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  1. Anyone raced Honda S2000? Had a good go here!
  2. X-post on the install of the modded manifold and throttle body...
  3. I'm set on the bilsteins but eibach or H&R?????
  4. The latest pics.......
  5. CEL back on......does "misfire detected cyl 1" mean that i'm running on 5 instead of 6cy
  6. Just got a great intake and throttle body job done!
  7. Ok, only sort of performance related but what is the website
  8. Thoughts on using a 996TT intercooler on an A4 1.8t? 50% cross sectional improvement...
  9. You know what the best part of having SIII is?...............................
  10. how much is it to p/p a 5cyl head
  11. Fuel Additives?
  12. How to troubleshoot the Wastgate or N75 valve problem?
  13. S4 Chip Please help
  14. Spec Vs Werks Of Art ..........clutches.......
  15. Anybody with 8E modifications?
  16. a4 2.8 engine enhancements?
  17. Go Fast Bit BOV.
  18. HID Conversion Kits - Hella / Philips
  19. Misfire detcted Cyl 1 w/new mods CE light.HELP??!!
  20. NEW PICTURES!!! (Audi R4R back in action,...)
  21. any thoughts on Oil Accumulators?
  22. A4 R4R is rolling again!!! =)
  23. Difference between air-to-air and liquid-to-air ics?
  24. Whose got a battery mounted in the rear of their A4?
  25. xpost: vag-com question ...
  26. Kindova tuning article I just posted in S4 Xpost
  28. one more time......t-28 turbo 4/s
  29. need hi flow cat help... cross post..
  30. can you remove the front differential of a 4wd vehicle to make it rwd?
  31. When i re-do my suspension what is everything i should do
  32. Place to buy MAF for 2000 Audi A4 online? Fair price
  33. Got an oil change from Jiffy Lube..ended up costing me $101.00..
  34. Can someone explain backpressure, and differences between different exhaust sizes?
  35. Ok here is a tough one..How do I make my 99 A6 Avant oversteer on Throttle.
  36. Radiators, & oil coolers..
  37. Going to Shine Racing to debug ongoing boost struggles
  38. need help 4 tune up;spark plug gap
  39. APR Stage III install part 2 (long)
  40. which red LEDs match our dashes??
  41. Plugs
  42. does any one know of a temp gauge that will monitor two temp sources??
  43. GIAC X-Chip 225 TT
  44. woohooo! ~200miles on 1/2 tank of 93 running between 80-95mph on the highway.
  45. APR Stage III install, part 1 (long)
  46. T-28 FOR SALE
  47. What's the gap setting for supercharged A4? .038?
  48. Air intake charger w/ Vortex Booster
  49. at Avant Fest yesterday, rode in Todd's AWE "ROCKET" Wagon..unreal
  50. Anyone with experience on Neuspeed's K04 upgrade for TT 180?
  51. My A4 is back from PES after chip problem..the now has ass!!!!
  52. GIAC chips made by Garrett..Same company that makes the detectors at airports??
  53. What will happen if I retain stock chip after I install K04 in my TT 180?
  54. If I change my spark plugs what kind to get and what tools needed ('98 2.8 A4 55K mi.)
  55. I have a 99 A6 Avant with a stock exhaust..has a very annoying humming noise..
  56. GFB valve installed. X-Post
  57. I'm going to roll fenders this weekend...to make way for 235-40-18 on a 8.5 rim and 30 off set.. ...
  58. Blown turbo hose club..
  59. A4 Apr stage 3 owners, interested in wategate upgrade
  60. did anybody put a rear sway bar for an a4?
  61. Question about A/F ratios & "Enrichment"
  62. Oettinger Body Kits / Corbeau racing seats / custom Graphics
  63. How much boost should I be seeing with APR Stage III?
  64. APR Emblems??? Where are they?
  65. Hp potential for the 2.2l turbo engine?
  66. I Really need help
  67. am i the only one who has their neuspeed sway bar set like this??
  68. Has anyone removed the center resonator only for more power?
  69. what is the diameter of the 'high flow' cat used in the APR stage 3 kit (longitude 1.8T)
  70. Suggestions on oil for my 99 1.8TQ
  71. Anyone selling exhaust for 1999+ A6????
  72. Anyone have a used ABT chip/ECU for sale?? - for a 2001.5 S4 M-box. TIA.
  73. S4 tip tranny in A4Q 1.8T tip?
  74. 12 seconds!
  75. Looking for S6 type lower grille for my 99 A6 Avant...anybody?
  76. HELP:have all my pieces now(SPP DP & Milltek)lots of clamps.Do I have to weld this connection?
  77. Thoughts on clutch upgrade for TT.... What would be a "fair" price for install.
  78. Knock sensors going haywire?
  79. after market SPECIAL oil filter worth it or now
  80. Anyone know any good twisty roads around Melbourne, Australia? Ta.
  81. NOS !?
  82. how do I check if my rear differential still has oil in it??? NEED HELP
  83. Mobil-1 0w30 is NOT claiming ACEA-A2/A3. How bad is it?
  84. Tuners in the tri-state area
  85. K04 problem
  86. are slotted drilled rotter worth spending $200 more on roters then the 40 oems cost??they are used o
  87. pod size for 60mm gauge? 2-5/6 inch diameter pod?
