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  1. Xpost from A4 forum
  2. Probably a dumb question to you gear heads, but will the PES SC work with the upcoming 3.0 engine?
  3. finally got my vortrag hood..
  4. Does anyone have Flow Data for the various aftermarket exhausts
  5. Help with brake pads...
  6. A6 2.7T: Anti-Sway Bars Install
  7. More torque in the lower revs?
  8. just some questions about adjusting the height of my koni coilovers.
  9. Difference between H&R Coilovers and Ulra-Low Coilovers?
  10. Good read in Grassroots Motorsports re: brakes (crossdrilled/master cylinder/rotor size, etc.)...
  11. 2001 A4 1.8tq 5 speed ECU needed
  12. Ok. So which DV valve is better and why? And do they REALLY make a difference,or is it insurance?
  13. 2001 a4 exaust advice
  14. need pictures of owners:OEM rear spoiler for A6
  15. Kinda worried......Practicing Launching and
  16. Dyno plot overlay of 2 1.8T,Stock-Chip,Sport Exhaust-Stock-Exhaust
  17. Coilover install tips requested from the gurus...
  18. While it's 25 degrees and snowing let's think back to a better time....ahhhhhh
  19. Anyone modified their final drive ratio?
  20. Update on oil/water temps in new A6
  21. S4 Downpipe Install
  22. Anyone know the cost of a RS2 tranny? Availability?
  23. Can you visually tell the difference between reg oil and synth just by looking at dipstick?
  24. Changing to Mintex...but do I need pads with sensors for my early 96 A4?
  25. X-Post - Jetex exhaust for A4
  26. clark you here???
  27. Low Performance question - is 225F too hot an oil temp for A62.8
  28. Maximum RPM's
  29. Vortrag fixed height setup
  30. Car running again after $500...
  31. MTM and 2001 1.8t? (Sorry, search still down)
  32. Funny Subaru thread highlighting what ALL the forums go through
  33. KONI Coilover Prices...
  34. I'am flying again!!
  35. Upgrade tips
  36. Just got my APR chip. Went like 10 miles on it but didnt notice too much?Why is this?
  37. cone air filter - HEAT SHIELD OR NOT
  38. Has anyone heard from Clark lately( MC)?
  39. Uh Oh - torched piston? HELP NEEDED!
  40. Please post (or email me) turbo diagram from Bently CD?
  41. Throttle-lift stumble fixed, Phil Long Audi error...
  42. Best Bang for the Buck Car in performance.....
  43. Redline oil opinions?
  44. anybody have any opinion on the APR exhaust for the S4? can't decide between MTM and APR....
  45. Some interesting carbon fiber rotor info..
  46. What can be done to improve the low end torque on 1.8T?
  47. Darn...search not working yet...need some Zimmerman or ATE rotor info from you
  48. S4 Avant stock spring rates?
  49. Does anybody know how to purge the ABS pump w/ VWTool? (sorry about the x-post)
  50. need bigger pipe
  51. What are the hp limits on the A4Q Tip?
  52. Anyone know if APR is going to make an Exhaust for the FWD 1.8?
  53. Posted in A4 Forum, which turbo KO4 or KO3 Sport???
  54. PES wheels now in stock (crosspost from wheel forum)...
  55. anyone know how the Scorpion exhaust sounds?
  56. Brother buying VW Jetta VR6 ........
  57. Any opinions on the supersprint exhaust system????
  58. Question about oil weights
  59. APC chip
  60. Anyone with a Fox Exhaust on their 2.8 A4? Thoughts?
  61. Looking for input from those with EBC Greenstuff pads!!
  62. who makes a short shifter for an audi 90
  63. Kinda OT..but found great website discountmagazines.com..yearly subscriptions for 6 bucks each
  64. ECU upgrade 2001 1.8T
  65. Brake pads
  66. has any one tried to adjust the friction point lower on the clutch?
  67. can the ABS be disabled by pulling the fuse?
  68. Venom Computerized nitrous....anyone with experience?
  69. Anyone deal with Autobahn International? Experiences....
  70. Can somebody tell me who sells Samco turbo hoses and what price to expect for whole set?
  71. Looking for pedals for my A4 (Sure it's been covered 1000 times - but the search is down. :-( )
  72. KONI Suspension Kits Questions
  73. New Audi Owner Needs Help.
  74. Citrus Bowl Tix available - don't want them to be wasted...
  75. Whos' k04 kit should I buy for my TT? Any advice?
  76. Happy New Year from A.W.E.!!!
  77. Just received my AWE Stainless Steel Brake Lines...
  78. Starting off the line
  79. Please post your 1/8th and 1/4 mile times.. with the make and mods to your car.
  80. Two quick questions: Throttle Adaptation and Wheel TQ
  81. Any chain stores carry Beru Ultra X?
  82. XPost: Sunoco 94 + 13deg. F + Giac 1 = ??? Long :)
  83. Looking for advice on install of Eibach/Bilsteins. Dealer quoted me $900 incl. alignment....(more)
  84. Tirerack's 16" steel wheels do fit the A8 brake upgrades.
  85. Chips, Did anyone get screwed at the dealer for having a chipped Audi ?
  86. UUC Short Shifter Trick
  87. For us non-racers...is there any advantage/disadvantage for slotted or x-drilled rotors?
  88. A "real" question for the gear heads out there...
  89. Poll: Which one of these wheels will look best on my black '96 2.8?
  90. Leszek... How is the boost gauge? Did you install it yet?
  91. Need to have opinions about lltek's cold air intake for 2.8 30v
  92. Looking to upgrade K0 to a k04.....my question is..who's should i get .
  93. "stainless" brake line recommendations?
