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  1. Drive train Stabilizer..Who has it?worth it?Easy to install?
  2. anyone ever use a program like this..
  3. Stumble a 3k rpms (vag-com plots inside)
  4. Results from Dyno run at xotic motorsports
  5. Aftermarket cams for 1.8t, has anyone tried them?
  7. will a front wheel drive chip work on my quattro
  8. will a GT35 bolt on to an APR maifold?
  9. Eventually going for a turbo upgrade. If I decide to change to forged pistons/rods, how difficult...
  10. recommended reading from a friend of mine...
  11. Is anyone familiar with Renner Motorsports and their work?
  12. Not exactly audi related but
  13. What exactly is involved during an "engine rebuild?"
  14. x -post: 00 Stage 3 car leaking exhaust into cabin, rough idle, and seems like some sort of timing
  15. any input on the most reliable and cheapest ko4 kit?.......2000 S4
  16. What would cause the shaft of a K04 to break right where ....
  17. anyone know any audi/vw tuners that are also competent mechanics in the LA area?
  18. This thing looks like it could be interesting
  19. APR Stage 4 Piston Failure.
  20. OK...here's another STG3 (APR/PES) question..NOT about performance (finally!!)
  21. Opinions on Ceramic coatings for turbo's ?
  22. What ever happened to Avalon's oil coolers?
  23. GFB stealthfx BOV spring tension problem
  24. some update on the gt25r project...
  25. X-Post, Socal Dyno Day GTG at AMS!
  26. MC/MC2 vs 7A (turbo vs no turbo)
  27. What blocks log injector duty cycle?
  28. APR stage 3 and PES T-28 butt dyno questions...
  29. how do you figure out volumetric efficiency?
  30. What is the internal diameter of the "soft" portion of the fuel delivery line,.......
  31. Paging xr4tic...
  32. Tiptronic Tranny info
  33. Blown K03 on a 97 a4 auto. Would it be worth the extra money
  34. REpost for daycrew: 99.5 1.8T n-dbw: 7psi max & 21vac??
  35. Planning the DP back part of exhaust, need a little help with parts needed..
  36. A little more on Eurospec.
  37. she lives... yes!
  38. exhaust tech question?
  39. Where should i get parts for custom DP? eg. 3-bolt flange, piping?
  40. What's the skinny on the APR Stage 3 + kit? How much power?
  41. 2.0L kits and blocks
  42. Other than injector CC rating...what other things are there to watch out for?
  43. 1.8 in desperate need of more. what chip should I do?
  44. turbo timer problem for 2003 a4 1.8t
  45. i have a k26 turbo and need to Know what can be upgraded
  46. CT/NY Audi Group Get Together & Dyno Day Update - Dyno Scorecard & Car Wash
  47. J32 software for 2000 w/ k04/fmic?
  48. my boost controller
  49. Custom Garrett Software - Part Two - The Dyno Results
  50. Could this be fit to a 225 TT?
  51. This has been done to death but I need honest opinions before pulling the trigger.--->
  52. Several engine mods NOT bolt on need advice
  53. any good mechanic shops in ny
  54. Does anybody know the max temp a CF hood can take?
  55. if i relocated DV to throttle body, will i run into problems??
  56. VAG-com M-blocks...? Different information in different blocks on differnt 1.8T's?
  57. Writeup on the 1.9L Custom Turbo'd A4
  58. ok, while i am waiting for more parts to come.. how do you do catalytic converters?? anyone?
  59. CT/NY Audi Group Get Together & Dyno Day Update#5 - This Saturday 1/24...
  60. Intercooler experts and opinions Dual vs. FMIC
  61. So I'm at work and I see some familiar MAF's sitting on one of the other engineers desks...
  62. Pics of 1st Eurospec skru-up
  63. Pics of Eurospecs latest Fikup
  64. Strange "pop" @ 3k RPM, only when at WOT, only in the upper gears (4th +5th).
  65. Paging xr4tic...
  66. I need to post pics of 2 blown motors from Euro Spec kits, does anyone have a place I can put,
  67. Does anyone know the part number for the stock flywheel on a 2000 A4 Quattro ATW?
  68. x-post from the S4 forum. Not getting a lot of feedback. TIA
  69. any tig welders here? know how to stop this....
  70. RC Engineering injectors? Consensus...
  71. Injector Color Code? 2.8
  72. chip
  73. People with REVO...
  74. SS 304 or 316 corner tubes
  75. Anyone know how to reset the readiness codes with the VAG-COM?
  76. anyone want to let me know if this is safe or not?
  77. for those that done turbo upgrade, or hv larger fuel injectors...etc. how is your gas mileage?
  78. New Intake manifold project under way..
  79. What should the max. MAF readings (in units of g/s) be on a PES T-28 kit (n-dbw)?
  80. anyone know if i can get a automatic tranny that holds more power than my stock on my 03 A4...
  81. xr4tic, re:injectors
  82. (X-post) Anyone ever have a bent clutch fork?
