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  1. Removing the Cat from aftermarket exhaust ?? gain in HP 15-30??
  2. Tiptronic ECU location?
  3. help
  4. anyone use a straight pipe catback on a turboed car?
  5. Come take a drive in the PES T-28 kit....
  6. Anyone ever modified a throtle body on the 12V? Seen direction on doing it?
  7. Interesting stuff on brake fluids.....
  8. Stasis Engineering
  9. K04 turbo for A4 1.8T larger than K04-15...
  10. APR's plans for Dubwars.....
  11. KONI COILOVER INSTALL: some questions
  12. question about the apr stage III kit.
  13. Question regarding APR 'race mode' ..
  14. i put 100 octane in and no more surging/pinging. felt like 15-20 hp gain
  15. 12v question
  16. Has anyone bought a K04 Turbo from Jaime Pacquing !
  17. Looking for Audi/Porsche/VW tuners in Western NY---Help!!
  18. Anybody know the stock injector size for a 1.8T? I need it to size water injection nozzles.
  19. FMIC under $800
  20. Gtech is a POS. it clocked me at [email protected]!! WTF!!
  21. Too many decisions.......TAP or MTM or APR..........preferred exhaust by audiworld members.....
  22. suspension work a SUCESS! :)
  23. Looking to purchase Neuspeed/Borla Exhaust for 99.5 1.8t. Anyone have an audio clip of the exhaust?
  24. Anyone know where i can get downpipes and cats for my A41.8T
  25. problems with engine code
  26. Question: Throttle Body Alignment for 1.8t with apr chip...
  27. Cylinder head porting work...who does it?
  28. xpost: manifold question.
  29. (k04 inside) Todd/AWE & Yosh/AWE has just signed up for 9/16 Pocono Time Trials!!
  30. Where can I get a small floor jack in a case suitable for taking to track events?
  31. A4 1.8T -- Seized engine because of jumped timing belt......
  32. warranty work
  33. More Calif AW Meet Photos from this weekend -- The OC Perspective....
  34. latest upgrade to my S3.
  35. Suspension Problems continued...now with pics
  36. Pulled intake manifold - a few questions (SlvrBulletS4?)...
  37. suggestions on how to get temperature readings(via sender) for the brakes? TIA
  38. adivice on tuning the a4. what can i expect? im choosing to buy a car.
  39. anyone know where i could get a blitz cone filter for my 1.8t?thx
  40. Some of my simpler mods - just getting started...
  41. Speed related sound from wheels/tires
  42. My engine coolant temp sits at 80deg Celsius after engine fully warmed up. Is that right?
  43. Need Help, Please!
  44. Mods For A4 w/Tip...How much is too much??
  45. Questions concerning frontrak...
  46. For an interesting read on dyno tuning from the mouths of a few tuners:
  47. Has anyone used Bosch Platin plugs?
  48. Help with Engine RPM's
  49. Wett 1bar KO3 3" system dyno results
  50. Anyone know if Vortrag/hyperco springs are still available?
  51. Reminder: Tech Session at Curry's Auto in N. Va. this Saturday...
  52. Stock vs. APR flywheels and clutch (pics)
  53. How to replace a clutch on a 1.8T quattro A4 - very long w/pics
  54. Success in Autocrossing?
  55. Weird experience while topping out car racing and wondered if anyone else has exp this...
  56. G2 install planned, your thoughts / help?
  57. 2000 1.8tqm exhaust question.....is it one piece or no?.....more
  58. What happens if the FPR leaks?
  59. XPost: North East : 9/16 Pocono North course time trials heads up
  60. does anyone have Simpson's Super Voyager N helmet? compared to Bell M2?
  61. Has anyone ever tried wiring the 605 relay so that...
  62. Turbo Prob's/ HELP!!! ****THE SMOKING GUN????****
  63. changing the Thermostat good idea or bad idea ????
  64. Has anyone ever tried this mod?
  65. What kind of settling shoud I expect with Bilstien Coilovers?
  66. G-tech's (or similar) available at AW meet in SLO
  67. Supersprint exhaust - questions
  68. Did some K04 hp measurements with my G-tech this weekend.
  69. Anyone know where i can get a turbo timer
  70. Friendly service dept. in ohio?
  71. xpost: Is this problem bypass valve related? (long)
  72. Turbo Prob's/HELP!!!!
  73. Anybody running a water injection system?
  74. X-Post: Impressions: 2.8 trans and APR flywheel into a 1.8
  75. Nitrous experts - a few questions
  76. What mods that TDLracing offers will bring a 12v up to 230 hp....
  77. What are the BEST plugs for a chipped/K04 1.8tq A4?
  78. anybody got a used turbo upgrade kit for sale?
  79. X-POST: Vortrag/Hyperco springs matched with Neuspeed Bilsteins is one of the best suspension.......
  80. Any mods for a 2001 2.8 v30
  81. Xpost: Update on need engine help
  82. Rotor hitting on caliper? I would see unmistakeable signs of this, right?
  83. Help on timing belt change (actually for a VW 2.0, but same idea)
  84. 91 octane fuel in CA......
