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  1. Where is the best place to get K&N Filter for 2001 S4?
  2. Mityvac brake bleeder or other from Adirondack
  3. Ported exhrust manifold
  4. Ko4 installed
  5. Anyone have a K04 with a FWD Tip? ..comments?
  6. Shift light control
  7. Sequential shift light installed
  8. opinions on KW vs. H&R coilovers?
  9. HELP! Please How do i Install BPV .. (more)
  10. Saw a peak of 17psi today ...MTM Stage 1 chip...more
  11. Brake pad suggestions...
  12. xpost from A4 forum... anyone here with koni coilovers...
  13. H7 xenon look bulbs from spp ; 7 more peple needed to get to 30$ per set. email me for info.
  14. New Saab OH-MY
  15. Can someone tell me about a BPV, nad what it does? Also a Good One?
  16. Equal rebound for F/R coilovers
  17. GreedSpeed VBL 0.8-1.0bar chip group buy in effect
  18. Anybody know what this is worth?
  19. Got my resonator removed for 65cnd!
  20. New S3 BPV in chiped 1.8T
  21. APR Group Purchase - Last call
  22. Does anyone sell a clutch/flywheel package besides AWE or APR?
  23. 97-99.5 APR v3.0 Chipped ECU for sale in the classifieds
  24. S4 at Daytona
  25. What happened to thread about the race between the APR stage 3 1.8t vs the GIAC 1.8 t chip?
  26. Anyone installed the neuspeed chip on S4???
  27. Brake Question- Newbie don't kill me!
  28. Does anybody know what happened with the Carbonfiber hood group buy..?
  29. A4 2.8 30V or 12V......wich one is faster??
  30. Can someone explain upper stress bar versus sway bars?
  31. Quite a few questions on spacers and effect on offset of wheel. Thnx.
  32. AudiSport needs a 5.4L W12 Quad KO4 engine, how would that fare to the current v8-T(pros,cons)
  33. I'm thinking about painting my brake calipers...
  34. S4/Adjustable Shocks - Do any adjust without removing from car???
  35. I'm thinking about painting my brake calipers...
  36. Anything I need to be careful with installing a PES BPV valve?
  37. Must see video, of a scooby doing a pass @ [email protected] inside cockpit view!
  38. On eBAY: VW-Audi ECU with TAP Chip for 1.8T
  39. Can anyone please recommend a book on Rally driving?
  40. Clark, I need some info regarding tranny and center diff fluid . . . .
  41. 2001 Audi S4 factory exhaust (Cat back) for sale
  42. Porsche 993 Kit Questions
  43. Brake upgrade and ABS ???
  44. XPOST 1996 STW A4 mods
  45. ECM For a 2001 Model S4
  46. APR or any other Clutch or Flywheel...???
  47. Sorry to spam. For sale: set of brand new H&R coilovers for FWD A4...
  48. sorry for OT post, but i need to sell my zender lip spoiler before saturday!!
  49. x-post - Stage III Owners ... help!
  50. Need some answers...
  51. Favorite jack points and jack stand locations?
  52. Mounting an electric fan in place of the belt driven fan (more)
  53. X-post ATTN: Sylvania Cool Blue Group Buy People
  54. An error ridden discussion...
  55. WHat should i do next? Sugestions wanted.
  56. Surging in 1st gear.
  57. X-Post...New tuner opens their doors in Austin
  58. S4 Brake upgrade options - advice needed
  62. Anyone install S4 Shock/Spring combo on a 1.8TQMS? Pics?
  63. Engine gurus, need help analyzing timing corrections from knock sensor system...
  64. X-Post from A4...that 1.8 engine drawing / illistration ...
  65. Audi's position on chip tuning.
  66. anyone try BPG? looking for someone in boston.
  67. EGTs, aftermarket exhausts & chips??
  68. Anyone know where I can get a ported exhaust manifold....exchange?
  69. Racing at Daytona
  70. Do the aftermarket BPV's make a louder noise?
  71. My site: best driver's roads in North America
  72. How much boost with garret chip ? Bad freq valve? (more)
  73. More on our experience with Tip Chip (longish)
  74. S4 wants to go on a Diet.
  75. A4 1.8t flywheel weight = 24.5 pounds!
  76. exhaust temp guage question...
  77. Just installed Bilstein Sport/Eibach Pro kit today. Front drop 1", rear only 1/4"......(more)
  78. Is 2.5" exhaust suitable in almost all cases?
  79. Exhaust Installer in Los Angeles Area/Socal area?
  80. SPAM does not increase my desire to buy your products, Turbo 5.
  81. Hey, what do u guys think of the mazda rx-7? U think its a trade of for my audi?
  82. Anybody using Toluene and/or Water Wetter? (more)
  83. XPost - Group Buy Interest? Custom (a4/s4) 60mm guage pod?
  84. I-4 vs V-4(engine tech)...
  85. anybody knows an on-going tip chip group buy? thanks.
