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  1. Few more pics of the big turbo.
  2. Is the turbonetics exaust manifold the only one that we can utilize a ext wastegate?
  3. OK, I'm back - What does a bad catalytic convertor sound like?
  4. next question.. headgasket blew last summer, I notice oil with the coolant today.....
  5. What can I clean the inside of my intake manifold with? its good guck in it :-(
  6. Problems... Problems....
  7. Swapping out manual tranny for the Tip in an A6 4.2??
  8. is it possible to swap an S4 six speed into an a4
  9. How to find the vacume leak whats the best method to use to see if theres a leak in the vacume lines
  10. My Car Is Sick.. Help!
  11. Need suggestions on best 2" air/fuel gauge and EFK swtich made?
  12. Electronic Boost controller?
  13. Correct brake bleeding procedure including the clutch?
  14. question: 225-45R17 or 245-45R17 on a 17x8" rim. . .for better
  15. NY Metro peeps. Any interest in having a g2g next week @ KK in East Meadow, LI? If so please post.
  16. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a subframe brace?
  17. Anybody have SuperSprint downpipe + muffler on their 2.8?
  18. Need a quick response... will a woa stage 3 clutch only(not the flywheel)for a 99.5 a4 fit a 2000?
  19. All of you guys that went with a custom turbo or custom 2.0L.. How is your car running?
  20. Need advice on upgrading to APR S3 with 106K on motor
  21. A8 Rotor Upgrade
  22. Not sure if you guys saw this on the weekend.
  23. t3/[email protected]+stock fuel=???
  24. IC placement... how good is stock 1.8T IC location...
  25. FMIC installed, finally!
  26. New Remus USA distributor!
  27. GIAC G/B for Audis
  28. MTM or Sportec?
  29. Advice needed to build a HO engine
  30. o2 sensor reads negative !! Please help
  31. PDA logger....will this work in my 2000 A4?
  32. Dumb question...but I need help :)
  33. First Vag-Com log graph of my PES G2 - what do you think of the Timing?
  34. X-post: Spark plugs look cheap + Free Shipping: www.clubplug.net ... NE1 tried them yet?
  35. X-post: Help! Pls verify dealer's response... (long)
  36. Improvements from the GIAC TipChip??
  37. Question
  38. So if i run a Greddy Profec B EBC simply as a N75 replacement...
  39. Experience with ATE brake pads? x-post
  40. APR chip and proper DV question?
  41. KW V2 Coilover, B5 Passat ATQ
  42. Anyone play around with the N75 valve?
  43. Anyone have any experience with this rotor backing plate?
  44. Audi2ptzero
  45. Tiptronic upshift
  46. Whats the best clutch kit?
  47. Oil catch can? Can someone just tell me purpose?If its a must to have?And how to install one?TIA
  48. The V1 Radar
  49. I ran my 97 A4 1.8T on a dyno on Saturday. Please help me interpret some of the results...
  50. air box on a 12v 90
  51. anyone ever have their knock sensor fail?
  52. dose any one know how to get more HP for a 1995 2.8
  53. ATP manifold with GT30??
  54. 8 slightly used HI Ford Injectors worth anything to anyone?
  55. Where can I get these wheels ?
  56. OMP versus RaceTek strut bar
  57. 1996 audi cabriolet poor transmission shift cold weather
  58. Will turbo timers be an issue with immobilisers?? just wondering
  59. My turbo upgrade options and ideas for tuning--- any input appreciated.
  60. Controlling boost......after reading the Autospeed DIY Audi boost control article, it doesn't make..
  61. cross post: TEIN EDFC, didn't KONI used to have something similar?
  62. timeslips as requested...
  63. gfb blowoff/diverter valves, anybody with experience using it?
  64. went from 15.1/93.5 to a 14.39/96.5 with removal of center resonator...
  65. What rear axial differential does Audi A4/S4s use? And <more>
  66. Here's the newest idea for the oil cooler, instead of an external setup....
  67. Tell me this isn't so.... how do you tell the difference between GT25 .64, and GT25 .86 A/R?
  68. Help with DTC's
  69. Pictures: New wheel from BBS. The three piece GT
  70. what is the difference between a diverter valve and a blow off valve?
  71. anyone have a used exhaust for sale for a 98.5 a4 quattro
  72. utilizing an eclipse T25
  73. what companies make track worthy coilovers for FWD??
  74. ne1 making aftermarket down links for the front swaybar for the A4/B5 chassis?
  75. Help with a vibration problem
  76. check engine light and 'safe' on radio, please help(novice)
  77. 2.8 transmission code: DJR and/or DWM?
