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  1. Chip: APR 93 vs APR 91
  2. I have $50,000 to spend on an engine and transmission, going into a b5 a4 what do i do?
  3. 2002 Audi A6 3.0 NEED HELP!!!
  4. stratmosphere stage 2
  5. hi guys!
  6. ECU-chipping query.
  7. Dreaded oil debate: Is there a difference between VW 505 00 and 505 01
  8. Cat-Back system
  9. Anyone know of cheap good lifts that provide plenty of clearance?
  10. B6 S4 cabriolet heaviness
  11. Short Shifter For Sale
  12. Tiptronic
  13. 1997 A6 quatro hard to start when warm
  14. High Performance Driving - Maybe the best way to understand it...
  15. What happens to the "spare parts" when an aftermarket body kit is installed
  16. Clutch help
  17. D/FW tuner in need of shop/dyno access?
  18. Haynes Manual just cost me big $$$
  19. quick radiator question....
  20. psi motorsport powerbox for A6 2.5 tdi 150 bhp
  21. Cold Air Intake....questions?!
  22. HID Lights
  24. Reiger Kit For AUDI A3 FOR SALE!!!
  25. ecu which one?
  26. Block 114 - need help analysing this
  27. ZF Transmission Strengthening - Who to use?
  28. GIAC X Chip installation
  29. DBW Standalone, Removing stock ecu.
  30. A4 Services
  31. Who sells 4 or 5 bar FPR's for the B6 1.8t? And are the Bosch ones are the same part # as B5 1.8t?
  32. FS Revolver Cams, (1st gen), phenolic intake manifold spacers (vast)
  33. Need input. Please help
  34. How to test a combi-valve?? was checking for a boost leak after
  35. Battery dead...trickle charger on for 5 hours..only get "clicking"..Btry n/g?
  36. Gas problem!?!?!?
  37. vagged stock 02 1.8tqms, questions about results
  38. Forza Motorsport 2 game giveaway, A.W.E. Tuning!
  39. Tip vs MT6 for supercharger?
  40. 2002 a4 1.8t
  41. Any recommendations on an Audi machanics within 100 mi of New Orleans??
  42. Anyone need custom axles for 500-800hp apps. Also 1 pc. driveshaft avail
  43. Fuel System Cleaner (Need Reco. Product)
  44. cone filter on A4 1.8t
  45. Problems with Chips
  46. Current OEM Supplier/Suppliers for Audi Exterior Plastics
  47. Sudden running troubles after long distance shipping
  48. Squeeky noise
  49. audi tune shop
  50. [email protected] A4
  51. X1
  52. Has anybody had any experience with Thermal R&D exhausts?
  53. Autobahn CC Bobby Rahal Historic Races
  54. looking for a new shop that stands behing their product
  55. estimate
  56. 2004-A6 FWD Transmission issue
  57. '96 Audi a4 quattro computer problem
  58. AWE DTS
  59. Audi Service Cost.
  60. check it out www.chassissim.com
  61. A4 Upgrade
  62. Servotronic relay on Audi A3
  63. help, where can i find a new tip for my milltek non-res exhaust. 100mm or bigger?
  64. Exhaust with Y-Pipe Setup: Harmonics
  65. A.W.E. Tuning "Partner Spotlight" - BHR, Inc.
  66. 2007 S8 Upgrades
  67. New Bay Area Performance Shop
  68. RS6 Exhaust for 2001 A6 4.2L, any opinions?
  69. Bugatti Veyron
  70. performance
  71. N75 and MBC in parallel to get rid of a boost spike anyone ?
  72. Performance ECU for 2000 2.7T for sale
  73. Are there any upgrades for an 05 3.2
  74. Looking for A6 Avant tuning recommendations
  75. neuspeed catback for sale..
  76. What are good working perofrmacne chips?
  77. Technician in Euro Auto Repair and Tuning Shop Needed ASAP!!!!
  78. hp/torque boost
  79. +30, 60, 90 even 170 hp at flip of switch! (kind of long)