  83. Lucas are you here?
  84. Does anyone have contact info for Schrick North America? Thanks.
  85. Is there a good 'ol way (analog - without computers) of doing an alignment?
  86. HELP needed Error:17938 - Camshshaft Timing Adjustment: Short to Ground
  87. Any one know of a High Volume Oil Pump for 1.8T engine?
  88. Stealth Mission: WORX A4 gets Custom Garrett Software - BAM! Explosive Power!
  89. anybody following these products' release? looks promising
  90. I just installed a test pipe and I have some questions about avoiding a constant CEL
  91. scrounged this up on a thread on vortex..fueling comments?
  92. Heavy duty carbon remover??
  93. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Get Together & Dyno Day - UPDATES #4
  94. X-post: Anyone try the Bosch green top injectors (42#@3BAR) with the PES T-28 Kit (ndbw)?
  95. need performance tips and hints please
  96. Rumor has it, that one of our own A6's, has finally recorded a 12.9 1/4 mile!!!!
  97. STFA - need part number - From the B5 Forum
  98. attn Audi2ptzero: Did you DBW come with EV12 type injectors?
  99. What's the fastest anyone has had a 710N go bad?
  100. Why isnt there something like Hondata for our ecus? Are our ecus not fully cracked yet?
  101. Whats the equasion to convert units of cc's -> lb/hr?
  102. frothy oil...
  103. Whats The Biggest Turbo That Will Fit The APR Stage 3 ManaFold?
  104. Anyone know where to buy Motul 600 on a sat. in the OC? Please?
  105. what should 02 voltage #'s be at idle? should they sway or stay put?TIA
  106. Do I need larger injectors?
  107. High flow cats
  108. repost-Major Engine Failure -HELP-
  109. ATP Turbo install probs
  110. neone know how to adjust sound on the lltek hybrid bov for B6 1.8t?
  111. fast and the furious
  112. is the any difference(air flow wise) between cheap cone filter and a brand name cone filter?
  113. What to look for when looking at used Stg 3 1.8T??
  114. Audi TT Heads differences (180 vs 225Hp) ??
  115. Just lowered my car ('02 A4) Do I need to get an alignment. If so, can I getaway with driving...
  116. Similar to Jamez post below, look what GIAC announced today.
  117. To xr4tic and you other guys wishing for a way to tune your motronic...
  118. POLL....Motors blown with PES kit...
  119. X-post - How do I run this type of Boost Line, adapters?, It is for the Blitz DC series...
  120. so does the 1.8T quattro 6 speed tranny that is available now
  121. Fantastic new Chrysler Four Twelve Sport car!
  122. ***HELP*** I have a little problem with my turbo (long explanation within) x-post
  123. Some pictures of the internals of my blown motor...
  124. DBW guys check out this new tuner car
  125. Does anyone make an adjustable cam gear for the 10v 5cyl?...
  126. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Meet & Dyno Day - UPDATES #3
  127. Feeler Post: Is there any interest in setups that go WAY BEYOND Stage 3.....m.....
  128. 4000q 4.11/1ring&pinion in A4 5speed?
  129. Anybody know if a switch like this is available on the market...
  130. is it possible to install a apr chip on your own
  131. Contact details for Juan Mendoza
  132. What would it take to convert B6s returnless to return fuel system?
  133. Does normal injector math doesnt apply to an engine with returnless fuel system ?
  134. attn giac chip owners
  135. Paging Brent V...
  136. 1.8T engine differences ??
  137. Are the back of the K03 and K04 turbos the same?
  138. QTEC Down Pipe, freeexhaust by the push of a button... (more)
  139. HELP SSP TipMod into my Automatic A4
  140. weird noise coming from the engine
  141. Electronic Stabilization Program - activate?
  142. Is vibration in the clutch pedal only attributed to a bad throw out bearing? What can I do to fix...
  143. custom exhaust
  144. vw obd2 to laptop capabilities,and mods w/out chip
  145. HELP needed with cat removal
  146. Are those cd's they offer on eBay the real deal...
  147. Large injector recommendations?
  148. Thinking about trying to do a brembo bbk group by anyone interested?
  149. Performance suspensions for 4kq's?
  150. What do you guys think about the ECS Stage2 ver2 brake upgrade?
  151. oil plug to oil pan is completely stripped...
  152. Options for upgrades -- '97A6Q
  153. Automotive schools?
  154. splicing into the electrical connection from the N75...
  155. A4 2.6L
  156. Paging xr4tic...
  157. installed K04 a few days ago need some info...
  158. Who has the best deal on 50lb injectors or should i say, best 50lb injector for the price?
  159. exhaust poll and help
  160. S4 or A6 2.7T
  161. Looking to buy a K04 for a TT as mine blew up HELP suggestions
  162. Anyone know of any good suspension shops in Long Island?
  163. New Low Blow
  164. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Meet & Dyno Day - UPDATES....
  165. Someone help!!! Crank shaft and cams moved turing TB job!
  166. What's the '02 A4 1.8T Oxygen Sensor voltage? Most cars it's 1.0V but someone said '02's are 5.0.
  167. VAG-COM data of my A4, comments?
  168. looking for suggestions for 18"x9" wheels for my 96/97A4 1.8t
  169. new b6 s4 upgrades?
