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  1. where to get a complete AEB 1.8t engine w/ k03?
  2. anyone have any BIRA system 2 brackets they want to sell? (A4-S2)
  3. Timing Belt Mods??
  4. Anyone ever used Luk Pro Gold clutch as replacement?
  5. X-Post: How does this MTM Stage 3 data log look to you all....
  6. Leaning out >5500 RPM... (vag plots)
  7. Compressor surge related: Does anyone back off the throttle partially on boost? eg. city driving
  8. Aquamist 2D install on A4 1.8 - need some help
  9. installation help
  10. need input about gauges -- besides boost, what else is important or good to have for turbo cars?
  11. Got my car back! Question about the new found boost.
  12. ok to replace c box ecu with p box? -- 99.5 1.8 tip
  13. Headers for a super-charged A4..Addt'l HP??
  14. Anyone have experience with Revo Big Turbo Software?
  15. Water Pump went bad at 27k miles....Is it possible? what can cause that?its a 2003 a4 1.8t
  16. Would a 6spd S4 B5 tranny fit on a B5 1.8T without other mods?
  17. Quick sway bar question...
  18. Dyno results...
  19. I have 27,000 miles oil is low what can i fill with until i get my oil change friday...1.8T
  20. Air/Water Intercooler Install (rev 0) complete
  21. T3/T4 manifold on ebay incase anyone in intersted
  22. anyone have this power pully kit?
  23. ok dumb question. how many qts of tranny fluid do i need for a 1.8t quattro and fwd?
  24. why and how do igitions go bad?
  25. Opinions please... DAHLBACK's Chip for the 2.7T
  26. What size threading is on the Oil filter thingy
  27. Project RS4 Sedan
  28. Which syn oil provides more protection 0W40, 5W30, 10W30, etc...
  29. variable cam timing on a 1.8T... how much gain ?
  30. KO4 vs. GT30R vs. T-28
  31. pic of my fmic!
  32. repost from B5 forum--need help checking continuity from ecu to pos
  33. What kind of bolts/studs are everyone using for their stage 3/+ kits?
  34. D2 Coilovers? Any Reviews/Opinions?
  35. Anyway to make a 96 A4 2.8 Go faster?
  36. Sort of Repost From B5 A4 forum.
  37. Wetterauer chipped 1.8T, car is Pinging, have anybody heard of this problem with wett?
  38. looking to buy R/L head off 2.8
  39. Garrett IBE Chipswitching
  40. x-post to b5.......timing belt update (pics)
  41. from B5 forum--no pulse signal on coil & misfire--need ideas
  42. turbo upgrade
  43. KO4 turbo upgrade
  44. Anyone know how to put the car into Service Mode?
  45. 1997 A4 1.8t big turbo options <-- advice needed
  46. Autronic Sm2 Install done..
  47. Cylinder 3 misfire
  48. Scored cylinders...
  49. Need Turbo for 97 A4 1.8T... Suggestions? Offers?
  50. Where can I purchase a used NDBW 1.8T for a Lotus 7 replicar my brother is building?
  51. unplugging coilpack with engine running--what happens?
  52. 2003-04 B6 A4 1.8T boost graphs..
  53. (X-post) Name that tune...lifters?
  54. audi a6 2.7 turbo upgrade
  55. Installed AWE DTS yesterday..bada$$..is a snub mount overkill at this point???
  56. question for you guys regarding an exhaust manifold being ported and polished...
  57. Possible diverter valve problem...advice needed.
  58. I think I blew a turbo?
  59. Need help with engine/turbo swap, is there a better manual than Bentley?
  60. SpeedChip
  61. custom intake with bov.....IDEA for MAF
  62. Name this turbo
  63. Need dragstrip help
  64. can someone reassure me that its ok to use this flywheel...
  65. NGK sparkplugs??? gapping?
  66. Looking for complete AEB engine...
  67. Valve seat problem? Car at shop for almost 5 weeks! WTF!
  68. Which Dyno to get? Escort, Gtech, MrDyno, PocketDyno, Beltronics. Any suggestions
  69. Piston-rod upgrade.. suggestions?
  70. AEB x Other Codes......
  71. Caractere front bumper HELP!
  72. Are Coilpacks interchangable?
  73. What engine mounts are people upgrading to?
  74. Juan Mendoza - Hitman wanted!
  75. APR stage 3 boost question
  76. x-post: tapping the egt sensors on the S4
  77. does neone know if the apex SAFCII works for our b6 audi's 1.8t?
  78. Anyone know the stock hp/torque of a Euro version '96 A6 with a 2.6 engine??
  79. AU 1000 engine tuning
  80. Question regarding injectors...
  81. x-post to a4 forum ATF cooler lines
  82. almost done with new setup
  83. Whats a used K03 worth,? (16k miles)?
  84. If i have a K03 turbo sitting around can i send it somewhere to be beefed up?
  85. *** White Smoke ?
