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  1. Braking for dummies with additions from RangeR BoB and teamscR
  2. who was it that put gauges in place of their ashtray? Anyone have pics? TIA
  3. need lowering springs for my 1995 audi cabriolet
  4. 1.8T swapped for 5 cylinder inline 20v turbo? Anyone done this?
  5. How many pounds of boost can stock A4's take?
  6. motodyne supercharger
  7. twin turbo 12v
  8. Comments on add on computer ECU or computer chip please
  9. How to change the Trip Computer info. from Gallons to Liters
  10. car alarms vs wildlife
  11. New 360HP S4 Rumors??
  12. Koni coilover owners, help me please. Adjustment problems..(Long, please read).
  13. OK, check this out guys........ ( nice race story inside)
  14. Braking for Dummies - Part II
  15. anybody with a GREDDy turbo timer ? how do you turn off sound
  16. K04 as K03 in my A4 (well kinda)
  17. Any comments on APR and/or MTM Stage III setups?
  18. Denso Iridium Plugs & Fuel Efficieny Report (long) x-post from A4 forum.
  19. Sway Bars For 97 A4
  20. ESP without traction control (ASR) on a 2001 A4 1.8T, possible????
  21. OT/humor: here's the first mod Ranger Bob has in mind for his upcoming New Beetle 1.8T.
  22. Has anyone installed a Larger MAF Unit?
  23. Anyone try haltech computer in their Audi?
  24. My H&R coilovers for my A4 didn't come with bumpstops... is this standard?
  25. looking for coilover what should i get for my a4 1.8tq
  26. X-Post: Correct fitment for K&N filter-charger...
  27. Braking for dummies FAQ (long)
  28. S03PP max inflation pressure 36psi - true?
  29. Where can I get my fenders rolled in the NorCal area? How much should it cost? Thanks.
  30. True or false? The engine blocks on the 2.7T and 2.8 5V-V6 are the same.
  31. Does anyone know anything about the Bilstein PSS-9 coilovers?
  32. What is the weight distribution, front/rear, of a 1.8 Avant?(m)
  33. 2000 A4 1.8, 250F Oil Temps Re-Visited
  34. RS4 kiss my Ass!!!! Interesting Dyno Day and Real Facts.
  35. Has anyone done any comparison between different brake kits?
  36. Where can i get a throtle body for my 30v???
  37. KO4 partnumber one more time pls!
  38. Any one know of an AWD dyno in the Midwest?
  39. RD rockeTT I am looking for you!
  40. STOPTECH A4 Brake kits on the way...
  41. xpost Advice to Garrett/GIAC
  42. is it worth gettin a Spare Chip ECU ?..APR or GIAC
  43. How much do 2001.5 17" sport wheels weigh?
  44. do S4 seats fit in A4?
  45. how hard would it be to wire power seats in a car originally with manual seats?
  46. Eibach springs to lower this wheel gap??
  47. Looking for info from those of you that had CAI kits and went back to usage of the stock airbox..
  48. Silver O.Z. Racing Super Turismos in stock for A4 AND S4 fitments
  49. Front and Rear Fog Lights automatically ON!
  50. Need trans gearing help/comments/discussion (long)
  51. Anyone know of a short-shift kit for '95 90,or at least a way to tighten it up.
  52. Unmodified ECU Supercharger Conversion?
  53. Mobil 1 tri-sythetic 15w-50w
  54. Who makes the best sounding resonated tips???
  55. Okay, today I did an 87MM[ID] DTM straight pipe welded into a Forge/Milltek center resonated pipe...
  56. Update on MAF mod!
  57. Mass Air Flow 101
  58. Alcon B Types under Borbet type S wheels
  59. Might be Trading wifes A3 in on a S3..
  60. Eibach ProKits + Bilsteins + 17x7.5 ET35 + 225/45-17 = Tire hitting front fenders!
  61. 1.8t guys: Anyone thought of putting a mini intercooler here?
  62. New 225 TT
  63. Any more info on the 612 HP S4 European engine..
  64. Anyone know of a source for RS2 front calipers? TIA :)
  65. For every 11 degrees F increase in charge air temp, you lose 1% HP. The engine compartment is 70-100
  66. I see the 1.8T folks love the Iridium Plugs any opinions on using them in the 2.7T
  67. Know where I can find Headers For a 96 A4 2.8Q
  68. Any negative effects in using Xylene instead of Toulene?
  69. Someone with a Turbo5 FIC can you please measure how thick the IC is please. Thanks
  70. Ok getting near summer, Wheres Turbo5? Also stage 3 or high performance gurus: LUCAS
  71. SplitSecond 1.8t BCS installed [cross-post]
  72. Sorry to spam: Selling H&R sport springs for FWD A4.
  73. Got Clutch?
  74. X Post from Misc Model forum Stebro Exhaust for '84 4KQ
  75. My 01' A4 1.8T reaches oil temp. of 250F degree with...
  76. MY 00, A4 1.8T oil temps hitting 250 degrees, and then goes down, and then back up???
  77. Reversing the Haldex
  78. Comments from a RS4 Owner...
  79. Audi Ride and Drive event??
  80. What would it take to bolt up an S4 6 speed to a '00 A4 1.8TQ?
  81. Crosspost: Exhaust System 101
  82. It seems lately (APR content)
  83. Denso Iridium Plugs Installed Today. (impressions and ramble)
  84. OK, who's ready for a 500hp Audi TT?
  85. Does anybody have any info on the Supersprint test pipe for the 1.8T
  86. Is it best to order new ECM to chip '01 S4? New owner, advice needed...
  87. has anyone with an K&N intake every got error codes saying "too lean"?
