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  1. MikeO...Question about your custom set-up. Do you have an approx HP figure, and have you had to
  2. xpost: Werks of Art Stage 2 clutch log
  3. Does anybody know this Air Intake System?
  4. Adjusting Koni c/o to be like H&R c/o stiffness?
  5. got a new question I think...
  6. Has anyone actually installed a KMAC Camber kit?
  7. A question for the suspension experts if I don't go coilovers what is my next best suspension
  8. Lemme try over here. Flow rates for 2001.5 A4 1.8T injectors?
  9. Do not buy APEX suspension products
  10. Does anybody have experience with HKS Klasse exhaust?
  11. Question for 225 hp TT injector flow rate
  12. Will 1999 2.8 "Neuspeed race springs/bilstein sports shock" combo fit on my 2001.5 1.8T? (x-post)
  13. Strut tower bar and a question on curing the probs with it-need engineers(xpost)
  14. 1994 Audi 90S
  15. a very good question about turbos? (posted on a4 forum)
  16. Repost : '99 A4 for sale and parting out
  17. Sorry for this really newbie question about chips...please help!!! ( Long)
  18. PES/GIAC Holiday Chip G/B
  19. H&R/Bilsteins VS. H&R Coilovers
  20. SOS: Need advice ASAP re. a possible Abt ECU purchase/install
  21. Will the TT shifter (5spd) work in a mk4 VW?
  22. turbo break-in periods, myth?
  23. Anyone going to the Speedtrial event at LaGuna seca this weekend?
  24. Chips & Salsa
  25. S4 Ecu Problems...
  26. Where can I get chip locally in Vancouver BC?
  27. Shortshift opinions? Tanoga/UUC? TIA
  28. g8keepR007
  29. New Dynapack Website Announcement
  30. Does anyone know what Motronic version the non-DBW 1.8Ts use?
  31. 2000 TT 180hp ECU - Factory boost 11.6psi? - more
  32. Does anyone know anything about the electric fan kit from SPR?
  33. Who has the pes t-28 kit with the new mass air flow ?
  34. S4 Turbo Upgrades...
  35. How do you go about adjusting your adjustable suspension?
  37. spr electric fan kit
  38. i have my old APR chip, is it possible to just flash it for a 2001-fwd with thier online update...
  39. Huge holiday sale on PES G2 Supercharger
  40. Looking for a place to get S8 rear slotted rotors
  41. Who makes seat brackets for the new 02 A4 (more)
  42. MY 2000 vs 2001 TT 180 engine - differences
  43. MOS-Methane tuning instruction with pictures
  44. TT oil pump. Gear driven or electric?
  45. Is everything from a 96 audi a4 1.8T the same as on a 97 a4 1.8T. I
  46. x-post: mouting EGT thermocouple
  47. Does anyone know where I can get the actual specs for the Bailey DV?
  48. S4 GEAR JUICE: Amsoil 2000 or Redline? (75w90) Which one and why??
  49. Diesel Performance Tuning
  50. Holiday Sale Day 2...
  51. Silly technical questions...
  52. Ross-Tech.com???
  53. UUC short shifters or Neuspeed for a 99 A4 1.8T
  54. Looking for an air intake for my 99 A4 1.8T
  55. anyone have instructions on how to install the UUC DTS?
  56. Blow Off Value
  57. Holiday Sale Day 1.....
  58. i need to know if it is easy to install the neuspeed rear swaybar? and...
  59. comprehensive tuning manual?
  60. For those who know brakes...Please read!!
  61. HELP - Question about an Audi transaxle???
  62. Would i be able to put h&r race springs(quattro only) on my fwd a4??
  63. 14.39 @ 97.8 mph in A4 with nothing but the APR 100 octane race program....
  64. Increase Power
  65. Xpost - Milltek exhaust for 1.8T quattro install & impressions
  66. Anyone Need a Wastegate, I really need to get rid of it...
  67. SpeedVision Announcement today.
  68. First pic from Essen
  69. PORSCHE+AUDI...the crane shot
  70. upcoming V8 engine for S4 question
  71. Anyone interested in 3" downpipe's for the A4
  72. xpost: vag tooled the delta between stock and cone intakes
  73. Finally installed my EFK yesterday!
  74. Looking for G-tech Pro instructions
  75. Rattling during engine braking..
  76. Stainless steel manifolds
  77. Which color? Pagid orange or Mintex red box?
  78. * Bought the Neuspeed front/rear sway for my FWD 98 standard.. What setting to use for rear ?
  79. OK, what the hell is goin on? ..................
  80. Lucas! Question on MAF...
  81. What would be the best mod for Audi A4 1.8T Q..????
  82. where can i get a front mounted intercooler for 1.8t Q Audi A4
  83. ZF TIP transmission on a 2.8 vs 2.7T
  84. What's a good price for 104 octane?
  85. Coilovers for an S4... trying to decide between KWs and H&Rs. HELP!!!
  86. Autometer Boost Guage....
  87. Swaybars
  88. Next question, is there an high output in-tank fuel pump available for the A4?
  89. does anyone make an high output alternator for the a4 1.8T?
