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  1. Kevin K.. Can you E mail me?
  2. Questions for people who have Automatic A4
  3. Pictures of my A4 with rear A8L brakes.
  4. K04 Upgrade
  5. #1 Dealership/Importer (for those with KKK Turbos)
  6. Need to know how wastegate Freq Valve works.
  7. Alright, I'm toastin my tranny fluid...
  8. Can someone explain the difference in just bolting on a K04 to stock and purchasing a kit?
  9. OT: Saab came in second at Pikes Peak with 780hp Viggen?!?
  10. Loss of Torque??
  11. Any one interested in upgrading rear brakes on A4, A6 and S4 to 269mmx20mm?
  12. were can i buy some high performance cross drilled rotors, and HP pads for cheap...
  13. Att Jason Fisher Whats your email addr?
  14. bypass valve brand comparisons?
  15. What are the advantages of upgraded hoses(Samco) over the stock?
  16. Opinions on noise level after installing MC Intake?
  17. Blow Off Valves
  18. Help! Problems and DTCs
  19. How far does the neuspeed exhaust with bent tips stick out the rear? Please post pics. THanks!
  20. any good race stories out there?
  21. K&N Air Filter Upgrade. The K&N filtercharger #33-2675 or the K7N pannel filter?...(More)
  22. Ok I'm Flippin out!!! WHY WONT MY CAR STOP PINGING!!!!
  23. Anyone tried th SAAB Bosch BPV? Cheaper than Forge.
  24. anyone have the GS VBL chip. Does it really work as good as it sounds?
  25. Help me decide..GIAC, Neuspeed, or Greedspeed chip. on 00' 1.8t tip
  26. Wierd Brake Noise .. is this normal?
  27. Why is the S4 so interesting to me? The turbos?
  28. Neuspeed 1.1 bar impressions
  29. What is the best street and track event engine upgrade?
  30. WORRIED (sorry for the caps but i'm really kinda worried) Tranny making funny noises...
  31. Bailey Valve Dyno Tested!!!
  32. Need input on exhaust systems...help!
  33. Pics of Ceramic Coated & Ported 1.8T Head.
  34. Normal?? PSSSHT Noise under light acceleration (not on/off throttle) w/MC Intake ?
  35. APR v3.0 chipped ECU for sale in classifieds cheap!
  36. what is the function of the second ecu? (not the one on the
  37. Neuspeed Short Shifter Group Buy
  38. Torque allocation
  39. Want a .8 bar chip, need opinions on Neuspeed vs. Autothority
  40. Launching with AWD sucks.
  41. Anyone know where to get Legend Five Caliper paint?
  42. Can someone explain inner workings of intercoolers..and also how the add on FMIC works with...
  43. Bad things happening. NEED HELP.
  44. Need advice on performance exhaust for '96 A4 QMS...(More)
  45. Best K04 Turbocharger Unit Price?
  46. Cutting the U shaped foam on bottom of the Airbox,which way is better,Europeanspeeds or Minnesota
  47. CHECK THIS out. Videos of the RS4, S6avant, M5, etc. Awesome stuff
  49. Price comparison of APR Stage III and K04 kit+
  50. On the last stages of my turbo project...
  51. Can someone explain the function of the Vac line that connects to the BPV?
  52. Does anyone else besides Neuspeed make a Lower SubFrame Brace, is APR working on one?
  53. HELP!!! Where can I find a performance exhaust (and other stuff 4 that matter) for an A6 4.2??
  54. blow by gas filter
  55. JGM Post Below, let see what we can do
  56. RS-4 November group buys
  57. high tension wires
  58. K&N Filter for 180QC TT -- Part Number/Where can I buy??
  59. BIRA Announces "Plus Option" For All Designs
  60. Easy way to access the new version of the forums.
  61. Cone intake kit at high elevation (final review)...
  62. Bailey Installed - Thanks AWE! (LONG)
  63. Anyone know where I can find a bolt in roll cage for my A4? Thanks!
  64. Reccomended Street/Drag Launch 1.81QMS???
  65. ok, dumb question . . .
