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  1. K04/16g hybrid turbo
  2. Looking for a K24/26 manifold..
  3. Any place to install springs/shocks in central IL for a reasonable price?
  4. anyone know the size of the AN fittings on the k03/k04? TIA
  5. Does anyone know if GIAC offers free upgrade to their X-chip..
  6. My new injectors averages 14.8 ohms and my 3yr old injectors averages 12.5 ohms
  7. Hybrid GT25/35 maybe for sale.
  8. Labtronic's IC Spray Module
  9. Is the only difference between K03 and K04 the turbine wheel? If no then what are the others?
  10. Does anyone make urethane suspension bushings for the A4?
  11. i ran dead even with a is300 the other day, i thought..(more)
  12. New Chip, Doesn't Blow??
  13. need to locate TODD CANDEY asap, please email me info
  14. Solid lifters
  15. And they're off...
  16. SmackOff In a GrandPrix GTP
  17. FS: 1.8t quattro koni coilovers.. brand new.. i havent even opened the box yet. $850 & shipping.
  18. Neuspeed chip question
  19. How many have Power steering Leaks??
  20. Downpipe for Audi TT
  21. another APR querying post .. anyone have any REAL dyno plots for stage3?
  22. Will a K04'd 01' A4 1.8 make more hp than the earlier cars?
  23. Does Lucas still hang out here?
  24. EFK, anybody LOST boost after installing? How can that be???
  25. Need Help Deciding!~!
  26. Is EVO MS intake worth the money and ...
  27. X-post of my 14.2 run at carlsbad in the A4 forum.
  28. Securing "Stuff"
  29. How many knock sensors does the 1.8T engine have? 4?
  30. Yes-parts for my 1.8t rebuild are finally in!
  31. * Is it easy to change the sway-bar bushings on a 98' 1.8T FWD 5spd ?
  32. qrs guys hard at work .. hehe.
  33. anyone with the AWE ko4 upgrade for tip trans
  34. Spark plugs in the 1.8T
  35. apr STAGE3 owners .. what problems if any have you had? < MY99.5 / > MY00. ??
  36. What's the hp on a 12v?
  37. suspension question
  38. Bilstein: does anybody know the spring rate for the coilovers?
  39. A8 Modifications?
  40. Launching at 3k in a Quattro A4 1.8T... high? lower? need some help here...
  41. Forge Diverter Valve?? Does it work??
  42. What are the most cost effective perf mods for a 97 A4 2.8?
  43. Dumb question, who makes the T-28
  44. delibach racing
  45. Porsche 944 turbo direct bolt on to Ur S4/6, 200tq20v?
  46. Is the clutch self adjusting? My pedal is waaaay too high...
  47. Check the B5 forum at vwvortex.com, there is a groupbuy going on for coilovers (KW)....more
  48. Audi Sport/Eibach spring kit w/ stock shocks?
  49. N75 Duty cycle peaks at 95% and Charge limit is 0 (zero), any thought?
  50. CTNY & NYCMetro Audi Group Meet THIS Sat October 13th. 20 min North of Manhattan! Info inside.
  52. CMH:
  53. eibach pro kit, neuspeed sport/race or h&r sport springs? which mates best with stock sport shocks?
  54. Is anybody using a Boost Controller or Air Fuel Controller (ex. Apexi, Blitz) ????
  55. Me again, looked at PES t-28 kit
  56. i herd about a exhaust for the 1.8t that is 3" incluedes a 3" downpipe. i wanted to know if somone e
  57. KKK K26 Turbo? Anybody have any info on them?
  58. Quick Question on GIAC chip - Cold Weather affect?
  59. Experince with GIAC, Vag-com, Bailey BPV 2001A4
  60. for you guys with experience ... stoptech or porsche brakes? i'm brake stupid. =)
  61. Help me tune out my 20v coupe quattro....
  62. To boldly go....
  63. S3 constant speed hesitation - Help appreciated
  64. xr4tic,I sent you mail regarding my recent HFC installation.When U get a chance,could U take a look
  65. i need suggestion. i have a4 2.8 i was looking for an air intake
  66. APR Stage II or Stage III
  67. Just in case, supremepowerparts.com has a groupbuy going on for the EFK, 199
  69. finaly went to dyno
  70. ERROR CODE 2413... Running Rich i guess!
  71. any pictures of a 99.5 A4 tq with sport package that has the Audi/Eibach springs....
  72. Good new on engine rebuild!(APR stage III)
  73. Hey APR. I have a 2001.5 that you can use to test stage 3. I will bring it over, and you can....
  74. Anyone know of a place to get Pagid brake pads?
  75. 12v clutch and flywheel options.
  76. Suspension Mods....Questions
  77. lltek cross tower bar - worth it with stock swaybars? anybody else make these for a4's? thanks.
