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  1. Probably stupid ? Would larger injectors and a reprogrammed chip work for a 2.8?
  2. What's the best Air Flow Controller for a 1.8T? TIA.
  3. Omori gauges
  4. need help, I just upgrade to k04 turbo and when I pass 4000rpm on 2nd I feel a bump in the engine.
  5. Need more power.
  6. Audi parts on CD
  7. Bailey's BPV
  8. RE: "You blew my doors off" - Southfield Police Officer
  9. Euro-spec chip for the North-American A4?
  10. Installing BPV in reverse?
  11. Que paso... Quick question. Were can I find a good description and explanation of different turbocha
  12. PES G2 Installed!
  13. Anybody know how to diagnose whether Ive got a bad coilover?
  14. Spark Plug Connectors for an AEB A4 1.8T
  15. does anyone have a "test pipe" in use on a 1.8t??
  16. Cam shafts
  17. Mods for 2002 1.8 a4
  18. who in this forum has a turbo charged miata red?
  19. BillyT's 1.8T finally let go
  20. Help plz!...My A4 bogs down intermittenly under hard acceleration (more)
  21. Cheapest price for RS4 Body Kit
  22. Anyone here mount a fuel pressure gauge on an A4?
  23. xpost: S6 vs. S8 preformance Part II -- Gearing thickens the plot! (longish because I'm obsessed).
  24. New info on the EGT scenario.....
  25. How do you choose what size hose to use when installing things like an oil cooler or...
  26. Anyone from PES here? When is the 3.0 Supercharger coming out?
  27. xpost on S6 vs S8 engine secrets (longish but interesting)
  28. Headers for 2.8 30v..
  29. Zimmermann drilled rotors, who had problems with them........?
  30. ran on dyno, car is way off
  31. Does anyone know when APR is releasing their new chip for the 2001 1.8t? Numbers?
  32. when i removed my 13k old TT bpv, some oil came out...
  33. All Wheel Drive Dyno in Norwalk Connecticut....
  34. Bosch 5.0 bar fpr picture
  35. Still need help over here...
  36. Neuspeed ecu chip and 3' catback exhaust
  37. Coilovers?
  38. 1.8t K03 question
  39. H&R shock replacement in coilover
  40. How do you adjust the exhaust tips alignment?
  41. ppl with custom cold air intakes, some Qs for you...
  42. Indications of MAF failure? (bad results at drag strip)
  43. A6 2.7t / S4 Tip upgrade options (using 5HP24 from RS6, or new 6HP.)
  44. performance options for 2.8 A4
  45. PES T-28 DBW and engine light...
  46. Turbo failures
  47. x-post. ECT Sensor problems, again.
  48. For the suspension inclined folks....
  49. My EGT's are too high. What are some recommended ways to bring them down?
  50. X-post: Do people here use fuel additives (fuel injector/valve cleaners/water removers)? ...
  51. Turbo Timer compatability
  52. Anybody buy the SPR or EVO Fan Kit? Commments?
  53. I got smoked guys!!!! What do I do????
  54. EGT temps please... T28
  55. FS- S4 Neuspeed G2 exhaust and GIAC X in A box ECU
  56. WETT CHIP!!
  57. Tuning chip for sale!
  58. A4 Quattro Tiptronic w/K04 1/4 mile times??
  59. Do you know of any stronger pistons than JEs ?
  60. For those looking for 1.8t Aftermarket EMS
  61. has anyone seen an S4 with 600 bhp? just wondering.
  62. What is the main advantage of using titanium rods vs forged steel ? Don't know what to buy.
  63. Sport Springs: Eibach, H&R other brands?, what do you reccommend?
  64. Lucas and Mau- Is there anyway u guys can tell me the exact setup...
  65. XR4TIC- I was just wondering how your 2.0 conversion is goin and...
  66. Boost Poll for NON-DBW Big Turbo guys....
  67. Trackday, link incl
  68. Where to purchase OEM parts?
  69. Cross post - Phatboy updated website - Driveby Exhaust divx & MP3
  70. Stand Along EMS,... AEM Race System
  71. Mechanical drawings for 016 bellhousing
  72. I have apr chip will it work ok with new K04 or GT25
  73. What are the differences between the K04 and T28?
  74. anyone know of a chiptuner who can. . .
  75. where can I get a rollbar for my A4
  77. 1.8t oil pressure
  78. Springs
  79. xr4tic: Any luck on the 2.0 engine management problem???
  80. some chassis/car setup basics (all for you MN Phats!)
  81. how to 3-wheel brake?
  82. idle surge on my 1.8 TQMS..HELP!!!
  83. FS: New Bailey Motorsports DV30 on E bay
  84. X-post from TT forum... Some stuff for sale... Nice...
  85. selling used APR stage 1 chip ?
