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  1. stock 170hp 02 vs 00 PES T-28 Turbo
  2. Suspension gurus please answer, what are the effects of...
  3. STaSIS coilover front rebound adjustment...
  4. Mods for 02 A4 3.0
  5. What's the spring rate for stock A4 2.8 sports springs? <more>
  6. X-Post Suspension Scenario
  7. Any advice for purchasing coilovers?
  8. Is PES the best place around for someone in central NJ?
  9. Forge-Revo Chips ?
  10. AWE A4 Borla Exhaust Vs. Milltek
  11. Evo Motor Sports Cold Air Intake...
  12. Curious - What happened to APR's Stage 3+ ? Too many cars **** emselves? anyone know?
  13. Cold Air Intake HKS
  14. MPG (performance) of chipped K03 vs K04
  15. Help!!!!!!! Neuspeed Exhaust....
  16. Cross Post -what are engine loads?
  17. Cross post from 4K forum...I have the opportunity to get my brother's VR6.
  18. Neuspeed turbo apgrade for A4 WORTH it???????
  19. engine management for 5 cyl?
  20. need help on audi rs2 (1996) performance tuning
  21. Looking for 84-85 5000S "KH" Turbocharger
  22. thinking of getting an A/F gauge...
  23. Ways to strengthen trans parts? Cryogenics?
  24. Anyone have experience with DTA FAST ?
  25. Updated GB - includes Koni Shocks or Intrax Coilovers
  26. Anybody have a tech article on installin an AFC on a 99.5 a4 1.8qtm
  27. I need TT wiring diagram for the ECU.. please help!!
  28. hey, anybody around put NOS on 12v engine?
  29. Can you run lead race fuel 104+ octane with no cat?
  30. Boost and cold weather...
  31. Anyone done a dyno with Neuspeed's new Exhaust B4 & After?
  32. can someone please explain lightweight flywheels to me?
  33. Dynoed my new custom exhaust today. Lost 7hp vs stock. WTF ?
  34. instruments panel
  35. PES Charger prep?? Have 55k miles on it now..
  36. Question for those in the know- - -turbo dissection
  37. Audi2ptzero...did some low rpm runs as you requested...
  38. 1.8t+K04...what's the optimum core thickness for a FMIC?
  39. what's the compression ratio on the 1.8t's? lower then 14:1 or 13:1
  40. 2.8 exhaust question....
  41. Cross Post from A4 - Power Steering Pump Fluid Question.
  42. Sorta new to Quattro... trying to understand how it works...
  43. Anyone have an idea what PES's trim T28 stands relative to a 16G?
  44. Boost controllers on a DBW 2002 A4: what's the best? Waste of time? (more)
  45. Anyone know a place to get universal washer reservoir tanks?
  46. RS4 Intercooler Mod???? Is this possible? A straight bolt in?
  47. Help me solve a debate - I reckon this car is running lean - can anyone else confirm?
  48. Anyone know the calculation for MAF/injector capacites
  49. Contemplating KO4 Motorsport Turbo Upgrade further musings..... - Suggestions?
  50. Any one currently running ABT chip for 2.8 30v?
  51. v8 turbo, somebody have info?
  52. WoA Stage4 Impressions
  53. Vacuum line for BPV. . .
  54. does anyone own a chipped TT225?
  55. SameerP, or others running a test pipe. What sort of difference did you notice?
  56. Help renew my mod fund! Someone buy my extra set (4) of Bosch 440 "green top" injectors, or.....
  57. limp mode and VAG observations
  58. OEM Brake pad upgrade (B5 S4)
  59. New clutch installed .. i'll post impressions tomorrow.
  60. Anyone installed a K16 on thier car
  61. xr4tic got a couple ?'s....or other MAF people...
  62. Questions concerning 5-bar FPR and Fuel Injectors with KO4 Kits...more inside
  63. Where to put the cat ?
  64. is that hose at the corner of the airbox cover (towards the bottom right of the pic)
  65. B+G Sport springs
  66. Light weight flywheel - How light to go??................(M)
  67. Caliper piston tool on sale at Harbor Freight. $19.99!
  68. Few questions about Neu-Bilsteins.
  69. Good Audi/Porsche shop in Northern Jersey?
  70. new Stoptech brackets (cross-post)
  71. Needing to consort with the Audi Collective.
  72. Anybody done rear brake drum work on a Civic?
  73. i need new catalyic converters on my 90 i want to do the whole exaust what would u recomend to buy
