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  1. body kit for A4 2002 3 liters?
  2. blue types or superwhite bulbs for foglamps
  3. Anyone tried Castrol SLX oil, thoughts, impressions..
  4. Thanks for the chip Lucas ..
  5. Will 19" BBS CH rims be good for the track?
  6. Will the Giac IBE setup work with APR downpipes....with no CEL? for S4
  7. APR exhaust manifold
  8. Anyone use or know anything about these plugs: NGK VX platinum?
  9. Anyone know what company AEM recently bought out?
  10. Anyone here run a custom EFI setup with a 1.8T and LARGE turbo setup?
  11. Any chipped 2.8 30v's out there?
  12. Quick question...How much horsepower can 310cc injec. hold?
  13. Clutch Upgrade!
  14. For Sale: '01 A4 1.8T Giac Chip (Best offer)
  15. Hey Charlie! (questions regarding your PES set-up)
  16. Just ran 10.1 0-60 in my new auto TDI NB
  17. Miltek exhaust on A6 2.7T. Short sound file.
  18. brake kit advice needed
  19. 2.7t A6 Stage 3?
  20. 1.8t--- 12.6 @ 115
  21. MTM 420HP 2.7T kit
  22. North Texas Driving Event (Spring Fever!) Announcement
  23. Well I can't seem to figure how to make the image legible - However
  24. Mustang Dynomometer runs don't make any sense -- See attached
  25. Is their a unsprung weight advantage using coilovers vs spring/shock.What does the OEM sports weigh
  26. Forge BPV owners -- how's the maintenance?
  27. F***in troopers really suck!!
  28. suspensions: coilovers vs spring shock combos
  29. anyone have a link to a soundclip for an LLTek exhaust system? thanks.
  30. CHIP????
  31. Increasing RPM's HELP!
  32. Hey Lucas, It seems like you have been around for quite...
  33. K04 kit + extras for sale
  34. can someone briefly explain the difference between hp and torque for me?
  35. etka hardlock
  36. What do you guys think about removing the resonator and muffler. Pros & cons compared to an Exhaust
  37. Lucas_Gchips What are you impressions on the Schrick Cams, what else is worth getting?
  38. Just got the news, but still not totally sure...
  39. Does anyone know if the 1.8T pistons are cast or forged?
  40. Boost Controllers vs Chip tuning experiences.
  41. Supercharger For Sale
  42. can anyone think of any possible problems using this on the 1.8t?
  43. Can you put APR's catback exhaust on a TIPTRONIC A4?..
  44. I'm thinking of Putting NOS on my 1.8TQTip.....Questions
  45. Modification suggestions for 1998 1.8Q with Tip (spouse rqmt.)
  46. somebody on the a4 forum likes royal purple more than mobil 1. thoughts?
  47. XP: Ignorant brake Q- If I go with StopTech's in the front- could I use the OEM fronts on the rear?
  48. besides awe & neuspeed.. who else sells ko4 kits? anyone selling it with a manifold?
  49. Variable Valve Timing - Is it worth adding?
  50. Have to replace 5-speed in 96 A4 2.8 quattro . HELP! ???
  51. A4/S4 carbon fiber hoods --- $750 plus delivery
  52. X-Post... Ward's Auto World 10-Best engines of 2002...
  53. Hey Cmh...
  54. Performance upgrade advice please!
  55. do exhausts get quieter with time?
  56. 1.8T compression ratio analysis (it's not 9.5:1 like the specs say......) (edited)
  57. Are there any write ups and port and polishing? How long does it take?
  58. V8 auto converted to 5 spd.
  59. sympoms of a bad N-75 valve?
  60. X-post K&N vs. OEM filter data point
  61. Head games (aka How I spent another weekend...)
  62. Questions for ECU gurus:
  63. i hate DBW......