  85. Does a lowered suspension ever take time to "settle"?
  86. vote..which would/did you get, 1- a quality intake cone or 2 - a k&n drop in filter
  87. Attn Stage 3 owners - need to ask a favor...
  88. Question on temporary Catalytic converter removal and DTCs....
  89. How much for a Transverse 1.8T
  90. Very good article on tubo math (trim, surge, maps, sizing) in SCC..
  91. Lucas... questions for you...
  92. APR SureGrips....
  93. hmmmmm, whats the max for a GT-25 Turbo?......................210hp!
  94. considering doing koni c/o install myself and w/ friend ... any suggestions/warnings/pointers?
  95. Where in the US can I get Sachs Sports clutch beside MTM for the A4
  96. Is it possible and would there be any benefit
  97. garage sale
  98. Hmmmm. Which chip to go with???????????
  99. TT alignment w/ Mk1 and H&R's
  100. Intrax Motorola Cup Suspension Group Buy?
  101. any one know who sells a bigger intake pipe, with same connections ..
  102. heard this today... higher octain racing fuel to clean out car????????????
  103. Custom turbo questions
  104. Hybrid Turbo Question: What's the deal?
  105. NorCal -how about a KK run tomorrow in Mt view?
  106. A6 2.7T/4.2 EXHAUST IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!
  107. Anybody done a clutch/flywheel swap in an A4? How bad is the job? Details please thanks
  108. A4 1.8tqm exhaust question.....cat back vs muffler only...Please read and suggest
  109. Nitrous' intercooling effect.
  110. By just looking at uninstalled H&R coilover how do i tell the difference between...
  111. Brake pad recommendations for track use
  112. Audi Tech Session at Curry's Auto Service in Sterling VA, on Aug 18...
  113. A4 1.8t exhaust question.....does anyone have recordings?
  114. Can the K04 run with the OEM ECU or...
  115. ZMax... BS or good?
  116. got another problem losing Boost gauge won't hit 11
  117. this may sound stuped but what plugs and wires ???
  118. S8+eeprom reading
  119. sorry A.P.R , i wont be getting Stage III, and no it wont be a KO4 either...................(X-post)
  120. Hey guys....Will a s4 engine work with my 2.8 tranny? 5 speed???.....
  121. Anyone have a Pic of the location of the oil drain plug for 1.8T
  122. TT Understeer
  123. Is there any p-chip for 97 Audi A6 Quatro?
  124. OHHHH my god, engine floods in 2 inches of water!!
  125. Xpost: For sale
  126. Thoughts on oil filter heat sinks?
  127. Question about pedal travel after brake mods....
  128. Caractere Bumper for sale in classifieds...
  129. Sweet lord jesus...
  130. Turbo Question
  131. A4 x post..or whatever on Ko4 question....
  132. Re: Anyone know where i can get a pod for an A6
  133. ITG Filter Question
  134. Crosspost from A4 forum regarding noisy suspension
  135. Motul 600 DOT 4 versus OEM DOT 4
  136. 1.8t breather filter ??? what is it, what does it do, purpose. ??
  137. ~~~~~~~~PHOENIX meet tomorrow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  138. Need opinions on beefing up engine, please read and help.
  139. GIAC Tip Chip....where doe it go and how is it installed
  140. x-post- new pictures of the SPR A-pillar Boost gauge
  141. anybody know of any cool engine swaps that would work in the Audi A4 (or other Audis)?
  142. Anyone put a Blow off valve on their 1.8T?
  143. (X-post) APR chipped ECU for sale -- 2001 S4 Tip, "J" box
  144. Anybody ever put a 50 shot or less of nitrous on a 1.8?...Race applications or WOT...Just curious
  145. A4 is making creaking sounds during turns. Lubricant to use on springs and chassis joints? Ed???
  146. TDLRACING!!!!! 12v ers are gonna be VERY happy...
  147. good place to buy turbo timer and gague??
  148. On the topic of chipping, anybody ever try these?
  149. 1.8T chipped
  150. K&N drop in filter Vs. ripping out the air box, using a cone filter of some sort??
  151. Feels like i am losing power.
  152. Hey, KO4/tip guy...any update?
  153. G-tech HP measurement: proper methods?
  154. Silicone hose source? (more)
  155. frustrated!! my boost gauge only registers up to 10psi. needle won't go any farther!
  156. for 1.8t quattro manual KONI COILOVERS users .. what rates are you running? front/rear?
  157. x-post: Need help diagnosing potential turbo problem (long)
  158. Some basic TT mods. Whatd'ya think guys?
  159. $6139 for the total apr III+ with all the goodies?01a4
  160. A4 congenital defect questions
  161. installing a boost gauge right now, what's a good fuse to tap into that turns on with instruments?
