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  1. AEB intake manifold in ATW head...any issues?
  2. What should I get?
  3. Weird sound
  4. What type of clutches does AWE sell?
  5. Does anyone know the part # for the MAF harness? ATW motor
  6. Good tuning shop in New Jersey/Philadelphia area?
  7. where can i buy xenons for my urS cars? i'm in the england area
  8. X-post from B5 S4 forum re: injector duty cycle.....
  9. Does anyone know where I can get a haldex unit (cheap)
  10. Anyone raised their idle speed in a DBW car? ...
  11. Reminder: Achtuning Anniversary BBQ & Official Waterwagens Pre-Funk - Saturday July 30th
  12. Reminder: Achtuning Anniversary BBQ & Official Waterwagens Pre-Funk - Saturday July 30th
  13. Have a question regarding my suspension...
  14. Suspension question
  15. B5 A4 X-post...additive lean code...
  16. Audi Shops
  17. A little OT but a question about drag racing and transmissions
  18. Any concerns buying a used APR A box? Did they come out w/ several software revisions of the A box?
  19. Ok everyone, it's POLL time... Aluminum Racing Jack (which one?)
  20. Catalytic Convertor ?
  21. Need new clutch...what do you guys recommend?
  22. Need some help with stuttering...
  23. Can extra power cause your synchros to go bad?
  24. Need an opinion...
  25. does anyone know anything about chevy
  26. Does anyone have experience installing APR FMIC...
  27. Help with a code: 17536
  28. Which cams and pistons r better 4 the $?
  29. Looking for 550cc injectors, high imp. Anyone know where to get a good deal?
  30. X-POST--Stand Alone Update...
  31. Adding a center muffler to a Phaeton V8.
  32. Maybe he means someone changed the WG duty cycle or parameters
  33. im going to get a body kit for the audi a4 and i need help
  34. ABS ALERT - Audi is now selling the electronic control module seperate from the ABS Pump
  35. KO4 Turbo tweaked?
  36. I was thinking bout getting a catch can for my 1.8t
  37. went to drags in friday night
  39. i just installed an EVO motorsport cold air intake and i am getting a check engine light why?
  40. Remus - Improve Exhaust Sound
  41. When you run aftermarket seats, is it the brown plug that you jump with resistors, or the yellow?
  42. Theoretical best fit? Turbo experts opinions invited
  43. TT-Quattro engine problem!!!
  44. has anyone ever run nos on an audi?
  45. Does this sound nasty to people?
  46. 5th Annual Audi Expo - Schedule:
  47. whats a good website to order samco turbo inlet tubes or pipes? help
  48. anyone familiar with SDS engine management systems?
  49. Performance Upgrades & tuning help
  50. any who knows carbs...
  51. Torsen center diff photo ... dissassembled
  52. 9 days 'til Audi Expo! - Have we heard from you ?
  53. turbo inlet pipe installation
  54. 2.0L 8V Engine parts, out of a 96 jetta 57,000 miles
  55. sh*%, pistons are junk!!
  56. good repair shops in CT
  57. 1998 a4 2.8l upgrades (air intakes etc)
  58. forge 006 dump/diverter valve...i have a question
  59. air filter/intake suggestions anyone?
  60. quattro wont start 20v 2.3 1990 model
  61. BT guys:GT3071R..keep internal gate? or go w/an external WG setup-->
  62. oil filter help
  63. HELP bypass valve installation on 1.8t
  64. installing a HKS SSQV in my a4 1.8t
  65. Getting APR - What to Get With?
  66. Stalling
  67. Help!!! Installing a S4 6 speed in an A4( 1.8t )
  68. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the VAGed component#'s: 1.8L R4/5VT MOTR AT D04...
  69. Friends car isn't starting, need help...
  70. Question about oil pressure on a newly built motor.
  71. x post A4 board: Here are my compression test numbers.
  72. Injector question regarding T28...
  73. looking to get into an audi please help !
  74. Camber is off:'05 A4 w/ Eibach & Koni Shocks! Dlr Alignment did not correct, Advice? Please help
  75. Misfire prob
  76. Break in period for new K04 on 1.8T ? Miles and/or max RPM, etc?
  77. Quick Y/N x-post from B5A4... wondering if GIAC K05 file is written for indented Bosch 4-bar FPR...
  78. 5th Annual Audi Expo - Come be a part of history again!
  79. need something guys
  80. OIL
  81. upgrades
  82. Feeler post - - - Anyone wanna buy my engine/turbo setup?
  83. if i install some performance cams what
  84. stage 3 turbo
  85. Recommend a good auto transmission fluid?
  86. Help, SS adjustment gone bad....
  87. What determines mass air flow?
  88. suspension advice...