  86. Post your A4 rear spoiler please
  87. PES vs. AWE.... opinions?
  88. Part number for Audi Sport BPV?
  89. anyone here in Sydney Aust interested in a AW drive?
  90. Anyone have G60 calipers?
  91. need wind shield wipers .. suggestions? :)
  92. Anyone using an HKS Super AFR??????
  93. Need help with blocks to monitor on VWTool
  94. Looking for some info re: throttle lift -> 'clunk'
  95. Who sell's a silicone hose kit for the 2000 S-4 ?
  96. Anyone with a 2001 1.8tqm with APR stage 1...
  97. 4000CSQ
  98. [email protected], are there any fitment problems with borla on a tip?anyone else know, have experiences, tia
  99. 1.8TQ non sport, neuspeed race low, BUt possible sollution plz look
  100. Anyone running intrax coilovers?
  101. X Post to Group Buy on Sylvania H7, H4 and H1 Cool Blue Bulbs
  102. Interesting DV Test
  103. Would changing my springs on the Koni Coilovers be a smart thing...
  104. Search is working again, thanks for your patience
  105. Any experience with PES chips?
  106. Exhaust survery
  107. RS4 Look Bumper for A4
  108. New Performance mods for your 1.8T and S4.....
  109. x-post with S4: Best deal on GReddy Turbo Timer?
  110. Replacing center resonator???
  111. Need opinions on pinging since search engine is down...
  112. The area under the torque and HP curves are larger on the winners
  113. selling 97 Wett chip
  114. How long does it take for springs to settle?
  115. Adjusting Koni Coilover Suspension ...
  116. Suspension upgrade?
  117. Can anyone post some pics of their turbo timer installs? Thanks
  118. Interesting message re: immobiliser and chipping a TT (can't be done yet on new ones)...
  119. Group Buy: APR Chips!!!
  120. Website finally up! (this took forever)
  121. Hope for Tip fans out there concerning quickness , 1/4 miles
  122. tech performance questions(longish)
  123. Are bilstein sports same p/n for S4 and A4? If not what is it?
  124. APR exhuast vs. Borla pros and cons
  125. Can anyone tell me why I failed emissions? Details and report enclosed.
  126. Turbo Timers......
  127. Anyone know of a source for a Titanium muffler?
  128. Tip + VAG = dyno: questions
  129. Gauges question...
  130. Question for the very technical people
  131. Hi, Garrett ECU chip for 99.5 2.8QT for sale on Ebay.
  132. S4 Suspension Recommendations
  133. Who sells those purple silicone intake hose kits ??
  134. Oxygen sensor turns on check engine light after supersprint...
  135. Sick of high clutch catch point in 2000 S4...
  136. Clark: Would any body shop be able to install your FMIC on my 99.5 1.8T?
  137. Found the website that did my mats guys!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. Why do larger displacement engines do better at higher speeds than smaller ones?
  139. mecca oil filters?
  140. mecca oil filters?
  141. Chip Question:........
  142. Any experience with venom nitrous oxygen system???
  143. Initial thoughts on GIAC Tip chip (longish)
  144. H&R ultra performance coilovers or Vortrag fixed height suspension
  145. ???s regarding surging or inconsistent boost
  146. Turbo Upgrade Question.........Please Advise
  147. The Abt turbo upgrade lists a new exhaust manifold as part of the package.What turbo do they use.
  148. S4/S6 chip tuning applicable to 20v 200tq?
  149. Spark signal at coil packs- How to test, and how to isolate?
  150. Location Of Idel Stabalizer Valve
  151. I know the chip issue is old...but...does anyone have any info on the GS VBL chip for a 2001 a4 1.8t
  152. Might like this if you live in Australia
  153. X-Post: If you live in the Baltimore/Annapolis area, or if it's not too far of a drive for 'ya.....
  154. KW Variant 2 settings for S4
  155. More Pics of my boost gauge and timer
  156. FREE GAS! Almost.................
  157. Power loss problem - Need Help/Suggestions!
  158. APR exhaust....
  159. Kawika plz read
  160. Need some help with this 1.8t chip problem...
  161. best "spring only" upgrade for a 2000 S4
  162. Xpost: Will my A4 Koni coilover fit on the S4?
  163. Hi, selling my 99.5 2.8QT Garrett performance chips. ECU + Tip, socketed..
  164. Clear corners for 99.5 A4 Quattro??
  165. Clark, Here's pics of my car and intake that I promised....
  166. Big Bore Throttle Body Mod. from BLAUfergnugen ?
  167. Were can i get a set of Mille Miglia Evo s 19' for CHEAP...WITH TIRES.........
  168. link to INSANE video...
