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  1. Question for guys who turn their own wrench...
  2. For those that have bypassed their N249 valve.. what did you use to cap off the line from the valve?
  3. Some Ko4 questions....
  4. having probs with my pes 7-28 kit.... not sure what it could be
  5. how big can you bore a 5cyl?
  6. Which spark plugs are you T28 guys using? thanks
  7. pic of correct brake line length to use with ECS kits
  8. Att Mike..
  9. APR Stage III overboost problem - please help.
  10. audi 80 v6 2.6
  11. Anyone bypass the N249 so that the DV receives direct vacuum from manifold?
  12. need servis in Chicago area for my audi 200TQ please
  13. John are you AIM?
  14. Mike:
  15. 2.2Coupe conversion to 2.2turbo
  16. How do non-DBW ECUs control boost?
  17. Can anyone tell me where I can find info about stuffing an rs2 trans into an a4
  18. Looking for...
  19. Vag-Com Data Logging Results, Need Some Help. X-Post from A4 Forum.
  20. Anyone know what the ideal A/F ratio is for the 1.8T/2.0T ?
  21. Can someone help me diagnose what's wrong with my car?
  22. mixing diesel and gasoline
  23. Anyone know of a 4 wheel dyno in boston?
  24. 02 A4 Supension prob. question
  25. In reference to fine tuning the 2.0L big turbo'd engines....
  26. Funniest quote i have heard for a long time.
  27. Att Mike, I hear your car is all done?
  28. started the car after T28 install.....really rough idle, no codes. any ideas?
  29. any one have any experience with ECS pulleys?
  30. Anyone know the Pin/Wire color for TPS(throttle Positions Sensor)on 99 1.8t on the ecu. I just need
  31. S4 rear brakes on an A4????
  32. what can you tell me about this spark plug
  33. People with custom exhaust manifolds...
  34. Anti-performance, stock flywheel wanted
  35. Greddy Profec B vs. Greddy Profec B Spec 2?
  36. Dyno results....
  37. This weekend's project....
  38. Upgrading Cams 2k A4 2.8 30v V6
  39. Do the Passat & A4 share the same ABS sensors ?
  40. Were the result for the European Car 1.8T shootout ever posted?
  41. Let's see. All the masterminds: audi2ptzero, wsywig, rob, cuattrokoop, xr4tic, yippers, and others
  42. OE Bosch injector flow rates
  43. new 6spd in B6 A4 1.8T Anyone know if this is going to match up with the b5 1.8 motor?
  44. are octaine additives bad for the engine?
  45. Need some help...
  46. Bucking from 2nd to 3rd gear
  47. So what will it take to get an RS2 trans into my car, other than me getting pissed and a crow bar?
  48. FMIC on A4 1.8Tquattro
  49. I have a problem with driver's side headlight...
  50. would i need to remove the engine to put new headers on?
  51. Installing 2.8 tranny soon but which parts to get.......(help)
  52. ok, just installed an ECS N75 into my 1.8T. Do I need to reset the ECU? Need advice !
  53. s2
  54. Spark plugs and the 1.8T AMU motor
  55. SAFC. I don't see anywhere in the archives where anbody
  56. possible exhaust blockage....need help diagnosing
  57. My car just died~
  58. Went to Drags again. 12.1sec
  59. what is so hard about replacing a compressor wheel on a ball bearing turbo?
  60. hOW TO turbo an '86 naturally aspirated 2.2liter 5 cyl. 4000?
  61. john, a video for you
  62. What should the MAF readings be on a PES T-28
  63. Anyone want to help me interpret these timing graphs.
  64. Yeah, so I picked up a project car on the side :)....
  65. I am currently having my cylinder head port and polished
  66. K04 vs. RS4 K04... Just read in a an article that they are not the same...
  67. so much to my surprise, limp mode was not solved...
  68. Att Audi2ptzero? Got you car back yet?
  69. Has anyone thought about wrapping the crankcase pipe with exhaust wrap?
  70. MY2000 A4 1.8TQM Test Pipe?
  72. ECS N75 valve. Worth the swap? User Reviews Please!
  73. Underhood 'wheeze' on shutdown?
  74. how much power can the 1.8tq 5spd trany take, before issues arise?
  75. limp mode solved...so it seems..tracking tomorrow!
  76. Intersted in getting forged pistons and rods for my large turbo setup, Have questions.
  77. Suspension Q. You shouldn't go past flat with your control arms when lowering....
  78. xpost from AZ - big turbo S4 project
  79. Good technical question....
  80. Question on Greddy valve...
  81. Dyno Runs: When/Where/What/How?
  82. rebuilding a 3B engine from '91 200 20v
  83. N75 valve revisions...
  84. GIAC email problems?
  85. Higher coolant temps.
  86. Timing Questions...
  87. tubular manifold...