  88. I need good cheap sloted roters.. where should i get them
  89. tested the top end of the apr non dbw program v3.1a.....142mph not bad @ all....
  90. ARGH!
  91. K04-15 going rate how much easy to install ??? upgrade program?
  92. whats the highest performance(highest boiling point) brake fluid available?&&
  93. APR Snub Mount installed!
  95. 4.2liter V8: A6 vs. S6
  96. some info on misting the Intercooler with water to reduce intake temps
  97. some info on Water Injection & how to build a kit
  98. Refigerated Air/Water Intercooler
  99. Need a little input on a suspension issue please. I have C/O's on my 1.8t and after ~6k miles I find
  100. Mobils website suggests 15W 50 for turbocharged engines..
  101. Rebuilding the Forge BPV (as requested)
  102. Curse you ATP!!!! (another reason why my car isn't running yet)
  103. Questions about Borla Exhausts
  104. exhaust shop in LA/OC
  105. Throttle error codes
  106. attn: Pelican Blue-T28
  107. Potential problem with RS4 clutch install......need feedback
  108. Audi Tuning ZURICH (CH) - HELP!!!
  109. Hey CharlieG, how did you mount your JAZ oil breather?
  110. erm this is second time. with some corrections...
  111. octane booster .. anything recommended? good? snake oil?
  112. a4 people with boost gauge and 1bar chips. what psi/bar when crusing @ 85mph?
  113. some help guys... some maths dilema
  114. Need some help.. Im going to relocate my battery to the rear of my car
  115. xr4tic... I thought you might be interested to hear this..
  116. Rio NightRacer Movie - Shoted inside a 280HP RS3!
  117. I know some of you guys have opened up the engine to do work. Does anyone know what Audi uses for
  118. Mintex Brake Pad Question?
  119. lame VAG question - help please
  120. FOR SALE 2000 S4 GIAC Chip, 80hp increase.
  121. would there be any interest in a Side mounted "Air to Water" Intercooler for the A4 1.8t?
  122. Looking for Abt .8 bar chip experiences? i'll take the good and bad
  123. What happened to vortrag?
  124. multitronic?
  125. Swaybar questions
  126. Another small update: Timing belt is on!
  127. need MORE HP for 1.8T...ideas? help?
  128. Any advice on installing an adjustable fuel regulator on a 12v 2.8
  129. NE1 selling 19mm Neuspeed rear sway bar?
  130. Roar intake/hypercharger reviews
  131. K04 problems: graph of requested vs actual boost
  132. Total clutch failure? I say yes!
  133. MC1 vs MC2
  134. Any mods that can be done to the throttle bodyto add HP?
  135. Audi Rally Footage!!!
  136. Exhaust sound clips.
  137. Removing Cat?
  139. Anybody know the procedure for rebuilding a Forge BPV?
  140. Fuel Pump (5000T for use on a 4k Q?) --> New TO Group =)
  141. Ignition
  142. what are the tuning options for a 91 200 quattro? where?
  143. six speed conversion complete
  144. Does anybody know if there is short shifter for '95 90?
  145. Alright... I've been gone for 2 weeks... is the x-chip available for the 2001 A4?
  146. How many people interested in a 350HP+ kit for 1.8T?
  147. Introducing Achtuning!
  148. newbie question: does using spacers on your wheels compromise the axle in any way?
  149. Hey guys, does the oil pressure in the 1.8t ever go above 80psi?
  150. APR Stage 3
  151. how many here have experience blown struts on their h&r coilovers? how?
  152. Fooling the ECU to run larger injectors by using a bigger MAF housing.....
  153. we are weak and insecure
  154. does anyone have a list of Intercoolers?
  155. Just Finnished BPV Testing.
  156. Crap, limp mode again
  157. Block 138 -- Engine Status @ Misfire
  158. Anybody out there test the GIAC chipped '02 1.8T on an engine dyno? TIA. :)
  159. 2000 A4 with GIAC and Milltek boost issues resolved! (long)
  160. tornado fuel saver
  161. Flywheel question.....
  162. springs
  163. *FOR SALE* PES G2 sc
  164. 1.8T engines differences
  165. Bigger Brake Question
  166. UhOh - Troubleshoot boost problem please (long-xpost)
  167. My stock injectors are petered out (I THINK), HELP!!
  168. paging Lucas (GFB Hybrid BOV)
  169. Stage III need clutch suggestions/updates
  170. what should i use to clean the turbo? i want to use the intake side as a paper weight.