  170. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Meet & Dyno Day - Jan 24th - Wethersfield, CT
  171. Exhaust questions, Also can anyone tell me about Borla or Dynomax mufflers
  172. 98 2.8 fwd center exhaust
  173. ?'s regarding a normal 2.7 bi-turbo vs. KTR's single turbo setup...
  174. Engine trouble, loud clacking, no cell lights though, help...
  175. What are healthy g/s #s for a MAF?
  176. S4 BSFC question - are RS4 injectors limited?
  177. Worx visits the Dyno - GIAC Power!
  178. X-Post from B5 A4 forum, you guys seem to know more over here (drivetrain problems inside).
  179. Will OBD I throw codes with no cat?
  180. b5 2.8 to 2.7tt swap info?
  181. Next Audi Project: some questions regarding custom turbo setup with B6 1.8 or 3.0...
  182. More engine mounts questions.....XR4TIC, is your email address updated (returned to me)
  183. I had a little time today so I worked on my Monster
  184. N75 replacements?
  185. 20V flow numbers....
  186. What words come to mind? Busy? Ghetto?
  187. Anybody chipped an A4 with CVT?
  188. Is it normal to see lower boost when using a race gas program v. 91+ program?
  189. Bellowing smoke out the exhaust, no boost no power HELP!
  190. Also, looking for specs for valve springs......
  191. STFA'd, no luck. Anyone with info/email to someone with info, regarding A/FC connections.....
  192. X-Post from B5 forum in regards to brake pads
  193. APR Stage III Gone Bad.... Help!
  194. opinions on an Unorthodox Racing pulley for a 1.8T??
  195. Update: Ex. leaks found, running, but need to fix those
  196. Any rumors heard about Supersprint coming out with headers for the 2.8 30V?
  197. my cooling come on late, it comes on when the temp is 1/3 past the middle marker, what is wrong
  198. I'm going to have a custom race cat made for my car, but have a question about my CEL...
  199. Chip advice?
  200. APR or PES stage 3?
  201. Might be a repost, but ATP updated the compressor maps for GT series turbos (inc. GT28RS)
  202. B6 1.8Ts have a dual outlet setup, does that mean that if i put together a single outlet system
  203. Ik22. from the box is 0.0044 gap. What you guys running for your chipped 1.8t?
  204. How does cold weather affect boost pressure ?
  205. which one would you use to replace vac lines???
  206. Stock exhaust pipe size
  207. Getting closer to 350 whp...
  208. How an you post a movie?
  209. 2001 Variable cam... Audi A4 1.8t
  210. Anybody know the specs of the Schrick cams on 1.8T, i did a search but can't find the answer.
  211. Hey, approximately how much does it run to put a to3/to4E kit together?
  212. not sure what exhaust to run(larger turbo guys please read)
  213. Finally took the car to the dyno...
  214. Urgent help needed on exaust question...much appreciated
  215. X-post from B5 A4 forum. Suspension help needed! Thanks.
  216. Level Ten is still the best place to upgrade the Tiptronic tranny on an 1998 A4 1.8T Quattro right?
  217. Possible Spec clutch/flywheel issues.......
  218. I have some new pictures of my crazy project.
  219. Am I SCREWED??
  220. Is there a way to find out exactly where I have an exhaust leak?
  221. General question regarding cam advance
  222. So what comes after a broken easy out? :-)
  223. My Pagid orange pads have a bunch of micro-cracks
  224. looking for tips for storing an engine....
  225. Where can I pick up a set of RC 440 injectors.. one of mine are acting up.
  226. X-post: Need help diagnosing a clutch-related problem...
  227. Quick Q about turbo oil and coolant lines...
  228. Ok, gunna try a GTG in North East Jersey again: This Sat - the 6th....Weather Permitting!
  229. Reminder : Miami Audi Meet Tomorrow
  230. Anyone here have experience w/ race cats on a V6?
  231. KW INOX Coilovers V1/V2/V3 Holidays Group Buy!
  232. ATP says that there is no turbo/Downpipe gasket...
  233. UPSOLUTE chipping in MA (xpost) AW directory advertiser
  234. o2 sensor
  235. Does anyone know how to...
  236. Engine Mount
  237. does anybody know the Fuel Injector size for the 4.2 V8? 4 valve and 5 valve. thanks
  238. Pagid Blue vs. Ferodo --- which pad and why?
  239. 2000 S4. What are the best performace upgrades to do to the car for under $500. Mods inside!
  240. what can i do to beef up my automatic tranny.
  241. Can any can with two ports on it be used as a closed catchcan?
  242. Tranny Swap Can Someone Help
  243. how much power can i get out of punching out the cats?
  244. North Jersey GTG.. (X-Post)
  245. 12.827 at 104.88 today
  246. Looking for a guage that shows 2 air temp readings?
  247. X-post: Almost done, but Coolant leak...Ahhh...Help
  248. Im happy with my new project
  249. Avant pic request
  250. I did some 3rd gear runs and could use some help with analysis...