  64. Audi 80 2.0E 1992 DEAD SLOW
  65. To Mr. Johnny Bravo...
  66. Turbo theory question...1.8t related
  67. Where can I buy/who makes very small turbos? (for a 600cc engine)
  68. Help!! Performance Issue
  69. Where would one tap for a mechanical oil pressure gague? TIA, Mike
  70. Best plugs for 1.8T?
  71. Full RS 6 writeup now on homepage
  72. Who is doing the turbo's for APR's stage III
  73. aftermarket knock detection system
  74. I am thinking about going to a bigger turbo, and am looking for a FMIC.
  75. Please help me.Wheter the best exhaust G-power or Eisenmann
  76. Springs for an 02 A4 3.0 quattro?
  77. Toronto or Western NY tuner
  78. Finaly figured a way to post my dyno sheet
  79. Parting out a modded car...great deals!
  80. does anyone know the link for the airbox mod
  81. Help! Pushing in rear brake piston
  82. Problem :(
  83. Equipment Differences between 180hp & 225hp TT???
  84. Will a 2.8 FWD tranny work with a S4 engine?
  85. Has anybody seen an update on Mau's T3/T04E turbo installation??
  86. Looking for A-pillar 2 gauge pod...Does anyone know...
  87. Not to start a fight, but APR stage III vs. Pes/giac stage III? has anyone ever dyno'ed both at the
  88. Pros/cons to mobil 1 synthetic 0W-40? good/bad? plan to switch to 15W-50 for summer.....
  89. The program they use @ Insurance.. where can i get it?
  90. ECU God's, please lend assistance
  91. Motec ECU on e-bay
  92. shhhhhhh - be vewy, vewy quiet
  93. Suspension gurus only...98 A4 1.8TQM
  94. Greedspeed ECU for Sale
  95. Need some help creating a timing map.....
  96. What sort of mods has anyone made to 2002 A4 1.8T (sport)?
  97. looking for a book on "MOTRONIC" engine management.....
  98. bov and chip
  99. Where can I get one of these?
  100. HELP!...Engine hestitates/momentarily stalls sometimes during hard accel. (more)
  101. Help: boxster brakes on a Cq with hub conversion to 5/112 (mounting bracket?)
  102. Sorry - it's the turbo...
  103. stage 3 1.8t vs supercharged 2.8 vs chipped 2.7 biturbo???? which one should i choose...
  104. Dumb Question
  105. PES G2 Supercharger for sale
  106. Upgraded Fuel Pump?
  107. O.K. it's not the wastegate rod...
  108. DBW A4 and the boost sensor.....
  109. Question on HKS Boost controller (EVC IV) for A4?
  110. RS4 intercooler fits stock A4 location?
  111. Milltek A4 Exhaust.... Is this the one for me?
  112. 2.7T and 1.8T engine experts (pics & questions)
  113. Wanted: Shocks for A4 1.8T Quattro. Please help!
  114. could the resistance from hooking an led up to the knock sensor cause any problems?
  116. Found this on ebay, (autodiagnos Break-Out box)
  117. Wastegate actuator rod broken? (x-post)
  118. eibach coilover springs or H&R coilover springs, which ones are better?
  119. I'm looking for the system that sprays water on the intercooler
  120. B&M's New Shifter??
  121. What do you guys think of this?
  122. A4 2.8 Suspension Upgrade
  123. Mike O..Questions. It seems that I am working on a project similar to yours. Maybe we can share
  124. What is the maximum rpm potential for OE 1.8t lifters? 6.5 - 7k?
  125. Will Konis for an s4 sit 2001 audi a4 quattro?
  126. A4 1.8T Performance Question>>>>
  127. How do I replace my fuel injectors?
  128. And so it begins....(aka how I spent my Sunday)
  129. whats the purpose of the valve looking device on the intake duct, coming from the crankcase vent
  130. what does this mean <if anything>?
  131. Audi A8 rotor replacement-please look at this...
  132. How often to change plugs, 1.8TQ Chipped?
  133. FS: 2001 Audi TT 225 Quattro stock springs - Brand new.
  134. which in theory will gain most significant performance gains
  135. $400.00...Suspension inside! SOLD!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. TURBO for A3 1.6
  137. A4/S4 owners, I want to install a larger tachometer... where are the wires i should connect it to?
  138. recaro seats
  139. comparison of different spring rates (x-post)
  140. x-post I want to get an idea of the + & - of using two RS4 intercoolers VS a FMIC
  141. How do I change my climate control bulbs on my 90
  142. H&R Sport or Race
  143. Wastegate
  144. wheel question
  145. FLow thru vent for '99 A4 1.8t
  146. A question from "The Fast and The Furious" movie...
  147. what is inlet size of the stock cat on an A4 1.8T??
  148. what kind of aftermarket cats are there available for the 1.8T?
  149. Help: Aftermarket in-dash CD deck on 99 A6
  150. shortened exhaust...fire hazard?
  151. X-Post - Anybody know how to install a 1.8t BCS Boost controller?...
  152. Need urgent help please read!!!
  153. Wheels for Sale
  154. S4 bump steer on rear control arm
  155. calculating driveline power loss (the math of it)
  156. X-post: For those with Neuspeed chip on A4 1.8T (especially on MY 2001), what are your impressions?
  157. cams
  158. Wetterauer 1.0 bar Chip vs. APR 1.0 bar chip for A4 1.8TQ
  159. does anybody know the formula to correct 1/4 miles for
  160. Question on fuel injectors and fuel pressure.....
  161. Anyone know anything about hte MAF signal on a 2000 A4 1.8t?
  162. more k04 vs k04 questions
  163. Where is the cheapest place to get OEM or aftermarket S4 brake pads?
  164. WANTED: Performance Catalytic Convertor for '88 Audi 90 5 cyl fwd
  165. i need a new engine for a 1.8 t help please
  166. is a 2.75" exhaust that crimps down to 2.5 (Milltek) too large diameter for the 1.8T??
