. Herro... you are in Chicago and have a red RS4 with a really nice-sounding exhaust...
  135. Offset question...
  136. STaSIS/Ohlins SLs + Hotchkis sways
  137. Reminder: Autospeed Rolling Road/Dyno day.... 8/23...
  138. mother #$*&$**& ass-holes....just found a huge dent in my front bumper
  139. RS6 Sedan?
  140. tire ratio
  141. Can speed be enabled in the trip computer like on the S3?
  142. need feeback on New '08 pricing
  143. So after much research.... think I'm gonna go with the HRE P40....
  144. Saw a Lexus IS-F parked up yesterday...... not horrible but not elegant either
  145. Looking for (other) Black RS4 owner in Conshohocken...
  146. 1090 a month on lease...
  147. has anyone successfuly done alcantara seat inserts to the amercian seats? i miss the two tone look
  148. I have an 08 RS4 issue
  149. More engine speculation..could be a repost....
  150. Decent resell value
  151. Just throwing it out there. Trade silver interior for black?
  152. What happens when you stop by a dealer....
  153. Factory oil needs to stay in the engine until the 5k first service??
  154. REF: VAG differences between 07/08 for seatbelt chime
  155. Lookey what I saw at the dealer...
  156. Autospeed Rolling Road/Dyno day.... 8/23...
  157. Good time to buy RS4
  158. MTM, I know, I know..... but 702 horses!
  159. Xpost: some of you may be pleased to know that I met a stgIII B5S4'er last weekend
  160. Bikini Driving School: New Format
  161. Mid-Ohio picture thread.
  162. holy crap, how can you turn this down?
  163. made a funny impulse buy yesterday
  164. just arrived in Hong Kong....
  165. Next gen RS4
  166. Unitronic vs Revo
  167. Is any one interested in a free MagnaFlow Exhaust in the SO CAL area and...
  168. So..for how long have Audi dealers allowed Certified Preowned to be leased?
  169. Your best iPhone wallpaper...
  170. New RS4?
  171. Pocket Dyno available for iPhone peeps
  172. Tired of searching... what differences 08 vs 07? (apart from the book cover!)
  173. Holy crap did you SoCal folks feel that? This is my first earthquake!
  174. Is there a single post or site to use as a reference for making vag-com changes ?
  175. Has anyone VAG-COM'd their 08s to eliminate the seatbelt chime?
  176. You'll cringe (long)
  177. For beer lovers...
  178. Off Lease RS4s
  179. Paging shurick888, IbisRS4...Toronto area. Aug 7th Mosport Big Track (Xpost).
  180. Calling KW coilover owners......
  181. Oettinger wheels are in stock and ready to ship
  182. RS 44 sighting: Westbury Stadium 12 around 2pm on 7/27 anyone here?....
  183. Deciding on ARBS - Hotchkis or H&R
  184. Has anyone else noticed that the the RS4 sheet metal is really thin and the paint is soft?
  185. "S" button
  186. The McBoost.com Waterfest 14 Gallery is DONE!
  187. Spotted around 2:45pm, Imola Yellow RS4 on Rosemead Blvd., in LA. Are you here?
  188. 303 on matte plastic parts
  189. Other than main brands like Chevron, Shell, and 76, who supplies the "no name"
  190. More and more love for...
  191. Well, I guess I am not getting the Revo software. 2 calls over 2 days with no call back from 3zero3
  192. Favorite RS4 color?...Ibis White
  193. I posted previously about finding a slight film of oil on the front shocks and my car having a
  194. Just picked up RS4
  195. Beyond 1,500 miles, is breaking-in routine necessary? or doesn't matter
  196. Interior Cleaning Products
  197. Quick question - When the fuel drops to "0 miles" how much gas(miles) are actually left?
  198. Traded the RS4, picked up the M3 this evening.
  199. Would you do the REVO tune without a dyno tune with it??
  200. Audi Customer Support/Satisfaction SEVERELY Lacking!!!!
  201. fuel consumption
  202. Spotted 2 RS4 in NYC yesterday night, anyone on here?
  203. RS4 clutch
  204. Some RS4 Pics. AuditudeRS4 and Fluffhead.
  205. sneeking over from the A6 forum to ask a question, and get some advice
  206. Look what I stumbled across!!!
  207. Anyone have a Unitronic Chip here??
  208. Added a Milltek Valved Resonated Catback, 10MM Spacers all around and Clear Corner Mod
  209. Poll: Aftermarket wheels on the RS4, yes or no:
  210. 0 to 155+ mph video
  211. Just something to look at if you work on your own car
  212. Just had my 15k service done, they replaced the phone module, they said there was a recall on this
  213. Revo Tune. Well worth it...
  214. Re: Stratmosphere SALE - last day is Wednesday!
  215. able to get out of NYC this weekend, and give the car a bath
  216. HELP! how do you get ash tray back in...
  217. REMINDER: San Diego GTG tonight @ 7pm
  218. Anyone try the this wireless doohickey?
  219. Opinion please, front and rear sways or just the rear for track use?
  220. Much talk about superchargers on S4 B6 side, any news for us??
  221. Where can I buy or "try" the Revo software for the RS4 in the colorado front range?
  222. WaterFest was a blast this year.
  223. Impromtu FRRG GTG July 26...*SOCAL*
  224. I am interested in buying a 2008 new (never driven) RS4
  225. Just got it appraised for trade-in: $48k. Still sh1tty but actually better than I expected...
  226. thinking about these rims.... opinions welcome....
  227. Evil Buddah: something to add to your sig....
  228. Had my car in for an oil change today and was told there is a recall item for a fuel pressure sensor
  229. nice license plate on RS4
  230. Screeching noise...?
  231. Center console noise fix
  232. Traded my (purchased used) 07 Avus Silver for a new 08 Sprint Blue (my fav). Beautiful car.
  233. Fair price for used RS4 Cab?
  234. SF Bay Area Service Advice
  235. Nuff said!
  236. Has anyone changed the "lifetime" transmission and/or differential fluid?
  237. stick vs smg
  238. how do you remove the air hose on the front (towards the front of the car)
  239. so I was checking my oil today, and noticed my lower front spoiler is GONE.
  240. Gray RS4 in Fayetteville, NC..... anyone in here?
  241. Any buddy out there in the SD area (north county) that can help me with...
  242. In with the new...
  243. ***20%off Revo Technik Tuning & SPS-Switches for Waterfest 14***
  244. Should I consider trading in my 2 year old RS4 with 20K miles for a new 08?
  245. Dymag's on RS4 from Fourtitude...
  246. Anyone out there running Stasis suspension with 275/30/19 tires? Any rubbing issues?....
  247. How slick is this?!
  248. Just saw an Enzo, on a flatbed. License plate: "650 HP"
  249. Lemon Law
  250. funny story