  162. Take a look at these new coils for direct ignitions....
  164. best swau bar for S4? Any suggestions
  165. I would like to open a civilized discussion on FMIC.
  166. Help!!! Looking for an exhaust for my 2000 A4 1.8tmqsc
  167. MIL with an APR EMCS on a 1998.5 (non-DBW)
  168. upgrades to a 2.8Q
  169. Does the 225hp Audi TT have the same K04 we all seek??
  170. If i were to lose boost for some insain reason then swap out the apr chipped ecu(more)
  171. 3" DOWNPIPES FOR A6 2.7T DONE!!!!!!!!
  172. MIKTIP
  173. I love APR's valet mode!
  174. Where to get bailey or forge BOV's from?
  175. XPOST from A6 Forum - possible group buy on Wett Tip-specific chip...
  176. Anyone use ELF products..?
  177. pes supercharger on an a6
  178. Got FULL BOOST again!!!!
  179. How can you check th engine oil temp on th climate control in a 96A4? TIA.
  180. Is this a reasonable price for a performance suspension?
  181. coilovers: which one allows height adjustments w/o taking the damn things off? what about dampening?
  182. S4 turbo back(video)
  183. FMIC
  184. is it a bad idea to install lowering springs on a A4 1.8tq with stock sport shocks?
  185. X-post sorry. I'm new here and have a Q. Will a BOV work on my car?
  186. Spring question...
  187. Boost gauge questions.
  188. Combine APR Chip & GIAC TipChip on A6 2.7t?
  189. Warning for those with a A41.8TQM... things do break!
  190. was told 3" down pipe was impossible on A4????
  191. APR Chip...Undetectable??
  192. GIAC server down - Thanks for Waterfest, guys.......
  193. X-post from S4: Is the VAG-COM the emulator of choice?
  194. borla exhaust vibration during rain,,whats up?,,happen to anyone else?
  195. X-Post from A4 Forum.
  196. MAF Mounting position warning.
  197. Mounting a camera?
  198. Question about changing brake fluid
  199. I need info on a 6 speed conv for a 12V 2.8 Quattro Automatic.
  200. Doing own Toe and Rear Camber alignment on my A4. Any tips/tricks/issues?
  201. xpost from A4 forum, re neuspeed K04 manifold..
  202. Decided on my next mod..Short throw shifter. But I have a few questions...
  203. K04 Comp VS K03 turbo's
  204. Exhaust technically minded:
  205. Please tell me the where to hook up a oil pressure gague...
  206. GIAC vs APR chip!
  207. Whose running AP brakes front and back, impression? Are they better than Stoptech? Looking for a
  208. Update on 12v chip: !!
  209. Los Angeles has no Audi A6 Tuners?
  210. can 5mm spacers cause a slight vibration in the steering wheel at speeds of 55mph or over?
  211. Bailey DV Valve/APR combo. Car surging in 1st gear.
  212. Anyone else here have any 1/4 mile et's for a 2.7T?-->
  213. Does anyone know who makes headers for the 30v A4's?
  214. "3 downpipe and short shifter for 99' A4 1.8T who makes them ??
  215. Suspension setup.....?
  216. 1995 audi 90
  217. Looking for high performance parts for my 99 Audi A6 Quattro
  218. What is a "triple plated" clutch?
  219. REALITY CHECK! just put stock ecu back in, impressions...
  220. WYSIWYG, I got some questions about your brake ducts....
  221. Cat Back For A4 FWD Tip
  222. Why is the spring rate on the H&R C/O sooo high f/ avants
  223. does anyone know if APR announced their FMIC at that NE event? or any news of it?
  224. New Brakes!
  225. Unorthadox pulleys for extra HP ???????? any one try this yet?
  226. Any engine oil experts here? I have some questions. Experts only please.
  227. differences between non sport, and sport suspension on '01 A4 1.8TQ
  228. Anyone put brake cooling ducts on their A4?
  229. any suspension suggestions for 4.2? open discussion
  230. anyone with a boost gauge that matches the '00 backlighting?
  231. DV's, are they still a problem?
  232. ATTN: 12v owners !!!
  233. Can someone explain what the problem is? (x-post from A4 forum)
  234. OK i have done this, that and the other thing......... NOW WHAT
  235. Expected life on Mintex Red Box pads?
  236. OEM Audi A4 Ronal Wheels w/ Goodyear Eagles For Sale on Ebay less than an hour left //Cheap//
  237. Remounting the stock intercooler in the front bumper??
  238. Tuned Audis
  239. APR plans for NE Show....
  240. What's the goop on the back of an ignition (Power Ouput Stage) module? Possible mounting spots?
  241. need help with an exhaust question!!!!
  242. anyone know of a boost gauge that goes to at least 2bar and also shows vacuum?
  243. Carbotech vs Mintex pads-need opinions
  244. xenon blue headlights
  245. What size inlet piping should I get for a universal muffler for an A4 1.8T quattro?
  246. anyone know how much it costs to get a custom downpipe made?
  247. headers
  248. Question for Evzen
  249. Favor please!......ABS 5.3 software coding value
  250. K03 vs. K04 - if the only difference is the blades why couldn't one just switch them on a stock K03?