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  1. A4 brake ?'s...
  2. Tomorrow @ Dynospot
  3. Which SS brake lines to get? Please provide suggestions.
  4. Has anyone ported air to the front brakes for cooling? if so, please post pics, thanks!
  5. TT 225 K04 questions
  6. vortrag coil-over comments?
  7. Whats the most hp a stock 2001 A4 1.8t clutch can handle?
  8. ***Help!*** Turbo Timer Installation
  9. Is it common for a chipped A4 1.8T (AWD) to ...
  10. Will Eibach sport springs work with Bilstein shocks for S4? I tried the Koni's but they didn't work
  11. Air Induction Kit for 2.0 16v typ89 Coupe with ACE engine code.
  12. FYI PES has updated info on their turbo kit: starts at $3600 and 265hp-300hp.
  13. How would the performance be if I removed my borla muffler, and replaced with a remus...
  14. Performance specs for new A4 3.0l ????
  15. 1997 Audi A6 2.8 Quattro - Mods available?
  16. Hypertech products
  17. What Brake Caliper paint to use??? Where did you get it?
  18. what's the best air filter induction system?
  19. Oil change..
  20. When mechanics check to see if it needs an alignment what do they do?
  21. Exhausts Mod for the 2.8
  22. Whats the fastest S4 or A4 u guys have ever seen? I saw a blue S4 in chicago
  23. apr vs borla(neuspeed) ... gonna do catback, could use some opinions/info. =\
  24. A4 1.8t reliability and ease of mod's
  25. X-Post: Exhaust problems, I have sound bytes, what is making that noise?
  26. Finally installed the HR ultra coilovers...
  27. anyone know the settings MTM uses on the konis for the MTM full suspension?
  28. Which brand of Octane Booster is good?
  29. Weight of a '97 FWD A4 1.8t?
  30. selling my APR downpipes, high flow cats, and test pipes for S4..any takers? $1400..practicaly new
  31. I'm sure some of you know the formula: bhp = (factor) x (cid) x (psi +14.7)...
  32. For Sale- Apr Ver. 3.0
  33. Won a 286HP kit for the A4 1.8T in a competition, but dont have a A4 :-(
  34. I ordered my K04 kit from AWE on Friday !!! I can't wait to install it !!! Yesssssss
  35. BRAKES ! I need them..
  36. Anyone interested in a Turbo5 2.8L Cone Air Intake?
  37. SC Altima Challenge - NOT
  38. X-post to A4 forum for my boost guage installation pictures and comments.
  39. hey lucas! how much weight was removed in balancing your engine
  40. any pics of a4 with 18inch wheels and 1.75inch lwering kit!!
  41. Pretty disappointed with these Samco hoses for A4
  42. mods for me a4 v6
  43. GIAC 1.0 vs 1.5 Chip?
  44. ATTN: 1/4 mile people....
  45. Finally received my DIGI so heres the PICS of my AWE Vent BG.BTW it looks much better in person.
  46. garret T3/T4E Hybrids only $655!!
  47. Hey TMS, how's the KO$/Tip holding up?
  48. feedback wanted on intrax sport springs
  49. Can i put GT25 turbo in my a4?
  50. Maximum horsepower potential of the stock turbo, 2001 A4 1.8T
  51. APR is pleased to announce our acquisition of a 4-wheel Chassis Dynamometer
  52. Anyone have one of these from PES & can we use it? Will it help with our chipped or K04'd A4's?
  53. 2nd request; indep Audi shop in LA ??????
  54. So what is the deal with exhaust?
  55. Got my Samco hoses today to go with Forge BPV
  56. Hummmmmm hummm hummm...I just SPANKED a black S4 on the south side...
  57. Is this bad????
  58. Please comment on potential problems with custom downpipe on 1.8T...
  59. Does anyone know how much psi is lost on stock 1.8T intercooler... say at about 12psi of boost? ...
  60. S4 Brake Questions...
  61. SMOKED a VR6 today.................:)
  62. How many hours to replace the flex lines with stainless and bleed the system?
  63. X POST: MD/VA/DC Krispy Kreme run on Sat. 3/10. Info enclosed:
  64. Does anyone own a single-person brake bleeder? (more)
  65. PES - Hot Import Nights - come see us....
  66. Insulated air duct for 2.7T - mod.
  67. Chips
  68. Makes K04 upgrade look like peanuts...
  69. possible HP upgrades for S4
  70. UH?!?!!?! ......... LOWERING SPRINGS BAD?!?!?!
  71. Turbo5--The truth comes out!
  72. how hard is it to swap stock for lowering springs in 97 a4 awd?
  73. quality indep shop in the West LA, So. Bay area?
  74. Would porting our turbos be worth it?
  75. Questions on turbo timer
  76. s-car list shows MTM chip huge favorite. A4 'chat' forum shows APR leading big. my question:
  77. are the KONI shocks adjustable while on the car?
