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  1. what does everybody think of MAGNAFLOW exhaust????
  2. 650!!!! For suspensions installation?!?!
  3. Can I have the stock A4 flywheel lightened?
  4. finally decided to get apr 3 or 3+.. any word on the "new" pricing yet?
  5. anyone have Automatic A4 with GIAC chip and K04 ? how fast?
  6. AWE a-pillar boost gauge: pod fitment issues resolved without modifications!
  7. Skip Barber Driving School vs. Racing School
  8. Tune up ideas
  9. Sharon and Corey's Garage Sale (x-post)
  10. APR Exhaust On its Way!!!--Goodbye Borla. . . . Thanks APR
  11. Crank Pulley...A different 'spin' on more power?
  12. Did I have a run with a Very Rare Audi??????
  13. How do Pagid pads compare to Mintex?
  14. would anyone in the arizona area be intrested in meeting up at BOB BONDURANT for some karting?
  15. anybody know any cheap upgrades for mufflers
  16. are Koni-coilovers any good, compared to H&R spring, bilstein shock?
  18. What is FMIC and testpipes???
  19. does your brake squeak while reversing sometimes
  20. will a KKK K04 Hybrid turbo fit on my oem manifold?
  21. any one have "dtmautohaus" front Bumper? or "lltek"
  22. Question for TIP_TRANS
  23. 1.8t mod options?? What can I do to get to ..
  24. OEM DVs?
  25. GIAC Chips for A4 1.8TQM When Full Boost at and does Boost hold thru rev range?
  26. Attn: Rob Andrews or people with APR's clutch/flywheel need info
  27. k16
  28. Autothority 1.0 Bar chip for 2000 A4 Quattro Manual For Sale
  29. Anyone from Puerto Rico in the forum???
  30. What is the best chip for a '01 A4 1.8T quattro?
  31. just bought my 2001 audi a4 1.8t quattro
  32. any reccomendations on spark plugs?
  33. Bilstien adjustable shocks question
  34. A8 Tiptronic Chip module
  35. APR Stage III Software, Version 2.x of DBW--Very Nice. Kudos to New Dimension Too.
  36. Anyone ever bought from this tuner,Euro Car Service, they sell APR products & more.
  37. I'm getting rims soon and i have a few questions regarding brakes
  38. any one have manual boost controller on there A4?
  39. 5 Whole Days?
  40. Best place to get Porterfield R-4S pads?
  41. I am looking for info from people who have sucessfully installed electronic boost controllers
  42. Anyone out there have a Wett KO4 kit?
  43. Swaybars
  44. What u guys think of the LS1 trans ams and camaros?
  45. can we put S4 automatic trasmission on A4 ?
  46. 1.8T "sandblaster" stock exhaust sound after chipping?
  47. Blow Off Valve??? Can you hear it.
  48. Is 0 280 142 108 the correct Bosch # for replacing the BPV for the A4?
  49. Intake Question for LLtek & Turbo 5(MC)
  50. Why can't I program my own ECU? (more)
  51. Just read that the W8 uses a 180 degree crank. Should sound sweet!
  52. Cam Sensor Leaking Oil
  53. VW related, may apply to later Audi auto trans as well.
  54. Warped rotors?
  55. A8 Free Flow Intake System
  56. Need BTW web address^_^
  57. Auto trans upgrade?
  58. Hey KO4/Tip guy, anything to report?
  59. With all these big brake kits, is anybody worried about...
  60. squential shift light
  61. Recent Stage 3 Installs, others too--Catalytic Converter question: Boostd, Ed, ReyHey-TIA
  62. Why does EC interview so many idiots?
  63. Beru Ultra-X or Bosch F7LTCR - Where can I get these ? Online ?
  64. Race Tech Performance Meter (similar to G-Tech) - anybody use it?
  65. A4 exhaust
  66. which is the best performance tire. plz vote
  67. Anyone do custom heat shielding for the turbo 5 intake?
  68. Look what I picked up for less than $500
  69. X-post from a4 forum-Intake question-
  70. 1.8t Engine Fault Codes
  71. what is the max.hp a A41.8T Automatic transmision can hold?
  72. 2001 TTQR scan tool
  73. Tires Sizes for 16"-Sport Wheels (Lucas?/Brett?)
  74. Tiptronic Holy Grail-disable your tip kickdown(non DBW)post by Paul H this weekend.Anyone tried yet?
  75. Increased performance with uprated FPR on chiped K03?
  76. xpost:Anyone know where to get Motul 600 in the Balt/Maryland area???
  77. Schrick Camshafts Anyone have them or any other Camshafts?
  78. anyone have a boost gauge they want to sell me....
  79. Yet another brake post. Please help!
  80. Leaking manifold or valve cover on my A6 2.8 (long)
  81. the best chip ever
  82. Rear H&R coilovers are causing flex noises is this normal?
  83. faulty tie rod symptoms?? help me diagnose my problem!