  79. New link for the oil pressure sender FAQ:
  80. Random Technology high-flow cat install
  81. K&N drop in w/ airbox mod, K04, GIAC, DP, highflow cat, 2.5" exhaust, UD pulley & electric fan kit
  82. Will a Wetteraurer chip for a 98 1.8T Tip work on a 99.5 1.8T Tip? Thanks.
  83. Audi Weekend in PHOENIX, AZ................................................ .....
  84. What to do with leftover turbos from my S4...
  85. need help locating Bosch fuel injector specs....
  86. What cat back exhaust for 1.8T?
  87. MTM Modified A4 for sale
  88. Stock exhaust with no cat?
  89. Neuspeed shortshifters on nopionline.com
  90. Comments on EBC Red track pads? Cheapest place to buy?
  91. Anyone have a spec sheet for Hawk brake pads?
  92. Where can i get a lighted flywheel for the 2.8???
  93. Alcon owners...
  94. Replace the catalytic converter.
  95. How to install an oil pressure sender: One for the FAQs?
  96. Centerforce Clutch Kit Group Buy
  97. Anyone interested in a set of EVO S4 downpipes/cats..intakes???
  98. Xpost: NEED HELP I ran into trouble installing my SPP EFK today on my TIP
  99. what is the best 1/4 mile time for a chip only?
  100. question on controlling body roll in my S4Avant..need decisons very soon
  101. Who here has the variable rad fan control (checked archive)
  102. Thinking of selling my tt and buying an evo vii. Any comments will be appreciated.
  103. Annoying flat spot at 1800 rpm on a stock 2.8 tip.
  104. Mahle or JE ?
  105. Replacing shocks and springs. Do I need to buy locking nuts or do they come with suspension?
  106. X-post chipped KO3 reliability...... WARNING!!!
  107. Japanese Parts for the A4?
  108. Where to order H&R springs??? Shox.com backordered 6 weeks!!!
  109. PES supercharger reliability?
  110. 12v turbo update
  111. Need mod info
  112. some side by side comparison pix of aftermarket xenon/euro housings vs stock xenons
  113. Nokian Winter Tire Availability?
  114. Who makes turbo kits for 2.8 A4's?
  115. Link to post about my T3/T04E
  116. European Car Article: Why did they do that?
  117. Speed improvement from APR Stage 1 Chip
  118. T-28 install pic
  119. K04 or other turbo kits for '02 1.8T A4s
  120. My MTM stage III 97 1.8tq A4 is for sale - see classifieds for more details.
  121. Anyone purchased anything from Supreme Power Parts (SPP) ?...
  122. Is there a difference between the 98 clutch and the 99 clutch???
  123. truth about speedtech
  124. Update your Neuspeed rear sway bar brackets
  125. anyone know what manufacture makes an oval exhaust?
  126. A4 1.8T........12.62sec @ 115mph!!!
  127. Will a 98.5 1.8T run with the complete gage pod disconnected? If I
  128. What do u guys think of the 87 grand national? I think i might be sellin the A4 after all...
  129. VAG - COM guys, help me out!
  130. Anyone know a fair price for S4 Brakes...
  131. 1.8 engine block?
  132. some serious problem, dealer still couldn't figure out. please help!
  133. 2.8 vs 1.8t koni coilover ... spring rates??
  134. How much for EBC Greenstuff pads for A4?
  135. Uneven brake wear... rubbing/grinding noise... need help...
  136. Saw a pic of Innovative Turbo's tubular exhaust manifold for the 1.8T
  137. Has anyone had oil show up in the antifreeze on a TT?
  138. Modding the TT?
  139. OK... show me your exhausts fellas!!
  140. Ball Joints...what do they do?
  141. Has anyone rebuilt the short block on a 1.8T?
  142. VAG-COM tool, where I can get one? How does it look like? I've seen those boost graphics some of you
  143. tranny swap?
  144. A4 1.8T vs. A4 2.8
  145. 1.8T Turbo Boost Control
  146. who knows about knock sensor location? any pic?
  147. What downpipe setup (if any) can fit onto the Borla catback exhaust without modification?? TIA
  148. Here is a link to a dyno chart of the new T28 kit.
  149. Do any S4 people post in here? Had some Q's on running an aquamist system.
  150. Can someone PLEASE help..
  151. BPV. Anyone use this Bosch valve 0 280 142 110. It oem Saab 9000T.
  152. Another possible turbo problem. This time a TT
  153. hey- xrtic! got a couple of questions for you about the water injection
  154. Possible turbo/engine problem...could use some help
  155. Lowering fuel pressure.
  156. Considering the Eibach pro-dampers and pro-kit springs my reasoning is this..
  157. XPost: APR Clutch/Flywheel installed...
  158. 6500rpm fuel cut off on apr v3.0 chip?
  159. Exhaust cut off dump valve?
  160. Finaly went to the track
  161. bilsteins
  162. Who is using NOS or Venom in turbo?
  163. Exhaust options for FWD?
  164. electric fan kit and boost numbers
  165. Primary vs. Secondary O2 sensor readings: At WOT the second O2 is richer than the primary....
  166. can anyone here give me info on installing a blow-off valve?
  167. apr v2 catback installed today @ qrs. woohoo!!!
