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  1. Changing Stoptech pads this week, any advice?
  2. So my neighbor gave me a can of Octane Booster thats 35% Nitromethane.....
  3. Anybody know the login code for the VAG-COM to recode the soft code of a ECU??
  4. anyone know a good place to get exhaust pipe materials in BC canada?
  5. Tiptronic
  6. I want to learn more about water injection on a a4 1.8T..
  8. Night at drags finally in the 12's
  9. anything you would ever want to know about oilfilters..
  10. anyone selling a test pipe....
  11. 1.8T timing chain problems/questions
  12. Need new control arm bushings: Where and what to get???
  13. can someone show me how to launch my 3.0 a4,,,
  14. Is a Full 3" exhaust to much for a Ko4?
  15. Where to buy a bosch 5-bar fuel pressure regulator
  16. APR Stage 3 dyno results from ATP Dyno Day
  17. I am looking for O.Z. Novas any one have any for sale?
  18. Advice on getting a chip for my 1999.5 A4 2.8
  19. Anybody use OZ Chrono on the track or autoX?
  20. Clutch install on an A4 1.8tq.....Degree of difficulty & a few "?"s
  21. MTM CHIP for 01' S4 avant For Sale
  22. Liam in Montreal where did you get the roll bar?
  23. XPost: Any seal problems using Motul 600? Help! (M!)
  24. Question for those running Redline tranny fluid, MT-90 or MT-L?
  25. Help
  26. Lower control arm/vibration question
  27. ***HOUSTON*** Race Gas Sale!! link inside
  28. would removing my muffles effect performance?.. i have a 3.0 a4
  29. HELP: Need tel # to Avalon Motorsports in CO...Zev, anyone? TIA
  30. Performance of chipped 1.8t vs. 3.0 stock?
  31. Need clutch help, x-post
  32. How to fix brake pad chatter with Stoptechs?
  33. Anyone getting rid of their chip
  34. How hard would it be to change to non DBW???
  35. anyone know if there's a way to turn the odometer lights to red?
  36. While were sharing Xposts-Clutch Problems
  37. Xpost- Regarding what to do with engine damage from spark plugs...
  38. Beru-Ultras
  39. Throttle Body Mod
  40. Cat back for 1998 A4 2.8 Quattro
  41. Anybody running their A4 without the Cat???
  42. Is there any place other than AMSOIL to buy amsoil synthetic oil?
  43. Somebody BUY MY BRAKES!!! Never installed StopTech brakes!
  44. FS exhaust manifold and tires
  45. STaSIS Support Cross Post
  46. To the person who was selling brake upgrade for the S4 (or anyone selling), email me. Thx.
  47. Sick of DBW...who can tune one?
  48. Eisenmann exhaust best for Audi?
  49. 5 point seat belts: Best setup for Audi?
  50. H&R wheels spacers-reliability and racing
  51. can you put a 3" down pipe to a 2.5" custom exhaust???
  52. Does the FMIC from SPP work in unison with the OEM IC or is it stand alone ?
  53. A4 1.8T chip project.....
  54. Procedure for changing pads with stoptechs
  55. After tracking S4 last week, there's still 'rubbing' or 'shuddering' when braking and after ...
  56. Where to buy '02 S4 brake pads?
  57. 2248 mBar reading on VAG-COM = 1.248 BAR of boost?
  58. Soooo Sloooow.....
  59. motul brake fluid users .. how often do you change?
  60. Upgrades for 1991 Audi 100
  61. Anyone know where I can get a set of 4:11's for the 5 speed ?
  62. Questions about the a4 1.8T
  63. Just wanted to Thank the guys on this forum for their help.....
  64. What is the best chip for my 2003 A4 1.8 T ??
  65. What knock sensor voltage is considered detonation via VAGCOM? (Also chip update on 2.0 conv)
  66. Has anyone installed a custom made exhaust for a 2002 A4 3.0?
  67. I've done the search, time to ask the group: a couple questions on the Neuspeed chip
  68. any engine upgrades apart from chipping for audi a8 4.2
  69. 2.8 30v ECU upgrade through Greedspeed
  70. I'm tracking my S4 in 3 weeks, what engine stuff do I need?
  71. Does anyone know if a suspension from a 99 can be swapped with a 2000 suspension?
  72. 103 race fuel
  73. Which exaust for a 2.8 quattro?!?!?!?!
  74. Need HELP diagnosing possible turbo problem...
  75. Possible Throttle problem??
  76. Got the new Software from PES.............Woo-Hoo!
  77. Boost pressure control valve
  78. can u add a 3" down pipe to a 2.5" exhaust ???
  79. can anyone reccomend good springs to go along with bilstein sport shocks on a 2.8?
  80. Looks like some bad news for "Werks of Art" and Juan.
  81. T3/T4E install, day two.....
  82. ??AEM intake water stopper??
  83. Opinions on Pagid Blue for street use
  84. Boost controllers on pre-DBWs..
  85. **** that won't void your warranty
  86. day one of T3/T4E install
  87. Vag test questions
  88. I need some information about chipping my car ..
  89. diverter valve install help
  90. how many miles to wait before you put in a giac x chip?