  78. NE1 have frequent problems with bad tanks of gas. what does it feel like when you get a bad tank?
  79. 80 Quattro Competition
  80. BIG PROBLEMS w/ Turbo and Convertor
  81. People with APR level 3 or Stoptech brakes, anyone experience pad rattle? Fixes?
  82. What dyno difference does 100 octane net your car?
  83. Frustrating cooling system problem, please help!....
  84. Performance Help For An A4 Newbie
  85. EGT probes installed w/pics
  86. Still looking for 84-85 5000S "KH" Turbocharger
  87. gates open tonight at 5:00 at E-Town
  88. Anyone know the weight of the 1.8T engine itself?
  89. Experiencing heavy gas smell after refueling...likely caused by very stiff/bouncy suspension -ideas?
  90. Chipped S4
  91. At high rpm, is it possible to run the K03-sport at stock boost ?
  92. A4 suspension question: Does anyone here think I'll feel underdamped if I...
  93. Anyone know the difference between the A6 six speed tranny and the S4 6 speed?
  94. GReddy G2
  95. would anyone be able to explain to me
  96. Anyone have dealer experience to recalib. their 1.8T chip for high elevation?
  97. PowerGasket
  98. What to do with my Dynometer time slot???
  99. What's the best FRONT/REAR sway bar setup for a TT180hp FrontTrak?
  100. Hydraulic fitting
  101. A4 milltek exhaust first impressions
  102. has anyone bought anything from scott f williams from vortex???
  103. X post - anyone familier with the benefits of a balanced and blueprinted engine? anyone have any
  104. Referencing the 2.0L thread below.....
  105. If the oil lubrication system in our cars is pressurized, why is it good to get the oil over 212F?
  106. cross-post: air filter questions (ITG vs. Green)
  107. 2003 A4 1.8T Performance upgrades
  108. Supercharger
  109. John Baas, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Your AW email addy is bouncing.
  110. Anyone have experience with this AF gauge?
  111. Coilover problems.. need some help
  112. Anyone know which injectors APR uses on their Stage I+ kits for '02+ A4s?
  113. How strong are the transfer case and transmission in our cars?....Would
  114. VAG-COM questions
  115. For Audi2ptzero,... K04 upgrade on tip.
  116. what do you need in order to make ur 1.8T into a 2.0T?
  117. Has anyone tried using oversized oil filters on the 1.8T A4? ...
  118. exhaust experts... 2.5" exhaust with 3" canister resonator a problem?
  119. New Pictures! (for European Car 1.8T contest)
  120. ok brullen vs milltek 30v a4 cat back exhausts
  121. Anyone with Wett. Chip on B6 3.0s? Need some info on them...
  122. Spark Plug recommendations?
  123. Anyone make a bolt in upper strut tower brace for the 2002 A4 yet?
  124. OEM Crank (estimates of power it holds?)
  125. Differentials,... anyone with experience?
  126. T-28 too small for 2.0L conversion??? (attn: audi2ptzero)
  127. Considering an EGT gauge...which manifold cylinder runner should i plumb the probe into?
  128. E-Town (NJ) open tonight!! I'm going...
  129. any opinions between porterfield's R4S brake pads and EBC's green pads?
  130. anybody have a "how to" sheet on changing brake pads . . .
  131. anyone have experience with ATP???
  132. Synthetic Oil Life Study...
  133. Paging Audi_R4R.....
  134. Help With Brake Lines
  135. Plug wires for 2.8 30v. Any performance oriented?
  136. Which First? Big Front Mount Intercooler? Or Exhaust? And why?
  137. heatshield for K&N filtercharger
  138. APR Stage1 HP/Torque/Boost Curve question
  139. WTB: stock 97 A4 1.8T cat
  140. XPOST: WYSIWYG: got a few southbend clutch questions for ya or anyone.
  141. What would happen if I disconnected the electrical connection to the n75 valve and drove around?..
  142. blew a tire on the freeway at 70mph, questions. . .
  143. need some chipping ideas
  144. Oettinger Spoiler
  145. I WANT TIPS
  146. Update on my 1991 100
  147. Anyone out there with experience swapping in a non-VAG engine?
  148. What brand of synthetic oil to use
  149. My car pulls to one side under braking sometimes, what could be wrong?
  150. WARNING! Your Intercooler may not be functioning correctly!
  151. NE1 have input . .pro or con .. on NEO synthetic oils/greases?
  152. need advice on what to do next
  153. PES Problems
  154. 2000 miles and 30 drags later....I think I toasted my clutch.....
  155. Mods for TT
  156. Well I think my Audi 100 is kaput. (Details Inside)
  157. Need Help Deciding between Chips
  158. attn xr4tic: hey John, I was right. VW Bug FPR is 3.0bar ;)
  159. blew my A4 1.8TQ engine if not covered what are my MOD options?
  160. Tender/helper springs revisited..
  161. opinions required on some unusual performance mods
  162. If you got coilovers would that negate the need for aftermarket swaybars...
  163. what can cause a system to run too rich on both cylinder banks?