  89. CPP Bits all around?
  90. CHIPTUNING UPDATE: Latest on my new software - TRACK TIMES :) :)
  91. what are the best type of clamp for ic pipes?
  92. Good idea to install PES G2 supercharger on a '98 2.8 w/85k miles?
  93. big turbo/ custom engine guys please help
  94. Poll: Which Tranny/differential fluid do you use?
  95. APR Software Specials from 5/20-5/22
  96. grilles
  97. Anyone running the 3.0" billet MAF housing from atp???
  98. If I pull out my tranny, what do I need to reinstall in order to roll the car around?
  99. age old question. How to get rid of CEL when running a test-pipe? TIA
  100. maybe a stupid question, but could the Apple Mac mini ever be used as a stand-alone engine mgmt base
  101. anyone know of a good sidedraft carb?
  102. Speed off the line - need help with techniques
  103. A6 2.7 - Narrowed the options, desire opinions
  104. My car starts up rough like it shakes a bit while it revs higher as the secondary air pump runs
  105. what would be the best turbo kit for a 2000 a4 1.8T FWD?
  106. Anyone with a 2.7T running the APR 2+. I'm installing new hybrid K03/K16, AWE/McNeil downpipes, APR
  107. Group buy on Bailey Motorsport diverter valves...
  108. Anyone have an FAQ on tranny removal for clutch swap (B5 S4)? Or list of required tools?
  109. Tubular Manifold and Garrett GT 35R Installation...LONG
  110. suggestions
  111. APR Software Specials from Streetwerke
  112. Is this mic on . . ? *thup thup thup*
  113. Does anyone know where the stock blow off valve on a 2002 Audi 1.8T quattro is located?
  114. Blow Off Valve
  115. any help would be great
  116. x post: Need help identifying these lines. Mid way through my stage 3 install I looked over and
  117. actually, his wife needs help
  118. 60K mile service for my 1999 A4 2.8 quattro - PLEASE ADVISE!
  119. Motec and Audi?
  120. What is the Stock Boost For a 1999 A4
  121. Wise ones of the forum your assistance please...
  122. question concerning ecu codes.
  123. Which wire to use an inductive clamp on , on the coil pack for RPM reading?
  124. Audi Dyno Day at Yarrowsport (Providence, RI) this Sat, 4/30
  125. idle miss.
  126. APR stage 1 and injectors vs AWE K04 with GIAC Software??
  127. GT28RS on B6 A4 with grey injectors and K04 software
  128. 8vturbo
  129. NEW 2005 PRICING!!
  130. sc
  131. k04 turbo upgrade on a 2000 a4 1.8t.
  132. Wish we had software like this:
  133. another A4 to S4 question about ABS sensors
  134. Anyone selling or know of someone an APR manifold. If so post here or e-mail me. I'm looking to buy.
  135. G-tech pro RR logs on my A4 2.0T
  136. Anyone here use Ford injectors? Hit me up if you do, I have a question
  137. xpost: Does anyone have a stock intercooler sitting around...
  138. How much boost can I run?......
  139. Raising Boost question.....
  140. (Xpost) APR S3 people ---> '01 oil feed line questions.
  141. 4 wheel dynos in OH, VA, PA, or Maryland pls.?
  142. Any one got Pics of Head and combustion Chambers on Vw V10 Turbo Diesel Engine?
  143. Can I run S4 axles on my A4?
  144. questions on a T28 on my DBW...
  145. turbo from TT to a4 1.8T, possible to use?
  146. NHIS driver's event - Loudon, NH
  147. anyone ever run a K04 on a 2.0 stroker?
  148. whats up with my FPR?
  149. Nice run for Billy. 10.81 sec for 1/4 mile
  150. When choosing injectors (i.e 440-550 and up)-->
  151. does anybody know witch hole is the stiffer setting on swaybars?
  152. n00b ?: If I send me ECU to GIAC for chip, when they send back does it have to be tuned her also?
  153. A8 Tuning
  154. K04 J31 losing power at 3100 rpm, re-lubed diverter valve, boost is fine and steady.
  155. Best place to buy pistons and rods for 2002 A4 1.8T
  156. small cooling problem
  157. epc ?
  158. will a Ported Throttle Body benefit the 1.8T? i searched, no answers.
  159. intersting link i came across for DBW cars...
  160. Anyone know if there is a better price for miltek down pipes for a 01 S4 than $1800
  161. what's up with my windows?
  162. 3-4 psi with APR chip, check engine light on
  163. headers/ exhaust systems
  164. APR stage III running rich
  165. anyone know if 2006 a4 2.0t turbo fits B5 or B6 a4
  166. the feel of lost power!!
