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  1. STaSIS Engineering's new website is up and running, take a peek...
  2. Opinions on Techtonics Hi-Flow Cat
  3. recoding tcm for sport operation 2002 A4 3.0, w/tip
  4. Turbo sound
  5. Which diverter valve?
  6. 5/13/06 - This Saturday: CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Gathering / Dyno Day (3 open Dyno spots)
  7. CAT springs are out of stock for 20V AEB. Anyone know a source?
  8. A4 breaking 10's!
  9. A4 1.8t B6 performance mods
  10. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (3 open Dyno spots)
  11. '03 A4 Quattro Clutch Worn - Am I being taken advantage of by dealership?
  13. Mechanic Brooklyn ny GREAT ONE!
  14. Adjustable FPR for Audi?
  15. Some light reading for you engineering types......
  16. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (Update)
  17. Any cold weather A4 owners out there?
  18. 2002 A4 catalytic needs replacing, suggestions anyone?
  19. 96 internals
  20. Experiences/Suggestions for Kumho MX versus Falken Azenis RT615 ?
  21. Tuning question
  22. Intake/Exhaust mods
  23. Looking for Cyl. Head for 1992 S4 (AAN)
  24. Intake for a 97 A4 2.8
  25. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  26. Neuspeed's ECU Flash Programming Now Available at North American Motorsports Connecticut Location
  27. A6 addapter required
  28. K04 Part Number??
  29. tire question
  30. chip and mod question for a4 2.0turbo
  31. Looking for a company to do a mfull shift mech for our cars, someone has to have made a ... more
  32. problem with b&m shift kit
  33. DB 420 kit for DBW B5 on classifieds reduced to $4200
  34. prebent mandrel stainless pipes
  35. Best way to clean oil spill from garage?
  36. X - Post: Only 3 weeks till Road Atlanta Driver's School - Sign Up! ->
  37. I got a CEL and ESP after installing my DPs onto my B7S4. Has anyone encountered similar issues
  38. Question about M.A.F. sensor and APR software...
  39. He guys...Im beginning the process of building my 225 TT motor.....
  40. Turbo Upgrade Question.
  41. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  42. Best cat back system for 2005 s4 cabrio
  43. Block 217 (lanbda) and blocks 31 & 33 discrepancies >>
  44. 2006 A6 4.2 performance chips
  45. For those with big turbo setups, clutch recommendations....
  46. This may be a n00b question, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer...
  47. Almost new DB 420 kit on classifieds
  48. EGT gauge or wideband AFR gauge?
  49. X-Post: Anybody here running GTRS/GT2871r with unitronics?
  50. poll..
  51. 11.1 @124mph B5 A4 over at audizine...
  52. Anyone else running AEM Standalone EMS???
  53. Some rare performance parts found here.
  54. Anybody know if AWE will have the GT28R BT kit for the B5s??
  55. AWE Tuning Brings new life to my s4
  56. best place for audi parts/products
  57. Exhaust tips or full
  58. X-post from the B5 S4 forum...
  59. Engine bay temps of TT?
  60. Exhaust for a6
  61. Camera mount
  62. Transmission chip for my Tiptronic 2005.5 B7 S4 ????
  63. Need a new clutch Stage 2 preferable what is a decent clutch that fits well
  64. KO4-015 plus TT injector
  65. my car isnt running right
  66. Free tech session at speedware...no need to be a member.
  67. Engine dyno results
  68. Local Chicago Audi specialist?
  69. Engine Dyno progress. 608HP
  70. 1.8 T Tuning
  71. Engine Dyno Update.
  72. Turbo engine on Dyno.
  73. puzzled audi owner
  74. Its alive!!! X-Post
  75. Can anyone post me some dyno graph's? I'm looking for GIAC 1BAR vs. Standard GIAC K04
  76. It breathes!!! X-Post
  77. dynamometers, some Myths and Facts.
  78. 02 A6 2.7T Exhaust Manifold
  79. MAF Sensor How it works?
  80. Audi A4 Cat-Back System Suggestions
  81. Dalhback 420 + other goodies pix and update
  82. What do you guys think?
  83. XX Tuning Dyno Plots are up from Sat's Dyno Day...
  84. Driveline question - differential and mounts
  85. How do you completely disable the esp system on a 2002 TT Quattro 1.8T
  86. looking for WJM or YIPPERS still have misfires
  87. A good tech article on speed density vs. mass air, I dont understand all but 4 tech types. great!
  88. what is the best chip for A8?
  89. 2/11/06 - CT/NY Audi Group GTG & Dyno Day - XX Tuning - E. Hartford, CT - 4 dyno spots left!
  90. 2/11/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Dyno Day - XX Tuning - E. Hartford, CT - 6 dyno spots left!
  91. Free Car Sponsorship
  92. REVO Sps 3 for sale
  93. how much torque can the audi transmissions really take?
