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  1. Shop found second rim with a hair line crack on inside lip today :-(
  2. blackberry & bluetooth
  3. iPhone connectivity with Audi bluetooth update...
  4. Anyone know the part # for a stock RS4 wheel?
  5. Won't you take me to...
  6. How long should it take a shop to change the pads and fluid? Also how long should it take them.....
  7. Fluffhead.....you out there?
  8. where's RI RS4? we need to talk Audi...
  9. Daytona Grey or Mugello Blue?
  10. ACNA NJ Dyno Day & Competition, sponsored by Shell V-Power 9/8
  11. B8RS4?
  12. Latest Update Pics of New APR Facility!
  13. GMG Exhaust on a car. I think I'm sold
  14. TopGear magazine review of M3
  15. RS4 vs. M5 on the Autobahn
  16. RS4 Premium Package Pricing
  17. the B7 did pretty well in 6mph bumper crash damage testing....
  18. Any of you guys here?
  19. Went to the dealer today to pick up parts. They tried to talk me into trading my B5S4 for a B7RS4.
  20. audis in germany
  21. Anyone used Fixrim.com
  22. Anyone with 275/30/19 Potenza RE-01R please contact me
  23. My 08 RS4 doesn't have a badge on the grill, I wonder if there are any other differences
  24. M3 spot going for sale!!!
  25. New high res pic 56k u die
  26. Has anyone ordered the license plate
  27. paging Evil Buddha
  28. clutch hose: how long in the shop?
  29. Check out the new Sig:)
  30. PSA/FWIW: While this information applies specifically to the 3.2, a trusted
  31. Just got pulled over by a state trooper for too dark tint but
  32. RS4 Reliability?
  33. Does anyone have pics of daytona grey with black wheels?
  34. C&D give their (expected) high praise to the M3 (link)
  35. Update: did first service...less than half a quart consumed. Also, got
  36. Question about sway bars.....
  37. RS4 prices wourld wide
  38. Quite trite...
  39. How long before the next gen (B8) RS4??
  40. If you build an RS4 Sedan or Convertible on AudiUSA.com the premium package is no longer an option
  41. MP3 Playlist (m3u file) making utility for RNS-E (Windows)
  42. you guys are not going to believe the day I had today driving......
  43. Tech help please
  44. I can't find anyone selling non stock race brake pads for the RS4; WTF? Help :-(
  45. Paging bhvrdr
  46. Some GR8 info for you guys: your cars are torque limited thru the ECU & get no power from bolt o
  47. Carbotec is out as they just told me I need a new set of rotors just for the pads.......
  48. Tire pressure........on the PS2 it says Max 50lbs
  49. WOW I'm amazed! Here we go again... UPDATE from MTM on the single mass flywheel...
  50. Joining the club ...........
  51. GT-3 (996) seat mounts for 07 RS4?
  52. Paging larryV - track tire question
  53. anyone have experience with hartmann wheels...