  88. S4 brake conversion
  89. Ok, my turn to have unexplained power loss. Anyone up for an armchair diagnosis?
  90. Sway bar questions... I currently have a rollcage and...
  91. 1/8th mile times?
  92. Has anybody experienced the supersprint exhaust with back resonator on a 2.8 30v..........
  93. How much should I pay for downpipe install? (S4)
  94. What's the datablock to measure the Pulse width or duty cycle of the injectors???
  95. Rich L. Contact me please
  96. Which chip and cat-back exhaust system is best for S4?
  97. Does anyone try unichips?
  98. Anybody have any ideas for an inexpensive rear brake upgrade?
  99. x-post: Exhaust installer in DFW?
  100. help with H&R coil overs
  101. Need Brake advice: What is a good kit for both front and rear for 225TT: Ive got 18s on it
  102. Just test-drove a 1.8T w/Quattro and Tip...doggy?
  103. Help!! Are there any ill effects of going from synthetic to dino motor oil?
  104. Interesting fuel economy improvements (long)
  105. Rich L. still have your Stage III up for grabs???
  106. ANYONE KNOW where I can pick up a borla exhaust for less than $540, S4 6spd sedan.
  107. Need help with Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge install
  108. APR FMIC for A4 1.8T...Does anyone have any idea when it will be available? $? APR?
  109. 1/4 mile questions
  110. * HELP ! 1998 1.8T FWD, 5spd APR, Turn key-dash lights show normal, NO engine turnover...
  111. Chipping 97 1.8T auto in CO altitude (low octane fuel)
  112. Immobilizer 2&3 Fix--Only from APR....
  113. Hard Starts with Wett 1.8T Chip
  114. APR $$?
  115. OT - Best Porsche site w/ msg. boards?? Boss interested in chipping 96 Turbo - Thx
  116. Anyone modify their MAF like this one?
  117. APR v.2 Exhaust vs. Borla v. 2 Exhaust--Crosspost
  118. Do the rear perches on Bilstein Sports just affect the ride height?
  119. Performance Muffler for '93 90 S?
  120. Question about swapping rotors on aftermarket brakes.
  121. Toluene revisited
  122. Sending turbine housing and manifold to HPC - should I send cat also?
  123. Do all TIPs act like this? Will a chip help?
  124. k-power compressor for a3 1.8 atmospheric (250hp)
  125. anybody who did the europeanspeed.com air box mod ?
  126. CHIP HELP???
  127. blow off valveis it good or bad..read on.......
  128. Can someone sell me their coilovers?
  129. how do i adjust the height of each of my koni coilovers?
  130. OT: Not performance related but.. Edward Palisoc any word on the nokia kits?
  131. is it possible to remove the MAF sensor from that cylindrical housing?
  132. can u do the clear corner mod on a 96 a4?
  133. For a daily driver, AWE K04 w/FMIC or APR Stage III?
  134. What's the going rate on a GIAC S4 chip?
  135. Vortrag/ Alcon install and impressions (very long)
  136. Spark plugs on the 1.8T who has changed them(not changed by dealership)?
  137. Q) Fuel consumption with aftermarket turbo...
  138. HELP.... how do you know if your turbo is broken???
  139. bailey bypass valves
  141. AWE K04 Kit
  142. this is your daily reminder, Continental Audi picnic this Sunday, Naperville, IL
  143. does anybody know how much hp one would get from switching to some vortech heads??
  144. anyone else ever lost their idle with APR's Stage III kit?
  145. Just finished ALCONs
  146. What size swaybar is good for front and back ?
  147. Is the GIAC tip-chip worth it ?
  148. Better than the G-tech Pro...RT Performance Meter GB x-post
  149. Anyone has graphs for APR Stage 2 and 2+ (downpipes) for the S4
  150. Anyone have the Roar Hyper Intake?
  151. Changing the final drive ratio on a Tiptronic...it can't be THAT hard or expensive, right?
  152. please help... xpost...TIA
  153. Bailey Valve Problem?
  154. Chicago area people- Reminder- Continental Audi picnic this Sunday
  155. Anyone here install apr stage III themselves?
  156. Which Porsche calipers (part # or model) will fit an A4? Thanks!
  157. which bpv do you guys suggest me getting for my 98 1.8tqm?