  91. Does anyone have a link to a how-to on removing a K-03?
  92. so how exactly does the vag read torque?
  93. wut can i do after a supercharger for more power?...
  94. Stage III Passat - 2nd gear TOAST!
  95. KO4 Kit Questions
  96. question about stock A4 IC piping
  97. Anyone interested in Apr chip with 2 programs for 97-99.5. I am in SoCal.
  98. Looking for Juan Mendoza?
  99. Mintex Ctech or Hawk HPS???
  100. M3 vs the Cops
  101. Need advice, K 04 install only with K 03 software, FPR question....TIA!
  102. x-post-BIRA sys 1 Boxster brackets for A4/TT for sale!
  103. x-post Electric fan kit
  104. Problem I face...Keep and Modify. sell buy new and modify ??
  105. Hey guys P.Nelson asked a good question a few posts back
  106. 96 A4 2.8 supercharger?
  107. CLUTCH & message to JUAN MENDOZA
  108. I want to transform my 4000Q from autocross to rallycross....
  109. repost: Which big turbo software is most reliable for a 2000?
  110. Eibach Pro_damper or Bilstein Shocks for 2.8 Quattro with Sport Package?
  111. can some one post a pic of the connector for the intercomp lap timer cable that hooks to a pc?
  112. Where's xr4tic's 2.0 Conv. update???; I need my weekly fix of envy . . .
  113. can and if possible. putting a K04 turbo in a A4 2.8
  114. Just installed H&R's on my A8, pictures thread below
  115. Hey Audiboy...
  116. How to boost performance 1991 100 automatic?
  117. Does anyone have experience using Performance Meters such as the Race-Technology AP22 or G-TECH pro?
  118. Install now or wait?
  119. Best A4 FMIC?
  120. Brake fluid question - is it still good? & SS brake lines?
  121. NEW 2003 a4 1.8t quattro
  122. Buy my new, never installed, StopTech brakes...PLEASE, emergency!!!
  123. 1.8t A4 60,000 mile service $$ what to expect?
  124. Another brake pad question...
  125. FOR SALE (A4 APR Stage III Turbo)
  126. Exaust for 2.8? A!Avantgarde, Remus, ????
  127. What's a good sport pad for the street and maybe one track day or so?....
  128. If I put a Shrick 272 cam on my 2.2...(m)
  129. x-post - MTM Exhaust installed on the '02 S6 Avant.
  131. Audi 1.9 TDI Superchip for sale
  132. Where can I get 100 or 104 octane in the NYC area?
  133. Installing H&R Coilovers on my 97 A8 this weekend, few questions
  134. Can you use the S4/RS4 clutch in the 1.8T?
  135. TT 180 engine vs. 225
  136. Oil Question
  137. hey guys (first post in this forum) =)....is the neuspeed extrude honed manifold worth the $600
  138. exhaust question??? which one??
  139. x-post to motorsports forum. Looking for a good track brake pad.
  140. For sale: GIAC Chipped ECU for non-dbw 1.8T's - $650 shipped
  141. Does the front trak A4 have the same gear ratios as
  142. just thought I would share here-ran a 14.66 @ 92.9 in my stage 2 A4
  143. Which chip should I get for a 99' A4 1.8T quattro Tiptronic??
  144. Just got my S4 back with new 1st/2nd gears/syncros BUT: exhaust is much louder now! ??? Anyone?
  145. Kumho Ecsta V700 Feedback and Pagid Orange/Stoptech question
  146. Do we(A4s) have any options as to different final drives?
  147. Finally got off my lazy ass and finished up the WI install
  148. Xpost: Anyone know where the oil temp sensor is on a ATW dbw motor?
  149. Juan Mendoza (???)
  150. intrax springs opinion
  151. Are A4 head gaskets subject to failure?
  152. Happy Ending with boost issues 00 1.8T GIAC/Milltek (long)
  153. Has anyone done an S4 6-speed tranny swap on their A4?
  154. How to hook up 92 Corrado tach to the
  155. non-DBW vs. DBW engine differences?
  156. Bad noise while shifting.
  157. Now I have S3īs original wheels!!! My A3 looks great!
  158. i am looking for springs??
  159. Strange smoke...
  160. Ok guys, I need help diagnosing a problem. Car is a 99.5 1.8tq with
  161. Need a recommendation for a track biased street/track tire
  162. 88 90
  163. MONTREAL : Julep tonight (Tuesday, August 6th) -> Audi/VW meet!!
  164. Need Performance Parts sales help...Please help!...cross posted to A4 Forum
  165. For those who switch between Pagid Orange and non-Pagid street pads...
  166. interesting exhaust note: removing rear muffler does not increase noise at all >>
  167. High-flow fuel pump install in an A4 (somewhat of a How-to)
  168. Where can i find Itg CF air boxes..?
  169. XPost: Colony of Sea Monkeys discovered in Audi brake fluid...
  170. anybody ever put a 2.5l crank in a 5 cylinder?
  171. engine additives. fuel injector cleaners etc......what are the best to use to regains power
  172. Does it make sense to do an oil change between Quattro club events...
  173. 15w50 in the S4? Absurd or not? If so, what do you run and why?