  84. 1.8L engine output
  85. These are the Best Chips!
  86. AWE Boost gauge - error in installation instructions (x-post: A4 forum)
  87. Anyone know the Part number of the A41.8TQM GearBox?
  88. Need some advice...
  89. opinions on performance benefits of aftermarket spark plug wires please, thanks
  90. O2 sensors, where and how to change?
  91. The time has come to get a new motor...
  92. Audi Circles exhaust tip?
  93. x-post from A4 forum...first drive on Stage 3 with race program today...
  94. Should I remove the Cat. on a Euro (1-sensor 1.8T)
  95. Track Test Tomorrow (Split Second Boost Control Passat-Stock Testing)
  96. What is a good exhaust for my 2001 A4 2.8 Quattro...
  97. Chicago area folks, mark your calendar for Sunday May, 6....
  98. Is the GIAC chip the same no matter who you buy it from? I was
  99. R Turbo Timers necessary for Chip upgrade?
  100. Which chip for the TT 225
  101. Whats the best deal for a new performance Air filter for 01 A4?
  102. Well, I checked up on the manifold mentioned below....
  103. Question for TMS or anyone with GIAC K03 to K04 upgrade
  104. NE1 running APR stage III with turbo5 intake?
  105. Amsoil or K&N air filter to boost HP?
  106. Bilstein or Koni Sport Shocks??? Help me make up my mind!
  107. non-sport A6 2.7T - after 17" wheels - what next for handling improvement?
  108. Intercooler Mod -> Why is mandrel bent aluminum better than silicone tubing??
  109. i need to upgrade my brakes, need suggestions
  110. Question about intercooler...
  111. what do u think?
  112. Phone system is back on line. Thank you for your understanding.
  113. Attention all. Due to local traffic accident in front of APR ..
  114. Roof Spoilers
  115. Lots of Info on Chips, lots of questions.....
  116. Greddy Turbo Timer-- Do they make a wiring harness for the A4?
  117. Can our A4 1.8 use this new Hi Flow manifold from ATP its made for the GT25 & other ballistic Turbos
  118. MTM Avant vs. allroad comparo [long]
  119. Power loss of turbo at altitude
  120. recommendation needed to go from stock to sport springs or eibach
  121. Need brake advice please from track-ers.....
  122. Xpost from A6 forum...Chipping '01 2.7T using spare ECU board
  123. What chip would be the best for a 97 A4 1.8T?
  124. APR Stage III at Auto-X w/ a the New ver.2 software....
  125. Suspension or Tire upgrade for my 2.8 with sport suspension?
  126. Quaiffe limited slip differential. Anyone have it? How much? impressions?
  127. Anyone using the porsche bpv?
  128. Any real feedback on the Wett chip for the 01' A4 1.8T?
  129. How to reset the Engine light
  130. which *Performance Exhausts* are C.A.R.B legal??
  131. How much power?... (also on A4 Forum)
  132. Power Stages for Audi 1.8Ts
  133. States with no speed limits?
  134. GIAC G/B for audis
  135. need bypass valve for my 1.8, which should i get and from where
  136. A request for S4 chip tuners:
  137. Best Mods for S4?
  138. Intake/Bypass Valve Sound Clips? (You know!, the Psssst)
  139. Where do I get the MC Intake and For How Much?
  140. K04 REVIEW
  141. Split Scenond 1-Bar Boost Controller Review (Coming Soon...)
  142. How can you tell if your clutch is about to go?
  143. Cheapest place to buy a K&N filter (replacement of stock paper one)
  144. any one have A4 1.8T with S4 front bumper?please tell me where to get it?
  145. Ecu Question "I am struggling to get APR or Wetterauer"
  146. What's the compression ratio of the 1.8T? More...
  147. Brake fluid follow-up...
  148. HELP!!! NEED Long Island mod friendly dealer....
  149. still looking for a giac or apr chipped ecu....
  150. Can anyone recommend a large (stock) intercooler?
  151. SVT Focus on the East Coast!
  152. Help - need to find bumper
  153. Anyone with a 12V 2.8 -- please read this ////// 12V V6 Supercharger KIT!!
  154. What do you guys think of this new product... the evoshield...
  155. Is a 180 DEGREE THERMOSTAT required with KO4? Why or why not? THX
  156. Crosspost from A4 forum...Exhaust question for Brullen/other users..
  158. Whats this? I read at gr8ride.com that a Neuspeed chip will put u in the low 13s. 13.1 they claim!!!
  159. brake fluid recommendations?
  160. B+G springs question?
  161. Brake Upgrades (Kits or Rotors/Pads)
  162. XPost: H&R Sport or Eibach Pro Kit Springs?? Opinions please.
  163. ETKA Parts catalog on line (euro version)
  164. Clutch gone, what are my options?
  165. Programmable Engine Managment Installed.
  166. Opinions on aftermarket springs without a soap box feel????
  167. Rear camber recommendations on A4
  168. A4 1.8T Transplant into Audi 80Q or 4KQ?
  169. anyone here know anything about the H&R cup kit?