  90. x-post Exhaust question! If I am planning a turbo upgrade.....
  91. Dumb question re: springs/shocks & ride height
  92. Is it possible to disable the EDL?
  93. Can I run A '00 APR chip on a '01.5?
  94. Any 1 going to Speed trial event at willow this Saturday?
  95. Corbeau seats...
  96. installing boost guage...
  97. Any S4's going to Tunerfest at Willow Springs on Sunday?
  98. the one time audi and honda are the same...
  99. anyone know how to remove the fuel pump and change the fuel filter?
  100. Oil question: sorry to bug this community of gear heads with this sophomoric question, but
  101. Need some help ASAP: what do you guys think of this idea...
  102. Does Sportec make front and rear bumpers for A6 2.7T or do they only make rims and brakes etc...???
  103. Just got Neuspeed Race chip and FPR... question...
  104. Calculating shift points w/VAG-COM
  105. Looking to change the plugs on my 2.7T-->
  106. Will this fit on a 02' a4?...
  107. Window Tint Info piece
  108. Having mild detenation - Any recommendation regarding octane additives if its a fuel problem?
  109. if i get jsut springs the dealer says they will still warrenty my stock shocks if(more)
  110. How much is a good price for a set of front cross-drilled Brembo rotors for an A4?
  111. Got Some New Toys...
  112. Weird tranny noise...
  113. clicking noises
  114. S4 - spark plugs?
  115. The 914-1.8T is alive and vibrating...had some good help lighting the computer up, thanks Brett!
  116. Rob Andrews. Be prepared to put a snub mount on my car next week. :-p
  117. people with APR chip and 18in wheels what does your speedometer say
  118. Odd accurance at speed.....
  119. Is a turbo insulation kit like this one a good idea?
  120. Another APR SIII High Flow Cat bites the dust.
  121. Please take this survey if you got time....
  122. Anyone have or know a way i can get the compressor maps for the GT25 and the T28?
  123. what size injectors come with APR SIII and PES T-28 kits?
  124. RS4 clutch in an S4....
  125. LA Audi Shop
  126. Upsolute chipping on Dec. 1 at the 7th Official South Fla VW/Audi GTG in Ft. Lauderdale FL
  127. Intake Manifold Idea
  128. timing/boost help needed
  129. what if i get an auto with a shift chip? will that make up for not going with stick?
  130. Help with my Gumball entry please
  131. new england area
  132. * Has anyone had to replace motormounts on their 98 1.8Ts ?
  133. anyone know where to get longer lugs fast?
  134. Anyone know the link for H&R
  135. Where should I buy front rotors for my A4?
  136. Worlds "Fastest" Audi! Still!
  137. 12v turbo rebuild and install
  138. Todd Richards?? you here? saw your article in a snowboarding mag...nice S4
  139. Li'l help here? In2 showing...what needs to be done? Car has 16k miles, 97 A4 2.8qms
  140. Out of options... need chip problem help?
  141. Can't figure out what is going on with my brakes - any thoughts?
  142. How much power can the 1.8T engine safely and reliably handle? Need car to last 70,000 miles!
  143. how can I heel-and-toe on S4/A4? (previously posted on S4 board)
  144. No comments on Dingsters APR Stage III time?
  145. APR Snub mount warning.....
  146. 12v Hitachi ...
  147. Upsolute Distributors needed in Miami, JAX, New Orleans and Birmingham
  148. Wicked Fast TT's??
  149. To those that have trimmed thier fenders..
  150. chipped loss of power?
  151. X-Post from A4 forum.....hopefully wont cause too much trouble...
  152. Turbo lag increase, or performance lost
  153. Does anyone know BLAUsport Camshafts?
  154. X-post: Question for those with koni coilovers
  155. Looking for a K24/26 with manifold
  156. Quote from Zygmunt Motors for Zimmermans/Remsa...
  157. I want to RAISE my car, how hard is it?
  158. For those who care, actual timeslip splits, not mag #'s for manual and Tip cars(A6's), FYI
  159. Wanna start a GOOD discussion....
  160. Question - are there any turbo upgrades that give great, linear LOW-END power?
  161. GB xpost: evo ms cone air intake. 1.8t/2.8 $219 vs $269 retail. it's winter!
  162. selling an ECU: what is fair market value?
