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  1. ****The 2 things I learned while tuning tonight.....*****
  2. turbo timer
  3. this sounds bad I'm sure but could I get away with welding two stock
  4. Is anyone running the Bilstein PSS9 Coil Over System?
  5. Please help... those with turbo kits (long)
  6. Anyone tweaked the wastegate rod to squeez hps?
  7. Turbos
  8. is it possible to have a switch on the atp ves open,close,regardless of boost
  9. atp clutch and flywheel
  10. Stg 3 Problem: Boost problem at full acceleration:
  11. RS6 Exhaust
  12. (X-post from A4 B5) Got some SERIOUS issues after custom FMIC install --(read on)--
  13. Public Kudos to Quattromotion (Nwk, NJ) and Louis their #1 wrench turner.
  14. cheap place to get a 2.5" pipe bender?
  15. Cyl 3 Misfires? hot spot?
  16. I have an idea...... see wat you think
  17. OK guys...here a quick one for ya. (ATP Dump tube Q)
  18. how much would the total be if i would want to drop my 03 1.8T maybe like an inch ?
  19. Clarifaction please: Do I NEED or SHOULD I change the injectors for the KO4-15
  20. exhaust?
  21. X-post: Dyno results, do these numbers seem right?
  22. Low oil pressure on newbuilt engine...?
  23. About to finally install the KO4-15 - Anything else I should do?
  24. I have STFA and troubleshot for weeks but still need help :(
  25. anyone seen this?
  26. which one better OVER all .... Carbonio intake vs. Boostek intake ?
  27. Lucas take your car to the 1.4 mile track - Now!
  28. Kart on the Road!!!
  29. Slight misfire at idle but no CEL (long)
  30. Do these cips realy work
  31. Alignment done...
  32. Can i put a Blow off valve on my 03 1.8T Auto.? and is it a good idea, why or why not?
  33. Anyone with an aftermarket steering wheel
  34. Need some advice
  35. Another Update
  36. Anyone know what B5 parts will fit the B6?
  37. getting JAZ catch can....some questions
  38. Abt stage 1 chip ( 193 bhp )
  39. Theory about Seconday Air Inj system code
  40. 1.8T MY2000 catch can woes....
  41. Can I do any mods on my 93 100s????
  42. Dump valve questions
  43. Not Hitting ANY boost.
  44. Water injection vs FMIC
  45. help
  46. what is the max airflow of K04?? in cfm??
  47. Interesting observations...
  48. about the air mass meter change.
  49. For 100 octane gas, would I want to run colder, hotter or the same heat range spark plugs?
  50. Stage 3 question (T-28)
  51. Whatever happened to the idea of using a multi-function aircraft gauge (this was a few years ago)?
  52. MTM Stage II vs AWE/GIAC K04 kit
  53. Question....
  54. Help! Need airbag Resistor Sizes for both SteeringWheel and Rear Seat : 01 Avant.........
  55. Does anyone have one of the Kinetic Motorsport VW/AUDI 1.8T Longitudinal Turbo Manifold - Any good?
  56. Turbo
  57. Sport Exhaust
  58. VAG-COM OBD II standard interface? will it work??
  59. anyone selling a k04?
  60. Adjustable rear Sway Links (CPP) {Setting length}
  61. Son's car follow up.... :-).. makes me miss my ar even more..
  62. Hi Flow Exhaust Manifold Options for KKK turbos
  63. Performance Enhancement - SF Bay Area
  64. Anyone going to KMD/TJM's Charity BBQ? This Sunday... should be good!
  65. dyno proof please...
  66. Dyno excuses...
  67. Engine back together,...
  68. BG or Redline?
  69. Anyone here uses the FK quick power clip on Bumpstops?
  70. Anyone have an approximate idea on how much power this would have??
  71. Exhaust ?
  72. Exhaust System... yes or no?
  73. gauging interest for fiberglass headlight intake
  74. Initial Dyno Plot.
  75. Running pipe for homebrew FMIC to stg3 turbo outlet-->
  76. AWE and Unorthodox Racing Clutch/Flywheel Question
  77. anybody know at what pressure the k04 wastegate starts to open?
  78. All XXTuning Dyno Day Graphs (& pics) are now posted for you to compare to your hearts content..
  79. Start issue.... HELP!(more)
  80. Here's the dyno graph.....>
  81. There is a k04 that fits the B5 A4 engine which flows more than the K04-15 correct???
  82. 412 hp on a stock head and stock 1.8T block
  83. Turbo upgrade for 01 A4
  84. Fuel system making noise, dont think its the pump though.
  85. 3 inch DP and HFC with o2 sensors and possible cell
  86. Fault Codes.. help with a cure please
  87. 95 a6 2.8
  88. Initial post:: 334 whp achieved!
  89. I have a 2002 A4. How do you remove the rear tail light to replace a bulb?
  90. X-post..engine noise............link
  91. Any idea what would cause this type of scoring on a spark plug?
  92. Intercooler Q: How come a lot of IC kits use larger piping on the cold side?
  93. Big turbo peeps.... what clutch are you guys running...
  94. anyone used zeitronix Zt-2 AF meter? any feedback?