  86. K04 troubles......... (cross post)
  87. APR (JPR) sells $1092.5 CND vs APR (US) $650CND
  88. Club18T.com
  89. Mas air flow mods
  90. Cats 100csq 2.8 12v
  91. Need an ECU remapped on my 12v V6.
  92. What brake pads ?
  93. opinions on quiet exhaust for 99.5 A4 Quattro!
  94. ECT Sensor replacement problem...
  95. A/F Gauge owners: Does the gauge read all yellow at idle?
  96. Won't shift into gears .. stutters
  97. What track tires would you recommend?
  98. who makes a FMIC that work with a T-28
  99. Drilled vs Slotted...Brembo vsZimmermann
  100. Can 100-octane race gas have any ill-effects on a 1.8T?
  101. Does RS4 parts like intercooler and oil cooler only fit S4's?
  102. "Decoding" A K26?
  103. still have my abt badge for sale, [email protected] if interested
  104. Is there an alternative fuel injector to use for..........
  105. If I plan on putting a GT30 on my car, which chip should I buy now?
  106. how bad is a redline
  107. H&R Coilover Spring diameter....
  108. 1.8T Oil cooler install....>>
  109. If anyone knows how to fix my cam "issue" please e-mail me. Have a good evening everyone
  110. need exhaust! don't wanna sound like a honda!!
  111. someone here by the name of lucas w/ shrick cams????
  112. Anybody heard about a KO4-300..............300hp!!!???
  113. what are apr's policies on buying an used ECU? warranty and upgrade?
  114. Don't have my car yet...Can someone tell the engine code of the A4 (B6).
  115. kkk04 turbo or Garrett?
  116. transaxle & final drive fluid change / friction modifier question
  117. Where's a good place to buy a GT25?
  118. 120kw from 110kw 1.8tq
  119. how to change OEM fog bulbs on 99.5' A4 ?
  120. Shift boot
  121. any so-cal audi performance shops that you recommend
  122. Cross Post: Advice: Lightened Flywheel Options and opinions??? Search wasn't very helpfull. TIA
  123. is there supposed to be an OEM ECU in the car?
  124. Idea for improved handling...
  125. In the end, which car can I make the fastest?? (see list in post)
  126. Has anybody heard any news about headers for the A4 from supersprint?
  127. Reply from Torsen regarding bias ratio....
  128. KKK K16 Turbocharger New for sell
  129. I like green, yellow, and red tach lights anybody know how to do it?
  130. Adding a PES G2 SC on a 75,000 A6 2.8 Avant ?
  133. I want my K04ed 98.5 1.8t to run high 12s...
  134. anyone selling APR chip stage 1?
  135. Reminder: Tech Session and Open House tonight at 7pm!
  136. Torsen question: If a front axle breaks, will the torsen still send power to the rear wheels?
  137. Suspension height
  138. Buffalo GTG 10/12 3pm Duff's
  139. ANyone know if 1.8t motors will match up to 5 cylinder engine mounts?
  140. I want power overstear ,is there a torsen controler for an 01 S4.
  141. Check Engine Light Question
  142. Schmitt's never called me back, plan B (Buffalo GTG)
  143. Still got some stuff for sale: best/fair offers
  144. Thanks to all those who attended Octoberfest @ Hartmann Motorsports
  145. Any Race-Gas pumps in Orange County, CA?
  146. Info on the Buffalo GTG
  147. Buddy of mine is looking for USED H&R coil-overs for his Porsche 993..Any leads ?(appreciated)
  148. 225hp TT engine block?
  149. Trouble with pes exhaust manifold installation.
  150. For those looking for part number of the first O2 sensor for ATW motor...
  151. Bosch 5.0 bar fpr product number
  152. Another resolution for my A4 (misfire)
  153. Need help with new brake pads?
  154. Need a list!!!!
  155. Ready for Summit.......
  156. turbo questions
  157. Need performance upgrade suggestions
  158. A4 1.8t - where to put oil pressure sender
  159. please help?
  160. Anybody up for it? (Buffalo get together)
  161. Anyone know where I can find O.Z. supertorissmo corsas?
  162. OZ Superlegerra Silver finish group buy 17 and 18"
  163. What kind of fuel pump is in a 2001 A4 1.8T QM?
  164. what is involved in installing a new clutch?
  165. Repost for Mau: My bad replying so late....my car is a 99.5 1.8qtm. What can tune it with?....
  166. Can u put Super AFC's on the A4 1.8qtm's 99.5 NON-DBW? if so how?
  167. what can i do 2 get more bhp
  168. BEST CHIP UPGRADE for A4 1.8T Quattro
  169. xpost : Fluid Dymanics experts - converting 180 cfm to psi..
  170. Does anyone have the definitive answer on the GL spec of the transmission fluid we are supposed to
  171. Mau....what did u use to tune your car wit the t3/t4 cause im thinking of doin the same?
  172. What type of things can i recode with the Vag-com?...
  173. Help with Spark Plug Connectors Please
  174. I need help w/APR chip w/flipswitch feature. After trying out a different ...
  175. about to install PES kit. Anything I need to know?
