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  1. High Flow Cat for A3 1.8T ('97 R reg)
  2. RS2 parts NEW!!! Sell CHEAP!
  3. is it worth getting new injectors on my 98.5 ko4 a4
  4. Those of you that wear glasses with your helmets...please help out a noob!
  5. thermostats
  6. Suggestions for online stores for G-Force Pro Force Hybrid Helmet in stock? Backordered at 3 so far
  7. What's typical for timing advance for a 1.8t , 93octane, chipped only.
  8. Here is my MAF data!...
  9. x-post -> Anyone know of an AWD dyno in toronto area????
  10. Is the head gasket provided with the PES t28 kit the same as stock or different?
  11. Will installing an electronic boost controller be the same as it was on the older s4?
  12. How strong are Silicone Hoses?
  13. Crack in my exhaust manifold...Can this be fixed? see picture.....
  14. Peltier Intake
  15. Fuel cell install. Michigan area shops?
  16. Which CoilOvers to get?
  17. Custom FMIC install - Finally
  18. Audi2PTZero - Is your car back on the road? Have u run it down the quarter yet?
  19. Does anyone have any tips on getting the stock turbo out?
  20. My Situation (update)
  21. BPV
  22. Blow Off Valves
  23. More on my negative deviation fault code...
  24. has anyone had trouble installing RC injectors?
  25. 1.8T oil grade recommendations
  26. Are there any places that sell just the manifold that you can bolt a garrett turbo to?
  27. I hope this is the real deal, or...maybe I don't...
  28. would anyone be able to answer some questions regarding intercoolers?
  29. European Car 1.8T Contest?
  30. Whats a good material to make a full heat shield out of?
  31. APR on the road
  32. External oil cooling for high-stressed 016 gearbox
  33. I'm replacing some vacuum lines tonight...
  34. abs control unit replacement
  35. Anybody know of an APR dealer in CT closer to Hartford than Norwalk?
  36. 02 Simulators?
  37. "Triple C" Camber adjustment Bolt
  38. Has anyone used ATP's fmic on an A4?
  39. Need brake pad advice
  40. anyone have a source for aftermarket tranny mounts?
  41. Yippers...
  42. MPEG of 12.77 run
  43. Werks of Art Stage 3 Clutch arrived today - thanx Juan!
  44. Has anyone here ever had any problems with the forge BPV?
  45. Anyone with a Stage 3 or PES T28 kit
  46. repost: help with this code please.... 17884 Evap Leak Detection pump insufficient vacuum...
  47. Much ado about BPV's and BOV's.
  48. questions about FMICs and fit
  49. Anyone here ever bend a coilover..ie; H&R?
  50. Oil leakage :-( Ideas on where it's coming from?
  51. need a tunner/shop with exp installing K04 kits in LI/Queens NY... TIA
  52. question on MBC for 2000 1.8t
  53. yet another charge pressure: negative deviation fault code...
  54. Dual Twin Exhaust on a 4.2
  55. Call me stupid, but who the manufacturer of the 12v perf heads again.. I cant find it in search..
  56. Went 1St time to the drag strip.
  57. Yipper here is one of the vag logs of my 2 liter K04 runs at the track
  58. anyone know how much it is to chrome pipes?
  59. Help! for the 20V (coupe quattro) stainless steel exhaust header gurus.. TIA
  60. Looking for sport suspension for 2000 A6 4.2
  61. Booked in for AVO Custom 2.5" SS Cat back Zhorst - Should i get a free flow cat as well?
  62. Is G12 coolant perfectly safe for an Aluminum Rad ?
  63. How much interest would there be for a Euro tuner to come to the east coat and custom tune?
  64. Have VAG-COM, chipped ECU, spare ECU. What should I log?
  65. Anyone with an early 99 2.8Q..
  66. What stand alone system is everyone using...which one is the best for our cars?
  67. How much power could be gained with a fmic on my car because of pulled timing?
  68. S4 Chip FOR SALE
  69. cams
  70. 03 A4 Avant 1.8T Oettinger Body Kit
  71. virgin...(30k)... '01 S4 looking for "safe?" additional hp
  72. Anyone know what the Greddy ProfecB spec II is over the original ProfecB?
  73. Will an APR chipped ECU out of a 2000 1.8TMQ fit a similiar car regardless of the model ECU that it
  74. K04 for the '01 A4: Are larger fuel injectors needed?
  75. matching injectors to maf housing - some info
  76. Misfire in cylinder #2!!!
  77. doing the EFK soon, any tips?
  78. what brand has this logo?
  79. Any chip modifications for an 1990 Audi 90 2.3L 5 cylinder?
  80. Time slip from last night
  81. should i get a K&N pannel filter or a full air intake for my 99 A4 1.8t ?