  74. Chips n jets
  75. Sparco Seat Group Buy
  76. Hot Chips! - Wetterauer or GIAC- My `REAL' Story & Review - X Post to B5 Forum
  77. Looking for 12v Ported Throttle Body!!!
  78. Within the next few months will be doing
  79. Mechanically adjust TPS (throttle position sensor) for better response.
  80. Electronic boost gauge
  81. ot: anyone want a japanese spec 323 GTR engine? found one for sale locally
  82. Reccomendations Please - I want 270HP (200KW)
  83. purple headlights
  84. Crazy Boost Controller Experimentation (and gimp MS Paint Drawings)
  85. Is this an appropriate place to ask a lighting (headlight) question? It's general, non-Audi.
  86. upgrades for 100s
  87. Repost: Grand Opening Party At Speedsport Technik Sign Up Sheet, Teaser Pic Too!!!
  88. Stock O2 sensors
  89. Confused!
  90. Anyone have experience w/ Conecams? . . thanks
  91. A4 1.8 Wagon Suspension upgrade
  93. Anyone do the APR upgrade from version 3.1 to 3.1a and notice improved performance?
  94. river road run video
  95. Will 550c injectors allow a stable 1.8T idle?
  96. where can i get replacement rear swaybar bushings?
  97. Motec on audi 90
  98. any of u guys modify the intake HOSE/PIPE on A4 1.8t??
  99. Is it possible to swap 5V heads for the 2V heads on a 2.8 V6?
  100. Loss of compression on one cylinder...help?
  101. Man, I would love to twin turbo my 12v.
  102. 1.8 T ECU + Wetterauer 1 bar chip FS
  103. New Ride Question
  104. Anyone tried ~$20 1/2" torque wrench from ebay?
  105. A4 Dyno'd at ATP today -- take 2
  106. Mike M, where's that dyno plot - I can't wait to see the reaction ;P
  107. Exhasut Tips
  108. Yes
  109. Cats: Random Tech vs. XtremeFlow...any thoughts?
  110. Audi CQ Exhaust system ....and more
  111. Throttle Pedal stiffness on 2001 A4......
  112. HMS & APR @ LA International Auto Show Jan 3-12
  113. is apr tuning the best?
  114. k04 turbo + Garrett k04 chip for cheap!!!
  115. K03 vs T25
  116. loss of boost, what am I forgetting?
  117. Brullen exhaust?
  118. is different ECU programming required after installing FMIC?
  119. Exhaust tip
  120. Anyone have an easy way to remove the spring plate off the front dampers?
  121. From what we know about lower intake temps. Which is a better investment? Water Injectionor a FMIC?
  122. x-post what guages should i get?
  123. Best Chip/Exhaust Combo for TT
  124. I pressure tested my car and I think Ive got a leak
  125. Doesa anyone have KW coilovers? If so could you please give me your opinion of these.
  126. ALL NEW ENGLAND PEOPLE, Please Read.....New Store Grand Opening and PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. is the porsche 993 BPV better than a TT one?
  128. The age old suspension question: 1995 A6q Avant
  129. 1993 2.8L V6 for sale CHEAP!!!
  130. PES T-28 Dyno pics and results with 91 oct and race gas
  131. Issues with my car.. Any ideas?
  132. How much boost are other giac chip owners seeing around 5000 rpms?
  133. New Borla muffler (rolled edge tips) installed..
  134. Chipping a 2001 S4
  135. Players Run - Last chance to enter the road rally from LA to Miami
  136. (fixed URL) cold start stall - possible throttle control module
  137. 2003 Audi Calendar - Last chance to order for Christmas delivery
  138. Water injection mod for cvt?
  139. Can anybody explain how to install new fuel injectors?
  140. On APR stage III cars- when a higher octane
  141. Chip manufacturer question
  142. anyone tried this to reduce brake fade @ the track?
  143. Turbo kits
  144. Back on the board
  145. getting ready for possible big turbo instsall...
  146. Is there an equivalent type VAG tool for BMW's ? Where can one be purchased ?
  147. swapped in the OEM shocks with Intrax Springs Friday...
  148. Tech Q: Does Signal Lights work without ECU?
  149. Does a non-cat exhaust section exist for 1.8T....
  150. problem solved - not a gasket but the downpipe...
  151. Alternator upgrade needed with new turbo?
  152. MOVIE
  153. how can you tell if your turbo is going bad...its not doing anything
  155. Anybody familar with Hotchkis tuning?
  156. Anyone heard of this company before?
  157. DIY engine block (hope ya enjoy this, XR4tic :)
  158. Places to buy a boost gauge.....for use in a vent (have the vent already)
  159. Shameless 4 Sale..Nitrous Express N-tercooler
  160. What B/C for APR Stage 3 on a DBW car.
  161. Just curious...has anyone swapped in...
  162. Robert C. Hack/Motodyne - CYBERCRIMINAL
  163. A4 or S4
  164. Fun with numbers
  165. HELP ASAP!!!!
  166. BoostTed, got the AIM.....thanks for tryin
  167. apr stage 3 folks - ever had ur ehaust manifold gasket go...
