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  1. Getting 0.3bar of boost...N75 not used but connected. no cel, not limp mode?
  2. How/When do I know I need to replace my rotors? <more>
  3. Stoptech or brembo???
  4. Is it possible to remove the CV joint boots without tearing
  5. Glazed R4-S Pads?
  6. Uneaven pad wear.
  7. Feedback on CAR TEC Autodesign & Customs Duty and VAT charges - Looking to get a DTM Spoiler ...
  8. AWD dyno in Michigan......
  9. Audi tuner poll . . . who is the best Audi Tuner and why?
  10. Big brakes for the tt?
  11. coilovers: calling all suspension gurus!
  12. does anyone know how to take needles off of cluster
  13. Ignition timing??
  14. Going to Port my manifold ready for my KO4 - Need some advice pls.
  15. Don't forget the classics . . .
  16. please help!!
  17. Trouble acceleration from 100mph and up (Watkins Glen experience)
  18. Need so 1/4 mile advice pls!
  19. In-Gear Acceleration Times For 2002 VR6
  20. Want to upgrade ECU on '98 A4 2.8 Tip - which is best?
  21. X Post Need Advice : Check engine light, and oil pressure light on!!!
  22. Will the recoding program for the auto tranny on the A8/S8 work for a 97A4 auto?
  23. coilovers question
  24. anyone install a perma-cool oil filter relocation kit?
  25. Anyone got H&R Coilovers in stock in the USA?
  26. 2.0L pics, specs, etc....
  27. Oil smells like gas!?!?...
  28. well, just had my first out-of-warranty repair.....
  29. Question. Anybody know the fastest a dbw 1.8T has gone in the quarter?...
  30. Stressing about a problem, need help!
  31. Who is "mullet racer" that has a 11 sec A4?
  32. Need help with figuring out symtoms I am having with my car...
  33. Just got word, my 2.0L block is finally finished!
  34. A4 1.8T Tuning Advice
  35. 1.8t valve springs
  36. what mods shouldi get with 500$...
  37. Need a little help from you guys....
  38. Advice needed: KO4 -
  39. Where can I get a test pipe quick and cheap?
  40. Could a damaged cat cause performance issues?
  41. ignition upgrade 3B engine!!!!
  42. Found my problem...
  43. How to change 1st to 2nd shift point on S4 Tip?
  44. does that gauge in the odometer measure water temp or coolant temp?
  45. What's the bottom line on the BPV/BOV hybrid? Will it work or not?!
  46. For the 1.8T crowd......an oil filter upgrade....
  47. Tuners in Houston, TX?
  48. Anyone with a WOA Stage 3 clutch & APR aluminum flywheel setup???
  49. How much do you think this would restrict airflow...
  50. Check out the beast Matrix Engineering will be running in the 1.8t challenge...
  51. Samco Silicone Hose Kit Fitted Yesterday
  52. Zimmermann x-drilled rotors from german auto parts any good?
  53. Is The 1.8T That Tunable?
  54. You guys on AW are great! =)
  55. Update on V6 oil cooler on the 1.8T......
  56. Does any know Contact Details for Todd ex-Vortrag.
  57. cobalt GTR spec VR brake pads - anyone running these?
  58. catalytic converter help needed
  59. Anyone know the part number for a generic bosch 4 wire O2?
  60. need some opinion on this problem...
  61. If the engine is sucking in more air, will it make it run lean?
  62. question about gauge hookups.....
  63. Contemplating selling the A4,... or selling mods then car,...
  64. If the intake temp's too high, will it go into limp mode?
  65. Bilstein and Eibach ,problem!!!
  66. Which Engine Is The One To Go For?
  67. Computer Reset
  68. Notice one pulley has an "extra" key,...
  69. Could be my imagination: But car feels a little surgy in 4th gear -2000prms WOT
  70. While I'm here..ppl with South Bend clutches...how do you like 'em/what do you have???
  71. Clutch questions..(need answers from techs!!)
  72. Eibach Pro Kit Installion....
  73. X-post: NE1 here used Auto-Rx engine oil flush?
  74. S4 tiptronic tranny upgrade via Level 10...
  75. 2 Questions form B5 forum with no luck.
