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  1. Intrax Springs V.S. H&R Sports Springs
  2. Question on exhaust (A6 2.7T). . . Assistance please
  3. Lucas...
  4. Cross posting about Vancouver S4 exhaust trade???
  5. Hwnnights is the nuespeed springs GB still on?
  6. 'Road-Dyno' kit ...... looks good !
  7. Anyone here running an oil sump? (more)
  8. Back on the road again...
  9. What are the proper oil weights for the Tranny and Diff for the S4?
  10. Carbonfiber hood initial purchase ends on the 12th
  11. What exhaust to use?
  12. if i intercool my car will it void warranty?
  13. Selling my LLTek intake for A4, Wett Chip for 00A4Q, and 18" Ace Monacos w/ tires. Sorry to post
  14. ?? For people with HiFlow Cats & Downpipes
  15. what is wrong with my car??? please help!!!
  16. Anyone know the spring rate for the fronts of an A4 1.8T with the sport package?
  17. Technically, can an A4 tip trans be exchanged for an S4 tip trans?
  18. S4 Downpipes: Is AWE coming out with a downpipe kit for the S4, or is MTM and APR the only ones (mo
  19. Intercooler Options
  20. LOOK AT THIS YO!!!! This is pimp.
  21. A4 Factory Performance Exhaust???
  22. Looking for a pic of an installed Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
  23. Looking for cross drilled or slotted rotors.....
  24. Anyone Used the TAP Cat and Downpipe? How big is the cat inlet/outlet
  25. More on K03 and K04
  26. For those that have switched to ATE slotted rotors...any negatives?
  27. OT for Audi, but I used google.com to speed up my search on Beru Silverstone...
  28. Turbo5 FMIC
  29. Level 3 brakes
  30. Level 1 brake kit
  31. Could whoever posted the link to the crazy english guy driving the McLaren F1 please repost it..
  32. Any advice on which BPV & Intake system to get ? My Birthday gift for my self!
  33. Has anyone fitted boost controllers ?
  34. performance of OEM 15" rims with bilstein/eibach suspension setup?
  35. my new personal site..
  36. $400 for bilstein shocks on carparts?
  37. body shop in northern new jersey needed ASAP!
  38. Carbonfiber hood - initial purchase opportunity
  39. Vortrag Motorsports TT Exhaust Released! (on sale too)
  40. Exhaust Question
  41. x-post from A4, Track experience dicing w/ 330i (follow link)
  42. Anyone data logging with CAN?
  43. Its Motor Mount Monday-- Happy Holidays!!!
  44. Final Drive Diff. for Tip?
  45. Pic of Newly assembled engine on stand.
  46. Garrett GT 25/35 Turbo comparison to a K-03
  47. Just got mine! '97 A4 1.8TQMS 35k Mi. Sable Brown
  48. Weird sound coming from exhaust
  49. Testing of the new Garrett chips yesterday for the DBW A4 1.8t at the drag races.
  50. Koni 2812 race shocks on Motorola Cup S4
  51. S4 Alcon brakes
  52. Help...Upgrade path questions. (longish) Also posted on A4 forum
  53. AUDI Motorsport Intercoolers
  54. do you think this guys running too much positive camber up front?
  55. K03 versus K04
  56. Clark, Lukas or any other expert, need some explanation.
  57. Oil leak from engine at 40,000miles...Could it be because of my chip? 30v V6 btw.
  58. Anyone with H&R Coil Overs please read
  59. help with DSM...
  60. Help? My A4 1.8 tip is misshifting on the 4th to 5th shift under hard accel..???
  61. A company website?
  62. OK, stupid question
  63. S4/European fenderliners - what for?
  64. any good samaritan out there who'll help me install a k04 kit?
  65. Impression: Switched out Neuspeed/GS VBL in Favor of GIAC (longish)
  66. OT... JayP, did all those pics crash your email? Keep getting error messages.
  67. Rattling noise when i go over bricks at slow speeds in neutral, any suggestions? Sounds like my cat.
  68. Who makes cat-back exhaust for 1.8T FWD?? where can i get them??how much??thankx!!!
  69. Heavy Throttle = Stumble / Hesitation
  70. Quarter Mile Times
  71. Bypass valve clarification!!!!!! (well maybe)
  72. Fuel injection upgrade kits? (OT)
  73. On Borg Warner's site they list K03/K04/K06 (?)
  74. HMmmmm....Pretty much nothing else I can do to my 30v? Please help me out here...
  75. exhaust information needed please
  76. Question....If the airbag light is on, will the car be in limp mode?
  77. Boost gauge kit
  78. too late to go synthetic??