  94. 2/11/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Gathering & Dyno Day - XX Tuning - E. Hartford, CT
  95. Is there a titanium exhaust manifold or system for the 1.8T TT Quattro?
  96. 2/11/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Gathering & Dyno Day - XX Tuning - E. Hartford, CT
  97. Photos's from 1/14 CT/NY Audi Group Gathering at EPL in Stratford, CT (BWW)
  98. Heavily vented Cabon Fibre Bonet/Hod for the TT?
  99. Researching dedicated track car engine + body/car
  100. New Level of 2.7T Performance, check out the crosspost....
  101. Help with a few codes on my Stg3 A4:
  102. WJM need help- somebody who had similar diagnostics
  103. 1/14/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Winter Gathering - EPL, Stratford, CT (Updated info - Pizza!)
  104. thought you guys might be interested... (online timeslips)
  105. X-Post to B5 A4 regarding injectors...
  106. Opinion on what to do with a pulled GIAC chip, details inside
  107. Timing and how the Ignition System Knock Control works according to Bosch...
  108. supercharged a4...crank, no start this morning..gas smell after cranking for awhile..any suggestions
  109. 2000 A4 1.8T tip power upgrade, I want a lil more power than a K04 but nothing crazy...
  110. 2000 A4 q tip with supercharger G2..will larger injectors increase HP?
  111. 1/14/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Winter Gathering - EPL, Stratford, CT (Updated info)
  112. Audi TT Electric Fans - worth replacing?
  113. Dahlback Turbo Raptor
  114. looking for WJM or AZNSPIK45
  115. help
  116. Ok serious time now.
  117. Crap...I got no boost...on a B6 1.8T
  118. Stasis VS Porsche Brakes?? Which is Better??
  119. Level Ten Valve Body
  120. Is GIAC advising against the bigger injectors, FX program for B6 A4 Tip's due to increased torque?
  121. Las Vegas Speedway, not Pahrump 4/28/06
  122. Attn: Current B5 Stage 3 Owners: (X-Post, B5 Forum)
  123. You guys might enjoy this...
  124. For those of you who have built a 1.8....help me please
  125. Issues...
  126. Thoughts on Spec stage II clutch? Is the piece quality and reliable?
  127. FS: cheap ignition solution coil packs **check out my ad on the classified**
  128. Looking to upgrade my PES T28 on my 2k A4-
  129. LaBree Split downpipes fpr manual S4
  130. 2871r installed...
  131. Getting annoying same CELs when I had a crack in my cat,think its cracked again >=[
  132. Some tuning questions...Im pretty much a Noob when it comes to this stuff...Audi2ptZero, MadOne?
  133. Anyone use the "narrowband simulator" function of their wideband 02 setup?
  134. Anyone know where I can get a used K04-001 from? Either a kit or turbo only?
  135. Audi S4 2001 Questions
  136. Best Track Tyres for 18 x 8 rims?
  137. teaser video of the car running now. Will have more after the car hits the dyno on monday.
  138. x post: should the Load values on block 6 stay constant during a WOT run?
  139. 93 Audi 100 V6 Q Need More Hp???
  140. What is the easiest/cheapest/quickest way to boost power on my 2005.5 S4?
  141. I do have some pump gas dynos for you guys (A4 finally)
  142. John Bass.. X4rtic .. Anyone know how to reach him.
  143. Group Buy in info for Audi A4 1.8T Garrett Eliminator Turbo kit for B5/B6
  144. Looking for some new motor mounts for 2000 A4 1.8t, a little stiffer than stock..any suggestions?
  145. Update on car shaking- I replaced the ignition solution coil packs with the stock ones...and I am
  146. PES T-28 rebuild kit
  147. Help...car during idle is shaking and check engine light is flashing. could it be a dead coil pack?
  148. Ever wonder what our facility looked like?
  149. do i need a free flow exhaust system to have a ko4 turbo upgrade?
  150. Better late than never,... (345whp)
  151. Wastegate Issues
  152. 034 EFI Stage IIc ECU installation
  153. internal vs. external waste gate question.
  154. does anyone have a GHL MOTORSPORT turbo back exhaust system?
  155. Xpost -- Manifold questions
  156. brake bias, has any one attempted to change it on a b4 90 quattro ?
  157. Logs galore. Poll on timing logs. Tech advice requested ....
  158. Seat Airbag Resistor: Which pins do I jump?
  159. Do the GT series fans have a built in oil restrictor in the CHRA?
  160. any suggestions for exhaust systems on a4 1.8t?
  161. Anyone going to Fontana Dragstrip Nov 12?
  162. 2.8 V6 coupe quattro chipping?