  80. ECU interchangeable
  81. K04-015 is the efficent turbo upgrade for 1.8t, but is there a K04-RS6 that fits 1.8t?
  82. FS: MD-500 Dyno for sale
  83. I'm going to tune my A4 1.8T Q up to 400HP , so does it harm the trans ?
  84. New Tuning Shop
  85. tricky little job
  86. derestricting top speed
  87. Forge 007 DV
  88. What are some of the best radar/laser detectors out there???
  89. need some help looking for a part PES T28
  90. for a revo/gtrs 04 1.8tq what is the best clutch to run? i do not want to run a lwf
  91. engine check light with millteck cats and exhausts
  92. Why do people say Japanese cars retain their value more than German cars???
  93. Do you think that a K04 will work fine with the APR stage 1+??
  94. How often do you reset the chip?
  95. Chipping 200TQ
  96. Is there any use for a B6 S4 OEM exhaust system?
  97. XPost: Slowly dying fuel pump causing timing retard & knock?
  98. Has anybody installed headers in their A4?
  99. ESP light problem
  100. upgrade power ideas needed for 96 Cabriolet
  101. Random blow off sound help me
  102. Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  103. Does anyone make a transmission cooler for the B7S4 tip?
  105. Tip Chip
  106. Adding Brake Fluid to S4
  107. Need Help Finding a Qualified Audi Mechanic
  108. ECU Removal
  109. Best DV on the market
  110. In Search Of: Experienced Audi/VW/Porsche Technician! SoCal Opportunity
  111. KMD has MOVED!!! to Mountainside NJ 07092
  112. K40 Calibre Problem. Looking for assistance and insight.
  113. '95 S6 Quattro upgrades
  114. Looking for a GIAC chip for my 1999.5 2.8L 30v V6
  115. where could i get my car to pass inspection with tinted windows in the north jersey area
  116. FREE shipping from AWE Tuning till 2007
  117. Theoretical top speed of B6 A4 Quattro fitted with a 6 speed gear box?
  118. First Audi.. Need some advice..
  119. Looking at add a chip to quicken up, Rive for $450 was recomeneded? suggestions recommendations?
  120. Anyone know who makes intake for 06 c6 3.2fsi?
  121. anyone delt with europeanplates.com/net?????
  122. check engine with diverter valve
  123. AWE Tuning Waterfest winners update
  124. used ecu website?
  125. crank case ventilation hose 89 audi 200 turbo
  126. Service and Maintenance Schedules: Servassist Online
  127. Power loss with MTM chip
  128. Diverter valve and carbonio intake
  130. Well, I never thought I was going to say this, but....
  131. TT with Vertical Doors
  132. Borla catback exhaust.Anybody already got it?
  133. Started B6 S4 gearbox install in B5
  134. Oettinger Unveils MkII Audi TT Body Kit, 2 new wheels, and more @ Essen Auto Show!!
  135. Sparkplugs - Do I need special spark plugs?
  136. Announcing the 7th Annual APR Holiday Sale @ Ecodetuning!
  137. Hyperflow intake for 2005 S4
  138. 1990 v8 Quatro reliability
  139. End points for harness that adapt to OEM seat belt connections?
  140. Performance shop in San Diego? G2 Greddy Exhaust for sale 2.8 A4
  141. Does anyone have a formula/data for mixing/diluting gas?
  142. I love this video :)
  143. Harness bar for TT-C?
  144. need, looking for performance cams ????
  145. help on a4 body kit
  146. new audi what upgrades???
  147. How do you know you blew your DV w/o taking off from the car?
  148. 89' 200 TQ...Timing belt parts needed??
  149. Exhaust Whistle
  150. Audi Tuning in WV
  151. Who does chips for Subaru STis?
  152. MPG (l/100km) measurements ??
  153. Engine break in for max performance...
  154. Auto-Xers NOT on Coilovers...(A4 1.8TQ)
  155. I would like to do auto detailing for my Audi A6 2.7T Quattro
  156. Most Powerfull audi I have ever seen
  157. Surging Normal?
  158. Exhaust options for B6 A4 1.8T Avant Tiptronic?
  159. How to buy an Audi (Best Audi - Motor/Trany/Package for the buck)
  160. Best Turbo for a4 b5 1.8t under $2k
  161. Took some logs today, blocks 020, 114, and 115...
  162. Questions regarding getting ECU upgrade for B7
  163. Redline question
  164. Blue smoke on new 2.0 build question with some good twists
  165. Anyone who a good audi specialist in ny- on long island
  166. B6 S4 Performance Wheels Purchase Questions
  167. 1996 Cabriolet 2.6 V6
  168. audi q7 side skirts
  169. Miltech exhaust?
  170. Anyone have the 550cc injector Mika file on a AEB 557p?
  171. FS: ATP GT2871R Eliminator Bolt On Turbo 400HP Garrett
  172. Is it possible to check whether the MAP sensor is operating properly?
  173. Exhaust and Intake.......
  174. EFK fan delete belt size for underdrive pulley... (1.8T )
  175. Power loss s4 2.7T
  176. What are some good bolt on horse power apps for the 3.2 narrow angle v6
  177. What exactly do APR snubmounts and RS4 motor mounts help?
  178. Prob with Power
  179. 1990 100 engine timing issue!!!