  158. Tec-II install photos
  159. Tec-II software
  160. Catalytic Converter
  161. Turbo 5 Intake or LLTek Intake for 2.8 Quatro.. Anyone Had experiences with either?
  162. GIAC chip temperature sensitive?
  163. Les Bidrawn in June ec...anyone remember him complaining about A4 chips?
  164. Alcon"B" type/Vortrag A4 brake kit anyone need one..now..Ive got one.
  165. Where is the new chip review at that we where all promised
  166. Can you post rusian site for EKTA.TIA
  167. what is my red line in stock 98 a4? apr chipped?
  168. Can anyone recommend an alignment shop? (South Bay)
  169. Injectors - anyone know the flow rate on these?
  170. When are we gonna get parts like this for our 1.8t's?
  171. greedspeed fmic installed.. impressions and pics..
  172. okay turbo geeks, lets go
  173. Can someone give me full specs on K03/K04?
  174. Has anybody else had a defective H&R coilover?
  175. HP or gearing determines top speed?
  176. Koni Coilover Install Complete! (Long)
  177. please help..what is the best launch point for chiped tt?..cuz..
  178. Does anyone have H&R springs on an A6 4.2? Observations?
  179. bigger injectors
  180. Anyone logging data on 225 TT?
  181. baby gets braces to fill her beautiful mouth!
  182. for those of you running Stage III, have you ever had any of these problems?
  183. Anyone have Part # for S4 drivers side vented wheel well liner?
  184. What do u guys run at the track 1/4 mile times? the fastest i ve seen is 13.1...
  185. Help, Info Please!
  186. 1998 1.8T 5spd....Does the trans fluid ever need replacing ? Can't find in service description.
  187. Ko3 1.8T goes [email protected]!!
  188. Does anyone have the Bosch part # for the latest bypass valves (Audi part #06A 145 710N)?
  189. A4/ S4 Newbie Question
  190. Just installed AWE Clutch kit.......WOWWWW!!!
  191. More snake oil?
  192. Do Stebro stainless exhausts come with a choice of tips?
  193. Anyone with Neuspeed's A4 Short Shifter?
  194. Porterfield R4S pads coming off the car. Audi tech says they're ruining my rotors.
  195. To all APR Stage 3 kit owners...
  196. Has anyone tried to fit Stoptech brakes under BBS RX wheels? Tia.
  197. How much will 0-60 time improve w/ GIAC chip on an '01 1.8 quattro?
  198. Anyone have the link - auto magazine - compared front wheel vs. all wheel - snows vs. all seasons
  199. Anyone have the torque specifications
  200. Intake and exaust?
  202. Lauching a TIP
  203. Can't wait to get these on.
  204. engine turn off prob.
  205. List of components to replace when installing suspension?
  206. ok....question for the smart guys....
  207. Turbo or lifters?
  208. BG Products
  209. MTM chips
  211. New A4 / S4 forums now at a4orum.com. Complete with forums for mods. Please visit and post. Thanks.
  212. is it worth buying xenon lights, the real ones after market or should i just get the valeo one piece
  213. Will the S4 Bailey vavle fit the A4
  214. Did somebody installed intake on 2.7T. How much power increase?
  215. Xpost: Please reply on A4 forum, RE Caractere front bumpers, I need help.
  216. Am I running too hot?
  217. link to pics from TWS event on Racing Forum
  218. Getting Koni coilovers in a few days, good cheap places near NYC/NJ area? stiffness settings?
  219. stage III or debt free?
  220. Please help rattles up front 1998 1.8T FWD 5spd ====>
  221. New Message Boards
  223. Catalytic Converter
  224. Anyone install a Blitz Dual Turbo Timer for cooldowns and boost guage?
  225. Is the OEM sport lower tie bar used on both manual & tips?Thinking about ordering it for my A4 Tip
  226. S4 and Corvette , What must be done to S4 to take corvette
  227. Garrett (GIAC) ECU For Sale
  228. Anybody out there with Neuspeed race sprngs w/ bilsteins?????
  229. A4 1.9 tdi question
  230. Sunday LI autocross info
  231. RS2 Sedan vs Audi 90 CS Quattro - Body Structure differences?
  232. Anyone know anything about Oettinger chips for the 1.8T?
  233. Ratio change for Tiptronics? Can We?
  234. My Condolences to Garrett Lim
  235. RACE!!!!!!!!this story is pimp. I do not support street racing but......
  236. Left Foot Braking
  237. ok LOOKIn into the TTs..........
  238. Can the gear ratios in the stock manual trans be changed?
  239. Spare ECU for 1997-1999.5 A4 1.8T 5spd available for chipping!
  240. H&R race springs/bilsteins -vs- H&R Coilovers????
  241. Does the Borla for the A4 include a downpipe & polished tips?
  242. At what RPM's does the A4 switch gears?
  243. Throttle body, air filter, and exhaust system. Is that all there is for a 12v?
  244. CROSS post: Brake pads and rotor ???
  245. Chip for 1.8TQ w/ Tiptronic
  246. Just have to vent...
  247. i need a hot women to pose with my car in LI,NY
  248. Expected turbo life chipped vs. stock? Anyone have an estimate?
  249. Question about Intercoolers and K04 upgrades!!
  250. what does everybody think of MAGNAFLOW exhaust????