  164. Any one got Neuspeed rear sway bar for B6 A4s? (m)
  165. I'm thinking about getting an audi what should I get?
  166. Question regarding HP / data correction factors - for turbos
  167. Pix of Milltek on 2002 A6 2.7T / xpost / dirty car
  168. Input on battery relocation?
  169. Mapping the Motronic 7.5? Anyone? Piggyback? Check list of mods.
  170. Xr4tic...or others who swapped to 2.8 trans...
  171. KO4 Questions?(more inside)
  172. Bigger volume fuel injectors.................
  173. As promised, pics of the hole in piston #3
  174. Woohoo! My clutch finally arrived, Now I can put this thing back together....
  175. European Car 1.8T Contest,...
  176. help with overboost...
  177. Gas
  178. ATP turbo kits(...more inside..kinda long...) ;-)
  179. Are turbo timers really neccessary
  180. still on edge about buying a lightened flywheel. if i just buy a new clutch (SPEC), will that help
  181. Where does this damn hose go? (Already asked on A4 forum)
  182. A8 Brake Upgrade Kits (X-post from A4 forum)
  183. do all 2.7T engines have an aux. water pump?...
  185. anyone know a good place to source GT25?
  186. Neuspeed 180hp chip for .98 1.8T - any experience with this?
  187. Anyone got any pics or info on TAPS Side Mount Intercooler Upgrade????
  188. Does anyone know if the A8 front subframe will mount onto, the B4 chassis?
  189. What would you do to a 92 100cs w/ $2800 for mods ?
  190. One last thread for the serious mad scientists out there, ref: head swaps
  191. Another question bout PCV pipe.
  192. Tinkering tonight, did my own comparison, ref: flywheels
  193. FK Coilovers - Archive says $1200, but how much for install???
  194. is the shock diameter of a bilstein diffrent for diffrent cars.
  195. Stock S4 injectors
  196. AP1800 & 1.8T Block differences
  197. Choice of exhaust system, Milltek or LLtek??
  198. what Torx bit is used to the 1.8t cyl head? T50 is too loose. i called zelenda but no such SST
  199. 1.8t A4 map sensor
  200. APR Stg 3 for 01.5
  201. APR Stage 3 Install
  202. remus muffler
  203. Any recommendations for a throaty exhaust system for a 2003 A4 1.8T
  204. Best place to buy track tires?
  205. Who's got a fully tuned 2.0T ?
  206. Externally adjustable Dampers / Coilover kits
  207. Does anyone have...
  208. I've asked this over at the A4 forum... (PCV valve question)
  209. SPP FMIC - Dimensions and Inlet/Outlet Pipe Diameter?
  210. Help me!!
  211. Nuespeed exhaust...
  212. Who make the ligher wheels in 17"?
  213. Forge SMIC....
  214. Are there any chips for the 2002 A4 1.8t CVT?
  215. 2.7T fuel delivery capacity question (longish)
  216. Undetectable Chip Upgrade ???
  217. Muffler for 1990 90 Quattro 20 Valve
  218. what is this bar for...cause i've seen some peoples setup wit out it.TIA
  219. so I have spent lots of time thinking of BPVs/BOVs lately...
  220. Westgate and BOV
  221. After stage iii, cluch , twin intercooler, diferential, complete exhaut, pulleys, what...
  222. Hard pipes?
  223. quattro AWD vs RWD: which is superior?
  224. Ok...need some solid reasoning on BPV orientation...
  225. Fender rubbing problem!!!
  226. Finally Pics of my T3/T4 kit...=)
  227. Aftermarket exhaust worth the money on a 2.8?
  228. Exhaust System - Need technical advice Pls. What diameter pipes?
  229. is a ball bearing turbo better than a non-ball bearing one?? tia....
  230. Vag logs for KO4 S4
  231. Installing Battery
  232. chirping noise
  233. anyway to change gear ratio?
  234. 2.8 dyno'd BS (before supercharger)
  235. After replacing control arms is it neccesary to get car aligned ?
  236. ECS Tuning Race head gasket?
  237. Tuning ideas ?
  238. Mobile 15w 50
  240. My car is pulling to the right - any suggestions other than the tires?
  241. European Car 1.8T challenge. For the guys with BIG TURBO kits
  242. CIS Research I been doing.... Help out give some opinions.
  243. Anyone know what these DTC codes mean?...
  244. Borla Exhaust...
  245. camshaft adjuster and tensioner replaced, got question
  246. Tranny Chips ?'s & No intake
  247. paging john bass- What is the max boost a stock 1.8t engine's internals hold wit a t3/t4.....
  248. x-post...injector sizing question.
  249. Can someone explain why back pressure on a turbo increases low end torque?
  250. Greddy / Neuspeed Exhaust