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  1. A4 1.8 chip procedure for dummies
  2. question about NOx / C02 spray
  3. Anyone have a good way of measuring MAF voltage and airflow to develop the MAF curve?
  4. Anyone familiar with this "VW" turbo?
  5. xpost: CEL this morning
  6. Lucas? (or someone else?) How much work is it to change to the S4 biturbo transmission?
  7. what does a rust colored spark plug tip indicate?
  8. racing clutch? short shifter? ANYONE...
  9. How much boost would I gain?
  10. O2 sensor enlightenment.
  11. Boge Turbo Gas of Bilstein for this application?
  12. Final T3 Flange manifold finnished.
  13. Stasis engineering Firm 1.8T engine Mounts
  14. New Underdrive Crank pully with Trigger teeth.
  15. BIGNIPPER what is the engine code for your engine block?
  16. John/Xr4tic, what trim / AR is your turbo? when does it spool?
  17. clutch help
  18. What's this mean, is it normal?
  19. Why does markbradford call DBW t28 kits "ticking time bombs" Should I be worried?
  20. does anyone know where i can get my hands on a DBW APR stage 3 kit?
  21. (x-post from b5) Weird thing going on with my turbo bolt.
  22. where can I get 159mm vw/audi forged rods? and what rods are good? (price vs performance)
  23. overly rich condition...(x-post from B5)
  24. Brembo brakes
  25. went to install the LWFW from spec on sat. and....
  26. Any clutch recommendations for 700hp S4 ?
  27. Questions before larger turbo goes in
  28. I'm looking for FMIC piping and/or another solution to my problem.
  29. What ever happened to TripComp DEI?? Is it still in the works??
  30. How much of a diff does a DP make on a B5 1.8T, what about K04, is it worth it? Thanks for the
  31. Dont buy anything from(Motodyne)
  32. how are the k03s different in the b6 and the b5?
  33. Valve reliefs
  34. Installing my K04 upgrade in my A4 soon. What else should i do to
  35. Oil Pressure help
  36. Ko4 or Eo5 which one is better?
  37. X-post: What's wrong with this pic??
  38. Got to love GIAC 16 Pounds of pure pleasure..... Puts a :) on my face.....
  39. Our 99.5 MTM Stage 2 Avant now on cars.com...
  40. I need help installing a apexi turbo timer foor 2003 audi a4 did search nothing ne help please
  41. Can Anyone recommed some quality performance upgrades for my 'O2 A4?
  42. what do you think causes spark plugs to get like this?
  43. 19 min to swap pads in Boxster BBK... what is your fastest?
  44. HELP with front bumper order (Ultra sport pkg)
  45. Comments re: Axxis ultimate vs. Porterfield RS brake pads
  46. Bosch Maf - Voltages range from ? 0.0 to 5.00 V. What is the resolution between these two points.
  47. The resolution provided with MAF vrs MAP.. Considerable if you where going to fine tune a car
  48. Anyone in Fort Wayne, IN who has experience with suspension installation?
  49. Whats the best race clutch for a '02 3.0Q 6sp?
  50. X-Post: Almost to 60k miles: Ordering Parts: need some help....TIA
  51. Info Needed
  52. anyone know if AA box will be compatible w/ P box ECU?..........more>...
  53. Revo or APR ?
  54. 150mm rods and pistons with different compression height? For 1.8T ->
  55. checking for vacuum/boost leaks
  56. paging xr4tic or audi2ptzero
  57. problem with coolant temp gauge
  58. 5 bar FPR with MTM stage 2 and K04
  59. (XPost)Would some of you guys be willing to list....
  60. 1988 Audi 90 Exhaust Options (5 cyl. manual)
  61. nubie question
  62. are there any alternative programs for pes' t28 kit?
  63. Has anyone here bypassed the stock oil cooler?
  64. I need some advice for my 1.8T. Doing a rebuild...
  65. Tranny stabilizer bar for Tip
  66. GIAC J31 K04 Programming
  67. Help, Inside tire edge worn on one wheel in the front. What to look for?
  68. any1 know if the compressor and turbine wheels....
  69. I am trying to contact Ryann about his 2.0L T28 setup. Anyone know if he has AIM or anything?
  70. Koni vs Bilstein...experienced input kindly requested.
  71. any new news regarding the release date of the APR stage 3+ kit?
  72. I'm installing an oil cooler, is 10NA a good size for the lines
  73. Drag Day - May 21st - Lebanon Valley Dragway (New England/NY), Sign Up Now...
  74. Difference between A6 2.8/2.7 rear suspension...
  75. anyone have the H&R cup kit?
  76. Looking for a tuning job (please read)
  77. How are ATP running this GT28RS kit without an N75 valve?
  78. Has anyone ever put a T-28 on a upgraded 2.0L AEB engine?
  79. Please HELP! My car is in the shop right now and I need help making a decision on what I want to do.
  80. Ok..so no mounts..how about suggestions for a beefier tranny..(ideas???)
  81. EGT Probe Mounting Locations....Problem
  82. which MAF sensors will fit my car? 98.5 A4
  83. 4.11 rear gears available?
