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  1. Did a compression test and........
  2. Bilsteins: who/where/how much
  3. what cieling height do i need for a lift...
  4. I'm trying to help my son with his GTI...
  5. Mike, remember how I told you I'd kill for an air/fuel curve like yours?
  6. BMW Dinan like options for Audi's??
  7. AEB head
  8. I got new injectors...what should I set my FPR to?
  9. Anybody have a Greddy Type S and a big (er) turbo?
  10. Knife Edge or Lightened crank?
  11. Getting OEM Parts Fast and Reasonably Priced
  12. Upgrade for ECU
  13. Replacing Vacuum lines on a 97 1.8t AEB
  14. Anyone in the Philly/NJ area ready to do a 2.0L build-up
  15. REPOST: Does anyone know how to prevent CEL with K04`s piggi pipes and gutted cats (0 catsT:
  16. Quick update on my car...
  17. What are the best performance brake pads A4 B5
  18. Is TDL Racing still in business?
  19. Drag Day - May 21st - Lebanon Valley Dragway (New England/NY), sign up info...
  20. Re: coilovers... Which brand offers greatest drop and which offers least drop for S4?
  21. ECU Chip Trouble
  22. who has the most heavily moded b6 a4 1.8t?
  23. Who can explain "shot-peening?"
  24. 3.5" TUBING bender (update)
  25. Has anyone ever tried a MBC instead of a chip?
  26. What is DBW?
  27. X-Post: ?'s about DIY on a CO install...
  28. the APR s3 gt25? does anyone have specs for it? how much hp does it support?
  29. Ignition Timing
  30. Timing Belt Problem
  31. Decisions...Decisions...
  32. How much timing retard is normal @ WOT?
  33. CEL and a code of - 17544 "Fuel trim bank- System too rich". Any ideas? On my '99.5 w/ 26K miles.
  34. apr stage i+ problems (x-post from b6) please help...
  35. FYI: All models MY 2000, 2001 Audi Tech Bulletin Engine Oil Capacities
  36. Some Audi injectors for the 1.8T have a long nose extension. Others don't. Why?
  37. Dahlback and TJM Motorsports
  38. how much should a S4 transmission swap to an A4 run w/ parts
  39. Cross posting - Would stock B6 S4 mufflers flow better than 1.8t mufflers?
  40. John B, any news on the catch cans you were looking at making?
  41. question about IAT sensor and fmic
  42. A4 fmic's
  43. Turbo Upgrade Dilemma
  44. Does anyone know where I can get mounting plates for 996 big red calipers to fit on an A4?
  45. x-post, sort of anyway
  46. Stainless steel lines/ APR snub vs Autospeed DTS
  47. Where can I find Motul RBF 600 cheap?
  48. How much would it cost to have a port and polish done?
  49. Part number for MAF sensor on TT
  50. New Shop, New Techs, FORWARD PROGRESS... (long)
  51. attn: xr4tic or Audi2ptzero It took me 2months just to do block 31 log
  52. Could somebody give me a quick run down on the pros and cons of lightweight flywheels?
  53. How do I find out the size of my MAF or would a TT MAF fit.
  54. Turbo Upgrade
  55. Did a data log this AM, wanted some input.....
  56. Anyone know technical specs for 225hp TT Fuel injectors?...
  57. Test pipe
  58. What exactly goes into balancing an engine?
  59. does anyone have a wiring diagram for the aeb 1.8t?
  60. who knows the best...least expensive place to buy H-sport bars?
  61. 2.0L Conversion, Well engine is Built.
  62. braking Q: After searching the archives it seems that only ST brakes seem to be able to match OEM
  63. I am installing a new turbo, and pretty much all coolant is gone. How can I drain the rest of the
  64. coolant
  65. Does anyone have a good write up on removing the injectors?
  66. Should I get updated software now that I'm running a 2.5" Turbo back exhaust? GIAC btw
  68. Hey guys, looking for a helping hand...
  69. HELP
  70. Any feed back on Kumho's V710?
  71. anyone wanna help me with some maths???
  72. How exactly am I supposed to gap my 3 prong spark plugs?
  73. Anybody running a Profec B (or other EBC) with a Tial external wastegate?
  74. Are optima batteries ok? I dont run an aftermarket stereo/subs but needed a battery and had optima
  75. motor mounts and GFB valves
  76. Why don't people here use Nitrous spray bars?
  77. oil temperature difference
  78. questions for anyone with a ported and polished head, 97 1.8t
  79. gas mileage is horrible. I am gonna vag my 02 sensor...what are normal levels?