  54. UPDATE on MTM's RS4 SC kit. WARNING the pricing will leave you speechless I'm afraid...
  55. FLFHEAD what kind of custom headers do you have?? Your car sounds rediculous!! Is that with stock mu
  56. Anyone Going to Spa
  57. Do we all know about RS4 Cab now on U.S. configurator? Apologies if repost.
  58. Anyone with the new 08 car + ipod integration care to tell us how you like it?
  59. Damn, Second tint ticket in 4 weeks....
  60. One more reason to buy an RS4....No, really 10 if you count all of them.......
  61. Joined the club----->
  62. Hmm.. Not sure how much new headlight housings run, but can I claim it against insurance or is a
  63. Picked up my 08 Avus/black RS4 Saturday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. I went home
  64. Anyone know of any LED lights that would fit into the city light connectors ?
  65. What does it mean a dealer needs an "allocation" before he orders..
  66. Check it out, GMG has pics of their final exhaust
  67. Ordering 08 RS4 w exclusive options: What color combo?
  68. Penske Audi got first '08 RS4 in. Ibis White.
  69. Anyone have a pic of a nice clean Avus RS4??
  70. RS4 Exclusive Convertible - nice color!
  71. Help!! I need some moral support
  72. Need Phone Cradle Options
  73. 6 Audis Stolen in Edison, NJ
  74. How many 500ml cans of Motul RBF600 do I need to change the fluid?
  75. Who has the Daytona Grey @ Tysons Corner, VA Best Buy?
  76. Pix from trip to virginia
  78. Flat bottom wheel?!??
  79. Anyone know more about the MTM Single Mass Flywheel
  80. How much money can i get off an 07 RS4 with about 400 miles on it that is a cpo at a non-audi dealer
  81. OMG: Alonso v Massa-uncensored-after the last race in Germany
  82. NEW RS5 Pics Rumbles started on M3Post
  83. Tire pressure........how many lbs for front and rear?
  84. What's after the 2008 RS4? A redesign?
  85. New RS4 ........
  86. Daytona Grey Fri AM in Downtown Oakland, CA 8:45am
  87. Paging Der Kimbo... how would you like your rims at CES?
  88. So, oh grand Moderator, why was my post deleted?
  89. SS brake lines
  90. RS4 roof mounted bike rack? Can it take one. Doesn't have the ususal tabs in the rain channels.
  91. Who was driving yesterday RS4 S-Blue Milltek (Miami 836 W 6:30pm)
  92. Has anyone bought insurance just for tracking their car? I need some and have already........
  93. What online store is good for Carbotech pads?
  94. Who was driving into Boston at 6:20PM on 93South?
  95. Sparkhill: As requested here are some more pics of the smoked reflectors...
  96. BMW figures out how to drive up M3 sales... fudge the test drive
  97. Paging Jet Jockey/A4 Pilot. Your harness pictures have disappeared.
  98. H&R or Hotchkis Sways
  99. Do our mirrors have their own paint-code?
  101. ok, Bob(ie)W., Shmedward update...my RS4 Avant....
  102. Thoughts on every '08 S4 getting the RS4-style wheels?
  103. if i said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
  104. Anyone know of any Mugello Blue RS4's for sale or even a Phantom Black one.
  105. When my Full milltek arrives..any Tech Advice Please
  106. XPost: 3...2...1...NCAC LAUNCH!!!____________ NorCal Audi Club.org is BACK!
  107. 2006 RS4 RPM Cut out
  108. What does everyone think of these wheels...
  109. anyone notice the carsdirect link on the top of this forum
  110. This past weekend I went on a 3M rampage...
  111. I dont think this vid was posted here
  112. "Permanent Mute" after incoming call. After the wife washed and dried my phone.....
  113. My 08 arrived at the dealer today, still has shipping blocks. They said they could have it ready
  114. what rate are you guys financed at?
  115. I just went and test drove a slightly used red RS4. I shouldn't have done that.
  116. He's back at it again!
  117. ok, which one of you guys kidnapped daveak05?
  118. Waterfest 13 Gallery is live!
  119. I wonder what a spreadsheet comparision of the S4 with the MTM SC would reveal
  120. that flat spot I was having at WOT in S mode seems to have disappeared....
  121. Well I can confirm sparkhill's reports, Hoen city lights will melt your housing
  122. Kevin/V8's car on Audiworlds's home page in the feature Reader's ride... Awesome!
  123. evo m3 RS4 comparo scans
  124. Rich B - Waterfest dyno pull 1 w/ magnaflow pre-REVO chip
  125. Mugello Blue RS4 Rte. 17 NJ...
  126. RS4 with holly**** euro plate today in central square. looked awesome
  127. TPMS...........
  128. Some new mods...
  129. Evo M3 review
  130. H-Sport (Hotchkis Sport) Anti-Sway Bar Kit Install Completed...
  131. Need help, were to find 9~9,5x18" wheels for tack days?
  132. "It's soft... the M3 has slightly lost its way in terms of personality" - Autocar review
  133. 08 S4 to get the RS4 wheel?