  176. Spark Plug Connector Qs - xpost
  177. What are some common problems with the 1.8t manual that I should be aware of before buying?
  178. Hoppen Motorsports MTM chip w/ECU for 2001 TT 225hp Sweet deal. $750 for both chip and ECU
  179. RS2 Brake upgrade for A4 ?.
  180. Pictureboy High Flow Cat: Prototype #1 Finished...
  181. Clutch issue on A4 1.8T Quattro Manual
  182. dont know if these pics made it over to here... more progess on my 1.8T A4 HF Cat
  183. Boost Pressure going into the crankcase & making a bubbling sound?
  184. Brake (newbie) Question
  185. FOR SALE: 1988 AUDI 5000CS QUATTRO- Fast and Furious
  186. Shifter broke? PLEASE HELP. Two and a half hours away from home.
  187. Plusses and Minuses - 272 cam on 10V N/A...anyone have any?
  188. Any way to disable EDL?
  189. where can I buy a boost gauge online ?
  190. Mods for Tiptronic?
  191. OT -- anyone got experience with Wetterauer chips in non-turbo engines?
  192. Dynojet, Dyno Dynamics, Mustang, or ?, which is the better dynomometer?
  193. Does anybody know the contact nos. of Durabuilt Inc. in Alabama? TIA!
  194. Stoptechs and Falken GRB-451s tested on the track (long)
  195. I want POWER overstear,is there a EDL or torsen controler for S4.
  196. Anyone know where I can get some Supertorismo Corsa rims?
  197. MTM chip with ECM for 2001 TT 225 hp $750 for both chip and ECU
  198. Per my misfire thread below:
  199. Exhaust options for an '01 A6 2.7T?
  200. Micrometer adjustable Torque wrench - "adjust to lowest setting when not in use" . . .
  201. who here has a AVC-R in there TT?? need advice
  202. Just got Bosch F5DPOR plugs they come gapped at 0.6 mm (.24) for my A4 1.8 any problems with using
  203. Spring Help ASAP! Please
  204. I had a question on a bypas valve
  205. Thanks Everyone for the help... Got another one for you!
  206. Intermittent Misfire - coilpacks?
  207. Redline product users, and people who know about the products....(link to question inside)...
  208. 12sec Time Slips att. Mau.
  209. Liam in Montreal
  210. Octoberfest and Open House @ Hartmann Motorsports 10-06-02
  211. Question for A4 1.8T APR Stage 3 owners
  212. Big Brake Kit for the Bentley !!
  213. What's the corrolation (sp) between trap speed and ET?
  214. brake pad question......
  215. T28 kit for 2001 A4..
  216. Is it possible to use RS4 oem clutch on '01 A4 1.8tqm...
  217. EBC Green or other low dust pad with Stoptech rotors.
  218. I have been having problems with my S4 being slow , do you think I should
  219. S4 swap to my A4 1.8 T Quattro 95'
  220. Anyone selling their 2.8 PES 2nd gen supercharger?
  221. Wetterauer 2.8 V6 30V chip performance
  222. injector size?
  223. Lucas please contact me asap...AIM: xxbignipperxx or Email...
  224. Does anyone with bentley know if it has detailed pictures of transmission?
  225. Does anyone know what turbos the Rs6 is going to use? K16s???
  226. Greddy turbo timer installation and pricing s4 2001
  227. X-Post: Storing 100 octane.. does it go bad in time? how long?
  228. A Turbonetics T3/T4 to my A4 1.8T
  229. Performance upgrade for 02' a4 3.0
  230. club18t.com
  231. Squeaky Suspension
  232. Looking for a good hi-flow cat, any suggestions (1999.5 1.8T)
  233. new s4 vs. MTM "RS4" allroad?
  234. S4/A6 2.7T tip tranny bolt up to A4 1.8T that had tip tranny?
  235. The Clutch saga continues...
  236. Aquamist Group Buy
  237. Clutch & Flywheel
  238. Leaking rear end Audi 90cs Quattro and Cat conv question
  239. '98 A4 1.8T having surge problems ..... anyone ever had this......
  240. Is the new S4's compresion ratio too high to..
  241. O.CT = Wow!
  242. Stoptech pad bedding procedure question.
  243. Eibach springs on 2 week backorder at shox.com
  244. airbag light
  245. Brake pad suggestions
  246. What do I do about "Intermittent Misfire detected in cylinder1", same for number 2..
  247. what are peoples thoughts on either Milltek or LLTEK(Brullen) exausts?
  248. Quattro club event (driving school) at NHIS in NH next week
  249. Trubo might be SHOT. HELP!
  250. Intake Air System - Leak Detected