  167. If i'm getting excessive crankcase blowby, has the damage been done?
  168. Pauter Rod vs Stock
  169. What motor mounts are Stage 3 (+) guys using? Impressions?
  170. anybody knows where i can get a tubular manifold for an 04 1.8t?
  171. for my fpr on the pc16 file, is 39 psi too high? i've read 2.7 bar of fuel oh so many times
  172. Billet Intermediate Shaft?
  173. is there someone on here who the ability to source RS2 trannys?
  174. ECS adj. fuel reg. with gauge, need to know what 3.7 bar coverts to in PSI
  175. So i would like slightly more power then stage 3 kits put out on my B5 A4. Has anyone used a Hybrid
  176. Round 2 on the dyno....
  177. PAGING: Devious18T
  178. anybody know is this b2/s2?
  179. K04 - any tuner is this country have one for a B5 1.8? Thanks
  180. Back from the dyno...438whp & 469trq...I love turbos and boost!!
  181. How much work would it be to manual corner balance a coilover installation in one's garage?
  182. if i change my turbo what else do i need?
  183. Dyno day at Yarrowsport
  184. what turbo will give me the most horsepower and torque on my 00' a4 1.8t???
  185. What's the clamping force of the S4 and RS4 pressure plates? Seems to be conflicting info. SPEC too
  186. aem ems
  187. NE1 with Profec B spec2 / Stg3 experience? slight surging..
  188. does anyone have a straight downpipe no catback on a 1.8t???
  189. Stage III install hit some snags
  190. Has anybody heard or used a product called Motor Silk?
  191. Looking for a site!
  192. anyone have apr chip w K04 turbo on AWM engine?
  193. X-post (bad 02 sensor)...need a new o2 sensor, can someone post bently for 00 2.8 A6
  194. compression test x-post, seems good,l maybe a little insight though?
  195. X post from 1.8T forum: Who here has a high mileage vehicle w/ stage 3 setup?
  196. Time for a new cat 97 1.8t
  197. apr stage 1 gas milage sucks?
  198. 2.0 liter is in......more
  199. Need front rotors, would like cross drilled/slotted. Best VALUE?
  200. Transmission or Driveshaft noise
  201. slight install problem, please help
  202. Help with codes please!! (Im Stage 3) X-Post
  203. performance hp+lbs ft or stage clutch and flywheel
  204. Can the chip for a ko3 setup be modified for use with ko4s? . . . .
  205. installed an intake and (surprising)
  206. question for people with intakes...
  207. x-post from 1.8T forum
  208. Possible stretched head bolts?
  209. Check this out...water/ alcohol injection w/o a pump
  210. has anyone used this?
  211. torque issue with apr chip
  212. stasis solid motor mounts
  213. x-post from 1.8T Development
  214. update on blown motor
  215. MPX4250 Pressure Sensor for Boost
  216. gas milage with REVO?
  217. Newbie chip info?
  218. Jetex exhaust for 2.8 V6 (A4 or A6Quattro)
  219. xpost: poll on aftermarket clutch break-in period length
  220. CT/NY Audi Group "Spring" Gathering - Momentum Tuning, Wallingford, CT - 3/12/05
  221. Compression Test... all readings low and i already searched...
  222. 2.7 vs. 2.8 engine differences.
  223. anyone on heer have nay insight into this?...B5 x-post...turbo heat wrap....
  224. Anyone have experience with higher strength half-shafts and drivelines?
  225. what's the method for adjusting the fpr?
  226. what plug should I switch to if the plugs are "wet" looking and are
  227. N75J
  228. A4 3.0 in UK
  229. What are axle weights? And why are there so many different ones for one A4 from Audi?
  230. would there be any benefit to running one step colder spark plugs in my car?
  231. SRS Shine Racing Service B5 springs on a 1.8T A4 review
  232. HELP?! Battery drains while sitting
  233. Anyone here have the stock 1.8t IC-TB hose and dont need it anymore?
  234. Performed compression test on my 2.0T today, and was curious if anyone else has....
  235. German S2 race 100-313 in 26.18 sec.
  236. Cheap diy fuel adjuster
  237. suspension question
  238. Has anyone tried to swap an ecu
  239. mods for an a4 1.8t of 2000
  240. hoppen motorsports
  241. can this brake line be removed?/?????
  242. Source for rubber hoses/couplers?
  243. Paging xr4tic and other Walbro users
  244. i'm running the pc16 k04 file
  245. K guys <flame suit on> how tough would it be to make an S4 exhaust fit an A4?
  246. Hey does anyone know this person's email mrnitrous422
  247. power = P x L x A x N
  248. What is the part number for the TT 225 injectors that can be put on the B6 A4 1.8T?
  249. Tracking your 'every day driver'......
  250. Dahlback Tuning. Is it more "risky" of a investment then the more popular GIAC and APR that is more