  168. * * * San Luis Obispo County Audi Owners Read This!! * * *.....
  169. chips,CHIPS,AND MORE chips
  170. check this engine swap blue print...really cool
  171. wastegate spring - 5000 turbo
  172. Alcon/Coleman Brake Upgrade...x-post from A4 forum
  173. car went into the shop OK, came back with really stiff steering.
  174. Transmission problem w/ modded TT-R
  175. Diesel Performance Tuning- All Audi and VW Diesel Drivers
  177. what brake fluids are you guys using? i've heard that ATE super blue is bad stuff for the clutch.
  178. Ahh sux, I went to track (rather long i guess) {oh and nuts to the puncuation/spelling its late}
  179. Any Injector size upgrades for the 12v A4 ..?
  180. Is there any consensus on the "best" strut tower bar?
  181. transmission oil recommendations? drain or just fill? TIA
  182. Chipped CA Turbo Audi Owners and 91 Octane.
  183. It turns out my rotor (Coleman 330mm slotted) was rubbing on my caliper (AP Racing 4-pot)...
  184. Conversion from 1.8T to 2.0T
  185. The stock A4 injectors are rated at 240cc/m, but at what fuel pressure? I NEED to know.....
  186. Will I notice a difference in performance between AWE's Borla exhaust and a Neuspeed/Borla exhaust?
  187. anybody here run a K04 with a GIAC chip intended for orig turbo (K03)?
  188. X-post: to some K04 A4 drag times
  189. Some water injection results at the drags....
  190. Anyone from San Luis Obispo Area want to meet other audi enthusiasts?
  191. Hey WYSIWYG did you locate your exaust leak?
  192. Advice... Info... etc...
  193. X-Post Suspension thoughts more....
  194. FYI------ no chip needed for FMIC
  195. WANTED: Top suspension installer for coil overs audi tt in Long Island NYC
  196. Miketip had another question for you about 12v chip
  197. Blown fuse on timeing control
  198. neuspeed short shifter rocks
  199. is anyone running a K04 on a 2001 A4?
  200. ESP adjustable??
  201. FWD Audi A4 1.8T
  202. Will they ever make a chip for the 12v?
  203. $99 cat simulator for those who don't like cats
  204. Why dont compaines make equal length exhaust mainfold for the 1.8T?
  205. Anywhere I can get perfomance parts for a 92 100cs?
  206. Found the culprit finally
  207. Timing Belt and Tensioner FAQ...
  208. Bosch Direct Injection Writeup
  209. who manufactures APR's stage 3 calipers and anyone using them yet....
  210. tranny
  211. Anyone ever use MoTeC's EMP prog. in thier car..?
  212. Do I need to buy a new BPV
  213. P.E.S T-28 turbo kit pics........................X-post to A4 forum
  214. To Twister and his question of spoilers.
  215. My new 18"x8" SSR GT-1's on my 1995 S6...
  216. X-Post: More K04 impressions...
  217. Evolution Motor Sports V-2 revised cone intake
  218. High Flow Cat----installed
  219. The name of a good shop in the West Palm Beach Fl area please
  220. What S4 parts can be used on 99 A4 1.8t as upgrades ??
  221. Exhuast droning problems. Need some input.
  222. just a tease.................... x-post to A4 forum...................pic
  223. x-post: On my day off I went to a specialist tuning company.....
  224. Why is the path the right of the intake opening closed. Would it be a bad idea to cut a hole
  225. Useful reference for timing belt & interference/non-intereference engines.
  226. X-Post...Pics (and info) of my TDL Racing conversion...
  227. LNG or CNG anyone?
  228. injectors: how come others are rated in cc and others in lbs? is that cc/min & lbs/hr?
  229. Is this a good idea? Can it even be done?
  230. 36,000 BHP @ 98 rpm I'd like to see that
  232. X-post to A4---- Front Mount Inter Cooler/ High flow cat pics
  233. Tales of my intake pipe and a stock S4 (its long)
  234. Emergency with Stoptechs crosspost!
  235. Just got back from Watkins Glend Driving School... light screech coming from brakes...
  236. brullen or borla catback? apr catback has become a myth. =(
  237. Need advice regarding Air Intake...
  238. Front lip spoilers/bumpers question
  239. The next mod???
  240. TT Optimum riding height with H&R Coilover?
  241. Getting ready for dealer checkup - clearing ECU DTC's?
  242. anyone bought the lltek a4/s4 euro light units + 'serious' xenon kit? impressions vs stock xenons?
  243. X-post to my K04 impressions in the A4 forum
  244. Surging at and around full boost......
  245. Cheapest place to find Euro (glass) HID's?
  246. What is the maximum safe EGT for a pre-turbo mounted sensor? Post turbo?
  247. X-Post: Spark plug indexing for single prongs.............
  248. Can a non-resistor spark plug such as the Beru Silverstone be used on the 1.8T?..............
  249. LLtek intake or K&N intake for 2000 1.8tqm
  250. Removing the Cat from aftermarket exhaust ?? gain in HP 15-30??