  180. Chip question. If using 91 oct fuel retards the stock ECU timing to protect the motor,
  181. Changing the tiptronic shift points
  182. Is Lemmi proprietary, or can it work on GIAC software??
  183. FS: 2001.5 ABT Chipped ECU & VAG-COM
  184. Help ... is there a performance impact of sport springs only
  185. chip tuning 3.0TDI
  186. power ... where are you?? (help needed)
  187. s4 ecu wanted
  188. So i need some help guys
  189. I cant really find the direct answer anywhere, so i will just post...
  190. Is a potentiome and throttle position sensor (tps) the same part?
  191. X-Post to B5 forum. Need help from you 2.0L BT guys Lucas, A400, Mike...
  192. Local Audi Service Center- Competent?
  193. If I get a chip from intended acceleration....
  194. Bay Area, California Tuners??
  195. Spark plug cross-thread
  196. 96 audi A4 1.8 turbo conversion
  197. T3 Idle air change compared to K03 (kinda long - sorry!)
  198. Del Rio T3/T4 chip...
  199. Unitronics homepage?
  200. looing for aftamarket
  201. APR Stage 3+
  202. need a little help..
  203. could someone please recommend a resource for engine building
  204. where is a snub mount installed? under the shifter or does the whole bumper have to come off in
  205. For Lemmi Experts...inside
  206. whats a good clutch for a 98.5 a4 1.8tq with a stg 2 chip
  207. Zeitronix Zt-2 A/F ratio meter group buy.
  208. What is a "Spoiler Spliter" ?????
  209. tryin to make it fast
  210. Can someone recommend a place to buy Motul Engine cleaner
  211. Engine Dyno Video 564HP from 24.5 psi.
  212. Engine Dyno Plot of 1.8L bored to 1.9L on 24.5 PSI Boost.
  213. Overboost code with GIAC X in my TT
  214. Which copper plugs to use?
  215. Borla exhaust noises found
  216. 0-60 time for a S4
  217. new S6 5.2L V10 !
  218. Fraud warning....DO NOT BUY FROM DRIVE WIRE .COM....
  219. MAF Upgrade?
  220. I had a salesman ask me today, if I thought it was possible to put a V10 in his A6.......
  221. How long for the ECU to learn the new GIAC FX program???
  222. GIAc FX Chip
  223. Looking for IAT Sensor on 1997 Audi A4 2.8Quattro
  224. Tach signal
  225. Odd question - Outside dimensions of VR6 engine at largest/longest points? Thinking about stuffing
  226. Battery Replacement
  227. Preping for KO4....
  228. so my '93 s4 is near stock right now, what can i do to get 300 hp outta it?
  229. Transmission fluid change
  230. Intake filter maintenance
  231. anyone have experience wiht direct port tuning and dealers?
  232. does anyone know where can i fine a place for custom exhaust?? I live in indiana.....0.0a
  233. A friend of mine improved his 1/4mile time yesterday
  234. Audi 2.4 liter V6
  235. Ok, so who has the renn-art bolt on ATP 2871 kit?
  236. diagnostic test results revealed
  237. A4-S4 engine swap - instructions?
  238. Audi Torque Plate
  239. Audi Expo 2006 - Come be a part of history again!
  240. 3rd Annual Old School quattro gathering in Cumberland, MD starts July 28 - click to sign up now!!
  241. Looking to straight pipe my 96 A4 2.8L. Help?
  242. Showered in brownish crap!!!
  243. High Performance Clutch Help!!!!
  244. Who knows the difference in heat content (BTU/gal) between 87 and 93 octane pump gas? TIA
  245. ECU upgrade??
  246. Injector Flow Rates? Anyone know the flow rates at 3 bar on a 99.5 A4 injector?
  247. euro license plates???
  248. Results / Photos / Videos posted from 5/13 CT/NY Audi Dyno Day at EPL
  249. B5 1.8T UPGRADES
  250. STaSIS Engineering's new website is up and running, take a peek...