  84. pulled tranny today to find my pressure plate cracked in half...
  85. where is the second 02 sensor before the cat on a 2.8 30v? I found the one under the engine coolant
  86. Which is softer and has best adjustment range, Koni or Bilstein?
  87. Urethane engine/tranny mounts (b5 A4 1.8TQ)--where to find???
  88. Big turbo without software?
  89. Induction kit
  90. slight oil residue on shock... bad?
  91. H &R sport vs H &R race springs... What do you gentleman think?
  92. Racing Clutch?
  93. Does anyone know if the 996tt caliper and 993tt caliper are the same
  94. possible clutch issue.......
  95. Bosch platinum spark plugs
  96. oil in DV
  97. Need help with performance UPGRADE!
  98. Help with Bosst leak... I think
  99. ive never gotten my car painted before, how much approx?
  100. X-Post: Free lap time on Road Course in Ontario...
  101. I have some questions about building my engine. Please help a dumb noob out ;P
  102. How do you determine how much a 1.8T engine is worth?
  103. '01s: what low temp switch did you use to install an EFK? Neuspeed only has one for nDBW.
  104. source for Boxster caliper small parts?
  105. I need a reusable High Flow air filter, recommendations?
  106. Need some help with high flow injectors...
  107. noob - question prior to buying please
  108. I'm sure I know the answer, but is there any disadvantage to upgrading the clutch before a turbo...
  109. Who's running a Profec-B?
  110. X-post: How many cells/square inch on stock Audi A4 (B6) cats?
  111. Anyone ever use ECS tuning budget Coilover kit? Leave feedback...
  112. Fuel Injection Cleaning
  113. has anyone done a suspension and exhaust swap on a quattro b6 a4, and if so, do you know where i can
  114. 2004 Northeast Audi Summer Event Info/Registration/Forums/Site is up!
  115. Changing tie-rod ends..difference in model years???
  116. squeeking
  117. transverse vs longitudinal
  118. Where can I buy a fully built 1.9l or 2.0l race engine for my 98 A4?
  119. out of curiosity, Would an older s4 or rs2 5cyl turbo engine fit in a b5 a4?
  120. What causes the cat related CEL?
  121. Newbie question and x-post: Just got some new BPVs for my A6, are the 710Gs the same as 710Ns? TIA
  122. what exactly makes the aircon cold? *noob q
  123. Anyone here have a Stutter box/MSD with launch control module?
  124. Anyway to defeat the CEL with testpipes in place of CATS?
  125. tolulene question
  126. Need some feedback on these planned upgrades...
  127. Uneven pad wear
  128. 97 A6 Q: Best acceleration performance boost for the $$?
  129. Bad car shuttering, feels like engine/ tranny movement, Help!!
  130. NOOB Question, What does DBW stand for? Is it Drive By Wire?
  131. would a dead battery for 3-4 weeks mess with software on a chip?
  132. electric fan controller question
  133. How bad is it to run the car with the crank case breather tube plugged?...
  134. After over 20 dyno runs, can't identify the problem...
  135. What's the cheapest electronic boost gauge you guys have seen?
  136. I'm sure you guys would appreciate this new product....
  137. megasquirt!!!
  138. What's the formula for determining piston speed given stroke, compression ratio and RPMs?
  139. Have to go back to stock brakes for a bit...pad recommendation
  140. Quattro is it awd or just ?
  141. Has anyone ever bronzed an oem clutch???
  142. Has anyone successfully got rid of Catalyst Efficiency below threshold
  143. Questions about block 002 and duty cycles..
  144. Recommended Reading...
  145. Recommendations for lightweight lifters for my 12 valve? I don't want to spend much more than OEM,
  146. anyone using a mist system on the b6 a4 1.8t yet?
  147. Question for those with a fuel pressure gauge in their cars...
  148. Stock SMIC dimensions?
  149. If anyone needs up to 3' of 6061-0, 2.25" x 0.065" pipe, let me know...
  150. Thinking about doing a diy dual smic. Can the input output ports of the stock IC be reversed?
  151. New word in car design...
  152. asked in the a4 forum but got no answer...
  153. Will US chip (a program file) work on an Euro ECU (...) ?
  154. Corner weights - Audi S4 and an Audi A4
  155. Anybody ever change the stock throttle body on the 2.7 engine for improved perf?
  156. surging problems with new ecu...
  157. New Tuning Shop In Chicago
  158. Got this timeslip by email. what do you guys think
  159. Folgers coffee can vs Ricer muffler: which gets more HP??? = )
  160. Damn, clutch won't disengage, anyone have this problem before?
  161. Anyone know how to decrease power assist steering on S4?
  162. Anyone have a wideband O2 meter/logger that they'd be willing to rent out for a week or two?
  163. Futrell Autowerks slotted/dimpled rotors?
  164. anyone with fk koenigsports on a b6 know a good setting?