  94. New Websiter... WWW.SCCAFORUMS.COM
  95. disconnecting **frequency valve** - what effect ?
  96. Fox Exhaust Impressions?
  97. MTM Cat-Back Exhaust (Used) for A4...For Sale
  98. A8 front rotor setup on A4
  99. A6 2.7T with tiptronic, any hp limit?
  100. will A4 parts fit on a audi 90?????
  101. TAP downpipe
  102. Whoever owns this, please contact me...
  103. suspension install question
  104. Final touches on my new turbo...
  105. x-post: First hand impressions/experience:upgrading from a chipped K03 to K04 (both w/GIAC software)
  106. Merry Christmas to all...
  107. What version of GIAC for K03 (w/exhuast, intake only) produces best performance w/out pinging on 92
  108. Help!!! Got GIAC 1.5 ECU -- Car is buggin' out!.
  109. Gauges
  110. can't use search b/c it's down -- info on vortrag coilovers...
  111. UUC shortshifter problems?
  112. wheel alignment settings for lowered A4
  113. screeching sound on startup
  114. What kind of brake upgrade do i need to get rid of the braking problem in the rain?
  115. If anyone from PES is reading this this weekend, please drop me a line
  116. What are some other clutch/flywheel kit upgrades besides the APR one?
  117. Time slip for all to see.
  118. From all of us here at AWE Tuning, have a Happy Holiday!
  119. Has anybody installed an air induction kit in their 30v A4.....From Lltek
  120. HP estimation?....
  121. I was just wondering which is better the Garret turbo or the Ko4?(more)
  122. Has anyone experienced a groaning /moaning noise from their S4 when they're coming to a stop?
  123. Knocking sound from right rear corner when I go over speedbumps,railway crossing and depressions in
  124. Anybody know how much neuspeed sport lowering springs lower a4w/sport package? TIA
  125. Does anyone happen to know what frequency Audi considers knock to be?
  126. Looking for Bilstein front sport shocks for my Quattro A4...
  127. Performance That Doesn't Always Perform
  128. NO FLAMES PLEASE BUT >>>>>>>
  129. A6 2.7T chip Questions?????
  130. remus + full catback system
  131. APR Stage III maybe moving to CA. Emissions questions....
  132. Anyone have a 3" exhaust? Please tell me about it...
  133. Hot Lap Timers are available now (group purchase) - More info...
  134. K&N part number for 2000 1.8T
  135. Hey CLARKE, are you about, got some INFO!
  136. anyone else waiting on '00 software for the front mount ic from turbo5?
  137. Hey' where'd everybody go...............did i fart or something?
  138. Nitrous.............anyone...........anyone....... ...bueller.........bueller......
  139. APR is closed but you can still take advantage of the blizzard blowout sale. Here's how---
  140. Knock Sensor
  141. Only one hour left on Blizzard blowout sale!!!
  142. Bailey vs TurboXS? For a K04 1.8T, which is better?
  143. Question on UUC Short shifter for S4s. Do they have any performance gains?
  144. APR Blizzard Sale today!! All previous holiday sale items are for one last day on sale.--
  145. tech -- who has removed front end including rad/ac..
  146. ray hall GT25 Turbo Kits
  147. I need help with my intercooler prob
  148. How much difference between S4 and A4 front suspensions?
  149. Valentine One, Bel 980 Or Passport 8500?? Any comments??
  150. Question for people that have upgraded to K04 >>>>>
  151. how do you drag a DBW car.
  152. what's the best way to swap chip companies? (more)
  153. Next mod: Tip chip or BPV?
  154. What's the cheapest catback system on the market and where?
  155. KO4 swap done... Not for the faint of heart by any stetch of the imagination.....
  156. Boost Issue???
  157. Lets Take a Survey for those 1.8T. What is your average miles per gallon
  158. A report on my recent visit to PES...(long)
  159. Need some help...
  160. Boost Guage
  161. All EMCS features free today for new chip sales--Happy Holidays!!
  162. 2000 S4 Chip upgrades
  163. APR EMCS or Giac Chip for a 2001 A6 2.7T???
  164. Looking for good Tuner in South Florida for a 2001 A6 2.7T???????????
  165. Silver S4 I raced on 5th Ave. in Pittsburgh here? Friday night....
  166. Waiting times for ordered items???
  167. Xpost: looking for a new, aggressive front bumper cap for my 99.5 A4
  168. i'm hearing a pfftt sound somewhere under the hood
  169. Neuspeed/UUC short-shifter installs
  170. TOP SPEED on a chipped 2001 A6 2.7T???????????
  171. Anyone have a K04 and/or FMIC installed in the Orange County (CA) area? If yes, by whom?...Thnx
  172. Besides supercharger/exhaust/air-filter/chip, what performance upgrades could the 2.8 engine take?
  173. A4 sport vs. non-sport
  174. APR Chip questions
  175. Alignment for mild-track/agressive-street & H&R coilovers (long) (repost from Racing)
  176. 765 hp Integra on Dyno at SuperFlow AETC...