  168. Any recommendations for a good muffler shop in northern/central NJ
  169. X-post, Latest thoughts on Samco hoses for 2K 1.8? Search showed some problems with fit,
  170. 2.8 Chips?
  171. will the S4 maf work with a 1.8T DBW A4?
  172. Compression question...
  173. Any news as to the availability of headers for the A4's??
  174. Anyone running the EVO intake on a 2002+ 1.8T? Question about rough running (more)
  175. Hey baas, did you find a Ford MAF that you could use in replace of the Audi MAF?
  176. clutch is toast, time for a new one. pointers?
  177. Friends car is stumbling...
  178. xr4tic: that ebay guy whom you got your intercooler.. did you get tracking number?
  179. XR4TIC...
  181. newbie in search of a some help
  182. Need your suggestions - suspension upgrade for my A6 4.2?
  183. cone vs. panel
  184. quick!!! i need wedge engineering's contact info...
  185. More new Toys ..
  186. Is there a way to clean spark plugs?
  187. Any opinions on the APR Complete Level 1 Brake Kits. I'm thinking of upgrading from stock.
  188. Anyone need a complete camber kit for S4?
  189. Picked up a new toy today .. thanks Lucas
  190. Boost Gauge question...
  191. Raceware Head Studs installed (finally)
  192. Snub mount comparison: Stock vs. Stock vs. Greedspeed vs. APR
  193. Chip for A6 Avant 2.5TDi Quattro (180BHP)
  194. stage III owners, my s3 kit came with ngk platnium plugs, should I use these or denso irriduim?
  195. Anyone have experience with GHL Motorsports?
  196. Pedal to throttle opening ratio..
  197. ECU / tiptronic "adapting" to driving style ??
  198. (again) doubts on Chipping or not
  199. Selling set of stock nDBW injectors...
  200. what other tools, besides, 1552/1551 will read audi coupe quattro blink codes??
  201. To extrude hone or just port & polish it myself, that is the question...
  202. good sites/books for engine building reference? I am going to build a engine with a friends help,
  203. repost: Spark Plug Connectors for an AEB A4 1.8T
  204. SPP A-Pillar Gauge Pod Group Buy
  205. AWE finally has the new exhaust listed on their website
  206. Has anyone truly figured out big turbo softwear for DBW yet?
  207. to chip or not to chip?
  208. got exhaust installed and i have some questions
  209. where is the best place to order turbo's?
  210. Anybody know the hose size required for a 1.8T Throttle Body? I'm ordering hoses for my FMIC....
  211. anyone have the defi HUD boost/timer install and direction in english?
  212. APR vs GIAC
  213. Fuel control
  214. Question about my new K04 setup...
  215. Pictures of the damage....
  216. Is a Spring a Spring? Eibach or H&R? Any Advice?
  217. Does anyone have a suggestion for an AutoX tire for concrete?
  218. KO4 with FMIC?Any Opinions?...more inside...
  219. Motor swap questions.
  220. Further rantings, ref. previous post....
  221. A4 Chipped or not
  222. Gap on the spark plugs???
  223. Calling audi2ptzero....
  224. Hey Boston Folks. Any info on Eurosport Racing in Winchester MA?
  225. How hard is it really, to work with fiberglass?
  226. Are there any performance increasing mods for the 2.7 other than-->
  227. os2 sensor PLEASE HELP~~~
  228. Who makes decent resonators?
  229. Buying a 99.5 1.8tq
  230. 02 1.8T Fronttrak exhaust
  231. Anyone have thoughts on the Autothority chip?
  232. Need exhaust help...
  233. Denso Iridiums IK20 for 1.8t motors. Will I need to re-gap them?
  234. anybody running stand alone engine management on 1.8t?
  235. Does anyone have bellhousing patterns...
  236. Recommendations : Neuspeed Distributor
  237. I just upgrade to k04 turbo and the chek eng ligth is always on since it.why?
  238. anyone know the deal about the SPP FMIC for the big turbo cars?
  239. Partial throttle = better perf
  240. No reserve auction on ebay...ECU with apr and emcs for pre-2000 a4
  241. Mobil 1 verses Amsoil
  242. can I use 18inch braided lines. on my rear brakes? more inside.
  243. FAWK! i just got a ticket to go to the cali state smog ref !!
  244. What chip to get?
  245. Need help with reiger rs4 bumper
  246. Engine swap ideas for my 90
  248. Probably stupid ? Would larger injectors and a reprogrammed chip work for a 2.8?
  249. What's the best Air Flow Controller for a 1.8T? TIA.
  250. Omori gauges