  82. Where can i get a 6sp transmission from audi or vw?
  83. Mod noob questions (snub mount, REVO/chipping)...
  84. Bleeding air from cooling system
  85. Replacement fuel pump for TT?
  86. Question on hoses...
  87. how miserable will I get if I convert my A4 to become right hand steering?
  88. help needed, please
  89. What's a good fuse size to put on my oil temp gauge?
  90. who has modded their MAF? anything to watch for?
  91. N75 valve replaced with N75 valve from beetle turbo S. should I expect any problems?
  92. Does anyone know anything about these SS lines?
  93. Advice needed please!
  94. Need Max power
  95. where is the best place to order a evoshield from?
  96. Finaly instaled the New timing belt with updated tensioner and some other mods. BWW
  97. Replacement fuel pump
  98. 5 bar fuel pressure regulator
  99. Fuel management questions, serious help needed on system choices. PLEASE
  100. Anyone here drive/own an "older 911"? (X-Post)
  101. Any thoughts on variable nozzle turbo's?
  102. Where can i get SS bends cheap??
  103. What's up with these brake rotors?
  104. What is the correct way to bed in a new clutch?
  105. Anyone know of Todd Candey contact info or email addr?
  106. Update on my charge pressure negative deviation...
  107. Disconnecting the PCV valve, is it a bad thing to do?
  108. Anyone know of a stage 3 clutch upgrade for the 2002 Audi A4?
  109. Does anyone have a set of 4 440cc injectors I could borrow?
  110. x-post ..... question about boost pressure n temp.
  111. Silicone Vacuum Hoses
  112. Engine noise...how much is normal (1.8T)?
  113. Where can I get a catch can for crankcase breather?
  114. ok, where can i get this?
  115. audi R8 racing video and/or sound?
  116. What drawbacks are there when a turbo intake pipe has too many bends?
  117. Make the absolute TT
  118. brake lines on lowered suspenssion.
  119. What would happen if the vac line from the intake manifold...
  120. New x-chip and a knocking at hard acceleration
  121. Help with Charge Pressure Control: Negative Deviation...
  122. Are there any free downloading programs that would allow viewing of maps from bin or hex files?
  123. A.W.E. stage 2 clutch kit arrived
  124. So My Clutch is F_ked. I need a new one - Works of Art Stage 3?
  125. VR6 vs. stock throttle body (not installed yet)
  126. Xpost, some quick G-tech 0-60mph times
  127. (x-post) Seeking further info on damper question.
  128. (x-post from B5 A4) Could DTC 16517 cause boost loss?
  129. vacuum readings over 60Hg...what's broken?
  130. A new Continuously Variable Valve Actuation system
  131. Those with big turbos, can you tell me if silicone hose for boost gauge will collapse under boost?
  132. oil viscosity emissions question
  133. underdrive pulleys
  134. Got into an accident :( - Anybody know if they make aftermarket radiators....
  135. GT30 turbo kit problems
  136. I bought a used k04 kit.....
  137. Installing front lower control arm: front driver's side?
  138. Wastegate adjustment on biturbo?
  139. Any suggestions? When hot the revs sometimes 'stick' - have to blip the throttle
  140. Opinion pls. Should I hollow out my cat?
  141. S4 Boost Pressure Test
  142. Any ideas as to why I would be getting ignition timing retardation?
  143. Hoping someone here can help with my 20V CQ fuel injectors....
  144. What boost are you seeing with APR Stage 3?
  145. Exausts
  146. J&E Piston Sizes = Proprietary Info?
  147. performance boost for A6 2.7T
  148. Lookee here!
  149. My car has 5psi less boost as a result of running low on gas and experienceing "fuel slop"(long)
  150. will I loose the abillity to use VVT if I switch to an AEB Head on my ATW block..
  151. 1.8t GT30 update (dynoed)
  152. Approx differences with S4 Box Installed.
  153. Lossing boost... Vagged..
  154. Which exhaust would give more power..??? (more)
  155. Can B6 1.8T benefit from MAF upgrade? Who sells?
  156. Is a Split Second PSC1 needed on a K03 w/...
  157. Does anyone have an APR EMCS Home Programmer they would like to sell?
  158. New Product: ProDiag diagnostic tool for your PalmOS powered device!!
  159. 1996 audi cabriolet poor transmission shift cold weather
  160. Need urgent help with 1.8tqm (LONG)
  161. Audi2ptzero...or anyone with k04 knowledge..
  162. http://forums.audiworld.com/oz/msgs/1653.phtml
  163. A6 2.7T Tires
  164. Continuing with Mods to Coupe Quattro... with question though..
  165. How can I tell if my clutch needs to be replaced?
  166. What does this fault code mean?
  167. race pipes on a stg 3?