  78. can i please get a Weight on 17 MM EVO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Thanks
  79. can someone recomend a shop in the palo Alto Mountainview area for suspension shop Thanks
  80. Any reviews on the Garret chip in a A4 1.8t?
  81. 0-60 Times w/ G-tech pro
  82. TAP Intake system
  83. Dumb question...which direction loosens and tightens dampens Koni coilovers? I lost the manual
  84. Can anyone recommend a quality shop in the Baltimore area to install shocks & springs?
  85. how much for a 1.8t engine and where is the best place to get one?
  86. 12V turbo update.
  87. Has anyone run the Lltek front swaybar?
  88. Turbo 5 intercooler installed
  89. Recommendations for pads and rotors for Alcon B-types
  90. one little question
  91. Having some lifters replaced tomorrow - any advice???
  92. QRS in Austin
  93. injectors on 2.6 V6
  94. XPost: anyone know exactly what the rev limiter is set for a '01 A4 1.8?
  95. Help with BPV install
  96. Koni Coilover Stiffness Settings....
  97. 1.8t with stage 3 or build a 318ti with a M3 inside...
  98. Where can I find a chip for a '90 90Q, 20V, stick???????
  99. *** WARNING *** : Samco Sport TBB fitment issue (2.7T)!
  100. Saw you guys at KK...
  101. 1995 Audi 90 Quattro Stink Problem! Speed?
  102. Pic of Nitrous 1.8T
  103. does anybody have a 12v that is tricked out?
  104. Recommendations for an adjustable fuel pressure regulator?
  105. What effect do spacers have on a wheel?(more)
  106. Anyone ever encounter Bump Steer by lowering your A4?
  107. Night at the drags... 13.20
  108. Anyone know of any performance shops here in Dallas?
  109. Lucas - Pictures/More Info.?
  110. where can i get bright bulbs?
  111. Intake system
  112. Best place to sell modded A4?
  113. Looking for info on TAP's KO3-Sport turbo kit!
  114. Will a 30v v6 bolt up to a 4000q tranny?
  115. boost guage needle jumps between 10-12 psi. help. (somewhat long)
  116. anybody here try nitrous on their 1.8t's?
  117. idle problem
  118. Lots of parts on E-Bay!
  119. Is there any concensus on best pad for stock rotors/calipers/wheels?
  120. Lucas - What kind of boost controller do you have?
  121. Does anyone make a brake duct kit for the A4?(x-post A4 and racing)
  122. Induction kit w/stock airbox?
  123. Please point me to good mail order house for ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid?
  124. K04 Tiptronic Impressions...................more!
  125. TT Coupe Track Prep recommendations?...
  126. real bad news: new motor needed. some questions...(long).
  127. *How many of you 1.8T and 2.8 owners would be interested in a Driveline Stabilizer ?*
  128. Engine question:
  129. clunk in rear after shock/spring install. please read
  130. NOT AN AUDI but it is still under performance, auction
  132. Check out these oil coolers....whaddayathink?
  133. Anyone have a schematic for the VAGCOM adapter? or links to sites?
  134. I'm almost afraid to ask...
  135. Any good performance shop in Boston?
  136. Mods to A6 2.8Q
  137. Can ne1 give me some insight on Wilwood 4-pistons vs Porsche Calipers? (m)
  138. Quick Q....Bilstein and Eibach combo = over dampening?
  139. X-Post : Driveline shudder reduced dramatically - installed Driveline Stabilizer on A4
  140. Rebuilding/ Replacing my 5-cylinder
  141. Anyone dyno a Stage III and/or III+ car?
  142. Lucas Complete Mods List...
  143. the conclusion and retraction.......
  144. Neuspeed sport springs or neuspeed race spings with stock sport suspension?TIA
  145. VBL vs. standard neuspeed 1 bar...any expereinces thoughts?
  146. FYI: Prophet_S4 same person as 2G SSSS, both SPAMmers
  147. anyone know how to set koni coil-over damper ? .....
  148. Brian W.....U still post here??
  149. anyone know where to get springs cheap?
  150. Love the S4 Front and want one on my A4?
  151. anyone have a giac or apr chip.....
  152. Chip recommendations for 2.8 30v?
  153. Can someone make some sense of spring rates for me....
  154. anyone know whats the 0-60 on a 2001 1.8t w/quattro
  155. Just completed a track day with CAA. Very Interesting...
  156. Is there any way i can add more torque
  157. So I'm installing my new Forge BPV...
  158. WARNING BUYER BEWARE, Joerg in Austria marks parts up 100%!!!
  159. K04 upgrade w/o K04 software?
  160. RS2 turbo and Manifold vs. chip tuning
  161. ECU Compatibility - 2 many ???s
  162. S8 Brakes? (more)
  163. how do i fit an intake on this???