  86. K04-15 Running on APR stage1 K03 software....
  87. STaSIS Tracksport Rear Brakes
  88. Any MBC suggestions (cheap ones)?
  89. Update to blown (sons') engine...
  90. when running a larger turbo setup t-28 or larger what is the best..
  91. Reminder: Achtuning Anniversary Car Show and BBQ this Saturday!!!
  92. Modeling and/or modifying B5 suspension geometry
  93. Stoptech problem. . .
  94. kinda OT - changed timing belt on a kia sephia, having problems now
  95. 12V V6 losing power away from a stop when cold, and also at high speed.
  96. failed rear anti-swaybar uplinks...
  97. Did anyone hear of APR, developing a K04 kit? and AWE having a Super K kit, and ABD's K05 kit?
  98. April 9-10, 2005 Pahrump Audi Driving School
  99. gauging interest, would anyone want to buy
  100. Anybody tried running this on K04 software and injectors?...
  101. Brake Pads?
  102. how many 12sec A4's out there?
  103. Water injection pwnz
  104. xpost. Anyone hear of MJM turbos? Anyone use them?
  105. allroad 2.7t turbo lag ?
  106. bumper shock bolt stuck...help please
  107. giac flashloader
  108. cross post GREDDY FMIC INSTALL
  109. Does anyone have a parts list for an APR stage III kit as well as some sort of instructions Thanks
  110. Anyone use Custom Performance Products susp. pieces. What is concensus on best race susp?
  111. can I drain and fill a 2.8 trans using the fill port?
  112. Clamped the map sensor with a diode, cars acting weird..
  113. Torque Wrenches - Which one.
  114. AWE tuning
  115. Do the B5s have 2 or 4 channel igntions?
  116. Turbo Timer install help??? anyone know
  117. what's your fav MBC...
  118. Engine started, confirmed for Sat. and Sun. Drags at Waterfest - come and visit
  119. chip
  120. soo what will I need extra to make this work with the stock intercooler?
  121. Timing belt tensioner failed on my bud's A4...Have some questions about pulling the head...
  122. What are some symptoms if your wastegate is bad or going bad?
  123. "Lifter" noise/knocking Thread - - Not oil pressure.
  124. 1.8T engine dimensions needed
  125. take advantage of my misfortune
  126. Blown engine.... Hypothetical casue?
  127. Forge BPV - clogging problems?
  128. 2004 Northeast Event Pictures Up...........
  129. I STA is anyone using a Mantaray Motorsport Clutch...
  130. How wide a tire can you install on a 16x7 wheel?
  131. I did some VAG logging to try to figure out my issues,Take a look and lend an thought
  132. Lifter saga continues (noise came back! WTF!!)
  133. Where to buy Samco or other 'reinforced' TBB? TIA
  134. MY B6 NEEDS TO BE FASTER!!!! help
  135. Need help with SPEC clutch problem. Very frustrated.
  136. some questions...
  137. AutoSpeed Introduces our new TRU-DUAL Performance Exhaust Line
  138. Turbo hesitation/erratic boost problems.......
  139. lifters continued ... pic of my 90K miles engine (BWW)
  140. 1.st time running the 1/4 mile advice would be appreciated.
  141. A3 1.8t 2002 Turbo Noise.
  142. Need some help with upgrades
  143. Big Problem!!! Need help :(
  144. Looking for 2000 A6 4.2 Pie Plate 8 Spoke Rims
  145. what could have cause lifters to fail on a 1.8T?
  146. BEST high perf. sparkplug for '02 3.0Q A4 ???
  147. Update: 3500 miles on my South Bend DXD. Still doesn't hold.
  148. Need help from the experts PLEASE READ...
  149. oil circulation to the engine (lifters not getting oil)
  150. Sparkplugs - OEM vs BOSCH/MSD/NGK - HELP!
  151. Upgrade
  152. 2004 Northeast Audi Summer Event THIS WEEKEND!!!
  153. lucky numbers for fathersday! happy fathersday to y'all!
  154. If you car has more than 130000km on it and you haven't replaced the fuel filter, its time...
  155. Since y'all love helping solve my problems so much,
  156. Has anybody used the Brembro Big Brake Kit?
  157. got my boost gauge in the other day and can someone explain some things to me?
  158. Can I get away with just putting eibach springs on my car to lower it to make the gap smaller
  159. not sure if anyone has seen these before, but locking header bolts...
  160. air density calculations...
  161. here's a stupid question, would it make sense to disconnect the alternator..
  162. SPEC clutch and LWF question...
  163. Mintex red box bedding in process..
  164. Anybody with a T-28 ever log block 114? HELP!
  165. Wideband O2 AFR vs calculations based on VAG-COM?
  166. will honed or polished manifold mk difference?