  76. Anyone know what typical EGT for a chiped car should be
  77. Help diagnosing vibration at idle and in gear. (Repost from B5 forum)
  78. Sequential
  79. Now seriously is 2L really worth the conversion.
  80. OMG,... "key" (I think that's what you call it???) between the crank shaft & pulley
  81. Pulling out of the 1.8T contest,... *sigh* =(
  82. repost - New AudiWorld Classifieds now online
  83. 3/4 throttle mod for the DBW T-28 is in effect & working great
  84. How many feet of Vac line do I need to replace existing lines ?
  85. getting a cyl #3 & multiple/random misfire code
  86. Help with Airbag light - VAG in SE MASS? (xpost)
  87. T28 closing throttle at WOT...
  88. Quickie Update! (Wow,... are things ever getting done fast!)
  89. Attention John Baas- I was wondering if u can help find and ecu wiring diagram so i can install this
  90. 4.2 A6 Oil Filters
  91. X-post: Anyone know the Neuspeed Race spring rates?
  92. NEW RACE ENGINE PICS! (10+ engine pics & 2 tire pics)
  93. PES
  94. screw pitch/size for maf to PES T28 intake hanger?
  95. V6 (S4) oil cooler installed on a 1.8T A4. 12 pics, fyi.
  96. well got a 12.5. at drag.
  97. X-Post - LucasGchips is at the drags now - he just ran a 12.5 @ 112mph
  98. High flow air filter question
  99. xpost: here are my alighnment specs...
  100. Problem with onboard comp. - A6 quattro 99.
  101. Vogtland/Koni Sports
  102. Chips or performance module for V8?
  103. Any one thought about installing a Anti-Lag System?
  104. Any one installed a Larger Oil Sump pan or even Dry Sump system?
  105. Xpost Vented Carbon Fibre Hood finally installed
  106. Anyone selling a used turbo kit?
  107. Does anyone have a line on a really sweet exhaust header for a 1.8T?
  108. Well my new MAF didn't solve my negative deviation fault code...
  109. HELP...Bad Gas Mileage 99.5 A4 2.8 Quattro - Dealer "fixed" the following:
  110. need ideas for a rookie
  111. Cylinder misfire confirmed and CEL is (finally) on, how long can I safely drive my car?
  112. exhaust
  113. It's 1am and I have a serious braking problem...
  114. pressure test help-- (repost from a4 forum)
  115. Can silicone Heater hose be used as a fuel line ?
  116. 99.5 A4 2.8 Quattro MIL Problem/Question/Guidance - Sorta Long
  117. ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!
  118. Brake system flush question
  119. 3 questions for you 1.8T people who've had your timing belt or tensioner fail...
  120. Need opinion on rough idle...
  121. Need to get my GIAC X chip installed in NYC or Watchung, NJ area...
  122. need some input on a 350 - 375 (+) hp TT project....
  123. How much brake fluid do I need...
  124. Torque converter upgrade for A6?
  125. PES T-28 GIAC software file numbers.......... what is the most current program?
  126. Error codes and VAG logs attached - any guesses on where the problem is (rich & lean)?
  127. Need some N75 valve help
  128. xr4tic
  129. I got a new MAF today...
  130. Stage III prices are going up, considering other options, namely T-28. Is there any disadvantages to
  131. on the topic of oil from the below post, what weight do you guys who track run in the summer?
  132. Which is a better street/track pad? (generally speaking)
  133. People with large turbo'd A4's,... (Stage 3, etc.)
  134. Another stock ECU differential question...
  135. Second question regarding custom setups.
  136. First ever Dyno run.
  137. Any performance disadvantage of going with ECS Cadmium plated rotors?
  138. Club Audi Victoria - Melbourne Meet this Thurs. 26th June
  139. Will rear rotors from a B5 passat work on a fwd A4?
  140. Suggestions for 2002 A4 1.8 Turbo
  141. 97 1.8T ECU vs. 98 1.8T ECU ... are they the same?
  142. Just got SPP EFK and want to fit variable thermostat - Anyone done this? or got Advice?
  143. Anyone selling an S4 Front Bumper? Best place to buy?
  144. NEED Help
  145. Audi A4 2.8 12v Quattro Performance Upgrades?
  146. going to hunt for boost leaks-- any suggestions?
  147. car down again...clutch master cylinder suspected
  148. I'm a Top 10 Vote Getter for the EC 1.8T contest! =)
  149. Got Brakes?
  150. Hey you rally guys
  151. New Product: Achtuning Apex Camera Mount
  152. Losing the daily driver,... =(
  153. what's the best chip for a daily driver
  154. question about engine longevity
  155. Those with a FMIC on a 2000 or newer A4...
  156. Rough idle/cold startup problem still didn't go away after fuel injector cleaning...
  157. for those of you with EVO FMIC's.....
  158. Got Nos?
  159. Exhaust Question
  160. Pre-cat O2 sensor: VAGCOM voltage readings ?
  161. B6 1.8T's exhaust splits into two at end.....What if a single pipe system was made?
  162. Paging who ever owns this car...
  163. Anybody know where I can buy an a4 1.8T quattro manual engine for a 99
  164. Downsides to using a racing brake fluid (RBF600) on the street?
  165. Paging xr4tic
  166. Any one selling a used T28 kit?
  167. Just bought a 1999 a4 1.8TQM, want some advice for big HP mods.
  168. APR or GIAC X chips..? A few questions.
  169. wheel offset is normally measured in mm correct?