  95. If any of you So.Cal. peeps wanted to get on a local track.......
  96. (2004 A6 2.7T) Tuning for newb plz
  97. DPP - Direct Port Programming Wish List
  98. This Saturday (9/25) - near Hartford, CT - Dyno Day and Audi Gathering - Come join the fun!
  99. Hi..my name is Steve and I just got my car tuned by Tuner Transformations
  100. Best way to drive when running BG44k in the gas?
  101. Turbo Kit
  102. DTC 17584 Bank 1:O2S (Lambda) Correction Behind Catalyst: Control Limit Reached
  103. car not running properly
  104. 2001.5 S4. What exhaust should i go with for sound/performance?
  105. Anyone using a SAFC....
  106. witch injectors should i use....
  107. Dahlback is in...opinion and some questions
  108. what is the fastest setup for the b6 audi a4
  109. hey dlsj5 how do you like boosted tech vs. your old custom system
  110. What cleaning products to use for cleaning surface area of Pressure plate and flywheel?
  111. What clutch to buy?
  112. Curious whats the difference btw engine code ATC, AMU, AWP?
  113. Anyone using Big Turbo Software?
  114. Anyone have a link to that guy who was building the 5KQ with a twin turbo 4.2?
  115. anyone here with apr stage 2+ with dyno numbers in a 1.8t
  116. New pads on used discs?
  117. Guess the part?
  119. Reminder: 9/25/04 - Audi Dyno Day and Get Together - Come Hang Out - near Hartford, CT
  120. If you had to replace the turbo in your 98.5/99 A4 1.8T, which turbo would you get any why?
  121. So is there a concensus for a stage3 clutch for the A4?
  122. xpost: Can someone diagnose or point me in the right direction with this problem? TIA
  123. flame suit on...
  124. tuning companies for B6 S4?
  125. Replika Maschinen and Elgin Cams open house Sept 18th
  126. Chipping ??
  127. any cheaper exhaust alternatives than those 1400 dollar systems
  128. x-post: RESULTS from yesterday's S4 dyno day @ Harman Motive
  129. Does this trick work on a '97 1.8t with a test pipe?
  130. Asked on Vortex..no good answer. APR STG3 turbo..CFM??..anyone??
  131. Performance Modules
  132. Throttle cutting...
  133. Tip-chip question - please forgive double-post
  134. anyone know specs on the K03? A/R, wheel size, etc.?
  135. K04 kit with K03 chip
  136. im taking the injectors out of the car...is there a recommended manual cleaning method?
  137. 9/25/04 - Audi Dyno Day and Get Together - Come Hang Out - near Hartford, CT
  138. ok bought the ECS stage 4 bbk. They gave a 16.7mm offset for the rotors. Will this fit an A4 B6?
  139. Diesel Tuning Boostdog
  140. Woot! MTM Stage 3 is back installed and back from the ceramic shop...
  141. Started looking at the vag readings yesterday evening.
  142. x-post to threads on b5 (intake and cylinder head pics)
  143. Is running out of gas bad for the car?
  144. problem with aquamist install...
  145. question about intercooler tube size.
  146. Help me decide if I am on the right track with my GReddy PRofec B-spec II boost controller settings
  147. Ok, for those that wanted to know how and where my turbo spools up.
  148. b5 a4 timing question
  149. New Car Ideas....
  150. what do i need to use an A/F meter as a wideband O2 meter?
  151. S4 radiator support in an A4?
  152. :) anyone know where I can get the ARM1 for cheap? Or is Split second the cheapest? Thanks!
  153. anyone running dahlback chip?....
  154. Is there any negative effect on the transmission if the rear wheels are further out than the front?
  155. Catch can - Anybody used this one??
  156. 12v rebuild/ poss turbo
  157. Can anyone explain what lemmiwinks channel 13 does exactly?
  158. Changing engine in a 1991 Audi 90 2.3E Q
  159. Finally got my car running and started tuning... Autronic Autotune rocks!
  160. Little chat with dealership about downpipes for B6 S4
  161. MAF Issues
  162. Custom exhuast manifold? I know some of you on here were creating your own
  163. A8 as a track car..
  164. 9/25/04 Audi Dyno Day Spots are now Open - Wethersfield, CT ....
  165. dry sump anyone? tips or things to know?
  166. Got some vids up of this weekend's import war. Including this 8 sec car that hit the wall!
  167. R32 vs. S4 Avant...
  168. Revision 1 of Air/Water IC Completed
  169. got a question for you guys who know about FMIC setups...