  80. Can IAT's be logged on a NBDW B5 A4?
  81. pictures of my new engine :)
  82. Does anyone know where I could get some chip sockets?
  83. Non n00b DV Questions
  84. Revisiting the topic on Revo, more input is appreciated. TIA
  85. New software for cam's?
  86. apr stage III who?
  87. relocating the map sensor....
  88. I have some stuff to sell - the hot setup for N-DBW's w/out bottom end build
  89. way to improve fronttrak handling?
  90. shortshifter suggestions or ideas???
  91. p-chip suggestions or ideas???
  92. cat back options or suggestions??
  93. does anyone know how to prvent CEL with piggi pipes and gutted cats (0 cats)
  94. Can some one please tell me.....
  95. Anybody have a K04-020 for sale or a good contact name ??
  96. High rev on the 2.8L 12v
  97. Beyond stage 3...?
  98. how much power does the 1.8T rods safly handle? assuming ->
  99. Still here Rob?
  100. hey xr4tic!
  101. Who needs BREMBOs (kits or rotors)
  102. got new cat-back exhaust, questions (and initial impressions)
  103. x-post: lets solve a little puzzle-Y dsn't my STG3 wanna run? (Idles ok)
  104. car still in the shop, but almost done. here is something to share
  105. Installed stage 3 In my 98.5tqm a4 yesterday, put the ecu in and.....
  106. Open house at our race shop
  107. 13's?
  108. Help needed with K04 issues.........
  109. FMIC/Dyno/Geek testing link
  110. Does anyone know of agood online machine shops?
  111. Maxed out MAF...
  112. Will a tranny from a '96 2.8Q fit my 99 1.8tQ??
  113. Piggy Back Computer Setup For Sale and Greddy Profec B
  114. just for the hell of it -anyone who remembers geometry
  115. custom (homemade) FMIC questions..
  116. Anyone know where I can get a custom bent peice of 3.5" O.D. Aluminum pipe?
  117. My K04 is dead... Looking for a cheap solution ? (TT-225)
  118. No more fire after a compression test ? (1,8T)
  119. Has nyone experienced problems solely bc of their port and polish?
  120. No spark at all cylinders help
  121. Sneek Peek pics at engine build.
  122. Flow Bench Testing on Intake manifold and Head
  123. B6 suspension question??
  124. Brake upgrade
  125. anyone using APR's v-tune softwear??
  126. Some info on the GT28RS from its designer for those interested.
  127. Anyone looking to get rid of their car and subsequently thier kit in the next 2 months or so?
  128. Anyone running plugs 2 heat ranges cooler?
  129. Alcon Ap or any other good brake companies
  130. Question about Autronic SMC system...
  131. Finally dyno'd my TT... x-post...
  132. Repost: but im really curious about this...
  133. Good website with compressor maps for various manufacturer's??
  134. Fri. May 21st - Drag Day - Lebanon Valley Track Rental - Sign-up is open...
  135. Looking for .5mm oversized pistons, rings and main bearings
  136. (puts flame suit on) STG3 guys (X-post frm A4 B5)
  137. Just got word my car is running at 100% again :)
  138. question
  139. Who here has experience replacing a TB on their 2.8? Can you help me do it for my Y2k 2.8 30v
  140. CEL problem: past 100+ mph CEL starts flashing; I'm thinking its CP but not sure which one.
  141. 2.6l bottom end in a aan engine
  142. 3" downpipe and relocated high-flow cat
  143. A good brake discussion in progress ...
  144. Does anybody know if there are any major differences between the Profec-B and the Profec-B Spec II?
  145. stroking 1.8T motor no puns please :)
  146. Crank case ventilation in 98.5 2.8.......
  147. ***Pagging BIG NIPPERę, hows ur build up going, havent' seen any updates
  148. Clicking 1st gear - seaching the archive, its seems to be a broken gear
  149. Curious how much difference an AEB head, Port matched and polished IM and Ported EM would make...
  150. Where To Buy Gt25/35??
  151. x-post - ACNA - Tech/Perf GTG March 20th at AWE in Willow Grove PA
  152. looking for a book on turbocharging theory...
  153. Does anyone have a detail picture of the 20v head, valve side?
  154. can somebody explain nos, wet and dry difference?
  155. How many people would be interested in an oil separator/catch can?
  156. All right, I think I made a decision
  157. Need clutch info...
  158. is there a loss of power when runnig a miltek exhaust?
  159. Not understanding the PCV system on 1.8ts
  160. Should i put steel scouring pads as baffels for my custom made catch can?
  161. Rethinking my custom turbo build up.. more questions...
  162. a couple if questions regarding a new engine...