  170. Intake Temp Logs...
  171. AW Enduro kart team.
  172. VR6 TB installed, along with new cylinder head.....
  173. Does this sauce work in the tranny?
  174. What is that thing beside the green power steering fluid? boost controller soleniod?
  175. Car idles like crap on cold startup... Any ideas?
  176. Is it worth it to mod at 100k??
  177. Where do you go for a roll cage in Socal?
  178. Brake pedal goes down to the floor. WTF ?
  179. Where can I get this:Compressor/Drier Hose (the longer 1 of the 2) 8D0 260 707 lists $198...
  180. what kinda of HP gain do i get from a Throttle body
  181. Anyone tried to change the backlit light in Greddy guages ?
  182. What kind of problems will a bad front 02 sensor cause?
  183. Apr Chip Sale
  184. update on my negative deviation fault code...
  185. I tried out the hyperboost by-pass valve last night...
  186. *Update* Re: Low MAF readings. Must READ for stock airbox.
  187. have a question about the wett chip...
  188. 3.0 Upgrades?
  189. Anyone interested in a ATP Stage 2 kit + extras???
  190. what would happen if the the PCV valve pre-turbo was replaced with a filter?
  191. What hose is this...cause I need to buy a new one?TIA
  192. Here is the latest info on my negative deviation fault code.
  193. Do you or would you use this on your engine?
  194. X-Post...just got my APR chip at Speedsport Technik in Nowalk CT....
  195. K04-15-23 on ebay. Says it's good for 300hp on an A4???
  196. T-28 turbo kits, G2 Superchargers, and Intakes on sale. Contact us for further info :-)
  197. Gtech Pro competition Dyno.. Coupe Quattro
  198. Does ne1 know if the A-box is different for California Audis vs. the other 49 states??
  199. I swapped out MAFS tonight...
  200. slight ticking sound from engine, valves out of alignment?
  201. Anybody have a good compressor map for the K03?
  202. Do you have Neuspeed Sport springs? if so...
  203. Initial impressions of my PES t-28 kit.
  204. Exhaust choice for my t-28....
  205. I unplugged my MAF and still got the negative deviation fault code...
  206. Lucas_Gchips
  207. Suspension question...
  208. my 12v delema
  209. hey guys I know some time back everyone was talking about changing
  210. Can an RS2 tranny be used in an A4 1.8t?
  211. Anyone have any experience with Nitrous on the intercoolers or.......
  212. TT 6spd tranny going for $350 on Ebay
  213. Would installing Schrick Cams be a wothwhile "Mod" ?
  214. After one week and one day my car is running again :)
  215. Any fellings on H&R, Eibach, B&G or Intrax springs on a 4.2?
  216. boost problem?
  217. Correct me if im wrong: Shorter side of frequency valve goes to wastegate actuator...
  218. GIAC chip for tiptronic
  219. Oil pump cavitation
  220. I'd appreciate some input from those w/ more experience in engine architecture/construction
  221. Any ideas on where to find 8mm studs?
  222. Hmm.. how bad is skin contact with R12 AC refigerant cooolant?
  223. FMIC question, can you build a custom FM that does not require chip tuning...
  224. X-Post: Whats the going rate for a PES T-28 kit?
  225. What would cause a Lean Code? I forget which one exaclty
  226. A turbo question...
  227. Another PES t28 questions from me : ) chip related this time....
  228. How the hell are you supposed to install the PES manifold!?!?!?
  229. Has anyone ever turboed a 2.8 12V
  230. any good source for aluminized glass cloth?
  231. Any suggestions on a 3" High flow CAT?
  232. what is a good site for good prices on vdo gauges????
  233. Logged some vag-com runs...do these look normal?
  234. Buying an engine
  235. Anyone run APR Suregrip pads?? Comments on them, good/bad??
  236. Tire Choices,... (need your input)
  237. i have an intercooler question of my own.....
  238. Anyone change the fuel filter on the A4 or S4 yet?
  239. boost leak test...
  240. Turbo 2.8 12V
  241. Curious to know why no one ever mentions/uses "Performance Friction Brake Pads"
  242. studdering S6
  243. 1900 hp dyno pull
  244. What's a good time to replace my spark plugs? What brand is recommended for 30v 2.8?
  245. looking at FMIC cores and thinking about what's out on the market
  246. brullen exhaust
  247. My Situation (update #2)
  248. Car's idling starting to get a bit rough, is it the fuel injectors? What can I do?
  249. it seems like my boost leak is related to Mass Air Flow...
  250. Helmet dilemma - which of these to choose? - (X-Post)