  168. Super AFC?...
  169. Airflow numbers question...
  170. Aftermarket blow-thru MAF installed
  171. DV fluttering on part throttle?
  172. where do u get that locked torx screw driver?
  173. intercooler cooler anyone with one?
  174. Is there a break-in required on a new turbocharger or can I stomp away? ;-)
  175. Good place to get tuning work done in Long Island, NY area?
  176. where do we get oil and water fittings and lines?
  177. May I install PES Supercharge kit for my A6 2.4Q?
  178. Problems with Newly instaled GIAC Chip !! ??
  179. n-DBW Ko4 - what boost are you seeing?
  180. smell of fumes when WOT on a A4 1.8t cvt. Please help...........
  181. gt30 installed on 1.8t.....
  182. Poll for those of you running without any catalytic converters:
  183. Turbo oil inlet hose.. how can i get this thing out !!??
  184. Are coilovers a DIY thing on an A6?
  185. Help: any reports of ECUs being damaged during a chip installation?
  186. What chip for my 97 1.8t manual
  187. Hey, is anyone running the ECS tuning stage 2 clutch and light steel flywheel?
  188. Would a chipped A4 benefit from a manual boost control system?
  189. Shortshifter advice... Neuspeed, Stratmosphere, or Tanoga??
  190. anybody know how/where to install a trans temp gauge on a 99.5 1.8t tiptronic? i need instruction.
  191. BIRA System 6 Brake Upgrade installed on A8
  192. can some verify that this cam timing is correct, for 20v 5cylinder engine pic inside....
  193. chip question
  194. New turbo pic :)
  195. What size injectors to use with this? ;-)
  196. is it posable to turbo a 12v
  197. S4 6-Speed install all done!!
  198. How much over invoice did u guys pay on a '03 A4 1.8t quatto
  199. Displacement and air flow questions.
  200. How practical would this A/F gauge be in terms of readabililty?
  201. Anyone use or have any info on the HKS Camp system? Maybe vs. Defi Link?
  202. Reminder: NYC Metro meet, tonight 7:30PM @ East Meadow, LI Krispy Kreme
  203. I ran across something you nDBW guys may want to check out.
  204. Question for you guys on MAF part numbers...
  205. Help finding air filter
  206. Ruhh Rohh
  207. Stage 3 guys: Got any logs of RPM, MAF, O2, and injector duty? I want to compare....
  208. Coilpack iden: Is it "J" batch that is trouble-clear? How to tell from existing coilpack?
  209. Need a little brake help.....
  211. Replacing Emblems - APR Exhaust
  212. Official NOTICE: NYC Metro meet @ East Meadow KK on Thursday 4/17.
  213. werid idling problem...
  214. engine question..
  215. need help with misfiring
  216. where should I buy a compression tester from? autozone>,napa?...experiences????
  217. NEED HELP URGENT!!!!!!
  218. Rebuilding a turbo?
  219. Anybody running the ATP turbo kit?
  220. IA chipping for 100q
  221. Power steering cuts out during long slalom course...what to do?
  222. What's the most cost-effective way to improve brakes short of a big brake kit
  223. hey I don't think this has ever been asked here before , but which chip should I go with? ;0)
  224. Anybody out there have a problem with rust on the stock K03s???
  225. White smoke @ idle..... & a posible S-III/T-28 Hybrid
  226. compression test...
  227. big bore body throtle Q?
  228. Do you need all 4 inlet pipes to add K04s to an S4? Or just the lower 2?
  229. how do i change the soft coding in my ECU from a Passat to an A4?
  230. how do I find the oem specs for the measuring blocks when using the ross tech Vag Com
  231. Boost??
  232. Stoptech/Big Brakes users: With or with out dustshields? Any difference in the rain??
  233. koni question
  234. Financing available on PES upgrades (brakes, suspension, turbo's etc.) write me for more info...
  235. Just took out resonator and put on a pair of MagnaFlow; Good vs Bad
  236. X-post: Can the Twin IC kit from Greedspeed work for the B5 ? It's listed for B6 but...
  237. Ok. would it matter if oil pressure switches were put in backwards?......
  238. s4 swap into a4?
  239. NYC metro meet @ East Meadow KK moved to next week.
  240. FMIC Question
  241. Newbie!
  242. which chip is more reliable and less problematic? APR or GIAC
  243. Need advice regarding Bosch 270cc injectors...........
  244. Remus HP questions
  245. Cold air intake?
  246. DSG.. is it worth it?
  247. I've asked this before but what do you think it mean if i unplug my maf and
  248. Anyone got a recommendation for tranny fluid?
  249. 2002 2.7T w/6 speed
  250. Few more pics of the big turbo.