  163. K04 Boost & MAF
  164. I just removed my TB and there was signifigant oil residue on the inside of the IM...
  165. Next question for you custom turbo guys...
  166. Where do I connect the innovative LM1 external input to log RPM?
  167. dbw 1.8ts have a 3bar map sensor or 2.5bar?
  168. white smoke and oil consumptions ?? (TT-225)
  169. what is a symptom of a weak internal wastegate??
  170. Dual brake calipers
  171. Honestly thinking about designing a custom turbo kit for my B5 1.8T....
  172. what do you guys think of this Adjustable FPR???
  173. What is the ultimate suspension mod to fix TT drive problems. Koni/Eibach? Specifics
  174. Question about off-throttle, fuel injector activity.
  175. anybody have experience w/ brembo sport slotted front rotors?
  176. clutch
  177. Today is a Sad, Sad Day......................
  178. Does anyone have a Bentley or a how-to on replacing the throttle body on an AEB motor?
  179. ebc... whats your take on this?
  180. BIG NIPPER: can you mail me your email add... wana ask you few questions.....tnx
  181. x post K03 Sport Questions
  182. Cotton vs Foam Air Filters. Anyone got good links?
  183. Looking for inepensive fuel pressure tester?
  184. xpost: leaking DV
  185. Man, I'm surprised none of you performance gurus never jumped on the Ecotek!
  186. REPOST from B5--timing belt saga and question
  187. which standalone are you guys using?
  188. adive/opinions requested on fuel pressure gauge...
  189. who makes a good cold Air intake
  190. xr4tic, about your psc001,
  191. Brake caliper thermometer
  192. Ordered Stg3..should be in by end of month. (B5 A4)-->
  193. 2004 1.8T 6-speed - 01E?
  194. John Bass read your email asap. Thank You.
  195. 4000 Quattro non turbo 20 valve swap
  196. v-tune...
  197. Anyone know the CC rating on the stock 2.8 30v injectors?
  198. is the compressor housing alumn??
  199. Looking yo upgrade my intake manifold. Need Help!!
  200. Anyone know how much fuel the IAT can add or subtract?
  201. X-Post from B5: regarding K04 chip
  202. does the B6 1.8T have the 3bar FPR or the 4bar FPR stock? thx
  203. Who all swapped the 2.8 Transmission into the 1.8T
  204. Shift point ?
  205. Any one running the Autronic SMC Kit?
  206. Valve Cover question for you DBW guys...
  207. Is anyone running a
  208. x-post, thread on engine internals on TT forum. interesting stuff.
  209. Cat cams price...
  210. boost controller... which ones have no boost spike?
  211. xpost: need help diagnosing engine problem
  212. Turbo Question on the 1.8t engine
  213. where can i buy decent gasket for gt turbos?
  214. anybody know where to get O2 sensor simulator for our car??
  215. Is Mance still selling upgraded control arms ?
  216. Does the heater circuit of an 02 sensor turn off at some point?
  217. New motor and drivetrain for Rallye
  218. who did DBW to Non DBW conversion?
  219. Funky noise
  220. How much did everyone pay for their aftermarket cams for the 20v? TIA
  221. looking for Seattle-area shops for mods
  222. GHL custom exhaust
  223. X-post.. upgrade brake kit for my A6 2.7T... i want to upgrade my stock brakes
  224. NE1 know where I can get just front G-stop SS brake lines for a B5 A4/S4?
  225. Can anyone tell me the 3 hottest parts on the Market for Audi's?
  226. Blizzak LM-22 215/55/16 XPost....thoughts?
  227. Turbo question:
  228. Water Injection Question
  229. gt25r update3...
  230. blow off valve or cold air intake?
  231. Cat aftermarket cams for B5 1.8t A4
  232. x-posted from the s4 forum: brake bias calculator
  233. Anyone recommend a chip dealer in Portland OR? For a 03 Allroad 2.7T. Thanks
  234. Anybody have a link for a Dual weber Carb
  235. Audi and TDI experts....
  236. Anyone have the stock gear ratios for a 97 5 speed
  237. Bung-hole for my TP. hehehe
  238. Tunin gup my new A4
  239. Darkside?...
  240. Dam Control Arms,What are your thoughts on fitting Zircks?
  241. EO5
  242. T-28 question: Is there suppose to be a gasket between the exhaust manifold and the turbo?
  243. ko4 kits
  244. Sparco help needed
  245. Best Turbo Poll
  246. Dyno Graphs/Results
  247. Sleeving blocks... not audis
  248. anyone want my SRD's?
  249. gt25r update2..
  250. Quattro IV vs Subaru AWD