  66. To quickly save 2.5lbs of unsprung weight on the rear axis on an A4
  67. Are the brakes different on the A4 with and w/o sports packages?
  68. How much does a ABT secondary intercooler cost? Who sells them, AMS?
  69. Any update on the S4 avant coming to the US?
  70. Anyone know if S4 rear rotors and calipers will bolt on to 1.8tq...?...
  71. November RS-4 Group buys closing NOV. 20th!!!!
  72. Carbon Fiber hood for A4 from www.FASPACRACING.com
  73. Non-Linear acceleration w/Neuspeed VBL Chip???
  74. Anyone know about a tierod recall?
  75. Has anyone fabricated a custom Aluminium Air Box?
  76. Can you guys recommend me to either the 19 mm rear sway bar or 22 mm?
  77. Porsche Big red Group Buy.........
  78. ABT K-16 Kit (285 hp)
  79. Does anyone have a K04 on a DBW car?
  80. How do you adjust the H&R Coilovers? On the car I presume or do i have to take off, is it hard to do
  81. to all problem solvers.....
  82. Clark, did your car ever get featured in a magazine?
  83. Anybody have Borla Soundclips? I'm dying for an exhaust and the Supersprint is
  84. Question on K04 turbo kits.
  85. GT25?
  86. DTM Autohaus SGI TT @SEMA in the Toyo Tire booth...
  87. APR downpipes/cats
  88. SportWheels Audi A4
  89. has anybody seen those new 20th anin. maximas?
  90. Website with PES G2 info has been updated.
  92. it's official, Blown Bilstein sport shock
  93. How to make it fast?
  94. Can somebody explain "power shifting?"
  95. Clark, I have a GIAC question for you...
  96. So is the Borla exhaust 2.25" or 2.50"?
  97. My 1/4 mile times are the same before and after exhaust...
  98. Help!! Stock Turbo is Blown! [more]
  99. Quest for obd II and motronic technical info....
  100. Can I reach cooler turbo temps with an oilcooler?
  101. Is there anyway to make the steering feel less numb and give more feedback?
  102. Latest Vag-Com Beta just got posted.
  103. What ever happened to Wett, TAP, GS etc.. Don't hear that much from them anymore..
  104. Can't find thread for MC Intake Install (searched w/no sucess)
  105. Wats a good Cat-back exhust system?? (more)
  106. Alright, one more time (GT25 parts)
  107. "Whats in Your Rear"
  108. 1st opinion (professional) on the Klunky Right Rear....
  109. Rich L: Did you get your Stage III issues worked out?
  110. New Triple K16 Turbo charger for sale....
  111. Dyno showed 125KW before hose blew
  112. Modifed A4 Reliability
  113. Throttle Body mod?
  114. Who has best price for Neuspeed and Supersprint exhausts? Any help appreciated
  115. Where can I get info. on buying MC's Intake?
  116. 1.8t boost gauge readings with chipped ECU
  117. Turbo5.com
  118. Anyone have a review of the newest 1.0 bar Neuspeed for 1.8T (NOT the VBL or 0.8 bar!)
  119. Need Brake Pad Advice
  120. a Klunking sound from right rear H&R / Bilstein sports on A4...
  121. whats the difference bt the PES blowoff valve and the Bailey Diverter valve?
  122. Anyone have a Shift Light in their Audi? Suggestions? Looking for a small one
  123. Anyone know weight of A4 vs A8 vs S4 rotors?...
  124. KKK K03 VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry)!
  125. {Lucas/MC/Brett} What is this thing with the Bypass Valves?
  126. Autothority now offering 1.8T chip for the TT
  127. good boost gage / adjusting bypass valve
  128. Did the price of APR's Stage III and III+ kits go up? I seem to remember them being $3995 and $5995
  129. PES G2 supercharger, who has experience, comments etc?
  130. Stock K04-15 Thoughts and Impressions? Experiances? Cost?
  131. Turbonetics T3/T4 and T04
  132. Adjustable Cam sproket?? Who has them.
  133. Any input on the Forge valve vs. the Bailey... recommendation... Please :-)
  134. LLtek/MC intake kit gets hot!!! I am trying to find a way to cost effectively wrap the heatshield..
  135. Is an LLtek air induction the right way to go with a KO4 setup?
  136. Coilover vs. Bilstein/lowering spring suspension.
  137. Hawk HP Plus Compound brake pads: Feedback requested..
  138. 0-60, what RPM you recomend shifting at, 1.8t with APR V3 and borla??Whats your guys tricks?!?!