  163. turbo performance on an 88 5000 cd turbo
  164. Useful info for AWE DTS owners
  165. So are there time slips for the APR Stage III kits for the 1.8T? I have seens times
  166. Do they make a harness bar for the A4?
  167. XPost, Question Re. Fan Switch
  168. Xpost: to my 13.664 run with the PES T28 kit
  169. I think I am gonna do the ATP kit...........what do you think
  170. X-Post... Las Vegas SEMA Show pics...
  171. I have 2 A4 forge BPV. I was wondering if i can use it on my S4???
  172. Bum KO3 on 98 A4
  173. ISO good aftermarket mechanics in South Jersey
  174. Cross post - K04 Boost problem - help
  175. bad times at the strip...(read)
  176. Will AWE's K04 kit software be available with the new GIAC IBE chipswitch?
  177. Prepping an A4 for a rallycross - any tips, suggestions?
  178. What are peoples thoughts can you install a FMIC yourself??? Meaning I have allot
  179. Supercharger in high altitudes, HELP!!!!
  180. X-post from A4 forum. Need help with GRIP vs DRIFT debate.
  181. Opinions on Boost controller vs. chip?? ......
  182. XP Anyone done a brake upgrade on a A4? I need some help. (long)
  183. would any1 be interested in joining a cone air intake group buy?
  184. Just had my car Mustang dyno'd got a torque reading of 982...
  185. Helmets - I plan to go to AutoX's, Drag's and Track events within the next year...What kind of...
  186. Tried to post twice in classifieds-
  187. What is the best source for Pagid brake pads? Thanks...
  188. What are the pro/cons of an external wastegate?
  189. Springs A4 1.8T
  190. New Brakes and Suspension Tuned.
  191. poor gas mileage - bizarre solution
  192. those with T3/T4 turbos in A4's....how driveable is your car?
  193. I'm consdering chipping my .....
  194. a few of us are going to the drag races at Englishtown-friday 11/02
  195. X-post from S4 forum...
  196. Audi V8 Transmission...
  197. Some1 said a while back that the design of the KO4-15 was being updated.Is that true?Is it out yet?
  198. 5KT HP limits
  199. my 93 100CS quattro, is back on the FOR SALE Block!!!
  200. Will a TT KO4 Turbo fit on an 99.5 A4???
  201. * 1998 1.8T Battery...should the water level be up to the very tops for the caps ??
  202. Red Box pads not working well in the rain(and dry also) - will the EBC Green Stuff pads work better?
  203. NY/NJ/PA/CT want to get a gathering at englishtown for some drag racing sometime in november????
  204. Dyno Plot of MTM tuning vs GIAC tuning.
  205. MTM 265HP kit in S3 Vs TTq with only a standard Wett Chip, Surprise Surprise!
  206. Dyno plot of 1999 stock 180HP A4 vs GIAC chip upgrade
  207. Dyno Plot os 1999 stock 180HP A4 Vs Lucas car with GIAC tuned GT25/35
  208. Dyno plot of 2001 RS4 vs GIAC Tuned GT25/35 lucas car.
  209. Dyno Plot of 2000 MTM 265HP S3 vs GIAC tuned GT25/35 Turbo in my car
  210. X-post: ran 14.4 @ 96.93
  211. Which porche model/year casted rotors with holes and calipers will fit on the S4?...
  212. How much stiffer is the A6 2.7T sport package?
  213. Holley carb for a 69 camaro or Eddle?
  214. X-POST from A4: 14.97 @ 92.18
  215. 1.8t
  216. suspension upgrade - 1993 90S
  217. where can i get a flange for a hks ss bov
  218. Still looking for a good tuning shop in the Toronto area, any suggestions?
  219. Urethane Bushings ...?
  220. Etka (Europe)
  221. Good article on brake pads in the latest Max Power (US)
  222. EBC Pads and Stock Rotors Warping
  223. will a driveline stabilizer promote (unwanted) understeer?
  224. any1 know the flow rate of bosch injector #0280 150 991? TIA
  225. Xpost Pricing or story on MAF units
  226. Lookin' at a good deal on a new '01 Mustang GT covertible...help!
  227. Does anyone have a KO4 they want to sell?
  228. are neuspeed bilsteins easy to adjust? how do you it?thx
  229. Chip not working properly... NEED HELP!!
  230. Do F1 cars use filters - and what kind?
  231. Questions about Ford HD Truck Brake Fluid
  232. If I am considering a turbo upgrade what else should I replace to maximize the longevity of my car?
  233. Unrelated post: Bilstein sports and rear upper 'A' arm bushings
  234. 11/3 Adrenalin Motorsports - 4wd dyno & APR chip deals
  235. Brakes Question...
  236. Any news about the 12v chip?
  237. CDA test results!
  238. performance chips?
  239. Help on Tranny Oil
  240. Electronics experts - fuel injector duty cycle meter...
  241. Crosspost: Nor Cal - help get 100 octane in Sunnyvale
  242. Will this A4 1.8T win against an S4?
  243. Measuring 02 Voltage Output?
  244. Anyone know what the little 1inch tube going into the airbox comes from?
  245. Thank you cmh for a great advice !
  246. Has anyone bought from New German Performance?
  247. chips
  248. Has GIAC come out with a multiple program chip yet? And is there a K04 kit that utilizes it?
  249. Any news on the 12v chip?
  250. Some questions about water/air intercooling on the S4