  177. (X-Post) Who makes the best turbo timer and where can I et one for the best price?
  178. GIAC 30k3 - first impressions.
  179. 2001 A6 2.7T performance shocks
  180. need part numbers for ATE Powerdisc rotors...
  181. 25% drop in fuel economy reasonable?
  182. Where can I get a good torque wrench online at a good price?
  183. Custom downpipe?
  184. Top Speed for a 2001 A6 2.7T & chipped Top Speeds???????
  185. A4 brake upgrade.. what are my options??
  186. NE1 know online source for racing harnesses? Looking for 4 or 6-point.
  187. If you have a Rob Knob... Then you have to have these...
  188. My Audi was built during the Oktoberfest- anyone have this happen?
  189. Which brakes should i buy and where for my TT 180hp??
  190. I got a speedo indicated 135mph top speed out of chipped A4 1.8tq tip, is that about
  191. Blow Off valves
  192. Should I buy the Spare ECU(any advantages) or just chip it??
  193. Which Supersprint exhaust will fit the S4?
  194. Service Indicator on trip computer - how is mileage interval set?
  195. Replacement for wimpy horn on 2000 A4?
  196. Has anyone upgraded the TIP trans for more power?
  197. x-post...Looking for a way to slightly lower my sport suspension...(Bilstein adjustable shocks?)
  198. Has anyone used the Apexi Super Air fuel Controller? (m)
  199. garrett chip for '01....
  200. anyone get the APR engine snub mount AND the UUC ADS?
  201. A4 Bumper
  202. Anybody know if the new 3.0 V6 crank can be put in the 2.8?
  203. how long will stock shocks last on a car that is dropped 1.75 inches
  204. skidpad measurement methods
  205. Got new spark plugs, few quick qs
  206. Does anyone know what belongs in this empty space? (x post from S4 forum)
  207. Alignment specs for 2.8 with Bilstein/Eibach shock combo
  208. How hard would it be to add a second muffler to a UUC Velocimax 2?
  209. X-post from S4 forum: Which perf. shocks to you guys like best w/ sports springs upgrade?
  210. A.W.E. Back From ESSEN!
  211. Anyone with Stebro Exhaust on 1.8t A4?
  212. Does anybody know the part number for the Boost Frequency Valve ?? Please ?? (m)
  213. Anyone know where I can purchase upgraded pistons for a 2.8 engine?
  214. Lowering Springs and Front Alignment Problems
  215. 12v speed limiter
  216. EGT vs Pyrometer
  217. PES KO4 Turbo for my 180TTQC came today. Merry Christmas to me... more
  218. I tore down my engine (partially) and discovered...
  219. To chip or not to chip?
  220. Is there a mathematical way to figure your gain per lb. lost?
  221. Posting some 1/4 mile times from Carlsbad ( more)
  222. Anyone tried one of the TEROX brake kits from the PES site? How well do they work?
  223. Adapter Plate for GT25
  224. Help removing headlights off '01 A4
  225. HiHo, HiHo, OFF the road they go........
  226. Attn: A.P!!!!!!
  227. I can hear the charge cards coming - Monday's APR sale is the Exhaust
  228. SPI versus Apex'i boost gauge?
  229. cooling the Alcons (Cross posted in the S4)
  230. Which chip for 2.7T 2001' Tip.
  231. Chip for 2.8?? Please help!
  232. Turbo5 intake for sale in classifieds
  233. Anybody put the forge valves on their 2000/2001 S4...I don't think they will fit
  234. PES = Outstanding Customer Service (Long)
  235. S4 AVANT first driving impressions crosspost with S4 forum
  236. day two with the motor mount..
  237. Installing the by-pass valve?
  238. Anyone with factual effects of high altitude on turbos-
  239. Seeking Chip for A4 2.8
  240. G-TECH/Pro.accelerometer (by TESLA)...Has anybody test it? How accurate is it?
  241. Brake Pads
  242. LLtek front strut bar for sale
  243. any one have custom exhaust in there 2.8 v30?
  244. For Donistook i have a diagram of the RS-4 turbo's need your help..
  245. apr motor mount installed.. whew! installation and impressions..
  246. SKS EMAIL ME PLEASE!! or anyone else thats installed their mounts using his instructions!!!
  247. Can someone help?!
  248. Help, Upgrading my intercooler
  249. Short shifter question
  250. question concerning vented hoods ...