  165. Anyone paint their Audi Grill black? Do you have to rip off the chrommed plastic to paint or just
  166. And another more updated chip question
  167. cracked ex. man. from pes kit
  168. B6 w/ B5 S4 brakes
  169. '03 B6 A4 1.8TQ Sedan: What is the optimal turn setting on Konis with Eibach springs?
  170. Need Clutch Installation in Louisville KY
  171. Drag Day - May 21st - Lebanon Valley Dragway (New England/NY), sign up info...
  172. Recommendations on Air intake kits? I know of K&N and AEM that make kits, but I'm just...
  173. turbo upgrade
  174. Spark Plugs brand, Gap and its effect on LTFT ? NE1 care to summarize from experience?
  175. Dahlback Racing
  176. K&N Part 57-0514 2001 A4
  177. Turbo whining when accelating in 1st and into 3rd from 2nd sometimes......
  178. worth the hassle?
  179. 1.8L 150hp vs. 1.8L 170hp
  180. bbr sides and rear valence for low price...
  181. Anyone experimented with the ground wires in the engine compartment? Over on the EVO board...
  182. has any difinative answer been given by APR on the stage 3 + for nDBW, if so how many of you feel
  183. GIAC Mobile Tuner Config Files
  184. ECU and TIP Chip feedback?
  185. Manual Boost Controler...
  186. what does the stock A4/S4 SMIC flow?
  187. Problem with cam bearing
  188. Will my AWE flywheel work with any other clutch?
  189. Question for you guys regarding cams and head...
  190. Car is up and running on the streets...
  191. Dahlback A4 project- any updates?
  192. Are there any SOLID evidence that LWFW is harmful to the crank? I did STFA but couldn't find...
  193. Boost problems :( & and cant figure it out......
  194. What fuel pressures are people with larger injectors running?
  195. Piggy back systems
  196. What would the ideal A/F curve look like?
  197. What is a 2.7T engine and 6 speed worth?
  198. who makes 880cc injectors for a4?
  199. please!! a book/web site for engine-gear box especifications 4_93 audi 90cs....
  200. Does anyone have a link for the 1.8t cam profiles?
  201. Is there a place that is cheaper than ATP to buy piping and silicone couplers?
  202. Advice on A6 4.2 ECU + TIP Chip Mods - please advise!
  203. Can anyone help me with my 98 A4 KO4 misfire problem??
  204. Anyone going this nuts on their dash and Standalone systems? =)
  205. Anyone do an H7 HID conversion kit on their A4? post some pics/how did you disconnect the daytime
  206. smoking 1.8t??
  207. *** Help! I'm getting an awful burnt oil type smell coming out of the engine bay.....
  208. actual boost exceeding spec boost consistently. I posted under the S4 forum, but all help is needed
  209. Is there a Hyrbrid Audi community?
  210. why should you turn off your car when pumping gas?
  211. DBW map sensor wires: which ones ground, 5v, signal?
  212. FMIC, thoughts on Race Tec effectiveness (long)
  213. Busted a JE ring! Anyone have a spare?
  214. How many HP are the coffee can mufflers the rice boys run worth?
  215. I have a 97 instrument cluster without a trip computer, can I swap in a 97 instrument cluster with a
  216. Hi-flow Cat? Where to get one and your thoughts on them?
  217. Got new Stoptech SS lines, really good quality, makes Neuspeed and goodridge look bad...
  218. how would a GT25/40R work on a 1.8t ?
  219. WARNING: Granprix Auto RIP OFF
  220. Just out of curiosity, question regarding cams...
  221. K04 Question. ..........
  222. Fuel line kit...
  223. Noticed some wear on the inside of my front tires, I am interested in getting a camber kit
  224. Anyone know about buying M3 rear lip spoilers???
  225. has anyone droped a 2.7tt engine inside a b6 a4 yet?
  226. Recomendation for a good APR tuner in Portland Oregon?
  227. DSG chip tuning
  228. 30v build up questions
  229. Looking for Cam Gear tool for a 30v V6 TB job
  230. Any downsides to seam welding ?
  231. Cheapest place to buy the disco potato? How much can I can the gt28rs for? TIA
  232. Suspension
  233. Ok what do you tuners think. I have a 03 Allroad 2.7Tip with a Giac Tip chip. There is a Giac ECU...
  234. In response to Lucas.....MY BEAST IS GONNA EAT YOURS!
  235. 2004 a4 1.8t chip ideas
  236. Damn! Turbo timer install is way more than the piece itself...
  237. It Lives!!!!!!!!!
  238. Help... KO4 issue...
  239. Kaboom! No more boost woes!
  240. Is this OK to put in my gas tank?
  241. Autronic standalone
  242. making sense of flow numbers..
  243. may be a dumb question...
  244. Anyone have blown turbos for sale?
  245. X-post re: FK non-disclosure policy
  246. Need help with clutch for MY2000, even after STFA this weekend!
  247. Just installed that Walbro hi flow pump, & a new fuel filter....
  248. anybody ever had a "whiny" fuel pump?
  249. Will I have to go standalone engine management to get close to 300 awhp for a nDBW a4?
  250. FYI - Clicking 1st gear cause