  134. V8 debadged
  135. Rs4 Rims on Sale on Ebay link inside
  136. In talking with BBS at Waterfest.....
  137. Pics and info from Waterfest
  138. Automobile Mag disses the new M3 - sorry if this is a repost but I didn't see it last week
  139. i was struck by a funny thought about the m3 and rs4 battles
  140. Dealer called yesterday, my 2008 RS 4 is going into production next week
  141. Door trim/molding loose
  142. Has anyone installed an H-Sport (Hotchkis Sport) Anti-Sway Bar Kit both in the front and........
  143. Am I seeing this right?!
  144. Where can we order the euro ceramic brakes? For anyone racing on stock rotors what.......
  145. Race pad swapping for track days
  146. Can't decide if this is an good idea, lowering springs from H&R
  147. Does anyone know the part number for shock absorber oil....
  148. pics of RE-01R 275/30/19 installed. stock everything except milltek noisemaker...
  149. So I took a closer look at the latest Car and Hater VIR comparo...
  150. Dyno results From Rs4 today
  151. So the gas guzzler tax is only for NEW cars?
  152. STaSIS Engineering invites you to our booth at Waterfest and to come enjoy some savings!
  153. Anyone know where the black battery contact is?
  154. Talk about arrogance. Gerhard RIchter, VP of the M division
  155. Anyone know what ESP setting he used in this wet autocross video??
  156. Defective POS Perelli P-Zero just cost me $440.
  157. Help! RS4 malfunctioning only 5k miles on it
  158. while we're on the topic of the Euro wheel....
  159. WTF happened to that post today about the suede Euro wheel?
  160. 275/30 RE-01R on stock wheels installed. OMG. Amazing grip on these tires...
  161. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FBkX8GS5FoY
  162. Stasis+Spacers
  163. If this keeps happening even Car and Driver may not be able to help the M3.
  164. OMG.. someone stole my license plate frame! Kinda funny, but not really!
  165. "Light" write up on the RS4...take note of what the beast costs up here!
  166. What size bit is needed to remove the sterring wheel retaining bolt?
  167. AudiWorld as been acquired...
  168. Help!! for the life of me i still cant get the cd changer to ....
  169. My Mastercard moment M3 script. Please upgrade and make me laugh!!!
  170. Decided to get an RS4, 2008 Avus\black arriving in two weeks
  171. Who drove the mtm RS4 with the 285's? I'm curious how the tracking was - i.e. tramlining?
  172. What's the recent experience trying to buy the car at less than MSRP??
  173. GMG Exhaust Ordered
  175. So which one of you Drives a White RS4 and lives on 108th street in Queens, NY?
  176. Paging RI RS4. Have you come across Schaeffer Supreme 9000 5W40 in your oil studies?
  177. The best part about reading all the RS4/M3 comparison articles and hearing M3 guys moan?
  178. Just to Clarify, an audi buyback vehicle does not have the same warranty terms as a CPO.
  179. DD's Waterfest Special starts now!
  180. Yet another less-than-stellar M3 review: "just a little of the M3 magic has been lost"
  181. on cover of Autocar - rs4 v m3 says........
  182. It Appears the results are in....................autocar m3 v RS4
  183. Just purchased the S6 Foglights to retrofit onto my S. Anyone know how or of someone who does? TYIA
  184. Power Steering "growl"
  185. Any recommendations for dealerships in Atlanta metro area?
  186. New RS4 shirts for FREE!!!!!................Yes I said FREE!!!!!........
  187. shes on her way......
