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  1. Im happy with my new project
  2. Avant pic request
  3. I did some 3rd gear runs and could use some help with analysis...
  4. Question about logging air mass in different temps.
  5. Anyone know where I can find external dimensions for the 2.8L engine? AAH/ACK preferably...
  6. I just received stage III and it didn't have any instructions ...
  7. .
  8. I'm installing my 2.0L this week, and I'm missing a part, wondering if it's.....
  9. anyone know how many different software versions there are for ko4 kits?
  10. got a question for you guys regarding MAF housings...
  11. HMM what do you guys think about this kind of a weird idea?
  12. Did some one ever do a Dry Sump setup on 1.8t?
  13. What's suggested for brake fluid for StopTech brakes, mostly street, some road course...
  14. For those of you with External Wastegates
  15. Anyone tried NOS on their 4,2 V8
  16. Does anyone have any info on ATP's Plug in Standalone? (SMOKINA4TURBO?)
  17. HELP please!!...... my transmition is very sick
  18. Used AEB, ABA blocks worth anything?
  19. Best choice engine to drop in a 1995 audi 90 FWD
  20. Got a problem with clutch?
  21. Greddy Turbo Timer III backlight
  22. .........
  23. HELP!!
  24. Lookie here if you'd like an AWD dyno in the central Ohio area!
  25. So is this pinging?
  26. if i had a bazooka, i would shoot ATP right now.
  27. anyone know the max CFM flow of a forge 006 DV?
  28. Stand alone engine management?
  29. Anyone running the Stassis rear LS diff and center torsen mod??
  30. urs4: for your stage 3 MAF do I NEED to have a stock airbox?
  31. Need new plugs what should I get? I am running an APR 1 bar
  32. Boring Question About Brakepads
  33. 1.8t MTM Stage 2 w/K04 vs. GIAC K04 kit.
  34. Got the Mod Bug, and some funds... Chip or Suspension first?
  35. What is fuel pressure in general? <more>
  36. Att Mike, Have you repaired your manifold yet?
  37. Question about TT225 & MAF Part# ..461 A
  38. thought this might interest someone here. guy is looking for tech help with a 3.0 problem
  39. Anyone use the Alcon free floating rotors (Stassis)for the alcon 4 piston calipers??
  40. can someone help me out, will an AEB valve cover fit onto an ATW head???
  41. x-post from A4 forum: X-Mas options, need some advice
  42. ATP customer service strikes again! For those with external wastegates, how do you have it mounted?
  43. Worth while to extude hone the intake manifold to go along with APR S3?
  45. 300whp 1.8t?
  46. Got a few questions for the pro anyone know the answers
  47. impressive engine technology/design
  48. Cross post on which Vag to buy - interested in comments from owners
  49. SKS still around these parts?
  50. Getting a 17963 SAE (P1555) Charge Pressure Upper Limit Exceeded code on a non-DBW car...(X-post B5)
  51. update to my boost problems *long read* - it's even more confusing (xpost from b5forums)
  52. Is the GIAC IBE Chipswitch worth it or just get the GIAC chip?
  53. Looking to plumb in Accusump. need infor on how to plumb oil cooler in with it
  54. x-post from A4 forum, 17965 and N75 questions
  55. Has anyone seen this? Looks like Honeywell / Garrett
  56. Help with trouble...Above 15psi the car missfires in all cylinders...
  57. 20v 5b wastegate question
  58. Tech Opinions Please
  59. Just replaced an ABS sensor that I mangled up during a rear-bearing replacement job and
  60. would you buy a used set of NS bilsteins with 30k miles on them?
  61. Anyone know what size bolts b/w ATP Manifold & Turbo
  62. Has Anyone Ever thoguht about liquad to air intercoolers
  63. Pulling the Trigger - Big Turbo Time.....
  64. trying to diagnose recent MAF failures
  65. I think I threw a rod ??.......Help
  66. Has anyone installed CPP Uplinks?
  67. Bypassing post 02 voltage?
  68. Used Oil Analysis (UOA)
  69. APR has finally listed the 01 stg III kit and the price increase
  70. Fuel cut off...ne one what the problem is.... more inside...
  71. Neuspeed in europe?
  72. i want to make my 1997 a4 faster
  73. seen an interesting engine failure? how about one like this
  74. Already STFA, and found conflicting info....Which Bosch generic 02 sensor can be spliced in?
  75. G-Tech Pros for $35 on ebay.
  76. no help on the A4 forum....need help diagnosing my pressure test results
  77. The TT forum is not too good at this diagnosing bit.. How about you guys? :)
  78. Planning and Preping to go big turbo...
  79. With the huge K04 back order are any tuners working on an E05 based kit for B5 A4's??
  80. Wastegate Dump anyone?
  81. So if you had a 1.8t with 80k miles and you wanted to refresh the drivetrain where would you start?
  82. bought a NEW long block
  83. Questions about Tuning my new Turbo Kit and other ?s (long)
  84. please help if you can
  85. attn: john bass....