  88. 1.8T Internal Engine Parts--Max HP with lots of boost
  89. What kind of gains can I expect with the following mods on a 1.8T
  90. 12 valve V6 Throttle Body
  91. Attn:John Baas- Stupid question but i just go the A4 official repair manual and i cant find the ecu
  92. Anyone do a water injection cleansing?
  93. What about those Fuel Injector cleaner solution?
  94. XR4Tic - you were right about the downpipe. There was plenty of room w/ a DTS
  95. I have a couple slots left for Dyno Day
  96. how much $$$ wil i get set back if i want my 2001 S4 6spd into the 12's?
  97. audi 100 121kW 2.2 turbo pressure
  98. Lots of clutch questions...
  99. GIAC 91 chip and N75 "J" valve on a '03 1.8, does that work???.....
  100. blech! limp mode woes continue..
  101. where can i get a tiptronic transmission oil cooler?
  102. I'm sad.
  103. Anyone looking for a cost friendly wideband, check it out
  104. Anyone w/APR Chip problems on Older A4's?
  105. who's running an oil cooler?
  106. Need help with hybrid BOV question... <cheesy voice>Pretty Please!</cheesy voice>
  107. Intermix with Oil and Coolant...HELP...New 03 3.0
  108. Electronic boost controllers
  109. Big break question.
  110. Clutch Mystery with Recent Southbend install - Xpost from A4 forum
  111. Do they have stainless steel braided clutch lines for audis?
  112. Att Mike. Whats the new story on your car??
  113. H&R's or KW coilovers for 99 A4 QMS
  114. 12v NOS
  115. revotechnik.com
  116. 1990 80 5spd 2.0L 8v
  117. xpost from AZ, +27hp from an equal length header on a KO4
  118. best(cheapest) place to get 475cc injectors?
  119. Wanna find out who's got the most HP?
  120. Rear rotors from a front track A4 and Passat are interchangable right?
  121. what are "safe" EGTs
  122. TTotal engine newbie here..... why cant we use these 350-400hp >>>
  123. 2.8 Tuning/Project [New forum Member]
  124. best tuning upgrade to start with on 1993 90CS
  125. stereo help badly needed
  126. Maf sensor problem.need advice
  127. Best Audi motor for tuning. OPPINIONS NEEDED
  128. Does any one have a 2000 manual A box or a K box ( ecu )they are willing to part with
  129. ok cash in hand can't decided on which turbo......GT30R...GT35R...GT30/37R
  130. Best recomendation for Performance upgrade my 2003 1.8T A4.. please
  131. Break pads ?
  132. A4/B5 suspension question...
  133. Anyone ever had an ECU go bad?
  134. I'm installing a new fuel rail for an injector upgrade but...
  135. places to purschase garrett T28 turbo?
  136. Date set for Dyno Day
  137. from some research looks like the Intrax ARS coilovers
  138. In need of information reguarding custom manifolds and my choices for an upgraded turbo.
  139. Simple question
  140. Triple K K14 or K16
  141. Anybody running a Wideband O2 sensor in their car?
  142. Anyone here run Falken Azenis at the track?
  143. AWD Dyno Day in Troy MI (Updated)
  144. Can someone pls list the ways of reducing understeer in the B6 S4?
  145. tubular exhaust manifold for 1.8t?
  146. X-Post: Calling metal/CF fabrication gurus, AGAIN :)
  147. I need some battery relocation Tips...
  148. Has anybody heard about headers being available for the A4's?
  149. High Air Flow Cat Converter
  150. Help with my turbo project
  151. Help: knock sensor placement on '97-'99 1.8t
  152. Anyone know of the place in Newark NJ that was doing clutches for around $300?
  153. lifter type in 1.8t???
  154. RS6 Tranny parts in an A4 TIp
  155. Block 031 Graphs
  156. single bolt rims and adaptors
  157. any requests on a quiet exaust for a 01 s4........
  158. to mike O
  159. x-post I'm working on getting a groub buy for neuspeed exhaust anyone interested? details inside
  160. lookin to spend $3k or so...just into a chip and exaust, any ideas?.......
  161. Has anyone used Vizard's cam spec program?
  162. TAP
  163. What block do I use to monitor misfires?
  164. Since you guys over here are much more knowledgeable about boost.......
  165. What is the max boost (psi) of a NDBW T-28 kit?
  166. spark plug gap....I'm at .028"....is it worth it to push it to .030" or even .032"?