  167. Where can I get lowering springs for 95 A6 wagon?
  168. Reducing wind drag...
  169. RS4 k04 turbo questions...
  170. The ultimate way to find power! 4WD Dyno
  171. REALLY need help installing Air Intake on 2.8 A4!!!!
  172. Dave, the photos of the G2 (they're big)
  173. S4 suspension = A4 stock sport suspension ?
  174. major surging problem... please help? (x-post)
  175. need help. some suspension questions.
  176. Modified S4 rear upper control arm
  177. Cold weather package
  178. A4 2.8q Modifications-- Any Suggestions??
  179. PES G2 guys: Service interval on the serpentine belt?
  180. Well, I certainly have given him enough time(Werks of Art)
  181. Have you seen this? Autospeed TSB...same as AWE DTS?
  182. intake questions please
  183. Surging @ wide open throttle below 3000 rpm's......Can you help?
  184. Anyone have problems with S4 miss at idle?
  185. x-country post! Anyone know how to convert injector flow in cc's to lb/hr. I assume it is dependent
  186. A few questions,
  187. Want my Audi to sound like th Green car in Fast and the Furious
  188. *****SUPERCHARGER FOR SALE*****
  189. How would i go about getting my CHIP program UPDATED
  190. Throttle Position Sencor ... any body know how to test out of the car ?
  191. Cord Design Kit?
  192. ATTN:audiboy - did you ever find out the spring rates on the koni coils? (inquiring mind wanna know)
  193. Vag-Com reported EGT's...
  194. EGT optimal temp?
  195. Does the VAG-COM measure boost ?
  196. Clutch options?
  197. Xpost from S4 forum. Can someone post closeup pictures of the brake line fittings, please?
  198. Is there any HP to be found in porting/polishing a 20V 1.8T head?
  199. Can some suspension master please enlighten me?
  200. Mike O I asked you earlier about a your custom programming. Any further pointer before I get
  201. any other manu make dampening adjustable coilovers for 1.8t besides koni and kw?
  202. Help finding parts for an A4 2.8 quattro
  203. what is the ATP website address
  204. B'ham, AL folks: new German auto parts supplier and tuner opening up called Munich Sport.
  205. Curretn vote on www.netscape.net...most coveted car, MB, Jag or Audi,...let'shelp
  206. 86 4kq engine options?
  207. @ what oil temp are we approaching danger 1.8t levels? for lightweight synth?
  208. 2nd try: Unknown air intake system
  209. Hey guy's, I have a question. I have a 99.5 1.8tq apr chip, 2.5 in.exhaust, intake
  210. LLtek Blow Off Valve
  211. What company makes the best boost controller for my 1.8t??
  212. Anyone interested in 1997 1.8tqm ecu with neuspeed programming email me with offer
  213. are there any racing flywheels made for a 12v?
  214. Who makes the 3" downpipe for the 99' Audi A4 1.8t
  215. MTM Chips
  216. Whistling noise, please help!
  217. Has anybody heard from Lucas - Lucas_GChips ? Is he still around?
  218. AUDI Sport chips available for A4? (more)
  219. g8keepR007: How's the levelten transmission upgrade working out?
  220. Downpipe 99' A4 1.8t size, price, etc.....
  221. NEED MORE GRUNT ON A4 2.0L - HOW ??? please help
  222. Click Sig for PES G2 install pics! Updated 15 pics!
  223. Will an air fuel ratio meter/controller be worth it on top of a chip?
  224. 12V question? why bother with the ecu?
  225. ISO: More power from 2.3 ltr NG Engine
  226. John Bass, anyone? how to remove the bushing for the radiator fan axle?
  227. San Francisco to Vegas and back, APR stage III gas milage........(edited)
  228. Any mechanics here? Diagnosis please....?
  229. low rpm surging
  230. How do I install a bypass valve?
  231. OK 12vers Im gonna do it!!! Me and a buddy are going to rebuild the engine in my 96 A4....
  232. MTM exhaust question
  233. Merry Christmas...Question on safety/ limp mode???
  234. My audi pics
  235. Anyone strip their bolts on upper tie-bar removal (for ECU,battery,pollen filter removals)....
  236. 3" from turbo to tip on APR stage III Passat!
  237. Audi doin donuts
  238. Anyone know the spring rates for the Neuspeed Race springs for the 1.8t? tia
  239. Eibach pro-kit +/- four wheel alignment
  240. John S...I aint fooling..the DTC is Catalyst (bank 2) below threshold :what does it mean?
  241. FYI, Miltek exhaust from Stratmoshpere on A6. 2 links
  242. XPOST: "power output stage - N122" <- ????
  243. FInal Holiday Sale Blowout!!!!!!!
  244. warning: upstaging apr's stage 3 kit with kick ass pes tuning kit
  245. '01 TT w/ Milltek 100cpsi sport catalysts has engine DTC
  246. Has anybody ever had more than 230 hp in a 12v? What did u do, use a different CPU? or run with...
  247. BOV problems solved
  248. Wysiwyg, camber pics plus update on my camber links
  249. x-post .. TT outside front tire wear - best remedy?
  250. MikeO...Question about your custom set-up. Do you have an approx HP figure, and have you had to