  86. Any experience with the 52mm Greddy Electronic boost gauges?
  87. differential pressure regulator
  88. Is there a way to calculate approx. how much more fuel is needed when a turbo is upgraded?
  89. Anyone know where I can get a spare ECU and how much$$ (98.5 n-dbw 1.8t 5spd)
  90. MBCs, EBCs... Questions..
  91. Question for ATP turbo kitted guys .---->
  92. Buying a crate 1.8t from bahn brenner anyone ever used them?
  93. What's the story on these kits?
  94. x-post Dyno Result Preview(27-28 dynos at AMS today)
  95. XR4tic and others, how useful is a wideband O2?
  96. Maintenance
  97. hey guys i have a question about fpr...does the b6 have a 3BAR or 4BAR fpr?
  98. A friend of mine sent me some Timing logs.. Timing correction included..
  99. Severe timing retard...
  100. Does the AWM motor uses the same TB as the ATW?
  101. So i finally got the chance to put my car on the dyno...
  102. G-Tech/Pro on sale for $99 at Jeg's. Worth it?
  103. Will I see much gain by going to FK coils from Eibach Pro/Nuesped/Bilsteins?
  104. Need some help on some DTC...
  105. X-Post....Power cut on the highway...
  106. Making it easier for the turbo to make boost -good series of articles but old news now
  107. Anyone familiar with the SUSS S.S. cone air filter for big flow?
  108. xr4tic/john ...i got your excel sheet up, what are some good numbers for a chipped 1.8t?
  109. BOV FOR A4
  110. Pinging problems, need suggestions
  111. eurospec heads?
  112. modified a4 +anyone else helping with my boost problems (APR)
  113. The mother of all intercooler info sites...
  114. not an engine question, but suspension / brakes
  115. Did I just read that GIAC is doing ECU tuning for ATP?
  116. boost problems...again.
  117. CHIP AVAILABLE FOR 04 1.8T???
  118. 13psi boost apr chip....possible help needed.
  119. Difference between N75 valves
  120. A buddy of mine is looking at tuning his '00 DBW VW/Audi Bosch car - who sells tuning software?
  121. Next Project
  122. who here has the H-sport sway bar kit??
  123. MAF stuff...i think this german site suggests that a mercedes replacement is cheaper/better?
  124. does an one still sell an "S" pipe with flang for my HKS SSQ BOV.....
  125. For those who have strapped on a larger turbo...
  126. OEM Strut Tower Bar figured out.
  127. I want to be sure before I order that the ECS Race valve is #034906283H
  128. ride/handling differences between hr sport/bilsteins vs oem sport/adj bilsteins
  129. Well, it looks like I may have to buy a new shortblock very very soon :(
  130. Audiboy - YGM re: your Power Steering Hose mod.
  131. Could the MAF be the culprit to all my problems?
  132. does anyone know a good price for a 1.8T engine and all it's wiring harnesses? low mileage
  133. That may sound wierd, but I need your opinion...
  134. K04 on a 1.8t cvt.....is it possible barring the torque limits? Views please.
  135. Where is a good place to pick up high quality aftermarket valves?
  136. Followup on V6 oil cooler install on the 1.8T......
  137. Motul vs. Super Blue
  138. Questions on the APR intercooler
  139. Ben, any word on my rs4 center cap?
  140. when APR DPP for 2000 A4 1.8T will on market?
  141. KTR Performance is the way to go in the Northeast...
  142. Pics of My new aluminum rad
  143. Turbo upgrade Tiptronic Chipping...
  144. what is better turbo or supercharge for 03 A4 3.0??
  145. WTB: Brake Pads for Porsche Boxster 986 Caliper. Street pads prefer.
  146. ECU tuning @ home
  147. Suspension opinions for 01' A6 2.7t
  148. Autothority Chip for 2.7t / S4 - any expereinces? Invisible from dealer?
  149. hahaha, this is too funny, read it on another discussion forum...
  150. Questions on Labree Products and cat-relocation?
  151. h&r wheel stud conversion
  152. New offering in road race suspension from SPP. (cross post from S4 forum)
  153. I had to drive 10 hours with the maf unplugged. any potential damage to the car ?
  154. a4 1.8T perfomance?
  155. Which is faster?
  156. What is a downpipe?
  157. Suspension Questions
  158. Compression tester....
  159. question about getting an allignment...
  160. Anyone ever use the EVOsport underdrive pulley?
  161. So for track days running (in summer) 100% water would increase cooling...
  162. Help! Front KONI perches too small for APR springs
  163. headers....
  164. Optimum Shift Points, PES T-28
  165. What boost should I be making w/an APR chip/exhaust. Car is DBW by the way.
  166. anyone have apr port tuning with a tiptronic?