  163. f/s 30v/v6 t-belt kit
  164. What lube to use for pillow mounts on coilovers?
  165. Is it over kill or a waist of money to replace the O2 sensors since I'm putting in new downpipes and
  166. can anyone verify that AWM heads are not the same size as AEB
  167. engine rebuild
  168. Question: Short shifter bad for transmission syncros?
  169. Audi A4 TUNING
  170. Recommendations on an ACCURATE guage only wide band A/F meter
  171. B5 a4 question but i need help
  172. So what's the latest hands-on experience of ATP eliminator kits?
  173. So I have heard recently that the J-31 program is too much torque for the tip tranny...
  174. do i need a high-flow cat if i get an exhaust system
  175. does anyone have the ABD Racing 1.8t intake manifold?
  176. Technical / Difficult Question (Putting hydrogen into the air intake read for details)
  177. Teaser pics of new head
  178. Ach Tuning......................
  179. Increasing Torque?
  180. What's the best air intake system for a 2000 supercharged A4?
  181. Need assistance selecting a data logger...
  182. does anyone have the GReddy G2 exhaust system?
  183. x-post from the b5 s4 forum: I would like to cut out the spare tire hump to aid in my battery
  184. Basic Questions About Chipping
  185. Is there any info regarding the SDR research cams for the 2.7T? I aminterested in them but have not
  186. Any thoughts on my failing emissions results?
  187. Poll: For those of you who have built motors
  188. **Projekt GT25R2 Update** X-Post
  189. For the folks who're running between 21 & 22 psi of boost
  190. I think I've found my problem, maybe those of you with Aesis can confirm?
  191. Chips, which one to choose?...... and a few more q's.
  192. ecs tru-float rotors - opinions?
  193. How much abuse does it take to weld a clutch together?? (X-Post, A4 forum)
  194. downsides to chipping
  195. xpost: K04 running rich
  196. Any dyno days in Massachusetts?
  197. how hard would it be to build tubular headers?
  198. FMIC Question?
  199. New DUH Intercooler for Stage 3 A4 Installed
  200. A.W.E. Tuning at H2O International September 25th
  201. Looking seriously at a turbo for my 12V
  202. reprogram ECU codes (Please help verify)
  203. Chip and other things for 2.7T A6
  204. Power loss after two laps around the track. Caused by high temps?
  205. hoe does turbo inlet pipe dia. affect performance...
  206. Who is currently running Autronic on big HP engine? Did you setup the antilag and launch control?
  207. In regards to a 2.7T engine swap into a '97 A4 1.8T, a few DTC's.......
  208. OT Philly/South Jersey/Delaware Dyno/Day - 10/22/05
  209. B5 A4: Anybody have any experience with the Neuspeed torque damper?
  210. Has anyone done a hi end fuel rail, adj FPR and retn lines?
  211. if anybody knows a place in north america to get a refurbished cylinder head please reply! TIA
  212. For those of you that have done B5 S4 6 speed installs into A4 1.8TQ's.......
  213. ----> EdyJun's S4 Directory (FAQ, DIY, Info, Tips and Help)
  214. Attempting to take off the bumper (B5 A4)
  215. What are some good Performance chips for my '98 A4?
  216. How do you pronounce GIAC?
  217. Tunning a stage 2 with Lemmi. Should i pull timming and add fuel?
  218. Free Shipping Until Midnight on Friday at Achtuning!!
  219. Help!!!
  220. Catchcan is now vented now but I hear backfiring on a WOT shift...why am i running rich?
  221. B5 A4: Has anybody expirienced with the APR and PureMS snub mount
  222. DTA P8pro for sale unfortunately
  223. stock 96 a4 questions
  224. please post pics of cusom intake,
  225. AEM Update... X-Post
  226. Free Shipping Friday at Achtuning!!
  227. Projeckt GT25R2 - 2.7L Cross post
  228. AT torque limiter
  229. RAD69 or others with V band clamps
  230. sorry for the x-post, but maybe you all could help me out: quick question about autocross and track
  231. GT35R questions
  232. So, almost got the 3071R running where I want it....
  233. APR vs O.CT chip for S4 2005.5
  234. RS4 or 2003 A6 2.7T 6-Speed
  235. Cause of HORRIBLE turbo lag on custom big turbo setup (long)
  236. Oil Catch can owners vented, yes or no?
  237. Dahlback chip
  238. Question for those of you that have built 1.8T motors up.
  239. B5 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual Exhaust
  240. my a4 exhaust
  241. Exhaust/Catback Question
  242. Coupe GT
  243. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  244. recommendation for a cold air intake?
  245. Last Call: Tecate Beer Brewery Run...
  246. im wanting the pppssshhhh sound, what do i need?
  247. "Audi A6 2.4 V6 4d Quattro A 2002" specs?
  248. Need a recommendation to buy a clutch online?
  249. This is gonna sound ghey...FPR question.
  250. Fatality at Driver Education event this weekend.