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  1. What does white buildup on the back of exhaust valves signify?
  2. My computer still works?
  3. K04 Dyno Results 2001 and issues......
  4. Dynojet Dyno at IDA Automotive in Freehold, NJ
  5. Who would be interested in Free/Open Source Mapping/Map Editing Software? (more)
  6. Question: Any Ideas how Dahlback gets 600+ HP out of a Audi A4 1.8T?
  7. Camber settings...
  8. AWE KO4
  9. paging audi2ptzero
  10. So how have you addressed the inside rear wheel lifting...
  11. My new year's resolution: Get rid of the MAF!
  12. Is it worth adding a HiFlo Air Intake to an A6C6 4.2 without also putting .....
  13. Stupid Q but: where to find 550cc inj? (550cc=55lb inj???)
  14. Who has dimensions for AWE DTS
  15. Idle problems
  16. Would I be better off getting a Vacuum gauge or a Water temp gauge.
  17. does anyone know where can i get Lemmiwink software?
  18. X-Post - Central PA Tech/Session - ACNA/MAC and APTuning Feb 12th
  19. Running j31 file and looking at injectors,
  20. will 01 fmic fit a 03 1.8t
  21. Adjustable Centre Differential (increasing ratio of torque to back wheels)
  22. Need HID bulb Xenarc 5,400K D2S.. anyone interested to sell?
  23. Finaly did some VAG logs
  24. Coilover Install
  25. APR Stage 3 install on a 2000 Audi A4.. NEED HELP
  26. Fuel Trims dont change
  27. N75 valve hose positioning... Help!
  28. Where's the big benefit of coilovers?
  29. Was wondering who has the best chip upgrade out there right now?
  30. GT3071R hardware in, Questions on DBC conversion?
  31. What else can I do to max out the performance of my K04?
  32. Question about wheel alignment
  33. Any of you guys know this fellow (Kevin. Gath)? [email protected]
  34. APR pinging issue when transitioning from vacuum to boost under load
  35. Turbo Kits
  36. fiy carbotech has hawk blue race pads for the alcon type b caliper for 82$
  37. Anyone running an APR chip and K04?? Sorry didn't check the tech.
  38. Any of you boys here run one or two Quaife ATBs on your cars?
  39. Milwaukee AWD DYNO Runs $50 Today
  40. Engine power output without turbo?
  41. how efficient will my car run with a 45 degree coupler between the maf and air filter
  42. For future reference for all, please list any AWD Dynos for each state - more info...
  43. injector pulse is over 29ms, what's wrong?
  44. oil capacity question
  45. Anyone running a Full-Race 1.8T Header? Any other headers available out there? Installed pics?
  46. where do turbos cut into exhaust? after all headers are combined?
  47. GT30R turbo
  48. Quik Poll: Which Brand(s) of Sport Springs and Shocks .......
  49. What's the latest year model K03
  50. turbo timer users, how many minutes do you have yours set for?
  51. Stock Audi A4 with Plans and Questions...
  52. Best HP Increase and Upgrades for a lowly A6 4.2
  53. brake upgrade on a 99 a4 fwd 1.8t
  54. x-post: How can a n-dbw w/o maf and map tell that I exceeded max charge pressure?
  55. Are ther any affordable suspension ....
  56. anyone know the spring rate of the wastegate actuator on the k03/k04?
  57. X - post : My A4 parts for sale?
  58. Looking to get a a/f gauge that reads in digits. Other than Defi?
  59. Maybe a dumb Quest. but can B5 S4 calipers and rotors fit on a B5 A4 with no other mod than
  61. Achtuning holiday special Free Shipping* on any item** until Friday 12-17
  62. What are some problems i would run into if I......
  63. Tubro Timer
  64. BRAKES
  65. X-Post: Is power limited in first gear?
  66. I havent seen this posted here yet...so...
  67. Much needed clarification
  68. Repost/X-Post. Upgrade 1.8T engine mounts.
  69. I gots a problem... I think.. 25psi w/ Stage 3. (2nd and 3rd)
  70. APR SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  71. those with a 2.8 5 speed on a 1.8t...
  72. 180 TT knock sensor question, searched and posted in TT forum, no help
  73. In the midst of beginning my newest project, I've had another idea I want to try......
  74. where can i get recaro sliders and brackets for my B5 S4 for cheap?
  75. Suspension Question - Audi-Eibach Eurosport springs w/ Bilstein HD's
  76. xpost:anyone have the compressor map and or excel sheet for a k04-15?
  77. X-Post...injector removal
  78. Great article on Sparkplugs (I felt the urge to share!)
  79. can i utilize a catch can on a dbw b6? iirc i believe i've heard i may not be able to b/c of...
  80. Car getting Dyno'd Wednesday, what kind of numbers will I be looking at?
  81. what kind of aftermarket exhaust can I put on an '04 A6 2.7T
  82. Streetwerke is now open for business.
  83. 3 inch SS DP with HFC is listed in the classified.....shoot me a message if interested...
  84. is there an ideal barb/nippl size for fast idle valves? brake vac?