  79. Hey simple Audi boost control?, any ideas pros cons
  80. Repost for those looking at FMICs (thought I'd share)
  81. INTAKE
  82. Making my custom Downpipe on Friday!
  83. Silly Question: What does DBW mean? (more)
  84. Does anyone convert factory self level headlight to manual override opertion?
  85. Goddamit!, anybody beat an M3 Auto.Sedan! I just got blown away
  86. APR has it's clutch/flywheel package as the special du jour for $995. Anyone out there used APR's
  87. Who sells Bailey diverter valve?
  88. APR Holiday Sale starts today. Clutches and Flywheels....
  89. Is ATE the slotted rotor of choice for you AWers?
  90. those with giac chips in colder climates... are you experiencing this??
  91. Giving up my Neuspeed VBL tomorrow in favor of GIAC engine and tip chip
  92. APR Holiday Sale Announcement!!!
  93. Best plugs for 1.8Tchipped.Beru Silverstones or Ultra-X,or Denso Iridium,maybe Bosch.Confused
  94. Can I use nitrous in my S4? Will 100shot be to much? wet or dry?
  95. 1.8T engine damage with chip? Longevity?
  96. Techtonics Exhaust for A4 1.8t quattro
  97. Anyone been to Z1Performance in DeerPark LongIsland? Just curious.
  98. This might be too much performance!
  99. where is the best place to buy a full ko4 kit, and how $
  100. Lucas, Clark (any with 'under-hood' experience); re: modified motors
  101. GIAC Chip power loss.... PLS Help!
  102. K04 install q's
  103. Can an ECU from a Quattro car work on a FWD car on 2000 DBW?
  104. Any Audi tuners in Chicagoland area ?
  105. Now thats "performance"!!!
  106. Good Shop in SoCal for a K04 upgrade w/GIAC software???
  107. Please help with My 2.8L 12V
  108. Exhaust Question (Lucas? Clark?)
  109. K03/K04 Performance Manifolds/Header Availability?
  110. Perfomance Shop In NJ....
  111. What past audi's were chain (not just cams) driven?
  112. Alright, I've taken a good look at the engine mount, now how do I change it?
  113. Any VW forums out there?
  114. Xenon Shop.com Group Buy now in progress
  115. Now we see what a 40,000mile BOV
  116. Interested in buying a double pod pillar.....
  117. need exhaust help fast!
  118. APR engine mount installed this a.m. (AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!)
  119. Need opinions on replacing the cat. and stock downpipe on 1.8t with a custom made...
  120. S4 Wheel liner for Passat? or can I do the modification to it?
  121. Anyone wants to go to Island drag way in NJ on Sunday?
  122. Is there a Neuspeed Short Shift group buy going on still ??
  123. Turbo and Chip upgrades...??
  124. About how fast is a pimped out TT...
  125. Anyone know the site with the MC intake install instruction pics??? Was it Jason H's site?
  126. K03/04 compressor maps
  127. What would need to be replaced to use 100W bulbs? New relays, a switch, ????
  128. Turbo5 Over the Holidays
  129. Anyone in So Cali got time to help me do my clear corners today?
  130. Are there significant performance gains b/w a 18" and a 17" rim for autocrossing?
  131. Worry over failing Bosch DV is NOT hysteria
  132. Finally: H&R Coilover Spring Rates Info and some questions.
  133. I need to rent/borrow/buy a piston and connecting rod for a 12v V6.
  134. A little oil on intercooler hose?
  135. Anybody have info. on RCI's A4 1.8TQ Tip. 280hp?
  136. Faster 1/4 mi. times w/ a K03? (what software & parts?)
  137. What are the benefits of a downpipe? does it make the car louder?
  138. No-Muffler Exhaust
  139. ECU for Sale on the A4 forum
  140. Crosspost - NO HEADLIGHTS - need help (I am posting it here becuase we are generally more technical)
  141. another bpv test
  142. Magnetic pickup rpm sensor and EGT thermocouple on compressor & turbine respectively...
  143. Nology wires............Experiences?
  144. Octane Boost
  146. What upgrade options are left for me?
  147. Installed Unorthodox pulleys and went SLOWER!
  148. What Grade of Fuel do 1.8T Chipped Owners Use? I use Sunoco 94, there is no knocking; though if I
  149. Electric Fan from Turbo5.com
  150. A formal protest against "ricey" A4s [long and whiny]
  151. K04 Turbos
  152. s3 6-spd in A4? heard it was bolt in?, where I get one?
  153. Question: Should the EGT probe be placed in the manifold or
  154. How about this 20psi Bosch DV for $49.95!
  155. H&R Coilovers Opinions and thoughts please? I am looking to have them installed Wednesday and....
  156. Are your Audi "H" DVs holding up?
  157. Is there any mtm tunning shop in Boston or NYC Area?
  158. It's cold outside and my "PES dispenser" is loving it :)
  159. Does the ECU handle any fuel gauge functions?
  160. You guys don't mind if I hang out here do ya? The other boards are not getting me info I want/need
  161. Stock diverter valve does not leak-
  162. 1.8T -Verses- VR6
  163. Cousin GTeched My car while i was gone for the weekend... [email protected]???
  164. What options are there for HID Lights
  165. TAP damp valve and oil catch tank
  166. Forge valve part # ANYONE?
  167. Help! Odd low-rpm, off-throttle behavior, chipped or unchipped
  168. Canadian Chip Owners....
  169. Does anyone have koni coilovers? Opinions?
  170. What brake system should I get?
  171. Tuners in the Kansas City Area?
  172. Can you use a Greddy Type-S BOV with an A4?
  173. Here it is: 1/4 mile times K04 DBW
  174. cams for 30v v6.