  171. Stasis coilover feedback requested
  172. Spark Plug Confirmation
  173. GROUP BUY --> Tanoga Short Shifter from A.W.E. Tuning
  174. My KO4-25 turbo for the 1.8T is for sale...
  175. UUC shortshifter question!!!
  176. What sensor inputs does the ECU use in Open Loop Mode?
  177. Forged Pistons - are they all the same ? (size wise)
  178. '98 a6 2.4 want more speed
  179. WTB: Bilstein shocks for A4 Quattro
  180. Atten: LarryTT & blueshirTT (+ anyone else willing to help): need VAG readings
  181. anyone know where i can buy 60mm omori egt guages? preferably metric. ??
  182. is there a site listing dtc's? numbers and descriptions?
  183. Anyone have a good source for Stock A4 sized cross-drilled rotors.
  184. Update on GIAC chip w/ Forge Milltek
  185. Yet another 2.0 conversion update.....
  186. Is anyone else running the FMIC X-Chip for the 225 TT? I've got a few boost questions...
  187. 5 lug conversion
  188. neuspeed exhaust
  189. how do i know what program i am running
  190. Well....Stage 3 in a TTQ is a reality...
  191. Quick! Anyone know the torque specs for APR's lightweight flywheel?
  192. motor swap question
  193. xr4tic - what's up with the motor?
  194. AUDIBOY: you rode in a apr stage3 with a cone intake?
  195. FS manifold $75 Neuspeed chip $75 Greddyboost
  196. Chippinp the A8
  197. Plans for GIAC DBW K03 "X" chip - also CMH question
  198. who makes the best DV for a 99 1.8????
  199. What does the term "setback" mean in reference to an alignment?
  200. Getting APR Stage 3 installed on my TTQ on thursday..
  201. need to upgrade tranny, help
  202. OK all you PES G2 owners read on!
  203. Does anybody know the CFM for the 8E intercooler? Or the CFM B5 intercooler.
  204. anyone tell if i installed my bpv hose incorrectly?
  205. How bad is it
  206. Has any one installed a BMC carbon fibre air box?
  207. How to make a non-turbo 1.8 A3 faster?help
  208. Adjusting my H&R Coilevers
  209. 40 horsepower chip fpr a 2.8? I read...
  210. Mintex brake pad question
  211. Just tryed to install boost gauge, boost isnt reading...
  212. New web site for So. Ca. Audis/VWs
  213. I think my Bailey DV is bad, replacement options? (Long)
  214. apr stage 3 gt turbo to t28
  215. Xpost ~~~~~~Phoenix Group Drive This Saturday the 18th up to Prescott~~~~~~
  216. Anyone know the size of the stock 1.8T throttle body? Also, how big is too big?
  217. Can someone tell me the thread size for Audi wheel lug bolts? M14 x 1.5? TIA
  218. cmh: your ultra lite autometer guages .. what colour is the lighting? how are they lit?
  219. Apexi - any cheap place out there to buy?
  220. xr4tic... What are your impressions of the ATP manifold compared to the stock one?
  221. Forge-Milltek/GIAC impressions
  222. S4 springs and shocks on a 2002 A4 1.8t - please help
  223. Shock and springs for everyday use
  224. Definitive (hah!) synthetic oil thread...
  225. @$#&! JE sent me the wrong piston pin locks.....
  226. APR snub mount success!! EASY!
  227. URL's for the PES and APR kit owner's forums...? Thanks..
  228. Motoroil VW norm 503.00 and 503.01. What's the difference??
  229. better ultimate handling, A4 Quattro or TTQ?
  230. Anyone ever sit in the Recaro Pole Position seat?
  231. VDO boost gauge calibration?
  232. cmh: which egt gauge did you go with? and where did you tap it? tia
  233. Getting excited to chip my car '98 A4 2.8 sport tip. Which ECU to buy??
  234. Aftermarket tachs. What and where did you wire it to? I am using a SPA wired into the
  235. Where can i find ECU for 2002 1.8t other than dealer
  236. "Some assembly required"
  237. Need help understanding alignment specs
  238. i find myself constantly revisiting this issue .. apr stage3 or pes t-28
  239. anyone ever get a dyno run on a pes t-28 .. w/ or w/o race cat? w/ or w/o aftermarket exhaust?
  240. Rally type sport suspension options?
  241. Forged pistons
  242. Anyone running APR aluminum flywheel with AWE DTS?
  243. Anyone with G2 (and Tip) in Bay Area?
  244. Has anyone taken off the exhaust side housing of a K0X turbo?
  245. Changing my injectors today...any thoughts, concerns...
  246. Stupid newbie question- is putting in a GIAC Tiptronic Chip "plug & play"
  247. 02 A4 brochure lists oil capacity as 4.2 liters.Would this mean the oil pan is larger?Could a swap
  248. Question about lightweight batteries
  249. Will the Audi/Remus exhaust fit on a Borla?
  250. help.. questionable tranny.. with sapposely a quaife