  85. GT28rs on stock ecu
  86. Is "APR tuned" badge dorky?
  87. Is there a non - power steering rack available that would fit a U.S. spec A4?
  88. UPDATE on my Dalhback 2.0 motor and 420hp kit
  89. Bump.. Start to finish for my car. Year in review. New GIAC Injector program almost here..
  90. extensive comunication w/ TJM, hopefully a K04-23 soon........
  91. off clubb5.com, adjust timing via barometric pressure circuit
  92. Which turbos bolt up to stock 10vt manifold (89 MC)?
  93. Newbie question! GIAC vs. APR
  94. 1.8t Challenge Dyno plot
  95. Lookin' for a set of A4 1.8T injectors that are just a little bit smaller......
  96. i know many do not like BOV , but what about the hybrid one
  97. new project
  98. what is a bar (i know dumb question but)...i get that it is something flow related...
  99. Anyone know what Ford injector I could use that flows 270CC (at 3bar)?
  100. Good article on using lightweight crank pulleys...
  101. Im thinking about APR Stage 3, could those that have it please read
  102. Southbend make a good clutch? I need a clutch that will hold 340-50 awt
  103. 2005 A6 4.2 suspension questions - need help!!
  104. Single mass alu flywheel for 5cyl 2.2 turbo ? Does anyone make/sell them?
  105. B6 A4's starting to step up to the plate...
  106. do the 310cc injectors and a 3.0 bar fpr run rich on the pc16 file?
  107. 310cc injector question...
  108. Related to post below....Would individual throtle bodies be beneficial?
  109. Anyone use upgraded intake manifolds? (ie: Dahlback)
  110. 1.8T internals can handle this much power?
  111. What would a K04 TQM do in 0-60mph?
  112. 2002 3.0Q 6sp - Any chips out there?
  113. AWE heavy duty clutch kit for the TT
  114. Schrick Cams w/ KO4 set-up - Hit or Miss?
  115. 1st Rate Shop in Phoenix, Az Area?
  116. Has anyone ever rebuilt a 2.8 30v. Just wondering if it is even considered.
  117. upgrades?
  118. Braking...I'm talking track days here.
  119. 5bar FPR question
  120. When upgrading to the B5 RS4 intercoolers on a B5 S4.....
  121. New Angstrom Wheels Pics.
  122. 2004 S-Line chip tuning: Dahlback, Giac, or AWE?
  123. Anyone else ever have backfiring issues between 1st & 2nd?
  124. How to check timing?
  125. can i swap my t28 for a gt28rs?
  126. High octane fuel question....
  127. BPV to Before Throttle Body
  128. 1997 A4 Quatro automatic
  129. Is better head stud need for higher boost application?
  130. Spooling Characteristics of GT28r vs. GT28rs ?
  131. Water Spray on SMIC?
  132. Trans experts, opinions please.......
  133. just got shadetree VAG, what is normal knock sensor reading?...searched not much info
  134. X-post from B5, Can I remove the metal tube while changing Air Filter?
  135. ATTN - suspension guru's, help me out...(x-post from B6)
  136. Can someone please tell me what WOT means?
  137. Latest Edition Fast Fours n' Rotaries Magazine - LucasG Chips Article
  138. Suggestions for preparing a 1.8T engine for autocrossing...
  139. Status Racing composite racing seats now available at Achtuning
  140. Lost or Missing Boost?
  141. Dyno day at Yarrowsport in Providence RI.
  142. Crosspost: GROUP BUY: Buehn Engineering Hybrid Turbos!
  143. Has anyone put a 1.8T on a DYNO before and after a CAT BACK exhaust upgrade?
  144. people with aftermarket clutches
  145. What is the best EXAUST upgrade Down Pipe Back for my TT225
  146. Euroclass KO4 Beserk Upgrade Update - Including PWR Oil cooler and ECS UDP - LONG POST
  147. Will the APR K04 transverse program work with a longitude A4?
  148. BOost cut?
  149. anyone have a used t-28 chip(ndbw) for sale?
  150. OpenECU
  151. anyone have or know where to get compressor maps for a GT28RS and a KKK K26?
  152. Update: Car is now in the shop getting the Euroclass KO4 beserk kit installed
  153. Anyone know of a seq. tranny for the b5 a4's? True seq, not tip
  154. Anyone know the exact turbo APR uses int the A4 Stage III?
  155. My experience with AWE Tuning
  157. DIY Fuel Mixture kit?
  158. Stage 3/T-28 Forge BPVowners: What spring shim combo are you using?
  159. Z-flow fmic good for K03 and eventualy K04?
  160. Question about stage 3 (apr) or T28 on a tip...
  161. Euroclass KO4 Beserk Upgrade Kit - Here is a pic to wet your appetite
  162. injector pulse, fuel pressure and mpg calculation
  163. Question about I/C tubing size in connection with RS4 I/C swap...
  164. Bizarre ... KKK K26 electric turbochargers
  165. VOTE!!! Help Motor Trends R28 Win!!!
  166. with a boost gauge what level of vac should I be seeing at idle?