  170. hey guys .. anyone make a 3" exhaust for 1.8t quattro? tia
  171. Running lean after chipping (beginner version)
  172. Boston Performance Group
  173. Looking for a Aluminium 1.8T Engine Block? is there such a item around?
  174. Could someone provide me with the dia of the downpipe...
  175. Thoughts on these gauges as necessary in a turbocharged car...
  176. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!
  177. A question for the 1.8T 20V chip tuners...
  178. Need Help, grinding when shifting from 2-3 gear...
  179. What does a clunking from the trunk usually indicate?
  180. New injectors in and things are looking good...
  181. a little OT, but i trust opinions here. dunlop s9000 +nail. plug or patch? (more)
  182. Suspension Shop in LA/San Fernando Vly/Pasadena?
  183. Anyone have a 2000 a4 1.8t chip for sale????
  184. Best lowering kits for 99 A6 2.8Q??
  185. In F1 - Who will Honda snub first?
  187. 2000 DBW Stage III first 45 mins in the saddle impressions........uh long 8-)
  188. Euro 1.8T Downpipes, Where, How much?
  189. Which would be the best engine chip for a tip. 1.8T
  190. Has the dealer tried to VOID your warranty?
  191. AquaMist Water Injection- any comments? (more)
  192. x-post: looking for interest on Ed's digital boost guage
  193. LUCAS
  194. koni coilover install ... how many hours? how much? tia
  195. Semi-interesting fact regarding Tip Shift knobs.
  196. All righty then - here is what I am doing for more fuel
  197. Can somebody explain Lambda to me....
  198. for anyone with single electrode plugs...
  199. Posted on other forum ... Installing Intrax springs, does it matter
  200. Did a the MN Air Box Upgrade on my German 1.8T, great response & smooth acceleration!
  201. my automatic A4 needs new tranny, what'd be involved in putting in a manual?
  202. x-post: Is anyone running Sparco spings? (m)
  203. Has anyone heard from MC (Clark) lately? haven't seen him post in ages.
  204. APR EMCS Chip for 2000 Tip S4 for sale...
  205. Which muffler should I get for my custom exhaust?
  206. off topic, a4 @ dealer for 3 weeks still no clue, maybe you guys have an idea...
  207. A4 short shifter recommendations?
  208. Chip upgrade!
  209. Non-turbo tuning books?
  210. Speed Limiting
  211. GIAC Chip with ECU For Sale Best Offer
  212. anyo
  213. Can anyone recommend a high flow CAT (for FWD) that doesn't throw codes?
  214. OT: Anyone know about GIAC chips for Volvo's?
  215. FOGS come on w/ Headlights automatically??
  216. Carbon fiber hood update, GB and T5 people
  217. Kamei mesh grills...get rid of that those stock grills and get one of these for a sweet deal!...
  218. About to buy a superspint exhaust anyone has this on chipped A4 ? impressions? is it 2.5" pipe?
  219. has ayone put a NOS system in an A4 1.8t?
  220. Anyone know anything about the Intrax Coilovers?
  221. Does someone know at what temperature is the stock thermostat triggered?
  222. O2 Sensor and Check engine Problem??(more)
  223. telemetry or data logging?
  224. Recommended tire pressure for auto-x w/Kumho Victor Racer 17x225? Oh, Please Oh,Please Oh. Anybody?
  225. may be old news, but: http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/20vboost.html
  226. H&R springs for an Avant fit on a Sedan?
  227. CF Hoods?
  228. Opinions on brake pads for street/track for the S4?
  229. So how exactly is an engine balanced and blueprinted?
  230. Audi S8 MTM at speed
  231. Rear Roof Spoiler for Passat? Anybody?
  232. Need New Brake Pads (Suggestions? Performance/Street Use)
  233. Audi Wheelie
  234. Lucas, I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but ...
  235. Lean problem - here are the numbers (and graph)
  236. How does the upcoming HighFlow cat from ATP compare to the 1 T5 was selling or the RennKat fromEvoMS
  237. If I install the group buy Dpipe or High flow cat from ATP will I get alot of OBD II fault codes
  238. 95 Audi 90 performance upgrades
  239. Best tire pressure for '01 S4 w/Kumho VictorRacer 225/17? Also recommend 12V air pump? Thanks:-)
  240. APR stage 3 A4 vs. MTM chipped TTRQ, place your bets :)
  241. DC/MD/VA Sugarloaf Moutain FUN RUN AND LUNCH - Sun, March 25. 2001 - 11am
  242. Callaway 4000 Kit
  243. a while back i told the tale of my lunched motor, due to ingested spark plug. questions....
  244. RS4 sheetmetal
  245. Xpost: Koni coil-over kits... beware
  246. Alternative to lowering springs
  247. cross-post: Did I fry my clutch?
  248. HELP!! a question for those who did thier own spring install...........
  249. Lean - need help...
  250. Wheel Question..