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  1. Gains with Neuspeed 19mm Rear Sway Bar with aftermarket suspension (more)...
  2. X-Post: Uprated Bosch BPV/DV's.........are the valves offered by...........
  3. who had modifly their 225TT into a Boxster beater?
  4. 1/4 mile run With APR chip and exhaust
  5. How does back pressure affect low-end torque?
  6. anyone interested on a group buy for Evo motorsports Front Mount Intercooler?
  7. Loosing Boost Pressure! Help!
  8. K04 ?'s.
  9. A6 performance parts
  10. Project Audi S4 updated
  11. What's Up W/ Japanese Turbo Cars?? long...
  12. IAMG/APR Grand Am Cup S4 on pole for Road America...
  13. Bilstein shocks
  14. Does any company make performance air intakes for a '97 A6?
  15. Can someone post a link with instructions on ECU removal? TIA!
  16. What did my PES chip do to my transmission?
  17. Who has a corner balanced S4?
  18. Misfire on #2 cylinder (long)
  19. argh. apr outta catbacks. and i dont wanna do borla.. um any1 know where i can get koni coilovers...
  20. A8 Brake Problem - Help
  21. Anyone have a engine diagram for a 2001 1.8t showing where the bpv is?
  22. Would aftermarket exhaust for S4 fit an A4 2.8?
  23. Finding Mobil 1 0w-40 ...
  24. Tranny question...
  25. XPOST: Intercooler fan
  26. Brake install questions. X-post from A4 Forum.
  27. Does anyone know of any good suppliers for metric hardware fittings for fuel systems??
  28. link to my borla impressions...
  29. Car Broke Down on Hwy. Third coolant leak in the past 6 months (more)...
  30. What block shows the exhaust gas temp on the vagtool? Thanks.
  31. Supersprint header for the 1.8T
  32. Saw the S4 sticker on an A4 Avant, is it worth another 100hp?
  33. Doodle.... TT
  34. Wondering where to find Mobil 1 0W-40, or why bother? x-reference to S4 Forum post.
  35. Will just installing eibach springs kill my stock shocks?
  36. AWE K04 kit ...the payback....
  37. Anyone else ever forget to turn ESP off at a track event?
  38. Anyone have A6 4.2 w/H&R sport springs and oem shocks?
  39. K04
  40. H&R Sport, Neuspeed/Bilsteins Best Price on Web?
  41. borla/neuspeed vs apr catback - opinions?