  188. wow.. real rs4 - m3 slug fest going on over at m3post.com.. and this before any real comparos come
  189. CEL/MIL on -- Low Pressure Fuel regulation 012555 / P310B
  190. Car cover for RS4 recommendations??
  191. FYI: RS4 brembo GT8 brake pad wear observation
  192. euro rs4 question
  193. STaSIS Engineering Waterfest Sale is on...
  194. This just in from myanus - new M3 to double as bidet.
  195. Check out German Car Blog for comparo RS4 vs. M3. RS4 is winner...
  196. Imola Yellow - downtown Los Gatos parked on Nicholson Ave 7/16
  197. BMW plans to sell 100,000 m3s, see autoblog.com
  198. Any word on the 3 stage GMG Kit For the RS4?
  199. Rs4 at LI Mall. My cousin called me and told me he was looking at the nicest car in the world and
  200. Anyone ever use Costco gas?
  201. If this is any indication it looks like the R8 is only going to be sold next to big water.
  202. Does anyone have pictures of the new RS4 Exclusive Package?
  203. Pics of recently installed HRE 891R
  204. Can we order the 2008 RS4 yet?
  205. Got $100.00.........
  206. Problem: Tire/Wheel won't hold air
  207. I know it's been discussed - 911 S or RS4 - need advise
  208. Does this car belong to anyone here or anyone know what the story is behind this RS4?
  209. Why did US model RS4 ditch the front parking sensors?
  210. ACNA - Golden Gate Chapter Picnic
  211. Nice RS4 quote in British M3 review.
  212. wow F... video!!!!!!! rs4 VS carrera
  213. ....what will happen when the Skyline GTR is in the picture?
  214. 911/997 GT2 = 530 HP. 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, 0 to 100 in 7.4 seconds! Top speed of 204 MPH.
  215. Just a few commentaries on the Toyo Proxes T1Rs and suspension upgrades...
  216. RS4 Rain video - have you guys seen yet??????
  217. Is red the only alcantara option for 08?
  218. Mercedes-Benz to build R8 rival
  219. Is this still the RS4 board? Or has it morphed into a bash the new M3 board instead ;-).......
  220. Another review of the M3 ...
  221. Searching for the elusive RS4 Avant here in the US?
  222. What car am i?????????
  223. PAGING FSC !!!!!!!!
  224. @ Chris from Cali...
  225. Keeping my RS4....
  226. Paging dxben: Car (BMW) and Driver, First Drive: 2008 BMW M3 - Previews
  227. Goint to the Drag stip tonight. Any reason not to put 100 octane in my RS4?
  228. Looking for a few good cars: Waterfest13
  229. Calling Stasis (or other tuners)...how much does the US spec RS4 weigh on your scales???
  230. GMG B7 WC-RS4 Exhaust will be available next week. Production models are on the way!
  231. I'm going to Germany later this fall...suggestions for where to stay and visit?
  232. Factory fill test results...
  233. No More Head Scratching. Ordered an 08 RS4 for Euro Delivery
  234. Scott, you've been M3-posted, heh...
  235. Crap, yellow oil light and no motul!
  236. GMG Exhaust, dyno vid
  237. Black Optic Grille Installed
  238. Interesting chatter going on about the new M3 over at THE TRUTH ABOUT CARS site:
  239. Autoexpress M3 vs RS4 with performance metrics!
  240. Another RS4 from GMG
  241. RS4 Cabrio vs. new M3 - not the "king" some had been saying...
  242. Trying to decide between getting an S5 or 2008 RS4. I had planned on getting an S5 until I stopped
  243. I just noticed my CD changer isn't working...
  244. For those interested. Video clips of this past weekend's autocross event...
  245. Three new Autocross pics one of our local guys posted...........
  246. Gas Mileage results after 3 months of tracking...
  247. A little more insight into power, mods, etc....
  248. Is 3k off MSRP on an '07 reasonable?
  249. Enjoy your RS4 while you can...
  250. Did someone send an RS4 oil analysis sample to Terry Dyson and forget to put your name on it?