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  1. Engine Mods
  2. ?Fuel Pump and Injector Question?
  3. 2.8 exhaust?
  4. Six speed Trans for the A4 has the guy finish that project with the S4 trans?
  5. Removing the ECU chastity belt? I was told you have to break the bolts off and drill but I find
  6. anyone DIY apr stage3 install?
  7. which T3/T4 for 1.8T?
  9. Small update on the 2.0 conversion......
  10. K03 Compressor Map - Does anybody have one?
  11. PHOENIX MEET~~~~~~~~ Saturday May 4th at 5:30pm~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Any Websites That I can buy or Hear Miltek Exhaust?
  13. are there any DIY ways to boost my hp???
  14. Anyone consider anything other than the Turbo XS bpv as the top performer?
  15. Hi, anyone know any tuner that makes tip chip for Porsche 993?
  16. Grooved Bilstein settings - archives have several opinions
  17. fs k04 turbo
  18. Spring/Shock/Swaybar combo Advice sought
  19. Dropped the front left of my S4 w/o wheel on for
  20. Modify '02 A4 3.0Q
  21. RE-POST OF Neuspeed exh info for GB.
  22. aftermarket EMs? ATP, APR (do they sell only the em?), pes? any others? (1.8tq)
  23. Trying to find high quality exhaust flex joints
  24. FPR - where did you guys hook it up?
  25. My intake set-up.
  26. Finally got my new manifold prototype (pics inside)
  27. Neuspeed exh...Sorry for all this confusion..Called and finally have all info correct.
  28. somtimes you need to get your whole body into it...
  29. Neuspeed exh...Here is Pic...Supplier was in ERROR.. S4 2 tips-A4 1 tip...
  30. VAG tool wanted ?
  31. Anyone have instructions/FAQ/Bentley's for a clutch install on a 1.8T QMS?
  32. tire reallignment
  33. suspension
  34. Neuspeed exh...BOY THIS IS A KICKER !!!!!!!!!!!
  35. Neuspeed Exh-More info, we are getting close to lift-off.
  36. Has anyone considered putting Gt25 turbos on thier S4 yet?
  37. I would like to Recommend a Audi specialist in NYC
  38. Neuspeed Exh Update as of 1PM Eastern
  39. 2.8 air box mod.
  40. audis race history
  41. Need help choosing a4 2.8v6 exhaust system
  42. Boston Audi Dyno Results
  43. emissions?
  44. Semi OT... looking for good performance mod for g/f's miata..
  45. Help - the unstoppable vibration
  46. Xpost regarding Tranny fluid. Please contribute if you can. Thx.
  47. Anyone seen a custom intercooler for PES G2 Supercharger?
  48. im getting custom exhaust, should i get 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 piping
  49. 2000 audi a4 4 sale with stage 3 apr il mail me if intrestyd bostn
  51. Turbo question - Would K03's benefit much from porting/polished and clipping the turbine blades?
  52. NE1 replace plastic rear connecting link with metal?
  53. Equal Length headers DONE!!! (Take a looky)
  54. Quaife GB buy on Vortex
  55. Do 02 A4 quattro exhausts fit frontraks?
  56. Stasis' custom valved (digressive) Konis...
  57. Need help locating a seat base for audi A4
  58. 2000 A6 4.2 Chronic Suspension Problems????
  59. Tips?
  60. How's this for a dyno run? Not sure if it's true....
  61. Hey turbo folks, help. Where is the best place to buy exhaust flanges? Preferrably in the US
  62. Brake Pads Revisited: What's good for '97 A4 1.8TQ?
  63. BOV Install, pros.......cons?
  64. Does any one know anything about web cams for the 1.8t?
  65. Can anyone give me info on the results of this products, has anyone tried them?
  66. Just installed miltek exhaust on my 99 a4 1.8TQ
  67. Best place to buy Koni Coilovers?
  68. Suspension clunk/rattle??
  69. i have a question? Lets say a person has a G2 supercharger, is there
  70. Power Surges on 1.8T: Resolution
  71. Does ANYONE have a spare 19" technomagnesio rim?
  72. Damn Faulty Bailey BPV
  73. Stage 3 owners....
  74. What can a malfunctioning wastegate do?
  75. Coilover Bulk Buy?
  76. putting an V6 in a 4000qc
  77. H&R / Eibach - How stiff is stiff??
  78. Alcon 6-piston Calipers,...
  79. Question...How can I stop burning the MAF?
  80. Opinions of the PES TUNING supercharger????
  81. researching DIY suspension install
  82. Took my car for service on Monday. They said I had a leaking Vacuum Hose and fixed it.
  83. RS2 Tranny Questions,... (Lucas_GChips???)
  84. Is this the tip ECU number?
  85. Beru UXF56 is it gapped at .040, has anyone used anything different?CMH,WYSIWYG?
  86. Colour of the injector valves (TT 225HP)
  87. Who has an APR chip with switchable programs?? -more-
  88. new A4 1.8T performance numbers?