  167. X-Post: Help with Clutch
  168. correct me if im wrong but i think i may have found something useful
  169. catch can install pics....anyone?
  170. Paging x4rtic or anyone who has 30V V6 ECU harness layout
  171. Can someone explain the concept behind a catch can?
  172. been driving around with my new k04 install...some issues..
  173. Please tell me that this is in no way a gd design for routing IC piping
  174. Stage three problems resolved.
  175. does anyone know where drag coefficents for audis can be found?
  176. More info on UDP's for comment
  177. Kinetic Motorsports A4 exhaust manifold question...
  178. Audi Certified Service, Repair, Performance/Tuning in NJ
  179. Anyone know if there is a way to decrease the sensitivity of the DBW throttle?
  180. OT: Anyone have contact info for SKS? e-mailed him several times with no reply.....TIA
  181. Cars only peaking 16 and holding at like 14 or 15 with APR1+ I think i should have more Boost!!
  182. Yay! KO4-15 finally arrived w/5bar FPR & Gaskets, ECS Under Drive Pulley & PWR Oil cooler
  183. Anybody have this wideband?
  184. XPost - Eddie (formerly) of South Bend
  185. Another gearbox question, except it's about Tip. Does anybody know how modular they are?
  186. Wise ones of the tunning forum, information please.
  187. need some help on fueling after timing advance
  188. Advice on Clutch... X-post
  189. Would appreciate some upgrade advice. (more)
  190. best place to order a sport k04. not the kit jsut the turbo..
  191. TT Clutch?
  192. Lemmiwinks FAQ?
  193. Yay!!! Oh happy day!!!
  194. I want to go big turbo: Need some direction/advice.
  195. has anyone treid to put a old 5 cyl 20v in an a4?
  196. Least cost source for new/rebuilt K03 needed...
  197. X-Post SouthEast PA - MD - DE ACNA Dyno/Day Sat Nov 20th
  198. does anyone know if Maximum Boost talks about blow thru turbo setup?
  199. On ecodetuning.com .....
  200. Ignition Solutions Coilpacks, worth teh money or overated??
  201. 5 Cylinder Questions....
  202. DEFI Amber Gauges now installed & GIAC 'Beserk' Software Peak Boost Reading
  203. HID xenon upgrade kit for A4 B5
  204. speed limit question...plz help me!
  205. Who got the fastest car?
  206. I'm going to install APR S3. Should I use the stock 4 bar FPR or use an adjustable for tuneability?
  207. X-post from B5 forum...searched....many conflicting answers...spark plug questions..............
  208. whats the difference between injectors and a fule rail?
  209. ok, anybody got a brief run down for whats necessary for a reliable 1.8 to 2.0L conversion
  210. weisco 2.0L pistons
  211. timeslip for anyone who cares
  212. what of oil cooler can i get for a b6 a4 1.8t...(more)
  213. Dealer just finished installed Stage 3 Clutch and LWFW - what should I expect for the first ride ?
  214. Dawson's Dreadnaught-X-Post
  215. Why am I running rich? (stage three 1.8T) Eratic air/fuel ratio.
  216. federal emmisions
  217. New DEFI gauges have arrived! WOOT!
  218. Just got Euro tuner in the mail.
  219. Do-able or not?
  220. 1997 a4 1.8t stock Fuel Pressure Regulator Rating?
  221. mod for a4 3.0 2002 ?
  222. My day at the dyno with MTM stage three (1.8T)
  223. best mechanic gloves???
  224. Who is hosting the 1/4 mile database these days? where is it?
  225. ARE YOU FVCKIN SERIOUS!!! (still got over heating issues)-->
  226. Behind the Scenes: Primedia Editor's Charity Challenge
  227. Hope this isn't a repost...
  228. Just done next initial stage run.
  229. A4 swap
  230. a4 vs s4
  231. Could I make a front wheel drive audi tranny spin the opposite direction?
  232. Those who have installed RS4 Tranny mounts: what else did you use besides the mount for it to work?
  233. Went to the 1/4 strip for the second time, some questions
  234. T-28 boost follow-up...no leaks anymore, just about to run rich again
  235. Upgrade path
  236. I Found LEMMIWINKS program.
  237. Update on cooling and over heating issues.
  238. Drive by wire people with test pipes....how do you avoid the rear 02 DTC?
  239. Anyone mind helping a noob out with some Logs?
  240. Which plugs to use for a Stage 3 A4?
  241. Motor Trend eBay Editor's Challenge Volkswagen R28
  242. Thinking of getting a B5 S4
  243. is there a way to encode a L box to a K box? both 2000 a6's l is tip k is 6spd
  244. Stasis Engineering Track Sport Suspension - Should I pull the trigger?
  245. There has to be somone in here running a greddy profec B spec II boost controller
  246. performance clutch flywheel
  247. Thoughts on experimenting with a boost controller...
  248. anyone have updated info regarding gt30 turbo kits for the 1.8t's?
  249. anyone know a good place to buy reinforced silicone vaccuum lines like the updated passat ones???
  250. ****The 2 things I learned while tuning tonight.....*****