  164. Greedspeed's Hoax? NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!
  165. Anyone with Koni Coilovers for A4
  166. Tanoga short shifter group buy...
  167. Torn rubber shock boot (Xpost from A4)
  168. Denver tuning/repair shop recommendation needed
  169. variable compression engine article
  170. Need help with exhausts for an S4, $ is of some consideration but I want gains, pls help!!!!!
  171. Please share your opinions on the "Blitz Dual Turbo Timer" TIA
  172. Can someone tell me more about the A4 V6 3.0L engine? It's rather new to me.
  173. Looking for good Northern NJ tuner...Anyone ?
  174. Dynapack Dyno Demo
  175. FS: Wett 1.0 bar chip & ECU for '97-'99.5 1.8T...
  176. Any cautions with adding a chip to a '97 1.8tqa with 63k mi?
  177. For Sale: GIAC chip for pre-2000 1.8Tq 5-speed...
  178. Hi, where is the sensor for the coolant temperature gauge located? Thanks.
  179. Any H&R distributors/resellers in Canada?
  180. Whats a good site to get clearouts for a 01 a4
  181. Gas Gauge jumped to Empty and back to normal... HELP!!!! It did it everytime time i accelerate hard
  182. ** Installed my Stratmosphere BPV valve las night. 1 hour to complete.....
  183. Need help on S4 exhaust system with catback......
  184. what would win off the line a BMW 323i or a 2001 a4 1.8t
  185. Know any good audi shop near Seattle?
  186. Audi Shops in Northern Virginia?
  187. Clark ? Are you still alive? Pls.check your mail.
  189. Houston Upgrade Shop.
  190. AERO....!!
  191. What's the difference between an open deck vs a closed deck block? Or a semi-closed deck?
  192. 2.7t 6/speed clutch when chipped
  193. A4 1.8T (2001) Improvements
  194. APR EMCS Updates?
  195. ANYONE know good suspension shops on Long Island???
  196. Do mods hurt resale value? Any opinions of people who have sold modified A4's
  197. Looking for a shop in Boston to assist in 2001 1.8 modifications
  198. Any Goup purchases for H&R Coilovers coming soon?
  199. APR Group Purchase - final update
  200. RS4 gets only 13.8 for 1/4 mile???
  201. Need to upgrade my brakes. Has anyone done this with Borbet 17" type "C" ? Please help.
  202. X-post- Do i have an exhaust leak?
  203. Road Dyno calibration
  204. (Xpost) other than looks what.....
  205. S4 miss at idle. Anyone have this problem?
  206. Suggestions re: Bay Area Turbo Timer Installation on 2001 s4
  207. test
  208. TDI IC for 1.8T ?
  209. GIAC==Gobs of Power. APR==Globs of Solder. (crosspost from A4 forum)
  210. XP: Getting a VERY loud ticking from the cylinder nearest the firewall when idled after a run.
  211. anyone have AWE's center vent pod and boost gauge?
  212. can you swap a 2.8 for a 1.8t ?
  213. What exactly would happen if my MAS was "broken?"
  214. INTAKE FOR 97 2.8L WAGON...
  215. A4 FWD 1BE understeerer?
  216. Want to Improve 0-60!!!!!
  217. Replace your old 1.8 belt tensioners!!! A friend in the Audi business has had
  218. I'm losing my mind
  219. What is a good brand of muffler that uses "Reflective" technology?
  220. Is there any gain in using samco hoses?
  221. boost gauges
  222. Why is there so much critizism of the GT25?
  223. It's alive, it's alive! APR Stage 3 is finally in! (ramblings enclosed)
  224. Exhaust question
  225. Air filter and chip for 30V 2.8
  226. 98 2.8Q Tip Mod Questions
  227. Does anyone know if Neuspeed is offering the cat-back exaust for FWD A4 1.8T?
  228. Direct Bolt on GT25 Turbo for A4 1.8t
  229. S4 shift lever
  230. Xpost - Should I go with a Bailey or Forge dump valve and why?
  231. New timing belt tensioner.
  232. whistling (sounds like a Blow Off) coming from engine @~3krpm. Could this be a leak in BPV valve?..
  233. XPOST - Where can I get the best deal on the 22mm Neu rear sway bar? How much for install? Thanks!
  234. Do I need to buy new clamps for my install of the BPV? Are stock ones reusable?
  235. X post: Transmission Fault Code 15258
  236. Anyone try the KW springs/shocks..?? F/R Lower 1.6"
  237. where can i get audisport parts?
  238. Why do all the S4 and A4 race cars use spring/shock setup instead of coilovers?
  239. Ok as below I want 280-350 hp so mod A4 or get a 1gen DSM?
  240. (X post)Hi, anyone replaced the tiny hose when installed new bypass valve? Where can I buy it?
  241. Chip Mod to eliminate fuel cutoff?
  242. Help: want to hardwire Valentine 1 Detector in my TT
  243. Dyno Day! Dyno Day! Anyone in the area? Stop by!
  245. APR Exhaust and South Florida
  246. Ok, Ok - Best Shocks/Settings for Auto-X (with stock springs)? Thanks!
  247. Best place to buy Pagid blues for A4Q 2.8??
  248. I lost a race against a wagon with my stock S4.
  249. Who carries BMC air filters for the TT. I have stock #. Thanks.
  250. Looking for 280-350hp out of 1.8T. So APR stage 3+,4 or custom turbo(T3/T4, 16g?) more...