  42. Anybody else notice Stoptechs BARELY fit under S4 AVUS wheels?
  43. My mum has the fastest 1.8T in Australia
  44. What sort of power gain can I expect from an exaust on my S3?
  45. Damn MAF died..
  46. installed stg 3 now I have a question
  47. Over a 100bar! That is what I just read about the R8R's direct injection...
  48. Would a new bpv make the turbo sound louder at all??
  49. Koni Coilover vs. Neuspeed spring/Bilstein combo
  50. Lltek Intake
  51. LI meet and autoX July 1st
  52. BRAKING: Aftermarket Rotors and Pads
  53. Pike's Peak International Hill Climb -Audi Gathering
  54. K04 Does anybody know the difference between the following part-nr:06a145704p and 06a145704m.
  55. Can you guys Help with finding a GOOD bodyshop in the LA or OC county area...?
  56. X-post K04 questions....
  57. Installed H&R Sport Springs on A6 4.2 - Possible Problem....
  58. Where can I find SGI stuff online? I remember someone posted a link of a site that imports....
  59. Flipping through the August issue of EC...
  60. Gotta question that needs answer...
  61. Need advice with respect to timing belt and stage 3 kit install...(long)
  62. XPOST: Tech comments solicited on the GIAC HP calculator...........
  63. How does putting on a free flow exhaust keep temps down?
  64. Installation of Rear Sway Bars for A4
  65. Bilsteins
  66. Wanted - a compact spare.
  67. more performance for an A6
  68. Chipping and turbo realiability
  69. Would there be any way to adjust the air/fuel mixture since a bov would make my car rich???
  70. MTM vs. all the other chips
  71. I MAY BUY a used AUDI and I have a few ?'s. PLEASE HELP!!!
  72. Neuspeed Tie Bar
  73. AWE Visit Update
  74. HELP! Turbo isnt working!!!!
  75. Upgrade my 2.8 with PES supercharger or get a 2000 S4?
  76. Will A4 muffler fit a 90?
  77. Viscosity modifiers and synthetic oil -- is a synthetic 0w40 still bad?
  78. OBDII vs Vag/Com Capabilities...
  79. Can anyone please advise which chip is best for an A4 1.8TQ Avant
  80. Just watched "The Fast and The Furious", dos NOS work? I don't think so, u?(m)
  81. Im leaking boost help..
  82. FMIC Pros and Cons
  83. Neuspeed K04 Owners?
  84. Xpost: pics of my QRS/BIRA System 1 brakes
  85. need help on engine upgrade
  86. H & R/Bilstein Sport Shocks - 2001 TTQ
  87. Koni coil over questions, and yes I've done my research.
  88. Seat bracket question?
  89. Split Second Boost Controller
  90. Koni Coilover GB!
  91. I saw a disturbing post on corner carvers
  92. EPC Trouble with APR Stage III!
  93. AWE-Tuning? (Repost from A4 Forum)
  94. Shall we try it this way? Suspension...
  95. My postings, your attitude
  96. My Audi Dealer wants 500 for a 60K tune up. How Pricey is this.
  97. S3 chip tuning - MTM vs ABT comparison
  98. S4 Intercooler upgrades
  99. S4 Engine upgrades
  100. S4 Turbo upgrades
  101. S4 vs RS4
  102. S4 Exhaust
  103. S4 brakes
  104. S4 suspension
  105. S4 - wheels and tires
  106. S4 Performance mods (this one explains the above list of threads) ^^^^
  107. Need help with my harness install
  108. How low can I go without rubbing 225 tyres (Fender to Ground Height preferably, or drop from stock)
  109. Are thaere any reasons we can't use these crankshafts to stroke our engines?
  110. Audi's new by-pass valve
  111. How do I find close GIAC tuner in AZ area?
  112. People interested in the KONI COILOVER GB PLEASE READ!
  113. Sorry, but didn't check for a while, who has PES G2 installed lately, did the groupbuy work, any new
  114. Camber write up (long)
  115. Just saw the new A4 on the Road.
  116. model debate
  117. Anyone interested in a Koni coilover group buy?
  118. Lowering A6 4.2
  119. Long Island Audi meet
  120. Has anyone upgraded the brake system?
  121. warning: potential stupid question
  122. s4 bumper on A4?
  123. haldex system better than torsen?
  124. Fuel distributer adjustment
  125. 2.7 T engine
  126. I need new brakes! would appreciate suggestions (S4)
  127. Looking for how to, and pictures of an S4 with 6 point harness thanks
  128. Any comments/feedback about carbotech street brake pad (dust)?? (nt)
  129. Thank you, Koni USA! My coilovers on my A4 are now sans noise (longish)
  130. is there a high flow cat for a 2001 A4 ?
  131. FS: New S4 6 speed Transmission
  132. Thinking about Toulene as an octane booster...got a few questions.
  133. 25 Valve Audi engine! Used in Talladega.
  134. R8 Poster
  135. i posted this on the S4 forum..
  136. X-Post: Chicago area performance parts & racing tech session tomorrow
  137. Who has a VAG tool to share in Portland Maine?
  138. Dynapack 4wd Dyno Demo
  139. Who here has had a Carbon Fibre Hood on Order?
  140. Neuspeed vs. H&R springs....need some advice
  141. Who besides Ltek sells cold air intake kits for 2.8 30v?
  142. Anyone know the lifespan of H&R Coilovers (street use only)...
  143. XPost: Will sport Exhaust increase performance?
  144. Can a tip tranny send a timing retard to the engine ECU?
  145. How do you extract more power from a TDi engine?
  147. Want more power
  148. Any links to pics of a PES DV? TIA
  149. Is anyone knowing TSR performance?
  150. Yeah couldn't wait, Chipped S3 at 400 Miles!
  151. XPOST: White packing grease?? Where is it used in the A4?
  152. Anybody know the cost of a Level 10 upgrade?
  153. Help! Extinguisher mount?
  154. XPost from A6 Forum....2.7t Suspension u/g report (long)
  155. Which is better... H&R sport Springs or H&R Coilovers?
  156. OT: (long) Lime Rock Park, CT Driving School... Borderline discomfort...
  157. Styling-Tuning
  158. Limit to ECU recoding??
  159. BIRA Releases High Performance HP-2 Replacement Rotors
  160. Anyone ever run their S4 w/ no exhaust?
  161. Shocks and springs
  162. !!!THIS IS PIMP!!! SMOKE EM IF YA GOT EM!!!!!
  163. think these headlights would be street legal?
  164. Wifes new S3, i don't want to give it back to her....
  165. Folks, I really need some on a vibration I've got.
  166. Does Audi have a factory tuner like BMW Motorsport or Toyota TRD, why are factory tuners for
  167. looking for 5 cylinder turbo car in DC area for transfer into a 4KQ...