  167. Which windshield washer pump is correct for a 2001 A4 1.8TQ?
  168. help please! ABS and flashing brake warning lights: the dreaded ABS module failure (long)...
  169. My engine cuts out at 5k RPM - no idea why ........read inside for details
  170. clutch issues need advice
  171. whats the typical way of releasing a drag launch rev limiter?
  172. Automatic transmission flare 3rd to 4th
  173. What do you guys think about this?? Go to Products, Click on Hyper Ground or Voltage Systems
  174. adjustable cam gear
  175. 2 Pt. Zero - Have u Quartered ur Car yet? Did u get into the 12's?
  176. Major RICH Problems...Full story inside, will investigate more soon
  177. NE1 using a ProfecSpec2 on a 2001 APR STGIII?? ......
  178. MTM Stage 2 on '03 A4 B6 doesn't deliver :(
  179. did a little searching but not sure...
  180. has any 1 used 104 octane...
  181. 2004 Northeast Audi Event -- June 25th & 26th
  182. AWE-Tuning - chip
  183. Searching for a new Clutch......
  184. looking for K26 compressor maps...
  185. Which clutch of these three would you recommend most?
  186. My dyno day numbers...
  187. Help low dyno #'s
  188. Reccomendations for a good quality and relatively inexpensive fuel pressure gauge...
  189. Dual Mass Flywheel Failure?
  190. My impressions - Spec stage 3 clutch and lightweight flywheel
  191. Boost controller on a nDBW T-28
  192. Genesis
  193. Leads please
  194. Other then a compression test, what else should i have done to make sure
  195. Turbo Upgrade Recomendations?
  196. Northeast Audi Event coming soon!
  197. (noob) switching 2 synth oil any sugg?
  198. Bigger Injector setup issues?
  199. Found the problem, thanks for all the help I got from AW...
  200. part # for combination valve on AWM (2001) A4?
  201. Yep that's right, count all eight of them!! This is Crazy :)
  202. INFO on "LOW GAS PRICES"...
  203. Is it ok to use a copper crush washer for the pyrometer? I dont have the white one that came w/it.
  204. front mount question
  205. Euro tuner challenge dyno result
  206. ANyone have the racetec throttle body?
  207. A6 1.8 T Q Chip Tuning Help
  208. Suspension Question...
  209. Anyone know a source 4 custom timing belts?? Esp if already set up to do VW/Audi
  210. will ST BBK fit w/17" oem sport 5 star rims
  211. D2 Coilovers ?!?! They have an Audi application
  212. To install K04 or not too......
  213. Lucas_Gchips, have you gotten the new manifold on your car yet?
  214. Replaced Engine Mounts this evening (New Tech)
  215. 01-02 TT225 head on a 03 B6 1.8t block?
  216. (Flame suit on) Just picked up a FORGE Bov for sh*ts and giggles..
  217. Full race tubular manifold for 1.8T
  218. paging xr4tic
  219. F*CKING SPEC!!!!
  220. on the motronic, are injectors able to keep open 100% duty cycle?
  221. what is the best way to get power from my car?
  222. Where's my missing boost?
  223. Need some 1" OD silicon tubing and some good quality smaller hose clamps, where to find???
  224. Vortrag hood molds. I was told that Richard Sierra has them and posts here? I'm trying
  225. What's the difference between Yokohama A032R and A048?
  226. Oil around DV
  227. Help! boost question
  228. Would this turbo bolt up to the PES T28 manifold?
  229. What should I install to make my stage 3 more reliable?
  230. FWD Problem solved
  231. 2.5 V6 Turbo Diesel into US?
  232. ATP turbo upgrade
  233. How U guys like my new block for the car?
  234. Rod length
  235. need advise what to do...
  236. Need advice on K04 setup for '00 A4...
  237. What kind of IC heatsoak to expect while idling (autox related)?
  238. K04 intake temp questions. Heat soak and....more?
  239. X-Post: Question about SS-jacketed brake lines...
  240. just a couple of questions for the poeple who attend track events..
  241. AWE Stage 2 clutch and LWFW initial impressions -- totally honest, substantially positive
  242. A tecnical question.
  243. EuropeanCar Magazine 1.8t Challenge Contest!!!! enter to win!
  244. Has anyone played with the revo lemmiwinks on a 2.8 yet??
  245. clutch break in questions
  246. Several S4s using MBCs (in place of the N75) and bypassing N249s are still seeing tapering boost.
  247. Will the car flip out if I completely disconnect the N75 valve and run a manual boost controller?
  248. John/Xr4tic, what MAF did you end up running? Pro-flow Univer or a Ford?
  249. 1996 a4 stalling
  250. FWD Problem...