  167. crap... does anyone work @ jcwhitney.com?
  168. Ignition Solutions...
  169. intrax springs, how do they compare to eibach and H&R
  170. Is it possible?
  171. Has APR ever given the actual increase of their Stage III kit, or is it still speculated to increase
  172. will I have to worry bout performance pulleys harming my 30v?
  173. Intelligent aftermarket engine management?
  174. does anyone know of a company that makes aftermarket down pipes
  175. Stumbling T-28...
  176. How difficult is the autronic SMC or SM2 to tune?
  177. remember my charge pressure negative deviation fault codes from the summer...
  178. Engine RPM
  179. Split Second tuning...
  180. I have Brembo GT brakes on front and use Pagid Orange pads at the track,
  181. Questions about my new BOV valve
  182. motor replacement
  183. Anybody running a brake controller on an S4 (i.e. adjustable bias)?
  184. For those of you that have gone aftermarket forged internals does the block have to be rebored, even
  185. stage 3 + 104 race program =
  186. Who knows when mikes car will be tuned and run first time at track?
  187. Question about rear suspension thump with coilovers
  188. Transmission FINALLY died. NEED answers on 2.8 tranny swap! DEAD (xpost on a4)
  189. Who has a blow-by oil catch can? Pics of your setup? How much oil does it collect / how often?
  190. Intercooler for s4
  191. Tried searching, but curious on N2O
  192. Camber woes!
  193. The Turbonetics catolog from the TO4B post below made me wonder which turbo series would be better
  194. Will a Quattro DP work on a FWD are they any different?
  195. RaceTec FMIC intake temp testing results....
  196. if I do my DBW to nDBW is my X-chip going to flip out?
  197. Question: Who knows of a good perfornace exhaust that is not loud and that will work with (more)
  198. Performance Forum Fanta
  199. Questions about Literature...
  200. Can someone explain to me how .....
  201. Does an engine's compression have an impact in the total volume of exhaust gas produced?
  202. Air/Fuel tuning questions..........
  203. S3 power loss
  204. TO4B and TO4E info if this helps anyone.
  205. T-28 guys. When do you hit max boost? I'm hitting 1.5bar around 4200-4400rpm does that seem right?.
  206. Need help... Startup and cold idle problems getting worse on t-28 1.8t..
  207. k04 fit on stock manifold??
  208. turbo clipping
  209. ATN: Smokin.........
  210. X-post B6 S4 forum - Looking for a good guide to mods/work
  211. To anyone who has experience clamping the MAP sensor...
  212. Ouch! manifold stud snapped....any tips???
  213. stage 3 install almost done......no software!
  214. 2 Point Zero - Are u tuned yet? Is it running?
  215. Accidentally turned bpv into bov...
  216. MTM Stage 1: will it work in an euro-spec '95 S6? Other options?
  217. Thoughts on aluminum flywheel
  218. APR suregrip pads for Stoptechs, any good?? There is much info in the archives.
  219. Does anyone have any ideas what could be going wrong here?
  220. What is the difference between the B5 S4 and B6 S4 brakes??
  221. X-post: Help with Boost Spikes
  222. Pagid Blue opinions?
  223. that little nipple thing on the caliper used to bleed the brake fluid. what happens if it breaks off
  224. Opinions needed on a BPV - HELP!
  225. how do I wire an electric cooling fan to a toggle switch
  226. S4 vs A8 brake upgrade
  227. Anyone ever get one of these codes? (edited)
  228. I am stupid and need help with Koni sport shocks.
  229. The A4 update,...
  230. PLZ help~ My car died AGAIN, 3rd time now.
  231. Our rods o the 1.8T are 144mm correct?
  232. When selecting rods is it more desireable to have lighter rods, or heavier rods, both are forged
  233. Brief Update
  234. This may have been asked before, but how does back pressure relate to power output on a NA engine?
  235. Question on air intake temperature...
  236. x post: What is the consensus with ATP kits here on the performance forum?
  237. Any race 1.8t's
  238. FMIC or SMIC?
  239. Let's play name that turbo... again
  240. What/why exactly does boost creep occur with a free flowing exhaust?
  241. Just spent an hour reading the post from Liam. Anyone care to explain to me in simplified terms
  242. anybody tuned an rs2?
  243. Who has the yellow A4 "TUNE ME". Fuel pump question inside.
  244. N249.. any takers?
  245. sorry if it a repost, MOTUL oil Audi (TT) any coments?
  246. discussing audi mods with solo ontario organizers
  247. R&A Applied Arts or Autosport Performance (both in NJ)...anyone done any mods there?
  248. Done deal. here is my membership application for your sig, WYSIWYG :)
  249. APR Snub Mount, How long do they Last?
  250. K04 / T28 Hybrid