  168. flange on catylitic converter,,is it threaded or through bolted,,,,,(
  169. Advice wanted on aftermarket intake for 2.8 30v
  170. Pressure testing turbo intake system...
  171. CMH, have you done any recent 1/4 runs with the stock..
  172. What do I need to do to lower my A4? more info inside......
  173. New Momentum Turbo Kit!
  174. anyone one with boost gauge intstalls besides A-pillar mount
  175. Finally proper aftermarket SS brakes lines for the Audi A4 are available...
  176. turbo timer holder
  177. Is there a reliability advantage to adding a bigger IC when chipping?
  178. To replace brake pads or not to replace brake pads, a little help please...
  179. Final Results: Chip with a Warranty Poll
  180. Anyone interested in room reservations for the Montreal F1 race this weekend?
  181. Last day: Chip with a Warranty Poll
  182. X-post. Questions about rolling fenders on A4.
  183. HR Coilovers vs. HR Cup Kit...
  184. Audi A4 1.8T Performance Chip?
  185. Anyone know where the pic of the Greedspeed Custom Garret turbo they are working on?
  186. Anyone have word of what happened at Gratton? Ralph Ridge killed.
  187. What is the best bolt on turbo for the A4 K03 sport, K04? Who sells it?
  188. Need to change Fuel Pump..?
  189. K&N Drop In Filter
  190. www.donotbuyabmw.com CHECK IT OUT
  191. what do you think about the AWE-TUNING k04 turbo upgrade and neuspeed upgrade ?........
  192. is it worth gettin the audi sport exhaust ? is it like a remuz muffler ?
  193. UPDATE: Chip with a Warranty Poll
  194. Turbo spin down time Observation..
  195. Audi A4 1.8T Forge Dump/Diverter Valve for sale on ebay
  196. Anyone know how to check the tension on the PS pump belt, or where it is in the Bentley CD? *URGENT*
  197. Where can i find 95+ octane fuel in Denver?
  198. FYI-link to bad ass audi's
  199. Impressions of H&R Coilovers non-ultra (A4) - Better mod than chipping (more)...
  200. Need help (chip tuning)
  201. Just bought a used 1998 A6 2.8Q. need help with performance.
  202. Audi's wet braking solution for the A4. URL with PICS of the installed parts.
  203. why does Audi close the throttle plate during shifts?
  204. How do bumpstops work?
  205. Anyone have an idea of how much does de Greedspeed GS4 II kit costs, not able to contact Greedspeed
  206. Anyone know where to pick up 0W-40?
  207. TDL Racing seams to have well priced performance options
  208. A4 Break in time
  209. Neuspeed or UUC motorwerks short throw shifters?
  210. Performance Brake upgrade questions...
  211. 1996 A4 Check Engine Light
  212. Tolulene: which brands are safe for octane boost?
  213. Please Only Respond Via Email!
  214. For A4s.... IFG wheeld-deal posted in Classifieds
  216. Place to get "Small" intercoolers?
  217. Interesting review on new A8, tuning potential!!
  218. Where can I get a S4 wheel liner?
  219. Who Makes Quiet Exhaust for a 99' a4 1.8t?
  220. Anyone consider doing a 3 or 5 angle valve job on an A4?.....(more)
  221. APR Chips Update - APR Special Deal at ATCO *Update*
  222. Okay, who wants to do some of THESE mods?????
  223. Exhaust....best bang for the $$$$ ????
  224. jus got word for dealer that they might be dealing with APR and ABT
  225. DREAM CAR? -Nissan Skyline R-34 GT-R V-SPEC2-
  226. Tarox brakes got to go. Need advice on replacements
  227. Does anyone know the diameter of the following VAG MAFs?
  228. New S4 owner. I need help launching off the line.
  229. WTB: Recaro SRD's. In Black. TIA.
  230. basic layout of 2.8 engine
  231. chip tuning
  232. Does anyone know of a digital boost guage w/ turbo timer that has red/orange display?
  233. FMIC Questions ???
  234. Who's got a B&B Tri-Flo exhaust on their S4?
  235. did anyone installed supersprint exhaust in their A4 1.8TQM?
  236. xpost: my timeslips from the tracks last nite.....
  237. New site Need Dyno Info.
  238. Engine mounts needed...
  239. APR Group Buy
  240. Whoa! WTF happened to Turbo5... Lexus???!?!?
  241. Help from all you armchair mechanics...(LONG please read though)
  242. To Bailey DV or not?
  243. 1998 A4 rotors warped...
  244. X-Post: Anyone know where to get hard intercooler pipes for a 2000 A4 1.8T?
  245. Having read the Bentley on the subject I am left wondering why lowering my A4 q (m)
  246. Question for those that have audi sport springs & Koni shocks
  247. When is GIAC gonna come out with the freaking 2001 KO4 tip kit already?!
  248. KONI coilover question.......please read inside----------->>>>
  249. xpost from A4: can a ko3 turbo produce 225 hp
  250. Found an AWD dyno in Detroit.