  175. Here it is. TESTED both the APR and Garrett chips today at the drags. Using VP 103 octane street
  176. Need to know which syn. ATF fluid to use in 1.8t tip.? Redline has several types...
  177. WANTED: Audi Sports Steering Wheel
  178. Has anyone try a DV from a Saab Viggen?
  179. Is KKK03's and KKK04's technology outdated???
  180. 323, 328, 330, A4 2.8, A4 1.8tq perf numbers...
  181. Giac Race Tip Chip on 2000 S4 - all comments welcome
  182. Tranny problem Fixed...
  183. K04 info, for what it is worth?
  184. Failed DV?????? HELP! '98 1.8T
  185. How much H.P. can my 00 A4 1.8TQ TIP handle
  186. I'm having serious trouble with my bypass valve install
  187. Opinions wanted: Motorwerks short shift kit for '00 A4 1.8TQS.
  188. Motorola Cup S4 intercoolers/Throttle body
  189. Anyone in the L.A / O.C. area interested in getting a GIAC chip installed this Sat.?
  190. samco hose and more good stuff
  191. GIAC GT25 Chips
  192. need feedback on Friction Technologies Brake Pads
  193. Some performance questions
  194. Cheapest online source for PORTERFIELD R4S???
  195. Can oxygenated "winter" gas cause pinging?...
  196. APR comes through with another great service experience.
  197. A4 Quattro 'chip'
  198. group buy area now online
  199. APR e-mail Problems....
  200. Pics of Neuspeed Exhaust tips? Anyone?
  201. What is the best HP mod?
  202. Do anyone got HID light kit from xenonshop?
  203. Best Place to purchase Scorpion Exhaust.
  204. Some chip only temp data for the A4 1.8T
  205. No Muffler Exhaust?
  206. Does anyone know if APR had been out for the last 2 weeks? have some questions unanswered from them
  207. Some new 1/4 mile times for you---->
  208. Is it true that APR wont let anyone put on the StageIII except them?
  209. Need to see pic of installed Diverter/Dump Valve
  210. Has anyone heard of the PES-Tuning Performance Chip?
  211. 2000 A4 1.8TQM ECU with the APR ECMS chip
  212. What is a good price for a KO4 kit and gt25 kit for my audi a4?
  213. Has anyone changed an automatic tranny to a manual in an A4
  214. Which GIAC accepts the K03/K04 ?
  215. Will a K04 Garrett Chip work on a K03? (DBW)
  216. Group Buy: Turbo5 Intake & Turbo5 BPV
  217. OT - McLaren F1 video (more)
  218. Some Advice to all.
  219. Does having the s4 wheel liner on the passenger side help anything?
  220. Group Buy: TURBO5 INTAKE & TURBO5 BPV
  221. Digital boost gauge put on my web page
  222. Can u add a Intercooler with the G2 supercharger? or how bout a BOV??
  223. Heres a good problem for all you tech heads...
  224. How significant is a 10-15F increase in oil temp?
  225. Will a S4 bumber fit on my 99 A4? How does it look?Does it fit flush with the stock side skirts?
  226. repost: ok, some questions on chips.....
  227. additional mods before chip...
  228. Questions about removing precats from S4 downpipes...(longish)
  229. Can 2.7 owners make the same airbox mods-->
  230. Brembo prices.....
  231. A6 2.7t chips w/ tiptronic? How much can the automatic transmission take?
  232. Chip tuners - please respond
  233. Checked the archives - please help me with picking new brake pads, my EBCs are driving me nuts!!!!
  234. My A4 1.8T Quattro on order........
  235. Whoa! 11.5-12lbs of boost with G2!
  236. Anyone figure out the source of the "coke bottle" sound?
  237. Didn't someone here have Mark II KW coil-over's for sale not too long ago? Are you still here?
  238. Do H&R Adjustable Coil-Over Ultra Low Set fit both 00 A4 and 00-01 S4 ?
  239. Anyone know where to get perf. cams for 1.8t? Is it worth it?
  240. My updated FAQ regarding A8 brake upgrades
  241. What lowering springs should I get?
  242. what's the difference between a centrifuge s/charger and a rootstype s/charger?
  243. New BLACK Forge Valves in stock...
  244. anyone running a tie bar on their a4? Was wondering how much they cost and
  245. What would happen if you get a KO4 Turbo and run it with the same ECU you have for the KO3?
  246. New Bailey valve backorder info!!!
  247. Stock 1.8t air box procedure..
  248. A4 Bodykit question...
  249. Anybody have a VAG tool in NYC or Philly areas?
  250. mc valve and by-pass valve..help