  170. What to look for when buying a used turbo car?
  171. Anyone got an email address for AWE?
  172. Perhaps the final update on the MTM Stage 3++
  173. Full-race manifold for custom GT28rs kit....
  174. Anybody interested in taking these 5 Bosch injectors off my hands?
  175. Looking for turbo wastegate 411
  176. Where can I find aerodynamics figures for 2001 S4 sedans and ...
  177. This will get you into the performance and tuning mood!!!
  178. Please educate someone on injectors?
  179. MTM Stage 3++ update...
  180. Boost Readings....does this sound correct?
  181. Considering Neuspeed Super K04, Anyone installed it yet?
  182. What do you use for Tranny fluid and Differential Fluid?
  183. Here it is! My write up on my Aquamist 2d install / experience / results... (long & BWW)
  184. Is the APR Snub mount difficult to install?
  185. Can someone give me a quick lesson on turbo specs and what they mean?
  186. Bosch Racing F2CS plugs
  187. How come I never hear anything about upgraded fuel pumps in Audis?
  188. Does any know who makes oil cooler with a thermostat?
  189. Been working on this off & on for a few months now, here's some pics.....>
  190. S4 VTG Killer - 11.098 ET
  191. Timing retard on Dahlback Racing chip on TT
  192. K04s with Stock ECU (A box)
  193. Air Induction.! Good Idea?
  194. This question is in reference to the MAFs used on our cars, the B6 A4s.
  195. slave cylinder...
  196. Motor mount question and snub mount installation caution...
  197. [email protected]
  198. Gear heads need help replacing a 2.8 water temp sensor - TIA
  199. Nitrous Express (Where to mount wet injection injectors) 20vI5
  200. Is this a scam? Audi A4, A6, A8 Intake Sensor Mod 20+hp
  201. GBQ code transaxle
  202. catback exhaust void warranty....
  203. Desperate Plea for AEB Adaptation Channels
  204. anyone have experience with BG Syncro Shift tranny fluid?
  205. Can I get some pics of peoples catch can set ups....
  206. X-post from B5 forum - HELP! Need K04-15 ASAP!
  207. Anyone change their valve seals?
  208. Any shocks that would nicely match with B&G lowering springs on my A4 Cab?
  209. springs....help
  210. getting misfire codes every now and then with apr II+, i have a vag but i'm a n00b
  211. Experiencing some issues with my oil pressure gauge... any thoughts?
  212. also, difference between an A/F meter vs. wideband 02?
  213. whats the difference between mechanical & electric gauges?
  214. Update on cam chain noise on startup and using a lighter weight oil...
  215. boosting my boost.....
  216. Ignition timing issue
  217. where would I go to get FMIC piping made if I already have a core..
  218. will my inj. duty cycle #'s be skewed with an upgraded FPR? TIA
  219. Just installed the KMAC camber kit today.
  220. Been done before..need insight--RS2 tranny-read on.
  221. Anyone here running the NEW Labree split dp for 1.8t?
  222. Redesigned Random Technology A4 1.8 cat?
  223. How do alignment settings impact understeer/oversteer tendencies?
  224. Standalone EM: Part II
  225. what can i do performance wise with $$2000 without voiding
  226. Input on engine swap - A4 - v6 -> 5cyl turbo
  227. Ok folks. Still need your help please!!!! I have narrowed the clunking noise down to the area...
  228. How do I get 250hp at the crank with my B6 1.8T??
  229. Anyone know how APR did on the 1.8t challenge. Did they break 400hp?
  230. It's been a LONG while! (An update)
  231. ecs undredrive pulley, what do you guys think about it?
  232. my stg 2 clutch held K04 power fine, but slips in first (hard launches) with the T28, question:
  233. More Q's on stand alone?
  234. Today I picked up my car from the shop.....
  235. what is the difference between the 95 s6 and the 95.5 s6 trannys?
  236. Need advice on running high boost through my K04...
  237. Need some people who can modify an A$ subframe to add an engine plate?? Help w/good fabricators/??
  238. Looking for a HP gain with A4 V6 30v
  239. A6 question- any of you know how Audi squeezed out the extra 15 horsepower...
  240. need help diagnosing car
  241. Need some help fellas: Metallic clunking noise coming from transmisison upon startup...
  242. Question: K03 making 15 psi and a 28rs making 15 psi why arent the power
  243. Three weeks left in the Audi Club raffle!
  244. Where did the coolant go?
  245. Took Avant in for reapirs!
  246. whats the best place to tap in to get a boost reading on B6 A4?
  247. Stand alone engine management
  248. Diagnosing power loss leads to cam gear position
  249. so i checked my fuel trim .... -5.1% and 14.1% guessing I have a problem.
  250. What would you add to the ATP GT28RS turbo kit besides custom tuning?