  89. Removing the ECU box cover on a 2002 A6 2.7t
  90. Air box problem...HELP!
  91. Anyone with APR stage 3 DBW in the Colo. area?...
  92. 5 Speed Quattro Box for Sale, check MarketPlace
  93. Clutch kit for A4?
  94. Who's running an EGT gauge?
  95. Does anyone have installed or know about GDI-electronic GmbH chip?
  96. THE MONSTER MOD LIST,... (not-yet-final,...)
  97. 19" Ch's make my Brembo's look SMALL!!! Hehe,... what to do???
  98. anybody know the piston size for apr level 3 brake calipers?
  99. 2001 A4 1.8t Front-wheel Drive Coilovers
  100. MTM Stage III Cat and Exh Man Modifications?
  101. Tips on extracting 2.7T from S4
  102. CHIP Time...... GIAC or MTM or APR..........
  103. helping out a friend's new internet company
  104. general questions
  105. Damaged turbo due to oil starvation.
  106. Question for those with experience Building a 1.8 Motor
  107. Highest Practical "Safe" Horsepower through a Tip??
  108. Hair's breadth from pulling the trigger on the Stasis diff mod - engineer types please comment.....
  109. Power Surges on 1.8T
  110. Does anyone know how many gallons or liters of coolant per hour the
  111. What are dissadvantages with getting smaller wheel/tire for low end performance gains?
  112. Anybody autocross their 5k/100/200?
  113. Calipers for sale...
  114. Evo Motorsports AireTEK induction system - opinions?
  115. my friend got brake fluid into his eye today...will he be okay without medical treatment?
  116. pedal position
  117. Finally! Got my JE pistons today, and also picked up some 440cc injectors....
  118. Upgrade Q of the day.
  119. European Speed Stock Air Box Mod
  120. Brake Bias Valves --- work with B5 a4s? Anybody done one?
  121. Q: Vibration while braking (not warped rotors, x-post)
  122. Data logging in VAG-COM question
  123. Poll: Those w/ turbo upgrades are you: DBW or non-DBW
  124. Catalyst threshold too low (bank 1)
  125. Vag-com/tuning questions.
  126. Spark Plugs!
  127. My Forge BPV for sale
  128. Ok everyone, my car was pinging this morning (racing w/...
  129. Vancouver, BC (Canada) Audi A4/S4 meet?
  130. In a bind(literally) need Bently help
  131. Intercooler Temp Gauge
  132. T-28 for sale
  133. FS - Hybrid compressor stuff
  134. Any downside to going for a 3" turbo-back on a 1.8T?
  135. Well it's done no more mods after this past weekend! 8-) This time I mean it!!
  136. Question about timing advancement
  137. Dingster(17th/136), me(31th/136) kill stories summary
  138. injectors and fuel pressure regulator
  139. GT-25 to T-28 swap.
  140. anyone know any links (german-swedish sandwich inside)
  141. Anyone know the specs on the stock S4 fuel system........
  142. Programing 2002 A6 Headlights
  143. FS extrude honed k03/k04 manifold
  145. Need a clutch ASAP...suggestions? experiences?
  146. A4/S4 sedan harness bar
  147. K03 or k04 with bigger kkk compressor side?
  148. GReddy A/F guage & 02 sensor ............. Question about 02 sensors..............
  149. ATP downpipe/straight pipe combo
  150. Neuspeed Short shifter qs
  151. anyone using ceramic discs(from 996 Turbo) in your brakes
  152. ARP Head and Main studs - worth it?
  153. Is there a way to check bypass valve with a VAG??
  154. will a k04-23 fit the stock manifold?
  155. Dahlback Racing e-mail,... (and their 1/4 mile with a 640hp A4 1.8T numbers[OMG])
  156. apr' stage 3 turbo kit 4 sale 2000 a4 2000 males on $3200 or best ofer [email protected]
  157. Need help with new brake rotors - Can the Performance board come through?
  158. Operation during low engine temperatures
  159. xr4tic... how far along are you on the T3/T4 work. Do you have the turbo yet?
  160. X-Post: Turbo 12v
  161. Anyone know the redline(peak power) injector pulse duration on the 12v V6?
  162. Suspension problems...please help
  163. 2002 A4Q 3.0 Tip Sport Vibrates...Any suggestions?
  164. Mechanical Gurus please help, having a low boost proplem.....
  165. Xpost.. Finally got off my lazy ass and worked on the suspension!
  166. Increase my HP for my Audi a4 2002 3.0 liters?
  167. Whatever happened with the PES vs. APR $5-digit-USD bet??? (just curious!)
  168. Anyone need 4 Accel 30# injectors(315cc)?
  169. Anyone actually go ahead with the RS2 tranny in their A4 1.8T?
  170. RS2 Tranny pricing,... what should I expect?
  171. Coolant leak on the back of engine A4 1.8T (top). Has anyone experienced this?
  172. anyone selling H&R wheel spacers for the A4?