  174. Final Gear Ratio..
  175. We have all seen the AEB & ATW 1.8T's , but I have purchased an ADR?
  176. Need suggestions for a decent spring compressor in the $40-60 range...
  177. more power for a 3.6l v8
  178. when does a v8 rpm sensor need to be replaced ?
  179. Selling APR CHIP W/ECU and exhaust for S4 any one interested
  180. SPP Intrax owners on S4
  181. weight reduction: my PC680
  182. Exhaust theory: Effect of muffler + Cats on Exhaust Pulse???
  183. GTG in Edison,NJ on 8/7 with Audi Performance & Racing
  184. question about suspension
  185. Crosspost from the A4 forum... anyone know any good custom muffler shops around Philly (m)
  186. Headers from Supersprint for A4's...Any rumors??
  187. pics of 255/40/17s (victoracers) on ET35
  188. Anyone know why Autothority S4 chip is so cheap...?
  189. Upgrade performance
  190. this is hardly a tuning question
  191. Latest update: Did I ever mention how much I love doing exhaust work?
  192. 1991 80 5cyl airbox
  193. Link to S4 forum: S4 with 19" Dronell VR (type II)
  194. 2002 A4 OEM Wheels and Tires for sale.
  195. Post from A4 forum on oil in trubo hose...please help!
  196. Looking for cheap 6 cyl A4Q - body damage/high miles no problem
  197. New Hi Flow Hi Performance Exhaust manifold for Garrett Turbo
  198. Does anybody know where I can get CAM2 leaded gas in the White Plains, NY area?
  199. Anyone have specs for Pagid Orange pads?
  200. Anyone know what the throttle valve controller is and what may cause it to malfunction?
  201. opinions on intercoolers. SPR and EVO fmic?
  202. Congratulations to all the AWE Tuning winning cars!
  203. Need info hooking up Autometer Tach to 1.8T motor
  204. For anyone looking for head studs on a 20V (4 cyl) or 30V (6 cyl) motor....
  205. Joe (zyxt) I saw an earlier post about you graphing some measuring blocks....
  206. Where can I check to see what........
  207. Can you guys help me with a few questions regarding PSS9 installation (xpost from TT forum)
  208. Torque Wrench basics - store clicker-types at a low setting
  209. X-post on air intake questions. any and all info appreciated TIA
  210. a question about spooling...(more)
  211. Altitude questions....does your boost/vacuum change when you are 1000ft up, or at sea level?
  212. EGT gauge for a 2.8L 30V (& other gauge questions)
  213. When a Jack Stand is rated to hold 2 tons - is that sufficent to hold my A6 on one side ...
  214. is a custom exhaust good for a 3.0 a4?bad?
  215. Boost Gauge Reinstall - Need help from the smart guys please. (X-Post)
  216. X-Post 12v Help Please
  217. Opinions on Mobil-1 5w30 fully synthetic (Trisynthetic)?? How bout vs. 5w30 new formula?
  218. Help please...
  219. anyone running a Tec-III EMS?
  220. Is there any benefit of tying a SPAL fan to a SMIC for additional airflow across it?
  221. anyone ever run the N-75 & a Boost controller in parallel
  222. Surprising results of Evo magazine's tire test.......
  223. First data on the Wilson Manifold and TB mod...
  224. Juan You have Email re Shipment.
  225. Bilstein Sport Struts..Self adjusting or adjustable?
  226. Help: Loosing Boost
  227. How helpful can VW Tool and OBD Tool be for an Audi ('01 S4)?? With a VAG-COM cable.
  228. Anybody have instructions on removing clutch master cylinder?? Need help
  229. I read that the Hyundai WRC car uses a 5th injector at the turbo inlet to spin the turbo...
  230. Are you sure you want your intake that low?
  231. Anybody got any ideas for performance parts for my Audi 5000 turbo quattro with the MC engine
  232. Anybody have an opinion on running AMSOIL 0w30 in a TT? or the oil itself?
  233. mechanical illiterate in New England
  234. For Auction: DEFI HUD Boost Gauge and Turbo Timer kit
  235. 02 A4 Suspension Experts or People With Experience.....please help(more)
  236. will I get any performance increase from a new o2 sensor
  237. Possible problem with S3 1.8T (non-DBW)
  238. installing my big turbo very soon. . .
  239. just had an engine/turbo swap also installed an apr chip now i have a studder when taking off, help!
  240. location of the speed sensor wire on the instrument cluster.
  241. GFB Blow Off Valve - nearest dealer
  242. FS: stock duel innercoolers off of a 225 quatro TT
  243. Alright guys, I need help. I have had SIII for about 3 weeks now and the clutch is now starting to
  245. ECU questions....
  246. 12 valvers, I GOT A GREAT IDEA, we'll smoke all the little turbo freaks...
  247. My next mod will be the installation of a Neuspeed manifold,custom downpipe and
  248. Anyone raced Honda S2000? Had a good go here!
  249. X-post on the install of the modded manifold and throttle body...
  250. I'm set on the bilsteins but eibach or H&R?????