  167. drag results: 13.236 @ 104.16mph (1.856 60 ft)
  168. custom Intake parts need
  169. Auxiliary Fuel Injectors
  170. Battery relocation question.
  171. My New GIAC X Chip - Please Help!
  172. guys, take a look @ my alignment settings please.
  173. XPost: Garrett Hybrid Q's
  174. Does the 1.8 turbo have Variable Valve Timing ?...
  175. anyone investigate retrofitting a TT/S4 after-run coolant pump on a 1.8t?
  176. Question regarding T-28 programming.
  177. A4 2.8Q performance upgrades?
  178. Intake?
  179. MAS air and Speed density 1.8T motor
  180. what should I use to sseal the threads on brass fittings for oil lines?
  181. any thoughts on this turbo?
  182. xpost about exhaust clamps...
  183. UPsolute chip? Anyone have or tried one?
  184. $15 dyno article
  185. What went wrong?
  186. Those using an FM oil cooler....
  187. Attention John Baas or anyone else- Does the Audi A4 offcial repair manual have the ecu wiring
  188. Porsche Big Red Kit : changing brake pads is a royal PITA
  189. My first A6
  190. I just reinstalled my shocks and Im trying to set everything up
  191. STaSIS Track Sport coilover install question
  192. any cheap mods for audi cab 2.0 8v uk car,air box has k&n no better!!!!
  193. Daily noob question about chipping....
  194. anyone have a k03 for sale? (other than the two in classifieds)
  195. Larger Turbos
  196. help with vacuum leak
  197. Question for anyone with a t28 kit that has logged runs with it...
  198. AEM Wideband O2 sensor for $400
  199. So they say hp sells cars, tq wins races....
  200. Rpm problem !!!!!
  201. x-post from A4 -> Amsoil and new cams review.
  202. Oettinger or MTM
  203. missing AP racing brake shims... can I just use 4 washers for the spacers?
  204. Best stand alone system for A4 20valve?
  205. Questions about Air-Ducts / hood vents etc...
  206. I was looking for a used T28/ APR III kits but found this link of a GT25/T28 hybrid...
  207. Color Code for Clutch Wire on '02 A4 1.8T
  208. anyone selling iforged wheels ?
  209. Seeking advice,... (A4's & Jetta Dilemma)
  210. AP Racing brakes install... need some procedure help...
  211. 1991 Audi 100 Horsepower increase
  212. Help with Block 32 Readings
  213. Will underdrive pulleys work with an electric fan kit on my 99.5 A4 2.8 QM? Did a search already
  214. Anybody upgrade their brake master cylinder?...
  215. wysiwyg, where did you order the k-mac kit in the usa?
  216. anyone know if the ecs-tuning stage2 version2 brake rotors are the same size/fit as stoptech rotors?
  217. Can anyone help me interpret some VAG logs from my new KO4?
  218. What's the differnce between Bilstein's HD and Sport shocks? TIA
  219. Recommendations for brake fluid for AP Race Brakes going on a TT
  220. as anyone revalved shocks on an a4?
  221. PES\GIAC chips ABG-09A & ABG-09/P8A
  222. Home AWD dyno
  223. N75 Valve on Allroad
  224. Will the boost taper?
  225. Is a FMIC pointless for a car with stock K03?
  226. Just in case anybody wants to see the custom exhaust for my A4 1.8T FWD
  227. Yippers, what kind of clutch are you running in your car?
  228. Does any one have contact info about Werks of Art? Where they are from? Website?
  229. ATP Turbo Owners, Impressions?
  230. S4 Avant
  231. APR or GIAC or ...
  232. Yo John Bass. This maybe your kinda thing :)
  233. How much should my 1/4 mile time improve after I got a chip ?
  234. DBW GT-25 car vs T-28 car Dyno Runs
  235. ko4 problems, please help
  236. Found an interesting pic to demonstrate braking with the porsche brakes(edited)
  237. Price for Brembo calipers and slotted rotors for A4 Q....$3,000.00 ??
  238. does the pes T28 kit come with a 5 bar FPR or does it use the stock one?
  239. What are the most popular and feature-rich 1.8T chips
  240. Improvements to 99 A6 2.8Q - Eibach springs?
  241. Advice on the Best manual boost controller without going crazy
  242. Hey xr4tic....
  243. T3/T4 turbo with a Pes T28 chip?
  244. [X-Post] Handling question: rear spring-rate vs. anti-sway bar...what's the tradeoff??
  245. simple tuning
  246. T-28 w/ boost controler...
  247. anyone know what size the fittings are for the ac condenser?
  248. It look like some APR cars didn't perform and wouldn't you think a tuner would show his best efforts
  249. Getting 0.3bar of boost...N75 not used but connected. no cel, not limp mode?
  250. How/When do I know I need to replace my rotors? <more>