  173. Uploaded all pictures on picture poster...T3/T4E beauty! =) The car is not clean, sorry!
  174. Forged Crankshaft & RS2 tranny,...
  175. Brake bleeding
  176. Whats the R/S ratio of 1.8t ?
  177. Shameless post: Any interest in my APR chipped ECU for non-dbw A4's? $550 shipped.
  178. chips
  179. FS: 2001 S4
  180. Remote oil filter mount
  181. Attn: Rob Andrews. You gonna be around this weekend? Need to update my ECU.
  182. Turbonetics Ball Bearing T04E,...
  183. Tire Pressure and Slip Angles and Understeer/Oversteer?
  184. RS 6 Sedan Coming to the U.S.
  185. will t3/t4 run on stock or k03 chip?
  186. Can anyone tell me the most common causes of cooling system failure........
  187. Cams,... (solid-lifter cams conversion)
  188. Stand Alone EMS (engine management system)
  189. Advice needed on high performance parts,... the 11 sec audi
  190. Newbie questions what car to purchase, chipping
  191. HELP! engine overheating!!!!!!
  192. Xposted from B5 forum: A4->A6 2.8 liter reprogramming
  193. x-post... 1.18 lateral G's
  194. coilover question - xpost - can you mark where the perches are after corner balancing?
  195. APR BBQ this weekend!
  196. ! ECU Problems maybe? Anyone have this problem (more...)
  197. Wet NOS Kit question...
  198. spent hours in search, coilover DIY install questions...
  199. Nissan maxima 265 HP anyone challenge it?
  200. Want to understand: Hp/tq vs increase in engine size. ie. 2.3L to 2.6L
  201. is it better to get combo boost gauge/tt? or seperate?
  202. Iridium sparkplug question
  203. Mod question about 2002 1.8T A4
  204. anyone a dealer for eurospec on these forums?
  205. How does the ECU calculate torque in block 120? Any ideas?
  206. Interested in in.pro smoked tail lights for A4 or the Reiger Type M wing? I'm selling...
  207. Do you have a A4 2.8 Quattro and want an exhaust? I have one for sale!!
  208. Do you have a A4 2.8 30V with stock sports package and want to move to an after market setup? REad..
  209. "increased" resolution 02 sensor & A/F guage from greddy..........
  210. H&R springs (29477-1) for Audi S4 2001
  211. anyone purchase pagid pads through northstar motorsports before?
  212. Need intake/exhasut valve sizes please.
  213. chipped 200 20v
  214. I bought an EVO FMIC. Everyone else had it on backorder, couldn't wait...
  215. On the 2.8 30 valve tip, does it have a tranny cooler attached to the radiator
  216. !!?!?! - boost related issue. strange honking when boosting ~0bar. !!?!?!
  217. anyone with actual "expierience" with U/D pullies on the A4 1.8t?
  218. Modifying the ATP exhaust manifold....
  219. T3/T4 vs K03 pics
  220. Jetta Performance Website?
  221. Has anyone installed Eibach's pro-system (Dampers & Springs) or...
  222. Advice: EPC light went on and my car would not rev over 1200 RPM's.
  223. Wanted to buy 96 A6 chips
  224. Night at Drags 13.0 @ 108.42mph
  225. "Hiccups" w/ GIAC Tip Chip??
  226. Advice Needed - Suspension Dilemma
  227. Need a FMIC...any suggestions where to get it?
  228. Anyone know a good auto detailing supply store(s) in MA/Boston area??
  229. suggestions for 18" rims and tires
  230. Ronal 17" x 7.5" RT's ?
  231. Head swap?
  232. Anybody here have any word on eurospec's stroker kits?...
  233. where to get these???
  234. Any opinions on the MTM/Hoppen chip?
  235. Koni adjustable shocks/coilovers....
  236. Hey guys i got a Question what is an "Audi GT" i have seen it
  237. I'm looking for a good Audi mechanic in West Palm Beach, florida area
  238. aftermarket..........."mechanical" timing belt tensioner............
  239. kumho ecsta supra 712 vs sumitomo htr zii. any real world experiences?
  240. upgrade performance 3 lietrs a4 2002?
  241. Does anyone have a recommendation on radar detector/jammer
  242. Question: Neuspeed P-chip
  243. 2.0 Conversion Phase 1: teardown and compare (Long and LOTS of pics)
  244. H&R Sports or Eibech Euro Sport?
  245. Question:
  246. Road test of the STaSIS Engineering VM2 Koni coil-over suspension:
  247. is datablock 031 the correct block to monitor the O2 sensor?
  248. Finally got my car running with the T3/T4...
  249. Mini review of Stasis Engineering coil over kit - wow!
  250. 1/4mi guys: Have you considered changing your gearing?