  169. Has Lucas turned up the boost on his big turbo kit yet?
  170. Intercooler ideas? need input
  171. Anyone have pics of neuspeeds races + konis on an A4?
  172. what do you say if OEM Audi Xennon lights are only 850???
  173. Pagid and Hawk brakes - squeel!
  174. Which springs??
  175. Timing belt tensioner failure. (cross-post)
  176. PES G2 Group buy update
  177. Mike O., has your email address changed? If so, please email me... Jay
  178. So w/ Quattro, what defines where the power goes, and can it be biased to the rear wheels?
  179. links to a4 post with pics of turbo timer and guages...
  181. Koni Coil-over input please
  182. Looking to upgrade to a remote oil filter setup (CM/Canton) would I benefit from a larger filter??
  183. where can i get a performance muffler?
  184. Can somebody please explain the different springs for the forge valve?
  185. Koni's or Bilstien Sport Shocks for Eibach Pro-Kit on '97 1.8TQ? Why?
  186. Clark need some help! w/ Turbo 5 intake installation Xpost
  187. (X-Posting) When is AofA going to start a program like this with QCUSA?
  188. The "Ultimate Brakes"!
  189. Need help! Intallation steps for Turbo5 Intake & Balileys BPV
  190. For all of you talking about cheap speed and huge turbos the other day...
  191. Relocating battery to the trunk.. Do I need to place it in a sealed box?
  192. Milltek 3" exhaust
  193. Koni coil-over kits opinion
  194. So does anyone know the spring rates of....
  195. Does a front-only brake upgrade decrease braking performance?
  196. Got my Turbo5 Stage III Brakes in the mail yesterday...anyone wanna see ;-)
  197. HKS Turbo Timer for sale....
  198. Scott is the man!! Can't wait for him to pass me at the Glen
  199. Crosspost. H&R coilovers compared to bilsteins/H&R sport springs?
  200. Is there a break-in period for brake pads/rotors?
  201. How much HP does the Europe turbo-engine for a 1990 90 put out?
  202. Help!! I am looking to get tighter handling from my non-sport A4, what should I do? Sways, coilovers
  203. Rear sway-bar installed and tested on 2.7T (non-sport)
  204. APR BBQ bash info and sign up form now on our website. Please--
  205. Anyone using a Road Dyno?
  206. Attn: Koni Coilover owners - Setting Questions
  207. Do you need spring compressors to install koni coilovers?
  208. 2.0l+ upgrades?
  209. UUC Motorwerks VelociMax exhaust system Why did they stop makeing it?? Any one have one for sale??
  210. Where can i get mintex for TT near San Antonio?
  211. Carace you there? Got Audi you there?
  212. does anyone have BIRA or Turbo5 stage 2 brakes on their '00 car?
  213. Alignment at Discount Tires? Whatdaya think?
  214. What is the stock fuel pump flow rate?
  215. Help looking for a audi specialist in the NYC , NJ area
  216. Borla Issues - X-Post
  217. Has anyone installed a BLITZ Super BOV
  218. Garrett T3....everyone READ THIS
  219. PES G2 Supercharger Group Buy
  220. Too bad eip stuff for the VR6 doesn't fit the 30V..
  221. Borla exhaust
  222. how long should it take a shop to install a UUC short shifter?
  223. There is going to be an APR openhouse and BBQ!!!!
  224. Looking for a shop to chip my A6 2.7T
  225. friend wants to put a twin turbo inside a....
  226. Neuspeed/Greedspeed Chip?
  227. Dynapack Tech Guide
  228. Does Brullen make LLTEK exhaust ??
  229. Does the MTM (Hoppen) chip remove the limiter...?
  230. X-post. Has anybody had their car just suddenly shut with APR
  231. anyone know VAG problem codes for MY00 1.8 A4????
  232. What's the best exhaust for a chipped triptronic?
  233. gettting the most out of the car???
  234. Can someone please tell me the process to bleeding the brake lines? Do I need a special tool?
  235. Ross-Tech VAG-COM software now in stock!
  236. Is anyone interested in doing a group buy on giac chips for 1.8t
  237. 2001 A4 WHEELS FOR SALE
  238. 19" rims for sale
  239. How much would it cost to tune my suspension...
  240. Anyone selling their A6 2.7T PSK springs?
  241. .
  242. I have a socketable chip and I want to put my stock chip back in
  243. ATTN SoCal!!!! Gathering for the LA Autoshow this saturday!!!
  244. New A4 StopTech Kit Releasing This Month...
  245. Anyone using this product? 1.8TBCS,its available for all throttle by wire A4's.Which years is that?
  246. PES-G2 or Z-Engineering for A4-2.8-30v manual
  247. question about boost controls on an S4????
  248. Xpost from A4 forum
  249. Probably a dumb question to you gear heads, but will the PES SC work with the upcoming 3.0 engine?
  250. finally got my vortrag hood..